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How Can a Safe Working Environment Reduce Motor Trade Insurance Costs?

motor trade
This is a collaborative post

A safe working environment is imperative for every business. Not only does it help to make your customers feel safe whilst they’re in your vicinity, but it can even make a significant difference to the productivity and motivation of your employees too. However, it can also help to lower the cost of your motor trade insurance, especially if you run a business that works with vehicles.

If you are looking for this type of coverage, somewhere like one sure offers traders insurance that is extremely affordable for anyone who is thinking about inquiring about this type of insurance. Whilst looking for cheaper plans is one way to reduce your costs, having a safe environment can also make a difference too. But how?

Well, it’s about time that we find out.

Why Do You Need Motor Trade Insurance?

Before learning more about how to make your workplace safer in order to reduce the overall cost of your insurance, we must first understand what motor trade insurance is and why you need to have it. For those of you who don’t already know, motor trade insurance provides cover for businesses that can allow them to work on and drive the vehicles of their customers, as well as the vehicles the company owns as part of a car dealership, for example. In most cases, this type of cover could extend to just the business owner, certain members of the team, or everyone who works for the business.

It is important that you purchase motor trade insurance for your company, as if you don’t, you won’t be protected against any damages or problems that occur to the vehicles of your customers. This could put you in a terrible situation, but it can also be avoided altogether if you make the decision to buy this insurance as soon as possible. Don’t forget that it is against the law not to have a motor trade insurance policy in place, so this should be reason enough to get in touch with an insurance broker to go over your options.

How to Make Your Workplace Safer?

Though insurance can be costly, there is one way in which you don’t have to worry about your finances, and that is to make your workplace as safe as possible. If you work out of professional premises, you may want to take the time to make sure that your garage, dealership, or whatever type of business you are running has been equipped with modern equipment, tools that your staff replace regularly to ensure they are working to their full potential, as well as incorporating procedures that have been designed by professionals. If you run a business that does all these things, you will find that you will receive more trust from health and safety experts and potential insurance companies that you could buy a premium with. As well as this, following guidelines down to the last letter and establishing procedures also can improve the safety record of your vehicle-based business.

Incorporating health and safety procedures as soon as your business opens reduces the likelihood of any incidents from happening and means that your no claims bonus will keep growing over time, and this will mean that you could be paying less for your insurance premium at the time of renewal.

What Else Can You do to Reduce Insurance?

Whilst you can reduce the overall cost of your insurance by making your workplace as safe as possible, there are also other things you can consider if you want to find cheaper plans too. Of course, shopping around for different plans with a variety of providers is the most popular option, as this is because they are all competing for your custom and offering cheap plans is a great way to do this. 

Location also has a big part to play in how much your insurance costs. This is because if you work in a small village or town that isn’t overpopulated or has congested roads, you will be subject to fewer safety interferences, and this is a benefit in itself.

There are several different ways to reduce your motor trade insurance. Looking at your workplace safety is definitely a good place to start, as this has more benefits than just lowering the cost of your insurance. If after doing this you find that you’re still not happy with how much you are required to pay, you may want to speak with your insurance broker to see what your options are. Don’t worry though, there is always a solution.

KeySafe Review

Supra C500 KeySafe
KeySafe Supra C500
We were sent the KeySafe free of charge in return for an honest, unbiased review.

With three children, one of them now an adult and the other two not far off, we’ve had to have more keys cut so everyone has one.
It’s great being able to go shopping without worrying that we’ll run out of time before we have to get back for school finishing.

The problem, however, is that keys seem to regularly go missing in this house!
On numerous occasions we’ve reminded them to take their key when they go out only to be met with, “I’ve lost it again, can I borrow yours?”

KeySafe To The Rescue

A short while ago, Ant said we needed to get a key safe, as his mum has. I couldn’t believe it when 2 days later I opened an email asking if I’d like to review a KeySafe!

It arrived very quickly and was well packaged. Even if it hadn’t been well packaged I don’t think anything could damage it; it’s very heavy and feels indestructible!

KeySafe Consumer 500


We were sent the Supra C500 Police preferred KeySafe. It comes with a weather cover and 4 wall tapping screws that don’t need wall plugs.

Ant didn’t have any trouble fitting it, it came with a fitting kit and he had the other tools required. He’s really good at DIY but if you’re not confident enough to fit it yourself, KeySafe offers a fitting service.

You have to make sure you read all the included information to ensure you position the KeySafe correctly.

