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Top 7 Natural Remedies as Precaution for the Upcoming Winter Months

The winter months can be beautiful but they can also bring with it struggles such as dry skin and winter colds. Luckily, just as you can find a remedy to slow metabolism at, you can find natural remedies for the winter months here.

A tree covered in frost in the Winter

1. Honey and Raw Milk


If there is one thing that winter can bring with it, it’s dry skin. After all, the winter weather is rather dry and the wind that comes with it doesn’t help at all. With a little honey and raw milk, though, you can repair your damaged skin in no time.


Raw milk, if you aren’t familiar with the term, is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized to kill bacteria. This can make it risky to drink but it can be very helpful when it comes to winter skin.


To make this natural remedy, you will want to mix together 2 tablespoons of raw milk for every 1 tablespoon of honey. Remember, making a little of this mixture goes a long way. Once the mixture is ready, simply dip a cotton ball in it and apply it to your dry skin.


It should be noted that those with particularly sensitive skin or a milk allergy might have a problem with this remedy.


2. Vapor Rub


Many of us remember using vapor rub as a child to relieve coughing and clear up congestion. What you might not know, though, is that you can make natural vapor rub of your own to shake off that winter cold or flu.


To start, you will want to melt down 2 tablespoons of beeswax. Then, add in essential oils. A good mixture is 20 drops of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil each and 10 drops of rosemary oil and cinnamon oil each.


If you are making this vapor rub for your kids, use 4 drops of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil and don’t add any cinnamon oil or rosemary oil. You can also weaken the mixture with coconut oil.


Then, you can simply store this in a jar with a lid and use it just as you would use any other vapor rub.


3. Ginger


Ginger has a lot of great properties you might not think about on a daily basis. As relevant here, it is great at helping the immune system to keep the dreaded winter cold at bay as well as has anti-inflammatory properties.


One of the best ways to use ginger is in tea. This way, it warms you up and you take advantage of how soothing it can be on a sore throat. Alternatively, you can put it in a broth.


If you have dried ginger or fresh ginger root and you aren’t sure what to do with it, don’t worry. All you have to do is let it simmer in a pan for about 20 minutes and then strain it. If you want to add another layer of flavor, you can add a bit of honey and lemon.


4. Valerian


During the winter, the holidays can cause a lot of stress. From last-minute shopping to planning family gatherings, there’s a lot to worry about. To relieve this stress, you might want to consider employing valerian root which is a great natural remedy to anxiety.


The best way to use valerian is to make yourself a soothing cup of tea. To do so, you’ll want to start by putting valerian root in a tea infuser and place it in a mug. Then, heat up water in a kettle and pour it in the mug once it gets hot. Since you are preparing a root rather than a flower (like chamomile) you’ll need to let it steep longer, 10 to 15 minutes is usually enough.


5. Elderberry Syrup


Once again we are visiting a remedy to help with the common cold. This can be used to help prevent a cold and it can be used to help shorten a cold as well. Elderberry is well-known for it’s properties as an immune system booster.


The easiest way to make elderberry syrup is to throw a ⅔ cup of dried black elderberries, about 3 ½ cups of water, 2 tablespoons of some of the ginger from earlier, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and ½ teaspoon of cloves in a pot. Put a lid on it and let it boil for 9 minutes. Then, strain it. Once it’s cooled, add in a cup of honey.


Take a ½ to 1 tablespoon (½ to 1 teaspoon for kids!) every day and you can bump it up to a dose every few hours if you catch a cold.


6. Thyme


Thyme is yet another remedy for winter ailments. When you feel yourself getting a little under the weather, pull out some thyme – it can be either fresh or dried. You can throw some thyme into a stew or soup you’re making to make yourself feel better for an easy recipe. Thyme is also tasty, so it won’t make your soup medicine-tasting at all.


A different approach you can make is to a steam. To do this, put thyme in a near boiling pot of water and turn off the heat. Then, you can put a towel over your head and the pot to breathe in the steam. Doing this for about 5 minutes should help you feel better.

Thyme - natural remedies

7. Sage


The final natural remedy on our list is another herb: sage. Sage comes in a few different forms from the sage you use in the kitchen to the sage used in incense or smudge sticks. In this case, the sage in your kitchen will do the trick to soothe a sore throat.


