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Strawberries And Cream Baileys – My Sunday Photo

My lovely mother-in-law gave me some birthday money and instead of spending it on the house, like I usually do, I treated myself to some strawberries and cream Baileys.

Oh my word, it is delicious!

Strawberries And Cream Baileys

strawberries and cream baileys

I’ll be on the lookout for some dessert recipes using this Baileys now! I tried looking at some on the Baileys website but for some reason, they’re not working.

I did see one for a Baileys strawberries and cream ice cream that I’m going to try. I also want to try making a trifle of some sort. I’ll share the recipe if it turns out nice!

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Family Get Together – My Sunday Photo

You may have read that we recently found my older sister who my mum had put up for adoption before she had me and my siblings. We met Jayne a while ago but we hadn’t yet met any of her children or her mum. A family get together was needed!

Family Get Together

Last night my mum did just that and had a party to get our family and Jayne’s family together so we could finally meet 🙂

It was a lovely evening with everyone getting on really well and having a great time together.

Jayne and her mum at the back, my mum and Nan-Nan at the front - family get together
Jayne and her mum are at the back. My mum and my Nan-Nan are at the front :o)

Through having this party, we found out that one of my cousins had been friends with Jayne’s son a few years ago and my cousin would often go to their house at lunchtime and even started calling Jayne, mum!

They say it’s a small world and it truly is :o)

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The Post Office Are Starting Christmas Prep Early!

I’m a bit obsessed with Christmas, as many of you will know, but even I had to look twice at this letter the super wonderful husband received this week.
Christmas in July is on the Hallmark channel and they’re showing lots of Christmas movies this month so maybe this is why the Post Office thought it would be a good idea to remind us, in July, to Remember To Post Early This Christmas!

Post Office Christmas In July!

Post Office reminding us in June to post Christmas cards early!

I do tend to think about Christmas all year as I like to spread the cost. I did have to wonder, though, if this was a mistake by the Post Office or if they’re trying to get us to spread the Christmas post through the year so they’re not as busy in December!

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Ella Selfies Again! My Sunday Photo

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that Ella loves taking selfies and even though she has her own phone, she prefers to use mine! I found Ella selfies again when I checked my phone today 🙂

I have to admit that she knows how to do much more on my phone than I do. There are selfies with different frames such as pretty roses and ice creams. I have no idea how she did them!

Ella Selfies Again!

Ella selfies again!

I love this one I found today. I just wish she wouldn’t keep doing the pout! I know it’s what all the girls her age are doing but I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it soon!

Ella selfies again!


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Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom My Sunday Photo

Ant and I went to The Kinema In The Woods at the weekend to watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. We aren’t big movie goers and our first ever visit to the cinema together was at the Kinema and we went to watch Jurassic World. We’d […]

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Ella’s 1960s Day – My Sunday Photo

Ella’s school turned 50 this year so on the last day of term all the teachers and children went dressed up in 1960s clothes.

After a few tries, I finally managed to do a beehive like hair-do for her!

1960s Day

1960s day - Ella's beehive hair-do


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Our Beautiful KayCee – My Sunday Photo

KayCee has been at her sister, Kellyann’s, in Sheffield since Friday. Yesterday they went to Nostell Priory and Kellyann sent me some lovely photos of our beautiful KayCee. I couldn’t pick just one for today’s post!

She’s growing up far too fast for my liking!

Beautiful KayCee

beautiful KayCee drinking hot chocolate

beautiful KayCee

beautiful KayCee


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Ella Had My Phone Again! My Sunday Photo

I let Ella have a go on my phone while I was brushing her hair. I now have various photos of her in my gallery with different effects from all the filters she’s used!

Ella Playing With Filters

Ella playing with snapchat filters

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Found Some Ella Selfies, again!My Sunday Photo

Every so often Ella borrows my phone and takes a bunch of selfies. I don’t check the gallery on my phone very often so I don’t usually see them for a while.
I was looking in my gallery today to find a photo I could use for my Sunday photo and found Ella selfies again!

Ella selfies again!

Ella selfies, again!

I love finding Ella selfies. I don’t take as many photos of the girls as I used to. They’re getting older and aren’t as keen on having their photos taken by me like they used to!
At least with these selfies I can see how much she changes each time 🙂


Apple Blossom – My Sunday Photo

Apple Blossom

It’s been a lovely warm and sunny day today. Ant and I have been away all week and only came home yesterday. Before we went there wasn’t any blossom on the tree.
Today I had to take a photo of all the apple blossom because it looked so pretty and smelt wonderful 🙂

apple blossom

I was delighted to see the mock orange bush we bought while on holiday for our 10th anniversary was in full bloom and also smelt amazing. Ant showed me a photo of the pond when we’d just planted the mock orange and I couldn’t believe how small it was!

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