Open KeySafe

Choosing Your Code

Ant found the instructions for setting the code were easy to follow. He said if you follow the instructions exactly you can’t go wrong.

There are over 4000 possible combinations meaning you can change your code as often as you want to increase security.

Worth The Money

The model we were sent costs £59.94 including VAT and delivery which I think is well worth the money.
There’s an extra charge if you want it fitting. In my opinion, it’s worth the money for the peace of mind because if I didn’t have Ant, I don’t think I’d be confident enough to fit it myself!

KeySafe with weather proof cover

I was once locked out of our house because I’d gone to volunteer at the a local charity shop and Ant was meant to be collecting me. I didn’t take my keys because Ant had his but while I was working, there was a family emergency and Ant ended spending the rest of the day at the hospital.

I had to wait for a few hours until Aiden came home from school because he had a key!
I’ll never have that problem again now we have the KeySafe 🙂

Overcoming Obesity In Children And Pets Through Nutrition

child being fed - battling obesity in children
Image by yalehealth from Pixabay
This is a collaborative post

Children and obesity are among the most sensitive topics you can talk about. Since we also consider our furry companions as part of our family, this also becomes a touchy subject when they get pudgy. 

When speaking of obese children, the most important thing for parents is to work with the child’s self-esteem and try to teach them about healthier food choices since obesity at an early age can be detrimental to their health later on in life. 

This applies to our four-legged friends too as we’re the ones who must make the right choices for them.

The way of overcoming obesity in children and pets comes in many forms and there is no one-fits-all approach. However, adopting and maintaining a healthy pattern of healthy, nutritious diet along with regular physical activity can make a world of difference.

In this article, we look at how to tackle this complex health issue in children and pets through certain nutrition tips.

Obesity In Children

Obesity in children is a prevalent problem across the world. This problem comes as a result of a combination of causes, including lack of exercise and a poor diet. 

There is also an increasing number of overweight toddlers who consume energy-dense food which means that they store more energy than what they can spend.

Being overweight is not a disease but involves an increased risk of developing obesity which is considered a disease as it can lead to several medical conditions in children, but also in adulthood. Proper toddler nutrition is essential and the first step to ingraining healthy habits that will last a lifetime and prevent obesity.

Obesity in children can lead to several immediate problems and cause different symptoms. The child may have knee problems and hip problems, get tired very easily, and find it increasingly difficult to participate in physical activities.

What To Do?

young girl eating a watermelon slice
Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

The best thing you can do as a parent is to help your child learn and appreciate good diet habits. It’s about serving nutritious food at certain times and limiting the intake of what can be called junk food. 

Do not neglect breakfast as it provides the child with energy throughout the day. Make sure the child eats wholemeal bread, less saturated fat, fewer sweets, and avoid offering sugary drinks, and snacks high in calories.

Try to have them eat 5 or more portions of fruits and veggies every day as they are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Always remember to keep your child hydrated with plenty of water.

If these tips don’t work as much as you anticipated, try something different. For example, if your child refuses to eat breakfast in the morning, let them eat a healthy snack instead. 

There is no exact rule of thumb on how much food your child needs so you should judge for yourself. Start with small servings, try not to push your child to finish everything on the plate, and don’t cheer or reward with meals as this can lead the child to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. 

Have them eat slowly and set meal times as children need structure. Even if they’re not involved in organized sports or exercise activities, it’s always fun for kids to be on the move to keep the weight under control but also to build self-confidence and learn valuable social skills.

Obesity in Pets

overweight dog
Image by Madhurima Handa from Pixabay

If your pet has gained a significant amount of weight and is categorized by the veterinarian as obese, you must be aware of what it means for its overall health. Obesity increases the risk of the dog suffering from serious and difficult conditions, such as diabetes, heart and lung problems, osteoarthritis, and weakened immune system. Above all, it also reduces the animal’s lifespan. 

For this reason, pet parents have the responsibility of getting informed about different types of pet health insurance that will guarantee that finances won’t get in the way of getting the best care and protection for your pet.

The animal’s breed, age, heredity, and current lifestyle are all factors that contribute to the risk of becoming obese or having difficulty losing weight. You must make sure that the pet gets the right food, exercise, and lifestyle so that it gets in shape again and feels good.

What To Do?

dog looking at a bowl of biscuits on the coffee table
Photo by from Pexels

If your pet is obese, it should first be examined by a veterinarian to determine if there may be an underlying cause for it. It might be surprising but obesity in dogs and cats is a common disorder. 