Once again, the best choice is to make a strong cup of tea. Instead of drinking it, though, you’ll get the most benefit by gargling the mixture a few times a day. To make this, use 4 ounces of water and 2 teaspoons of shade.

About The Author
Hi there, I’m Woodworking Pete Alman.
I’m a former carpenter turned writer, and proud resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
When not working on a project in my shed, I’m lifting weights
or hanging out with my three dogs (Dobermans).


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A Quick Guide To Avoiding Christmas Overspend

Overspending during the festive season is something that most people will admit to – especially those with kids. It’s lovely to want to buy people lots of nice gifts and make them smile on the big day, however – things are becoming a little bit wild. People are spending far more than they can afford, getting into debt, and stressing themselves out for the first part of the new year because of it. We really shouldn’t be doing this for one day of the year!


Take a look below to find a quick guide to avoiding Christmas overspend:


Come Up With A Budget You’re Comfortable With

Start by coming up with a Christmas budget that you’re comfortable with. Know how much you want to spend in total and then split that money up between recipients. Remember, it isn’t about how much you spend, but the thought that goes into it. Make sure you look at the first few months of next year, too, so you can decide whether you need to alter your budget at all.


Make Some Gifts Yourself

You could bake cupcakes or cookies, or make decorations with your kids to give to family and friends.


Invest In A Shared Experience

A shared experience, such as a day trip or a family meal, can be far more meaningful than a gift. These memories will last forever, and a gift is unlikely to do the same. Toys often get thrown to the side and forgotten about after a short time – and a heck of a lot of money is spent on them. Check out the infographic below and you might be inspired to reign it in!

credit to


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4 Tips To Keeping Your Home Clean

Our home is our refuge. The one place constant where we feel safe, secure and relaxed. However, a messy house and a smelly room do not equate to a happy place. And keeping a house clean no matter how big or small is another burden to your already full packed and stressful job.
Let us enumerate a few tips to keeping your home clean. Remember, a dirty house has bacteria and virus that can cause harm to you and your family’s health.


  1.  Maintain and stick to a daily cleaning routine.

List all the must-do everyday tasks and once-a-week chores. This way, you can prioritize what needs to be done immediately. You can also manage your time wisely by following your cleaning routine. For example, laundry day is every Wednesday and Saturday. Scrubbing the floors is every Monday and so on. By doing so, you do not overload your toxic workday with more household chores.

cleaning tools - keep your home clean

  1.  Let go.

We all have those favorite things that no matter how old and tattered we tend to hold on to. But over time, we do not notice how many stuff we already hoarded and kept even if we no longer have the use for them. So de-clutter your house and let go of the things you no longer need or needs replacement. These things tend to be the breeding ground for virus and bacteria that could be harmful to you or to your family. You will be surprised to see all the available storage and space you have. What is best for your newfound area is cabinets or storage boxes that are great organizers for different size spaces.


  1.  If it smells, it has to go.

You may have a clean house, organized cabinets and rooms but if your house still reeks of yesterday’s trash, then it’s still not right.  Make disposing of your waste a habit as keeping them inside your home overnight or for days attracts insects and rodents that are carriers of dirt and bacteria.  Isn’t it lovely to wake up every morning smelling the fresh, clean air as opposed to rotten banana peel or leftover meatloaf?


  1.  Keep your kitchen clean.

This is the part of the house that should be the cleanest.  You prepare and cook meals for you and the whole family in this area. So there should be no reason why you will be too lazy to clean up after you prepare a meal. Never allow plates to pile up in the sink. Clean up afterwards to avoid inviting cockroaches and other unwanted insects.

make your kitchen look larger - renovating your kitchen

Although weekends are supposed to be for rest and relaxation, you will not be able to achieve this with a smelly and untidy house. Cleaning up the house will only take 2-3 hours tops so make cleaning a habit. Take care of the house you sacrifice so much to have, and I assure you, you will be able to enjoy the rest of the day feeling refreshed and energized for next week’s battle.


