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5 Easy To Grow Summer Bedding Plants

It may not feel like it at the moment, but Summer really is on the way. You can tell by the trays and trays of bedding plants outside supermarkets and in garden centres across the country!
I’ve picked 5 of my favourite flowers that are easy to grow and care for. They give glorious colour throughout the Summer and some even continue into early Autumn.

Whether you have perfectly manicured lawns surrounding large flower beds or space for just a few pots and hanging baskets, you’ll find these plants easy to grow and maintain.

Easy To Grow Summer Bedding Plants

1 – Cosmos

summer bedding plants - cosmos

Some people class cosmos as weeds because they seed prolifically. They have a long blooming time so you’ll be able to enjoy them right through Autumn.
It’s a low maintenance plant that does well in poor, well-drained soil in full sun.

2 – Sweet Pea

summer bedding plants - sweet pea

Most sweet peas have a wonderful fragrance and they are very easy to grow from seed. You need to decide whether you want a climbing sweet pea or the bushier variety.
Sweet peas will stop flowering if seedpods are allowed to develop so regularly picking a bunch to bring inside and deadheading regularly will make sure this plant goes on flowering all summer.

As an added bonus, your room will smell delightful!

3 – Begonia


Begonias are great for pots, hanging baskets and borders. They tolerate light shade and will last right through until the first frost.
Whilst begonias are easy to grow, you need to make sure they’re in well-drained soil/compost and put pots on pot feet to allow the water to drain out. They can rot if the growing conditions are too wet.

4 – Busy Lizzies

busy Lizzie

The busy Lizzie certainly lives up to its name; it flowers profusely throughout the whole Summer and is one of the easiest bedding plants to grow.
They do need a bit of shade, however, as they can burn easily. They also need protecting from the wind.

5 – Snapdragons


Snapdragons are a firm favourite with children because they can look like they’re talking if you gently squeeze the sides of the flower.
Many snapdragon plants flower in Spring, but you can get ones that flower in Summer. If you deadhead regularly, cutting the flowers off down to the green part of the stem, they should keep on flowering.


Top 5 Unique Ways to Celebrate the Raksha Bandhan Joyfully

Raksha Bandhan is the ideal time of the year when you have a fabulous chance to show how much you love, care and adore the precious people of your life, your brothers or sisters. The time has arrived to let them know that they are those precious stones of your life that you never want to lose. Express your every single feeling for your siblings by doing something extraordinary.


Raksha Bandhan festival is not just limited to tying the sacred thread of Rakhi on your brother’s wrist and in return, giving Rakhi gifts to your sister with a vow to protect her from every harm or evils of life. The day actually gives you the ideal 24 hours to make it memorable for your brother or sister with whom you have had good and bad phases of life. So, take advantage of this beautiful festival and become the reason for their sweet smiles. Such a special day also comes with a number of dilemmas or fear as to whether they like the effort you have put into making this one of the special days of their lives. But this year, you can easily plan the best day and mark this special occasion as a wonderful part of their lives that they never want to forget. Below we have listed the top 5 ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your siblings that will surely make them feel special.

Raksha Bandhan

Bake a Cake


What’s really important about this festival? Of course, spending leisure time with your naughty siblings. Right? Perform the activities which can bring you a little close to their heart and baking a cake can be a better idea to do that. So, what are you waiting for? If you have no idea about how to bake a cake, then you can also do a little research work on the internet and bake this tasty delight in a great way.


Gift Something Trendy & Unique


Yes! If the above idea doesn’t suit you, then you must try gifting something trendy and quirky, which can instantly bring a smile on your sibling’s face. You can either buy a trendy gadget or fashion accessories matching their persona. When you pair a rakhi online for brother with your choice of gift, then they won’t be tired of appreciating. So what are you waiting for? You can buy a wallet, sunglasses, wrist watch for brother whereas a handbag, pendant, soft toys etc, for sister.

gift wrapped in ribbon

A Party at Home


A big-o-occasion always demands a grand celebration. So, invite your all siblings to celebrate the wonderful day they share. Organize a party at your home or wherever you desire, and celebrate this special occasion of Raksha Bandhan in an unforgettable way. It will be the best way to create some cherishable memories and share the joys of the occasion with your loving siblings in a way that you have never tried before. Seeing the smiling face of your brother or sister would definitely bring warmth satisfaction to your heart.