Even though your dieting pet should consume a restricted amount of calories if obese, it still needs an optimal amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins, and dietary fibers that assist in increasing the level of satiety while keeping blood sugar at a steady level throughout the day. 

For your furry friend to effectively lose weight, reduce caloric intake, and try increasing their daily exercise. Offer meals twice a day in the morning and at night as it will stop the animal from gorging at a single meal. 

As with children, our pets love their treats but you should always control and cut down the intake of sugary snacks. 

Many people think that it can be difficult to resist their pet’s pleading gaze, but you should keep in mind that it’s not just hunger that makes the dog beg for food. Some animals are very fond of food or eat out of old habits. When the dog becomes needy, go for a long walk or play with it, and you may be surprised to see that this is at least as good a reward for them as a treat or extra meal.

Final Thoughts

Although it might seem unusual, there are striking similarities when comparing obesity in children and pets.

All in all, when trying to overcome this health issue, the same approach is used for both animals and small children. Keep a close watch on what your child or pet is consuming and encourage healthier eating habits. Steer clear of ultra-processed foods and keep the nutrition wholesome with lots of whole grain products, proteins, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Last but not least, remember to stay positive and supportive during the entire process so it feels pleasant for your child and your beloved pet companion.  

History of fabric printing techniques

fabric printing techniques
This is a collaborative post

Providing a brief historical overview of fabric printing techniques is not simple because in ancient times there were many authors who referred to this production. Their texts, however, did not provide details capable of proving the reliability of the results. Among the most authoritative examples, we can mention Herodotus, who speaks of clothes coloured with a dye obtained from the leaves of certain plants (specifying that these colours did not fade) and Pliny the Elder who, in his “Naturalis Historia” instead claimed that the Egyptians were the first to draw and print on garments and veils.

India: where it all began 

But the true story of textile printing and fabric printing techniques takes place mainly in India, where experts found the first production centres of printed fabrics. In fact, archaeological excavations have brought to light fragments of printed cotton dating back to the second millennium before the Christ. When these printed fabrics arrived in Europe, a thriving market immediately emerged, in addition to the need to learn about printing techniques and the use of colours.

The first attempts were made in the province of Marseille, not surprisingly a port city, where not only the textiles landed, but also the craftsmen with their precious tools. This marked the birth of the first industry that established a new orientation for the world of textiles and fabric printing, using wooden blocks with raised engravings. Subsequently, there was a real “textiles war” that lasted for decades, until the authorisation to print was newly granted.

Printing techniques  

fabric printing machine

Once this phase of prohibition ended, again it was France that launched itself into the production of printed fabrics. The area around Versailles saw the most famous production of the time. The procedure used established a model for the following decades. This technique required the cloth base for printing to be purified from oils or primers used during the weaving phase, then washed and beaten to eliminate any impurities. For bleaching, on the other hand, different products were used depending on the period: chlorine, sulphuric acid or a mixture of chlorine and lime. Subsequently, the cotton fabric was passed through calendar rollers and the fabric grain became smooth and ready for the next phase: mordant printing.

To fix the dyes deep in the fibre, they are mixed with chemical substances called mordants. Using various types of natural rubber, the mordant thickens and forms a paste that is spread locally on the cloth in correspondence with the motif to be reproduced. It should be pointed out that the same number of mordants as colours are applied. Three different techniques were used, separately or jointly, to apply the mordants: woodblock printing, copperplate printing and roller printing with copper cylinders. Generally, the wooden blocks, which artisans carved with a design in relief, did not exceed 40 centimetres in size and, therefore, eight separate blocks would have been made for an eight-colour design. Printing took place on enormous tables covered in wool felt to protect them and, at the same time, to attenuate the vibrations caused by the blows.

There is another, less complex, printing method called “resist” printing, which is used to obtain white patterns on a coloured background. The motif on the block is covered with a mixture of wax and earth, which is then printed on the white fabric. Once dry, the fabric is dipped in dye, which penetrates it where the wax has not covered the fabric. Heat is then used to melt the wax and a white pattern appears.

Compared to woodblock printing, printing with engraved copper plates is finer and allows for the creation of more delicate designs, with plays of light and shades similar to those of soft-cut prints. Finally, copper roller printing saves a lot of time because the machine works continuously and creates a product with inimitable precision. Once the procedure is finished, regardless of the printing technique used, the fabrics are primed with a solution of wax and starch, before moving on to the hot calendar. Finally, they are folded and packaged ready for sale.