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Is Your Home Cozy? Here’s How to Make One

We all want our homes to be inviting. At the end of the day, you want to be able to come into a warm and welcoming environment to help relieve the day’s stress.
Unfortunately, not every home has the design that homeowners want it to have. The bright side is that this is a problem that can be solved with a few changes. With the tips found here, you can transform your abode into a cozy home in no time.


Use a Welcome Mat


You can start making your home more inviting for yourself and others before even opening the door. All you have to do is choose the right welcome mat. One that simply says “welcome” will do the trick but there are plenty of novelty options out there that will help you inject some personality into the entryway.


Put Some Slippers By the Door


Odds are, you probably already have a place for shoes at the door. This way, you aren’t tracking mud and gunk throughout the house. With a simple addition to this area, you can make your home all the more inviting.


Next to where you keep your shoes, add a pair of slippers. This way, after a long day out, you can take your shoes off and immediately put on a pair of warm slippers.

cozy slippers

Bring the Furniture In


It’s a bad habit of almost every homeowner to push their couches and chairs flush against the walls of the room. While this creates space, it’s a pretty empty and barren space. Instead, take a risk and pull the chairs and sofa closer together. This will make your living room more inviting by allowing occupants to be close enough for conversation.


Throw in a Rug


If you have wood floors, you already know how cold and unforgiving they can be at times. To add some comfort in your home, use some rugs to add some coziness to the place. For those who want to find the ultimate comfort, use more plush rugs.


When placing these rugs, be strategic. A rug next to the bed or in front of the couch makes a nice place to rest your feet but a rug in the middle of the kitchen might seem out of place.


Look at Your Bedding


There is nowhere in your home that should be cozier than the place you crawl into to sleep at night. While a crisp, linen bedspread can look great and even be the perfect choice when it’s warm out, don’t be afraid to create a softer experience as well.


Fluffy comforters can be a great choice to give you somewhere warm and soft to curl up in at night. While you’re at it, toss those old, flattened pillows out and replace them with new, comfortable ones.

bed with pillows on

Change Your Lighting Around


Overhead lights can be very convenient – one switch controls the whole room. However, they can also be a little harsh as well. So, try layering the lighting in your rooms. Add a floor lamp here, a table lamp there, use some linen lampshades and you’ll find the lighting to be much more comfortable.


Heavy Curtains


If you are using thin or sheer curtains, swap them out for something heavier. Even better, use a thick curtain that has a thermal lining. Not only will it warm up the space visually, but it will also help insulate the space to keep it warm temperature-wise as well.


Use Plenty of Plants


You might look around your home and think that it looks a little lifeless. The best way to solve this is to literally bring something living into the space: plants!


If you don’t have a green thumb, you can use easy to take care of plants like succulents. However, big, green, and leafy plants can be an even better touch.

vase of flowers in front of the window

Step Away From Straight Lines


It’s a modern design phenomenon that has brought on the popularity of low-backed couches and straight-edge decor. To make things a little cozier, try opting for more soft lines. A higher-backed, more plush couch can go a long way or, if you want to be cozy but keep your modern design, break up the geometry by adding a circular rug.


Personalize Your Home


Finally, take the time to personalize your home. Even the warmest lit and plushest home can seem uninviting if there’s no personality in the place. So, take the time to make your home look like you live there.

One idea is that you can add in photos or artwork that reflect your life and style. If you want to dig a little deeper, though, consider adding some DIY furniture or use unique decor that you went antique hunting for. As far as this tip goes, the possibilities are endless.


About The Author
Hi there, I’m Woodworking Pete Alman.
I’m a former carpenter turned writer, and proud resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
When not working on a project in my shed, I’m lifting weights
or hanging out with my three dogs (Dobermans).


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Great Christmas Getaways for Families

The holiday season is the perfect time to take a family vacation. Aside from breaking from long-held traditions in the household which can be stressful — such as escaping from that exhausting extended family Christmas meal — it allows you to form new and special memories of a very special Christmas surrounded by the ones you love: your family. Whether you’re looking to recreate the holiday magic of a picture postcard with snow-topped trees and icy vistas, or you’re looking for a more fun getaway with family-friendly shows, markets and glistening city lights, we’ve got something for everybody in this list of great family Christmas getaways. Who knows, maybe a family vacation will become your next family tradition.