Plan a Trip to Favorite Place


What could be another better way to relive those moments once again with your sibling at the same place where you had a great time with them? Really! The thought is enough to amaze you. No matter how many miles, the place is from you, all you have to do is visit that place and enjoy leisure time with them. This one such way is enough to make the occasion as special as they are.

getting ready to go on holiday

Surprising Doorstep Gifts Delivery


Everyone loves surprises! The way, it boosts the spirit of souls and brings a flow of positive energy that just can’t be described in words. If you want to surprise your siblings and make the Rakhi celebration a joyful one, then you can send rakhi gifts for sister online using the fast and hassle-free delivery services offered by a number of online gift platforms.  On receiving a wonderful gift on the doorstep, they will be surprised.

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7 Ways You Could Seriously Improve Family Finances

If you have a family, chances are, you want to make sure you have as much money as possible to live a comfortable life with lots of fun. Having a family is one of the most exciting and rewarding things, but it can also be a huge strain on finances. Below, we’ll take a look at 7 ways you could seriously improve your family finances to contribute to a better life for the ones you love!


  1. Have Regular Money Meetings

Regular money meetings not only make sure you’re on the same page as your family, they can also be a great way to teach your kids valuable lessons about money. Discussing money honestly and openly, in a neutral way, can help to teach your kids important lessons. They might just start handling their pocket money better by listening to you!


If you have lots of things coming up, like birthdays, holidays, and other events, you can use money meetings to discuss what you need to do to make your money last.


  1. See If You Can Work From Home Occasionally

Working from home occasionally is a great way to save money on your commute. Whether you drive or take public transport, remote working can save both time and money. Not only that, it could help you to spend more time with your children if you can control the times you work from home. Flexible working is something that many companies are willing to introduce, so it could be worth mentioning if it isn’t currently an option.


  1. Pay Off Your Debts

Having debt is common for families. You might have credit cards that you have used for emergencies, for example. However, once you’re paying interest on the money you owe, those costs can really add up. Coming up with a payment plan to make sure you can avoid paying too much interest is a good idea. Paying off more than the minimum every month will help. Ideally, you should only spend money that you actually have if you want to improve your family finances. If you’re in a lot of debt, you could speak to a financial advisor. They might help you consolidate your debts, or take steps to ensure you get out and stay out of debt forever. There’s always a solution.

coins in a jar and on a table - improve family finances



  1. Save Up An Emergency Fund

An emergency fund means you can have peace of mind should something go wrong. Maybe your car will break down, or you’ll need a new home appliance. Buying these things on credit can quickly get you back into debt, and this is why an emergency fund is great. You should save up a minimum of £1000. If you can save up a few months of living expenses, then that’s even better. Worst case scenario, you may take a pay cut or lose your job at some point. An emergency fund can give you more stability.


  1. Look Into Various Ways Of Generating More Income

There are various ways you could consider generating more income – you’re not limited to your day job! Maybe you could make arts and crafts and sell them online. Maybe you could make money while you sleep by becoming an affiliate online. If you want more money and more time with your family, passive income techniques are usually best. Even looking into buying ipoh property 2019 could be an option, as buying and renting out property is a great way of generating passive income.


  1. Ask For A Raise

If you haven’t had a raise in pay for a while, it could be time to approach your boss and ask for a meeting. This can be scary, but providing you have solid reasons why you should get an increase in pay, it’ll be hard for them to refuse. Be prepared for them to give you notes and arrange another meeting for a few months time – you might not get a raise straight away. Maybe you could even make it clear that you’d be willing to take on more responsibility at work.


