Everything You Need for a Cross Country Family Road trip

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family roadtrip - route 66
family roadtrip - route 66

Everyone deserves to experience new places. Exciting landmarks, different sites, and unique foods are all a part of travel.

Many families enjoy travelling, though it can be tedious to think of everything needed for a successful trip. This deters people from packing the car and heading out on a new adventure.

There are many necessities to make any road trip go well, especially long cross country excursions. With kids in tow, there is a huge need to keep them occupied to keep the fights and boredom at bay.

From practical purposes to simply making things more fun, many items would make any road trip closer to perfect.

These ten items will make any cross country road trip with the family fun.

A Cooler Bag

Road trips aren’t complete without a collection of snacks and drinks to fulfil the hunger pangs during a long drive.

Drinks won’t taste as well warm and some snacks require staying cold to keep them tasting their best. It is important to bring along a fully stocked cooler bag to store the food and drinks.

Fill it before heading out on the road to prevent taking too many shopping stops on the way. Pick the snacks and drinks that everyone enjoys to make sure the whole family is happy the whole time.

First Aid Kit

It is more important to be over-prepared than it is to be unprepared, especially in cases of emergencies. Bringing along a first aid kit will make sure everyone is ready to handle any minor medical incidents.

Fill it with bandaids and disinfectant for minor cuts and gauze and medical tape for the more serious injuries.

You never know what might happen while you are on the road! Keep a bag of medical supplies close at hand for the length of the trip.

Mad Libs

Being in the car can sometimes be fun, but being in there too long will result in boredom.

Bringing along some easily portable games can help kill a lot of time in a fun way. Mad Libs is a great game for all ages where everyone can fill in the blanks with the silliest answers.

Some of the best laughs can come from a quick game of Mad Libs. Fill a few hours making up silly stories with the family!

A Rooftop Cargo Bag

Long trips require tons of luggage, especially for bigger families. Not every car can fit all the necessary items inside.

To handle the overflow, a rooftop cargo bag is a great space-saver. Make more space for the fun stuff in the car by putting the stuff you don’t need every day on the roof.

According to this article on Giftwits.com, there are many sizes and styles of rooftop cargo bags that can hold the items your family needs for a long trip. They make a great place to store luggage or extra items that you’ll only need once you’ve arrived at your destination.

They easily hook to the roof of a car to make your trip a little easier and your car a little less disorganized.

Refillable Travel Mugs for Everyone

Everyone needs to stay hydrated throughout the trip. Mom and Dad probably need to drink their coffee, too.

Get the whole family a travel mug or portable water bottle that can be filled with their favourite drinks. This will help keep the drinks cold outside of the cooler and can easily be carried anywhere that you make a pitstop.

Refillable bottles also reduce spilling because they usually have lids! When all the plastic water bottles run out, a refillable one can be filled with water from any place you stop.

Trunk Organizer

Big families likely need a whole lot of stuff for long vacations. It is easy for the car to get messy with everyone’s belongings scattered everywhere.

Keep everyone’s belongings in their own cubbies with a trunk organizer. Separate beach toys from board games with an organizer that has compartments.

Keeping the car organized will make everyone feel better during the whole vacation.

Blankets and Pillows

It’s inevitable that everyone will need a nap in the car. Car seats aren’t always the most comfortable for sleeping.

To make it cosier, bring along some pillows and blankets to take the ultimate car nap. There might even be times where you need to pull over for a quick power snooze.

Don’t stay cold or wake up with a sore neck! Bring some of the comforts of home during the road trip to make it better for everyone.

Car Chargers

Everyone has a device they need to keep charged all day, especially to stay occupied in the car. All the streaming and gaming from the backseat will drain the battery more quickly.

There are awesome gadgets that plug right into the car and contain ports for multiple chargers. Let everyone charge up at the same time so there are no fights over staying connected.

Stream music without worrying about a low battery to make the road trip exciting.

Weatherproof Gear

Travelling to different states means different weather as you go. You have to be prepared for anything and everything as you travel!

Rain or snow, you might have to go through it. Bring along winter coats and rain boots just in case!

You’ll have to get out of the car for bathroom breaks or for dinner, so make sure you are dressed for the weather!

Emergency Roadside Kit

Cars are prone to having issues. No matter how well you check it before departure, there is no telling if it will last the whole trip.

Make sure to stock your car with a roadside kit in case of emergencies. A tire pump, some wrenches, jumper cables, and a spare tire are all great to have at hand.

Be prepared to fix anything that might go wrong with the car while you are out on the road. Have the tools you need to temporarily fix any issues until you can see a mechanic for help.

Any road trip would not be complete without these ten items to make it easier, safer, and a bit more organized.

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