At the time, this procedure could take anywhere from three to six months, sometimes even longer depending on the season and the weather conditions. It is estimated that a craftsman could print around 25 metres of fabric in four colours per day, using a woodblock, and up to 5000 metres per day using copper rollers. 

Artificial vs Real Grass

This is a collaborative post

Choosing between artificial and real grass can be a tricky decision when landscaping. Some prefer real grass because they like the smell of fresh grass in the morning while others prefer artificial grass because it requires less maintenance.

To determine the most suitable grass for you, you should know which features, and the kind of look, you prefer. Considering the pros and cons will also help you to select between artificial grass and real grass to lay in the garden.

Photo by Mike from Pexels
  • Aftercare Installation

After installation, grass needs extra care whether you use the artificial or the real one. For general maintenance, real grass requires regular watering, weeding, as well as feeding fertilizer for it to remain in good condition. Some people like to do this aftercare themselves to save cost. 

Never think that you can just leave the artificial one because it also needs aftercare. For regular maintenance, you have to scrub off any dirt and clean away fallen leaves. Whenever you discover any torn part, it must be filled with proper material. 

  • Durability

Without regular weeding and trimming, a fake lawn may last more than 10 years without needing replacement. However, you need to step or do activities on it carefully. Because any sharp hit can cause damage and an artificial lawn cannot repair itself. The reparation for artificial turf sometimes can be pricey. 

When talking about replacement, real grass offers a more affordable option. Anytime you find a damaged part, you can just dig it and replace them with fresh grass. 

Photo by PhotoMIX Company from Pexels
  • Surface Temperature

Artificial grass tends to get hot under the sun and it also releases heat both day and night. So, if you don’t want to feel hot when stepping on its surface during the day, it is better to place artificial turf in shady areas. 

Meanwhile, the real grass keeps providing a comfortable place for a walk even in the middle of the day under the sun. It is because the real lawn has a natural cooling effect and doesn’t release heat. 

  • Environmental Effect

Take into account the effects on the surrounding environment. The real turf offers fewer effects to the environment as well as just needs regular watering and energy like other plants. Besides, it is easier to decompose.

On the other hand, artificial ones are often made from synthetic material which provides more effects to the environment. The production of artificial turf also requires high carbon. They are not degradable and pretty hard to recycle. 

  • Cost

Covering gardens with real grass naturally will come at a low cost. Perhaps, you only need to spend money on soil improvement and irrigation to support their growth. Artificial lawns cost more than real ones. Not to mention the installation cost. 

4 Thoughtful Gifts for Self-Isolating Family Members

housewarming gifts
This is a collaborative post

So many of us haven’t seen family members in so long due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though restrictions are slowly starting to ease, some of your family members may still be sheltering. This can be such a lonely and challenging time, so it is so important for us all to keep communicating to try and keep spirits high. With that in mind, why not send your isolating family members a little gift to let them know you are thinking of them? Here are a few gift ideas to show your self-isolating family that you care about them.

String of Hearts Plant

A special way to show your family members that you love them is to deliver a string of hearts plant straight to their door. A string of hearts plant is easy to look after, so if you are worried that your family member may not be able to handle a high maintenance plant, this is the perfect gift for them. It is a heart shaped leafy vine plant that looks gorgeous drooping down a shelving unit. You can also send a free message along with the plant to let them know you love them and are thinking of them.

Find the Silver Lining Bangle

This sweet bangle from Kate Spade is so meaningful; it will be a reminder to your loved ones that they made it through this challenging time. It is a silver-coloured bangle with the inside engraved with the message ‘find the silver lining’. This is such a sentimental gift that your family member will treasure forever. It is also a simplistic and minimalistic piece of jewellery so they will be able to wear it every day if they wish.


Gifting your family member with a photo is such a lovely way to show that you love them. To make it a more impactful gift, you should pay close attention to the frame it goes in to help ensure it stands out. If you can’t find the right frame to match the size of your image, you can look at designing a custom picture mount which will fit it perfectly.

This is a great way to remind family members that there are so many good times to come and even more amazing memories to be made.

Hug in a Mug

If your family member is an avid hot drink lover, why not gift them a hug in a mug? It is a beautiful ceramic mug with a special little message at the bottom so that, when they finish their drink, they will receive a touching little note from you. The message reads, “a hug in a mug, from me to you x” which is a beautiful message to send to your self-isolating family member.