  1. Don’t Spend Money On Things You Don’t Need

It can be tough not to spend money on things you don’t need. Taking the kids food shopping, for example, can result in buying a bunch of snacks, magazines, and little toys that bring the price up. Taking the money for your food shopping and other things you have to buy out of the bank will force you to think about what you’re spending and stop you from going over budget.


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Who Should Be Included In Wedding Photos?

Your wedding day – how would you like to be? I guess you’d want it to be the most memorable day of your life. This is the desire of everyone who intends to marry or who are getting married. But then how do you make it count? Planning is the key. And now I want to ask you a question – what should you include in your planning for this big day? It is not that easy to plan and that is why wedding committees are always formed. Even so, you remain to be the key determinant of the success of that big day.

wedding photo of bride from behind

You are the one to decide how colourful the day should be. It is you who knows the kind of flowers that you want. And let me mention that the flowers are very important and require careful consideration. Your choice of florist is quite significant. You need to ensure that the flowers will match everything, right from your bridesmaid dresses to the venue decorations. It is also important to choose the venue that will allow the smooth running of the event. It will be boring to be in the midst of noise or at a very busy opening that interferes with people’s concentration. Where are you going to spend your honeymoon? Plan about that in advance.

But there is something very important that should always be on your mind throughout your planning – wedding photography. This is something that many people do not put into consideration and in the end, they regret it. Today we want to discuss in details the issue of wedding photos. Who do you think should be included in wedding photos? Well, we will take time answering that question. Let us begin then…

Wedding Photography  

wedding photography

Sometimes I get upset when I see incoming couples underestimating the significance of wedding photography. Yes, we all face financial problems and always look at the best way of cutting our costs. But I want to assure you eliminating professional wedding photography is the worst way of doing that! Do you disagree? I will illustrate briefly…

A wedding is a big occasion and you are likely to have hundreds of guests. But for how long are they going to stay with you? For a lifetime? Not at all! But for how long are you going to have those wedding photos? For so long if not for a lifetime. It depends on how you keep them. Now which one is important between the two? A liberal thinker will opt for wedding photos. Do not mistake me though. I don’t mean to undermine the importance of wedding guests. I want you to put matters in the right perspective because in the end you are going to remain with your partner and that is what is important. Let me use another example.

How much do you intend to spend on your own invitation cards? You may want to draft as many as you can. But do you forget that they are going to be useless right after the occasion? Would it not be wise to limit costs on that than on photography? What about that wedding cake? It is good to entertain all your guests. But again the cake will be gone within minutes! I mean it will not always be there to remind you of the big day, my friend! Even those flowers are going to wilt after a short while.

wedding cake

In light of the above, it is reasonable to put wedding photography in your plans. Am so sure seeing the pride and smile in your parents face when you appear before them fully dressed will always remind you of your marriage vows. It is therefore fitting to say individuals who allow financial challenges to deprive them of such an integral aspect of their wedding are not serious.

Who Should Be Included In Wedding Photos?

Now let us assume you have prioritized photography. Who then should be included in the photos? This is a good question but requires a complex answer. Generally, a professional photographer such as Wure will take so many photos. The chances are that near all the attendants will feature in the photos, including the uninvited guests. But you want the photos of family members and friends to always remind you of such an important day! So the best thing to do is come up with a checklist of wedding photos. This would mean you brief the photographer of your desires in advance. So let us look at how a wedding checklist should encompass.

bride and bridesmaids

Before the Wedding Day

Can you photograph prior to the wedding day? Absolutely! You need to take an engagement shoot, often referred to love shoot. And by the way, this is the most appropriate moment to comfortably pose before the camera and even get acquainted with the photographer.