  1. Holiday Sparkle in the Big City

Whether you’re staying in the UK or heading farther abroad, the big city lights bring with them a host of magical Christmas memories. From breath-taking Christmas decorations and shopping trips, through markets and musicals, cities keep you connected on Christmas with a multitude of fun activities and new culinary traditions (think a Chinese buffet for your Christmas meal). A great way to explore a new city and its surrounds is with a car. The Intelligent Leasing Blog has covered how to plan the perfect road trip before, check it out for advice and tips.

Christmas in the city

  1. Very Merry Time Cruises on a Disney Cruise Line

Very Merry Time Disney cruises are available in a host of cruise routes, offering great all-inclusive family vacations which transport you, literally, to another part of the world with the comfort of a well-organised family-oriented Christmas. Departing from US destinations through the Caribbean and South America, ships are kitted out with Christmas trees, decorations and entertainment, forming magical memories for young ones and winter sun for parents.


  1. Snowy Swiss Alps

Whether you’re looking to soak in charming Swiss villages or looking to ski off-piste, the Swiss Alps provide a perfect family getaway with picture postcard views of icy landscapes and impressive mountains. The stunning scenery is an ideal backdrop for your next Christmas memories, with chalets and country hotels offering a warming welcome from the cold outside, and local towns and cities featuring traditional Christmas markets. Villages like Andermatt are the perfect setting for your snow-capped holiday, with ski schools suiting all ages and spas for those wanting to warm their toes inside.

Christmas getaways for the family - people on a ski lift

  1. Vienna’s Christmas Markets

Speaking of Christmas markets, Vienna provides one of the largest and most traditional markets out there, with a history dating back to the Middle Ages. Today, the markets are a spectacular must-see for a short family getaway or extended city trip. Vienna alone has 20 official markets with lots more surrounding neighbourhood markets to explore. Because the Christmas market is so central to Austrian culture, it is worth seeing, strolling and soaking in with a traditional glass of gluhwein (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). What’s more, Rathaus near Vienna’s famed Christkindl Market offers family-friendly entertainment which is perfect for keeping the little ones happy.


  1. All Aboard the Polar Express!

All Aboard the Polar Express! offers a memorable ride via steam train through the famous Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. Each carriage is decorated with gorgeous Christmas foliage and ornaments, and the heated carriage keeps families snug and cosy. The views from the window of breathtaking mountains and snow coverage make for an ideal Christmas getaway, while staff are sure to keep up the Christmas spirit with sing-a-long carols, stories and helpings of cocoa.


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Bathroom Updates – Tips To Help Your bathroom Look Better

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. If it looks tired and dated you could lose money when you want to sell.
Quite apart from that, it’s lovely to go into a well designed and decorated bathroom every morning when it’s shower time so you may feel it’s time to do some bathroom updates.

New Bathroom Suite

We’re starting off with the most expensive change you can make and that’s having a brand new bathroom installed, or indeed, installing one yourself.

If you’re handy with tools and know about plumbing you can remove the old bathroom and install a new suite yourself. There’s no doubt that fitting it yourself can save money, but you need to be confident in your abilities and make sure nothing gets overlooked.

There can be many aspects to installing a new bathroom that you wouldn’t even think of. For example, you may need to buy extras that aren’t always included with the new shower; shower trays and door seals may need to be bought separately.
You can buy a range of door seals, including curved shower door seals, from Byretech.

luxe look bathroom


If completely changing your bathroom isn’t in the budget right now, there are still lots of ways to update it.

Changing the bath mat, shower curtain and towels can make a big difference to the look and feel of your bathroom.
If you choose a neutral paint on the walls, you could change your accessories with the change of each season.

neutral bathroom with blue accessories


As mentioned, repainting is an excellent way of refreshing a room. Don’t only think about painting the walls, though, the tiles can be repainted as well.
Removing and replacing tiles can be a huge job, not to mention, an expensive one. You can create a whole new look in your bathroom by painting the tiles.

Be sure to buy the correct paint for the job in hand. The wall paint needs to be made especially for bathrooms so it can withstand the steam and moisture that is inevitable in the bathroom.


