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Weekly Update – Slimming World Result – Week 3

Slimming World week 3 result

It’s week 3 and I’ve been expecting a weight gain all week, not because I’ve not been on plan, but because I’ve been here before; I get back on plan and have a good week, stay on plan the next week and end up with a weight gain.

I promised myself that if it happened this week I wasn’t going to let it get to me and throw me off track. Turns out I didn’t need to worry!

Weigh-In Results Week 3

Date 15th January
Weight – 27st 7lb
Result – 4lb loss
Total Weight Loss – 3 st 8lb

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Weekly Update – Slimming World Results – Week 2

The food diary I bought from Home Bargains is really helping me stay on track. Not only am I recording everything I eat, I’m also pre-planning menus and shopping lists for the following week and doing a weekly summary. This helps me focus on things that have worked well and things I plan to do the following week.

Slimming World weight loss result week 2

Weigh-In Results – Week 2

Date 8th January 2020
Weight – 27st 11lb
Result – 8.5lb loss
Total Weight Loss – 3st 4lb/46lb/20.8kg

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I’ll be back next Wednesday with my week 3 result 🙂

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Slimming World Result Week 1

2019 wasn’t my year where Slimming World was concerned. I haven’t done very well but the fact that I’m still trying 6 years after joining is a win for me.
I’ve decided to try and do a weekly Slimming World result post and this is week 1.

I’ve bought myself a 12-week food diary from Home Bargains and I started totally back on track yesterday after getting weighed.

12-week food diary - Slimming World result

I had a huge 11lb gain but I enjoyed all the Baileys and chocolates and family meals with Christmas pudding for dessert so I’m not going to dwell on the gain.

After all the problems I’ve had with my hernia over Christmas, I want to be able to get it treated safely as soon as possible so I have to lose this weight.

Slimming World Result – Week 1

Date 3rd January 2020
Weight – 28st 5.5lb
Result +11lb
Total Weight Loss – 2st 9.5lb/37.5lb/17kg

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Weight Loss Result Week 2

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February Update – Slimming World Results

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January Update – Slimming World Results

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I Know You’ve Heard It Before, But….

It really is a new start for me this year on my Slimming World journey. I kept 7 and a half stone off for the best part of 4 years but over the last 2 years, I’ve gained 4 and a half stones back.

In November last year, I was very disheartened with it all and I took target to allow me to relax a bit and not be focused on failing to lose weight every week.
I really enjoyed Christmas and the New Year, so much so that over 5-6 weeks (not totally sure and not focusing on it either!) I put 1 and a half stone on.
When I weighed last week my total loss was only 3 stones and 1.5lbs.

We had new packs this year because there have been a few changes to the plan and also because Slimming World is 50 this year.
It seems to have spurred us all on to really go for it this year and I’m happy to say I lost 6.5lbs today. This gave me my 3 and a half stone award back.

I’m planning on losing 3lb this week and next week so I can get my 4 stone award back 🙂

I’ve got myself a notebook so I can record my syns and my body magic efforts; I used to do a lot more walking when I first joined SW so I want to get my exercise levels back up.

Slimming World - my notebook to record syns and exercise


Fourth Weight Loss In A Row!

I’m on a roll with Slimming World at the moment. I’ve had my fourth weight loss in a row. It’s been a long time since I’ve been so committed and I’m really pleased to finally feel back in control.

Fourth Weight Loss

fourth weight loss - 1lb off

It’s just a short post from me today because I woke with a headache this morning that has slowly been turning into a migraine. I was doing really well as well. I’d been headache free for 5 days.

I was supposed to be going for lunch with the Slimming World ladies but I was in too much pain so I had to miss it 🙁

3 Weeks And Still On Plan At Slimming World

I’ve survived a few tempting meals this week. KayCee and Ella had some friends for a sleepover on Saturday so we had a takeaway. I was very tempted to have cheese and coleslaw on my jacket potato but instead, I had beans.

The next day KayCee had even more friends over for a murder mystery lunch to raise money for Macmillan. She served warm sausage rolls, chicken dippers, dips, cheesy Doritos, breadsticks and other goodies. When it came to clearing up afterwards, I didn’t touch a crumb of anything! Usually, I’d have finished off the leftovers but I really wanted to lose another 3lb.

I didn’t manage to lose 3lb at my Slimming World weigh in but I did lose 2lb and I was very happy with that. It’s been a long time since I’ve lost weight for 3 weeks in a row 🙂

2 pound loss slimming world


3.5lb Loss – Happy To Be Back On Track

I started back on Slimming World last week and was really happy with my 8lb weight loss. As you may know, I’ve been struggling with Slimming World for a few years. I’ve had plenty of new starts and always get a great result the first week.
The second week, even though I don’t do anything different, I usually end having a weight gain. It gets me down when I’ve tried hard all week and don’t get the results. I expected the same to happen this week but I was so happy when I had a 3.5lb loss 🙂

Back On Track

I feel like I’m properly back on track now, especially as Aiden’s doing it with me again, like on my proper first week. We were delighted with his first weigh in which resulted in a 12lb loss!!

3.5lb loss this week 🙂

3.5lb loss

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