Wedding Day

On the day of the occasion, you need to take a lot of photos. You can capture the following

  1. a) Getting ready
  • The invitation
  • The brides along with their bridesmaids
  • The wedding dress hanging as well as the jewellery and the shoes
  • The brides dressing
  • The wedding rings
  • Brides having some times alone
  • The portrait for mom and the bride
  • Dad and bride portrait
  • The bridal party getting out of the house
  • Brides and parents during the wedding
  • Grooms as well as the groomsmen readying themselves
  • Brides and parents getting to the ceremony.
  • The family

helping the bride get ready

  1. b) The first look
  • Only the couples for a first look
  • The reaction of the bridal party once the couple get in together
  1. c) The road to the venue
  • The wedding car
  • Brides and the parents
  • Brides and the flower girls or bridesmaids.

wedding car

  1. d) The ceremony checklist
  • The empty venue
  • The couples waiting in the venue
  • The guests
  • The ushers
  • The entry of the bridal party
  • Groom’s reaction
  • Exchanging of marriage vows
  • Parents giving away the bride
  • Ring exchanging
  • Newlywed
  • Couple in the car
  • Singing
  • Participants such as the officiant and musicians

wedding rings on a cushion

  1. e) Post wedding
  • Wedding portrait
  • Parents
  • Family. This may include couples and siblings or couples with their family members
  1. f) The reception
  • The empty reception space
  • Arrival of couples
  • The cake and when it is cut
  • The dance

wedding dance


Wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Wedding photography will make this day more memorable. We have discussed who should be included in the photos. The photographer should be notified in case of the groupings. Do not think financial constraints can deny you the life happiness that comes with wedding photos. Do not even trust friends with their smartphones. If you shop around you come by a professional wedding photographer with reasonable charges. We wish you the best!

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Reducing the costs when expanding your family

No one ever said that having a family would be easy. The pressures on the couple’s dynamics, as well as the financial situation, are intense, but there are things you can put in place for reducing the costs significantly.

  1. Meal planning

Desperately rooting around in your brain’s collection of recipes that your family likes as you’re walking up and down the supermarket aisles is not something any of us enjoy. So, why, then, do so many of us reach the shops utterly unprepared? Knowing what we are going to cook and when, reduces the number of products we purchase on a whim and are likely to throw away. Planning ahead takes a little time to get used to, but is definitely worth doing. The leaflets sent through your door, which often contain coupons, are useful to meal planning too.

shopping list - reducing the costs

  1. Bulk cooking

As with meal planning, cooking in bulk for the freezer can help improve the organisation and financial situation within your family. Meat can often be bought in larger batches, so why not prepare two of the same meal at the same time? Put one in the freeze to enjoy in a month or so and eat the other that day.

bulk cooking

  1. Transport considerations

If your family is increasing in size, your vehicle may need to do the same. Seven-seater vehicles are easy to find but do make sure you shop around to ensure you get the best deal. Check out popular leasing choices if you are considering getting a new car for a fixed period of time. Alternatively, visit a local garage who offer second-hand cars at reasonable prices with set warranties.

dog in a car with his head out of the window

  1. Second-hand bargains

Facebook selling pages are becoming increasingly popular with buyers and sellers alike. They have no fees attached, so are a financially-sound alternative to a bidding site like eBay where generally the seller has to post the item and incurs a selling fee. Keeping an eye out for second-hand bundles is a great way to bag a bargain. Don’t forget to consider selling any clothes your children may have outgrown or items which you no longer use.

second-hand bargains

  1. Shop around for utilities

With the cost of energy increasing, it is important to ensure you have got yourself the best possible deal. There are many price comparison websites out there, which can support you to find the most appropriate package for your individual requirements. With an increase in the number of occupants in your property, you will be using more, so it’s important to reduce costs where you can.

energy saving

  1. Essentials, not luxuries

When there’s a little one on the way, it’s easy to get carried away with cute baby clothes and unnecessary nursery additions. Consider how much benefit the baby, and you will get from buying something that may only just sit on the shelf for a number of months. Sticking to purchases, which are necessities rather than luxuries, will reduce your pre-baby spending incredibly. Try to do the same once the baby is born. It is worth suggesting to family and friends that they buy gift cards, rather than clothing or toys, as then you are able to spend them whenever you are in need of something important.

baby feet

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Top Interior Tips: Picking the Perfect Sofa

picking the perfect sofa

If you’re at that exciting point in your life where you get to design the layout of a lounge, or need to choose a new sofa, there are several things you should bear in mind. A sofa is a piece of furniture that is supposed to last you for years, commonly withstanding around 10 years of exhausting lounging, movie marathons, and whatever else you expose it to

That’s a long time to have one piece of furniture standing out as the main focal point in your living room, you’d better make the right choice!

