Sunday Photo – Nearly Packed Christmas Away

13 Christmas storage boxes- nearly packed Christmas away

I’m on day 2 of getting Christmas packed away and I’m still not done! Good job I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow because the whole house looks like a bomb has hit it!

I usually like to get it all packed away on the 2nd, but this year I’ve just kept putting it off because it’s such a big job. We have around 20 storage boxes and everything has to be packed in the correct numbered box to make it easier next Christmas when it’s time to get them all down again.

Doing it this way means we only get down the boxes we need at the right time of the month. The boxes that hold all the Christmas Eve buffet things and the ones that hold the Christmas dinner sets etc can be left in the loft until just before Christmas Eve. This means we don’t have them hanging around all month.

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