Lighting is very important in all rooms of our house, but it can be even more important in the bathroom because it’s usually one of the smallest rooms in the house.

However, you don’t want a bright glaring light that’s going to blind you every time you go in there.
Strip lights are usually the first choice for bathrooms, but there are so many lovely light fittings out there you’ll be spoilt for choice.
Have fun shopping around and pick a fitting that will also double as a feature of the room.

bathroom lighting


There are so many options for bathroom floors you may have trouble deciding between them. Your budget could have a big impact on your choice of flooring; hardwood floors are gorgeous but can be pricey. Laminate is a cheaper option and can usually be laid over the existing flooring.

Vinyl can be cheaper still and with so many different patterns available you could have any look you wanted.


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7 Autumn Activities You HAVE To Do Before Winter Arrives

feet with socks on, a small pumpkin and autumn leaves - autumn activities

Photo by Alex Geerts on Unsplash


With just over three weeks to go until Winter arrives (on the 21st December), it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make the most of the rest of the season. Autumn is a great time of year for family activities, so I wanted to share with 7 autumn activities you have to do before winter arrives…



  • Going For A Walk In All The Stunning Autumn Colours



We have just a few more weeks of the stunning autumn leaves and whilst most of them have fallen, it’s still a beautiful sight to walk through. If you’re planning on a big family walk, ask your children to spot different colours and shapes of leaves as you go. Don’t forget to wrap up warm though, it is nearly winter after all!



  • Make A Root Vegetable Soup



Whether you’re a pumpkin or butternut squash fan, it’s the perfect time of year to make a cosy autumn soup that the whole family will enjoy.  


There are lots of different recipes available online so pick your favourite one, grab your apron and get everyone involved in making something delicious!



  • Visit Your Local Farm Shop



During Autumn there are always lots of different activities going on at farm shops. Whether it’s pumpkin pickings, vegetable displays or arts and crafts – it’s a great time to go with the kids.



  • Have A Cosy Night In Watching Movies



There is nothing better than lighting a few candles, switching on your fairy lights and cosying up under a comfortable blanket. Why not pick a few of your favourite movies and make a whole night out of it with some snacks and a takeaway?



  • Taking The Family Apple Picking



Autumn is the perfect time of year to go apple picking or any other fruit trees for that matter. If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding day out for the whole family, search your local area for picking farms and off you go!


The kids will absolutely love the satisfaction of picking their own fruit, and it makes for some cute family photos too!



  • Baking Some Delicious Autumn Recipies



Now that you’ve picked your own fruit, why not make some delicious autumn recipes using it?


Our family favourite is a gorgeous apple and cinnamon pie that has everyone going back for seconds. If that doesn’t take your fancy you can find more autumn pie recipe ideas if you visit the Bustle site here.



  • Make A Fire Pit In Your Garden And Toast Marshmallows



If you want to try a little autumn DIY project, try making your own fire pit in your garden. Once built you’ll be able to have the whole family around to spend the night toasting marshmallowsan American favourite at this time of year.


If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could buy the ingredients to make smores.


What do you like to do in Autumn? What will you be doing to make the most of the last few weeks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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5 Ways to Pay for Home Repairs When You Are Cash-Strapped

Are you experiencing a minor plumbing issue or major problems with your roof? Though home repairs are an expensive undertaking, they are inevitable. And you must set money aside for it.

Read more

Frosty Windows – Winter Like It Used To Be

After the very hot Summer, I keep seeing it mentioned that we could have a bad a Winter this year. Now when they say bad, they mean lots of snow, but to me, that’s not a bad thing! That would be a very good Winter because it’s the kind of Winters we used to have when I was younger and I loved lots of snow and frosty windows!

Frosty Windows

I remember waking up on a cold Winter morning, opening the curtains and seeing frost on the window. I loved the patterns it made. Then I’d gaze in wonder at a world that had been turned into a cold, snowy wonderland.

I loved that feeling of excitement I’d get and I couldn’t wait to get dressed and go out in the snow.

frost on a window

School Closures

I’m sure our school must have closed sometimes when it snowed but I can’t remember it doing so. I do remember having to walk to and from school in the snow. To get to my school I had to go down my street, along a short bit of the main road, through a little field, over a small bridge and up a big field that was quite a steep hill and it was called The Flat!