So whether you choose to decorate with luxury furniture or lower end pieces, follow these tips to ensure you make the best possible choice for you as you design your ideal living space.


Style vs Comfort


This isn’t really a trade-off, you’re going to choose both. As the biggest piece of furniture in the heart of your home, you need to pick something that really compliments the room and makes you happy that you chose it, every time you see it. Not only that, but it needs to provide ultimate comfort at the end of a long day and stand the test of time, so make sure you try before you buy! Your idea of comfort is unique to you, so don’t leave any guesswork.



Colour Considerations


Let me remind you one more time, the sofa you’re about to choose might last you 10 years, whereas you may move house or redesign your living room before that time is up. So when it comes to colour, not only do you want to choose something that fits the room you’re designing now, but something that will be easy to incorporate into future themes if you decide to switch things up.


Dusky, neutral colours often fit well with multiple themes and give off an elegant feel. They also really compliment smaller spaces as they can blend into a lightly decorated room and appear as though they are taking up less space. They don’t have to be boring though, they can be easily dressed up with pillows to add design features. The only thing you should worry about is hoe prone they are to stains.


Bold colours or statement designs add an exciting pop to the room and go excellently with modern or minimalistic setups, drawing lots of attention to the sofa as a centrepiece. Check out some of these tips on how to decorate around a statement sofa and do it justice.



Size, Placement and Practicality


Obviously, you need to play with the space you have, but that doesn’t necessarily mean choosing a small sofa for a small room, or a large one for a large room. It might just mean placing your sofa in the corner to maximise floor space rather than centring it, or choosing to use your space to maximise other elements, like a fabulous bookshelf, or a coffee table chest with extra storage.


Just choose what is most relevant to you. If you have a big family or hold lots of events, make sure you have a big sofa to accommodate everyone. If you like to lounge on your sofa instead of heading to bed, make sure there’s space for you to sprawl out. If you need your living room to be multifunctional and fit a home office or space to do your ironing, go for something smaller.


When you have defined your specific needs in a couch, the search for your perfect sofa will become much easier!

Photo by Brina Blum

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5 Layout Ideas to Incorporate the Molded Plywood Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often underestimated assets that aren’t really considered a big deal when decorating. However, incorporating such a table is an art because with the right décor arrangement you can grant it a prominent and beautiful place in your home. The goal should be to capitalize on their usability and their attractive form without disrupting the decorum in the rest of the room. The intriguing proportions including the alcove middle and exquisitely clean aura of the Molded Plywood Coffee Table make it an excellent addition to any mid-century modern living room. With items like this, you need to consider particular properties including size and scale before positioning it and things around it. Luckily styling this table is pretty easy to master if you browse through the collection of layout ideas we’ve listed below:


  1. The foundation for a classical setup:

plywood coffee table

Displays like this are the basic, mainstream go-to option for a boxed-in living space curated for the purpose of conversational areas. The timeless aura of the Plywood Coffee Table does not seem out of place in an all-wood scheme with a singular contrasting sofa piece. If you’re aiming to showcase accessories, antiquities or simply providing a convenient counter for you and others to place miscellaneous items, this setup would be ideal for you. Owing to the accommodating infrastructure of wooden furniture pieces you can add a multitude of decorative pieces that are highlighted by the large bay windows in the back.