Receiving one of these unexpected presents will make your loved one’s day. Let them know you love and care about them with one of these little gifts.

Historic Newspapers Birthday Book Review

Historic Newspapers Remember When newspaper birthday book

Ant and I received early birthday presents last week and I have to say, we were both delighted!
Historic Newspapers sent us a birthday book each which contains a newspaper reprint from your date of birth and birthday every year up to the present day.

As well as birthday books, they have anniversary books, your chosen year newspaper book which includes a full newspaper reproduction of your chosen date, as well as at least 12 newspaper headlines from the same year and a This, Is Your Life book, among others.
Click here to see the selection of Your Date Newspaper Books.

Historic Newspapers Personalisation

Each book is personalised with the name and date of birth in gold embossing on the front and a special message printed inside.

Historic Newspapers personalised message

The book is A3 and is presented in a sturdy gift box. The quality of both book and box is excellent; we were both very impressed.

Add Your Own Memories

Opposite each newspaper front page is a ‘Remember When’ page. This is for the recipient to add their own memories and photos from each year.

I love this idea because it will be a great keepsake which can be passed down through the family.

Old News Stories

We both spent ages looking through the books and I found some interesting stories that I wish I could find more information about them.
This one from 1960 about an American girl and a possible English girl who were found with identical scratch marks on their heads has piqued my interest!

I’ve been trying to find out if they ever solved the mystery but so far I’ve got nothing!

Thanks goes to Historic Newspapers for our birthday books.
All opinions are my own and are honest 🙂

Simple Tips To Follow When You Are Looking For The Best Real Estate Agent

This is a collaborative post
real estate
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Real estate transactions here in the UK or any other country for that matter are lengthy, complex, and time-consuming processes. This is the reason why you should always seek help from real estate agents when you are trying to sell your home, buy a home or rent a property you already own.

Since the internet is packed with real estate agents and agencies who claim to be the best, how can you choose the one that can meet your unique needs?

Well, that is easy.

All you would have to do is follow the tips mentioned below and you will be sorted –

Make sure that the agent or agency is backed by class-leading credentials

Wirral estate agents or any other professional associated with the real estate sector has to be a member of ‘The Property Ombudsman Scheme’ in case they want to legally carry out their business in the UK. In case the professional or agency you have selected is not a member of the aforementioned scheme then you won’t be able to launch a complaint against them in case of a mishap.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that the real estate agent or agency that you have chosen is also a member of the following renowned organisations –

  • NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents)
  • Guild of Property Professionals
  • RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Invite all shortlisted agents to appraise your property

After you have shortlisted the real estate agents or agencies, ask each professional or agency representative on separate days to come and appraise your property.

Now, your initial motive could be to choose an agent that offers you the highest price for your property but that would be an unwise decision. You see, a real estate agent who can offer their expertise all the while making sure that their appraisals and work are backed by fairness and honesty should be the ideal pick.

Hence, proceed with caution.

Make sure that the agent or the agency has been in the sector for a while

You must hire a real estate agent or an agency that has been in the business of helping their clients to buy, sell or rent the latter’s respective properties for a while.

It is a known fact that experience matters the most when you are looking for guaranteed results from a professional hired to help you in sensitive matters such as a real estate transaction. Hence, if you want to make sure that the real estate agent will not leave you out in the open, hung to dry, just remember to hire a professional or an agency that has been in the real estate sector for at least 5 years.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, also make sure that the real estate agent or agency you have chosen to help you with your real estate transaction will be advertising your property in both traditional as well as digital mediums. Furthermore, also make sure that a representative of the real estate agent will be present on-site when buyers or tenants will be coming in to view your property. For more details about how a real estate agent or agency can help you with your real estate transactions, click here.

Photowall Mushroom Village Canvas Review

You may remember a post I did last year about Photowall. They sent me a gorgeous wall canvas and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Treasure Hunt Bookcase canvas

So much so, that the super wonderful husband bought me a Treasure Hunt Bookcase notebook, diary and a cross-stitch chart for Valentine’s day 🙂

Treasure Hunt Bookcase cross stitch cahrt from Heaven and Earth Designs
Treasure Hunt Bookcase notebook

I’ve not started stitching yet as I’m still in the process of buying all the embroidery floss but I can’t wait to get started!