The Flat was the place to go when you wanted to go sledging. I can’t recall us having a proper sledge, though. We used whatever we could find. One year someone brought an old car bonnet and loads of us would pile on. It was brilliant!

I did get in trouble with my parents one year, though. I think I’ve mentioned this before (probably more than once….my memory is terrible!), after school, some friends and I were messing around in the snow on The Flat and we lost track of time. It was dark and way past tea time when I got home. I got into serious trouble and I always went straight home from school after that day!

a boy sledging - Winter like it used to be

Outside Toilet

Our house was a council house that had brick outhouses, one was an outside toilet, one a coal house and the third was a storage area.
If we’d been out playing in the snow and we needed the toilet, we weren’t allowed to go to the toilet inside because with four children and lots of friends, it would mean we were in and out all the time so we had to use the outside toilet.

I can still remember having to sit on that freezing seat! I also remember the smell of the oil lamp. Because of the freezing weather, my dad would wrap the pipes in cloth and keep an oil lamp lit in there overnight.
You wouldn’t think much heat would be produced by an oil lamp but it did the job brilliantly. The pipes never froze!

These days we’d just get the pipes properly insulated by this pipe insulation company. I know if I were the one responsible for lighting the oil lamp every night I’d totally forget!

I Live In Hope!

Ant will not be agreeing with my wish for a snowy Winter because he’s not a fan, but even so, I’ll live in hope!


4 Tips to Transforming your Kitchen

Most people feel that they need to transform their homes at some point in life. One of the places that most people want to transform is the kitchen. There is a lot that goes into the kitchen and it is that one place in your house that guests will always see and come to especially when you have gatherings and dinners.


It is also important to transform the kitchen so it can always sparkle and be hygienic. Here are 4 simple tips to help you completely transform your kitchen to make it more inviting, give it a bold new look and maintain hygiene.

make your kitchen look larger - renovating your kitchen

  1. Paint or Add Wallpaper


One of the easiest things you can do to have a new look for your kitchen is paint it or add wallpaper. The choice between the two boils down to preference, size of your kitchen and condition of your home. If you have a small kitchen, painting it might be the way to add character to your kitchen. Choose a paint that can resist the conditions in the kitchen and one that can be cleaned with ease.


Wallpaper is ideal for large kitchens. The patterns can be overwhelming for smaller kitchens. Wallpaper can add a lot of character to a kitchen that looks boring and dull. Ensure however that you choose vinyl based other than paper-based wallpaper.


  1. Counters


Another very important part of your kitchen is the counters. You can add quartz, granite or marble counters to add sparkle to your kitchen. Quartz is the most durable and is resistant to the conditions in the kitchen. The other two varieties will require sealing annually or semi-annually depending on the use to maintain their look.

Choose marble if you want an elegant high-end look for your kitchen. Granite adds a natural look to the kitchen because it is solid stone. Quartz doesn’t need sealing and costs less to install therefore it has the best savings.


  1. Add Splashbacks


If you want to really maintain the hygiene of your kitchen and keep it clean then you need to add glass splashbacks. They are available in many different varieties to choose from to match your other kitchen installations like cabinetry. Splashbacks made of glass add a lot of depth and sophistication to the kitchen.


They are seamless because they do not have grout lines so you can be sure of an elegant finish to your kitchen. The glass used in splashbacks is also heat resistant and toughened for safety. It doesn’t shatter when hit so safety is never an issue.


  1. The Floor


The floor is the other area of the kitchen that really determines the look and cleanliness. You can add a hardwood or tiled floor in your kitchen. With hardwood, you have a timeless look that can really keep your kitchen looking beautiful for many years to come. It will need retouching after some time and can be expensive to install.

make your kitchen look larger
Kitchen House Interior Floor Home Modern Room

Hardwood adds warmth and sophistication to the kitchen. Tiles have that contemporary look and are very easy to clean. Tiles and laminate are extremely durable and cheaper to install than hardwood.


Taking care of these four will give your kitchen a complete transformation.


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