  1. Recline in a rustic masterpiece:

plywood coffee table

Compact and made up of elegant curves, the Plywood Coffee Table is an era and style-fluid article, making it a versatile option for both traditional and mid-century modern living spaces. The simple yet tasteful design featured in the image above incorporates a very rustic vibe with the matching coffee table and chair set, propped upon a charming patterned carpet. There’s a vibrant liveliness infused within this room because of the fusion of various wooden textures and décor elements. The hushed white background and similarly humble couch allow the table to truly stand out, whilst the arching lamp directed towards the tabletop makes it the focal point of the room. Incorporating a sentimental ceramic or family heirloom in a setting like this adds a special touch.


  1. Supplement maximalist décor:

plywood coffee table

A simple but effective illusion showcased by the humble silhouette of the Plywood Coffee Table is beautifully demonstrated in the sample above. Here it is used as more of an accent piece to underwhelm the myriad of patterns, textures, and elements being produced by all the differing furnishings. Not to be outdone by the graphic curtains and flooring, the natural oak of the table and pop from the potted plant pull focus due to expert layering. The compact shape and curvaceous dimensions of the stand act as a safe-spacing characteristic in more constrained environments. The overarching theme of pastels perfectly complements the subtle coloring of the table itself.


  1. Target one statement piece:

plywood coffee table

This picturesque arrangement is proof that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring if you just put a little thought into it. The muted personality of the Plywood Coffee Table paired with the lively and bright amber couches in an L-seating add a dimension of visual appeal. This minimalistic setup is only further enhanced by the expansive windows that let you peek into lush and beautiful greenery whilst simultaneously bathing the entire room in natural light. Once again all the secondary furniture articles are positioned facing the coffee table as this acts as an anchor, tying the whole room together making this a fantastic mid-century modern living room to relax in.


  1. Mix rustic with modern hues:


Adding earth tone elements to a modern layout with the Plywood Coffee Table, artisan bowls, fresh flowers, and ample wooden shelves or bookcases gives the room a chic yet eclectic vibe simultaneously. The fusion of organic and contemporary tones is accomplished by the appropriate clustering of the supplementary furniture articles. By distributing a few Eames Wooden Tables in the periphery of the centre table you can craft a tasteful and refined room bursting with personality. The splash of colour provided by the ornaments placed on the table and the horde of books in the background works beautifully with the natural and cosy aura of the mid-century modern living room.


Every design idea presented above depicts distinct and aesthetically pleasing samples that any contemporary or traditional interior designer would highly appreciate. You can definitely take matters into your own hands with the Plywood Coffee Table by adding personal touches.

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7 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Divorce Attorney

divorce proceedings - choose the right lawyer

If you are experiencing clashes with your spouse and the matter has been prolonged, it can be a tough time for both the partners. People end up divorcing because of some common reasons. But divorce itself can become complicated if proper ways to part are not identified.

People usually waste their time and money while looking for the best lawyers or divorce attorneys to fight for them. Therefore you must, first of all, do complete research before taking the initiative so that minimum cost can be controlled.

Following are some essential and considerable steps that must be taken while choosing the attorney for the divorce case so that you can save your time and money.

  1. Pragmatic approach:

You must adopt a realistic approach to going through the divorce procedure. It is a step that involves the division of assets and deciding about custody of the children. Although you are facing a critical situation in your life, it’s important to resolve the divorce issues correctly.

You must choose the attorney that can present your case in the best way that will serve your interest. Your attorney is not your mental therapist who will listen to you for long periods and soothe you. He must work for you and help you in handling your case. Be realistic in the approach when choosing the right lawyer.

  1. Be Focused:

Your objective is to get a divorce with a minimum loss of your financial assets. You should stay focused on that goal. If you start wasting your time in negotiating things that do not matter to you, your divorce process will be prolonged, and it will cause heavy effects on your budget.

  1. Mediation:

Mediation is the cheapest way of getting divorced. But we do not suggest you hire a mediator if your negotiations are prolonged and complicated. In the first case, the best choice is to hire an attorney.