Photowall Mushroom Village Canvas

It took me ages to choose a new canvas this time because I didn’t automatically go to the fantasy section. I wanted to see if there were other designs that I’d fall in love with.
It took me so long because they have thousands of different designs!

As you can see from the name of the canvas I picked, I didn’t fall in love with any other designs; I was drawn back to the fantasy section and knew as soon as I saw the Mushroom Village canvas that I had to have it.

I have to say that the photos do not do the colours justice. In real life it’s vibrant with loads of detail.

Mushroom Village wall canvas 110cm x 70cm

Easy Assembly

As before, the super wonderful husband assembled the canvas in no time at all.
It comes with everything you need including the canvas, a wooden frame that has 3M double-sided tape already attached, metal brackets, screws, a wall hanging set and easy to follow instruction sheet.

Mushroom village box contents
Wooden frame and rolled up canvas
Metal brackets and fixings
instruction sheet

It looks wonderful on the wall and I’m so very pleased with 🙂

The lovely people at Photowall have given me a 25% discount code to share with you.
It’s valid for 2 months from the date of this post.

Just type in – shelllouise25 at the checkout.

Please note: I received the wall canvas from Photowall in return for this review, however, all opinions are my own.

Profitable Work at Home Jobs in 2021

This is a collaborative post

Working from home is something that more and more people have started to do over recent years. Thanks to advancements in technology, it has now become possible for people to develop full-time careers doing work at home jobs, and they can earn a very good income at the same time.

If you want to work from home, there are various career options you can consider ranging from online retail to working on cam sites. In fact, there are more options than ever for people who want to work from home in 2021. In this article, we will look at some of the most profitable ones.

work from home
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels
Copyright: Pexels I License: CC0 Public Domain

Some of the Options to Consider

The good news is that there are lots of options for those who want to work from home and earn a good income. Some of the profitable jobs you can do from home include:

Freelance Writing Work

If you want to work for yourself and do something that you enjoy, online writing is a great option. For those who like to get online to conduct research, this is an excellent way to make a good living. Of course, you need to have a flair for writing, and you also need to be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

If you can do this, you could work on all sorts of content such as marketing materials, blog posts, editorials, press releases, and much more. You can set up a home office where you can work in peace, and you could end up working for clients from around the world.

Digital Marketing Services

You may want to consider tapping into the popularity of digital service by working as a digital marketer. In today’s digital world, this method of marketing has become crucial for businesses of all sizes. From small businesses and start-up companies to major corporations – they all use this type of marketing to some degree.

So, as a digital marketing services provider, you could find yourself in demand and you have the potential to earn a very good income. You do need to have some skills and knowledge when it comes to the world of digital marketing to make a success of this type of home business venture. However, you can take online courses if you do not already have the necessary skills and expertise.

Remote Customer Services

If you prefer to work for an employer rather than for yourself, one thing you can do is remote customer services work. Our move into the digital era means that more and more businesses are now looking for customer service employees that work from home.

You may find yourself dealing with customers by phone and online using platforms such as email, messaging apps, and social media. You can then earn a regular salary and enjoy the security of being employed while also benefiting from working from home.

working from home
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels
Copyright: Pexels I License: CC0 Public Domain

Online Accountancy Work

For those who like to crunch numbers, online accountancy work is a great choice of work-from-home career. You can work for both individuals and businesses when you set up on a freelance basis, and this enables you to enjoy greater diversity when it comes to your work. From helping people with tax returns to assisting businesses with all areas of their finances, you will find plenty of ways to make money.

You need to have some level of financial and accountancy experience and the relevant skills and qualifications to do this. So, you may want to consider doing an online course if you do not already have the necessary qualifications. You can then work in peace and quiet from home while bringing in a great income.

Work on a Flexible Basis

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to these types of jobs is that you can work on a flexible basis. This is ideal for those who have other commitments such as a family to raise. You can often set your own hours and working days, particularly if you work on a freelance basis. This means you get to enjoy the convenience of working from home and working the hours and days that suit you.

Another thing to remember is that when you work from home, you can enjoy more than just simple convenience. You also get to save yourself a lot of money on travel costs compared to travelling to and from work every day. In addition, you do not have to waste time stuck in traffic or spend time travelling to and from your place of work on a daily basis.

So, if you want to enjoy the many benefits that come from working at home, consider one of these career options. You can then enjoy earning great money while also benefiting from greater ease and convenience.