  1. Identifying the Attorneys:

When you are looking for a lawyer who can handle your divorce case, you will have a lot of choices. You must think of the best one who can help you in safeguarding the assets that you possess. You can ask your friends to give their suggestions about attorneys. We suggest you contact the Wilmington NC Family Law Attorney. They have very experienced and skilful lawyers to sort out all your divorce issues.

  1. Be Alert:

You will be very well aware of the conditions that you are facing with your spouse. Does it mean that you need to realize how critical the situation is??? And what will be the outcomes?? It will help you in preparing all the outcomes of your divorce. So be alert. Choose the attorney that will be honest and upfront with you, do not choose an attorney who will tell you the story that you want to hear.

  1. Ask More Than One Attorney:

Speak to more than one attorney to enable to find the one that will work best for you. You must consult two or three attorneys, ask them the right questions, and complete your research.

  1. Go With The Best One:

After completing the research, go with the best attorney; the best attorney is one who:

  • Saves your time
  • Saves your money
  • Protects your assets
  • Fights for you
  • Avoid the mishaps as Michaud possible
  • Remains always in touch

We have told you about Wilmington NC Family Law Attorney; they are the best in the field.

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9 Tips To Help You Capture The Perfect Wildlife Photo

Most of us absolutely adore taking photos. We have access to all sorts of equipment at our fingertips – professional quality cameras, lighting kits, backdrops, tripods, or just a really high-quality smartphone camera. Social media networks, particularly Instagram, give us a platform to share our photography efforts with not only our close family and friends but with a global audience. More people than ever are taking photography courses and are editing their photos in ways that were only available to professional photographers a few years ago. On the internet, you can find guides galore to taking the perfect shot of your children, or of your pet dog, or even of your dinner. Here, we look at something a little different – nature and wildlife. This can be a tricky genre to shoot because you can’t really stage it or reshoot it – animals and insects will not pose for you-you have to be there, ready and waiting to grab that perfect moment.

wildlife photo - wood duck

Photo by Dennis Buchner on Unsplash


9 Tips to Capture Unique Wildlife and Nature Shot Photos


  1. Have the right equipment


First things first, you need to make sure you have the right equipment. It is said that the best camera you have is the one in your hand – whether that is a fancy DSLR, a basic point and shoot, a disposable camera or your mobile phone. That still stands absolutely true. Sometimes though, having the right equipment helps.  A tripod stabilizes your camera and reduces the chance of blurs. It is also a must-have if you take night time or low light shots. If you haven’t got one, or forget it, see if you can find something to balance your camera safely on. Do not forget a case to protect your phone or camera, especially if you are shooting outdoors. You may also want to invest in some basic editing software. Lightroom and Photoshop are relatively inexpensive to purchase, around £10 each for a month for a subscription, and allow you to turn your photos into something really special. If you are shooting on your phone, there are plenty of apps available to allow you to do it on your phone, or you can use airdrop to send photos from your phone to your Apple computer, or vice versa. If you are not quite sure how to do this, you can find a guide to it at


  1. Scrap the rules and experiment – look for new perspectives


There are many ‘rules’ when it comes to photography, but our best advice is to break as many of those as you want. You often know before you take it how you want your picture to turn out – even if it breaks all of the rules, go for it. Want to get down on the floor, or climb up on a chair?  Do it!


  1. Composition


Ok, so above we told you to scrap the rules, but sometimes there are some that will really help you. There is the rule of thirds: imagine your frame split into nine grids – a lot of cameras, even the most basic of ones,  have a setting where you can make this grid visible. The points where the lines meet are the best spots for positioning the focal point of your shot.  Another composition technique that works really well when you are trying to get perfect wildlife and nature photos are leading lines. These are natural lines within the frame that draw your eyes to something.


  1. Get up close to your subject


This can be a more tricky one if you are trying to get shots of wildlife – they do not tend to like cameras up in their faces. Obviously, on pretty much all cameras now you have a zoom feature which is absolutely fine. However, this digital zoom can make it go all pixelated, which is never a good thing. Optical zooms work much better, but if you have a set of binoculars to hand, try putting the lens of your camera at one of the eyepieces.


  1. Shoot in the Golden Hour


Golden hour is the time around sunrise or sunset, when the light is much softer and diffused, casting everything in a beautiful golden glow. This is the best time of day to get photos – it avoids bright spots and dark shadows. Cloudy days are also surprisingly good for photos because again, the light is naturally filtered and softer than harsh sunlight.


  1. Patience


Wildlife shots are particularly difficult to capture because animals are not natural posers. To get that perfect photo, you may have to wait hours – even days or weeks – but once you have got it, it will be all worth it.


  1. Take Advantage of Burst Mode


It is really good practice to capture action shots using your camera’s rapid-fire or “burst mode” setting, which most modern camera and smartphone cameras. Most cameras can take between three and 20 images per second, increasing your odds of nailing that perfect shot. Just remember to use a memory card with a write speed of at least 95MB/second, so that your camera does not seize up while processing the photos.


  1. Use Macro


A macro lens is an excellent tool for shooting small reptiles and tiny insects that typically go unnoticed. These close-range lenses are available for most DSLR and mirrorless camera models, while some point-and-shoots and mobile phone cameras have a built-in macro setting that can be switched on. Macro photography forces you to get up close and personal to your subject, so remember to move slowly and avoid making any sudden movements.


  1. Practice, practice. practise


Like anything, practice makes perfect. Keep looking for opportunities to take wildlife and nature photos – there are plenty of them! Take your camera everywhere you go ready for that elusive and unique shot!

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Subtle Kitchen Improvements That’ll Make An Instant Impact

kitchen improvements
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Today’s post is all about subtlety. You all know the different ways of renovating a kitchen and completely upgrading its look. But, what about some low-cost ideas that will make an impact right away? These home improvement ideas are things that most people might not notice immediately, but the effect they have on your kitchen is seen instantly. The best part is, they don’t require a great deal of work, and they can be done whenever you like!

Soft-Close cabinet hinges

How many of you have to deal with cabinets that always slam shut? Whether you do it yourself or your kids are responsible, it creates a problem. The noise is horrible, but your cabinets end up damaged as well. So, some soft-close cabinet hinges will sort things right out. With these, your cabinets won’t slam shut as the mechanism kicks in to slowly ease them to the closed position. Not only does this reduce needless banging and slamming, but it also gives your kitchen a more modern feel to it.

Washing machine mat

Some of you are probably scratching your heads at this idea. What the heck is a washing machine mat, and how will it improve your kitchen? Well, when you’re looking for the best price washing machine, you end up with loads of options full of great features. The only problem is that – no matter which one you choose – it’s incredibly loud and vibrates like crazy. This is a particular issue for washing machines in kitchens as the vibrations usually cause the surrounding cabinets to shake. So, a washing machine mat is a special rubber mat that goes under your machine and helps reduce the vibrations and make your appliance quieter. Visually, there’s not a great deal of difference. But, the feel of your kitchen is instantly improved as you don’t have some great big think rocking and vibrating whenever there’s a wash on!

LED lighting

The beauty of a kitchen is that you can experiment with so many great lighting ideas. With LED lighting, you can brighten up different areas of your kitchen. Get some underneath your wall cabinets to light up the countertop below. It creates a really gorgeous glow that transforms the way your kitchen looks and feels. Additionally, you can get some installed in the cabinets themselves for an even greater effect. As far as visual improvements go, this is probably the best and most subtle.

Upgraded appliances

Lastly, you can drastically boost the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen by improving a few of the common appliances. A new kettle, toaster, and microwave will give your kitchen an instant upgrade. These things can get dirty over time, and they can also just look old and unsightly. So, some new ones will make a huge difference. My tip is to ensure they’re matching, which only adds to the kitchen improvement.


The point of these ideas is to show you that it’s possible to improve your kitchen without doing anything too crazy. There’s no need for a full renovation that costs thousands of pounds, just try a few of these subtle ideas instead.

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