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A Few Popular Breading Options for a Restaurant and How to Select the Perfect Breading for Your Needs!

breading on chicken nuggets
Image by Fabricio Macedo FGMsp from Pixabay

They say people eat food through their eyes first before actually tasting it. That’s why restaurants focus on presentation. They try to make their dishes extra appealing so that even someone nearby feels tempted to check them out. Of course, hygiene, environment, and customer support are integral to any food business. As you know, various elements contribute to the success of any recipe, of which breading is most common, especially for fried and grilled foods. Whether vegetable, chicken, or fish, breadcrumbs can enhance their flavors and textures.

They ensure that the coated ingredients retain moisture when exposed to high temperatures, eliminating the risk of the food becoming dry and tough. Every restaurant makes fried or grilled chicken. But their USP lies in their breading. If they maintain consistency, customers delightfully lap up the options.

If you prepare everything in-house, your business costs can increase. You may need more people to do the work. Or, you may have to pay for those extra hours they spend. During rush hours or busy months, the situation may turn stressful when you need to buckle up your services. In haste, the breading preparation can be affected. You can avoid this unwanted scene by tying up with reliable breading manufacturers. Let them know your requirements, and they will handle the rest. Isn’t this a good idea? Let’s now figure out some popular restaurant breading choices and how one should decide the variety.

  • Most sought-after breading choices

Considering the in-demand breading choices, you may want something for the famous chicken train made with piri piri marinade. It explicitly gets attention in fast food outlets for lending chicken balanced spicy and delicate flavors. Since people prefer a healthy and tasty dish, you can look for breading for grilling. After all, grilled food is always better than fried. Ingredients for such mouthwatering recipes can include corn flour, lemon powder, spices, modified starch, herbs, garlic powder, sugar, yeast extract, oil, etc.

However, you can choose a flavorful twist for your chicken train recipe by selecting Italian flavor. Get your breadcrumbs customized to achieve the outcome. Something containing Italian herbs, garlic, and Parmesan cheese can be incredible. Keep cholesterol and fat low to make your breading healthy. You can use these breadcrumbs for fish and vegetables, too. Coat your main ingredient with this before putting it in the frying pan or the oven. Does your menu also offer macaroni and casseroles? The same breading can be used there.

  • Things to consider in breading selection

It starts with the dish for which you need breadcrumbs. All options don’t suit every recipe. So, pick up something that complements your preparation. The next consideration will be the flavor your target audience prefers: spicy, mild, delicate, texture-rich, Mexican, Italian, etc. During customization, it’s wise to keep your budget in mind. However, please ensure that you choose high-quality ingredients. Also, order a stock based on the consumption trend. Overfilling your shelf will only waste your money and space.

With consumers spending money on eating out, running a restaurant business feels profitable and safe. However, in the end, success in any venture depends on the right decisions.

Must-Have Coffee Tools for Every Coffee Enthusiast

coffee beens and tools
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
This is a collaborative post

Hey there, coffee aficionado! Are you ready to elevate your coffee game to the next level? Let’s dive into the world of coffee tools that are essential for crafting that perfect cup. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or just starting out, these gadgets and gizmos will make your coffee journey both enjoyable and delicious. Let’s get brewing!

Top Coffee Brewing Devices

Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

We’ve all seen them, maybe even grown up with them – the trusty automatic drip coffee maker. It’s like that reliable friend who’s always there for you, especially on busy mornings. These user-friendly machines can brew a pot big enough for the whole family or just enough to kick-start your day. Plus, the variety is endless – from no-frills basics to fancy ones with built-in grinders. What’s more, with programmable features and different brewing strengths, these machines cater to your every mood and schedule, making sure you never miss out on that essential cup of joe.

Single-Serve Pod Coffee Machines

For those flying solo or always on-the-go, single-serve pod machines are your best pal. Pop in a pod, press a button, and voila – your coffee is ready before you can say ‘caffeine’. It’s all about convenience and quick clean-up with these little wonders.

Espresso Machines

Craving something stronger? An espresso machine is your ticket to rich, concentrated bliss. These machines are like magic wands, turning finely ground beans into liquid gold. Bonus: some come with milk frothers for when you’re in the mood for a latte or cappuccino. Plus, mastering the art of espresso-making can be a fulfilling hobby in itself, offering a satisfying sense of accomplishment with every perfect shot pulled.

French Press

Ah, the French press – a timeless method loved by purists. It’s simple yet sophisticated, like a little black dress of coffee brewing. Steep, plunge, and enjoy a robust cup that’s full of character. This method is not just about brewing coffee; it’s a ritual that allows you to slow down and savour the moment, making it perfect for lazy Sundays and intimate gatherings.

Pour-Over Brewers

Pour-over brewers are for those who love the ritual of brewing. It’s hands-on and lets you control every aspect, resulting in a cup that’s tailored to your taste. This method is as much about the journey as the destination – a meditative process that lets you appreciate the subtleties and complexities of your favourite beans, making each cup a unique experience.


The AeroPress is a modern marvel – compact, versatile, and it makes a darn good cup of coffee. It’s perfect for adventurers and experimenters alike. The AeroPress not only brews a smooth, rich cup quickly but also offers endless possibilities for tweaking and experimentation, allowing you to become your own coffee scientist.

The Perfect Coffee Grinder for You

​Burr Grinders

For a consistently great grind, burr grinders are the way to go. Yes, they’re an investment, but for coffee lovers who mean business, they’re worth every penny. These grinders treat your beans with respect, ensuring an even grind that translates to a balanced and flavorful cup, making them an essential tool for those seeking coffee perfection.

​Blade Grinders

On a budget? Blade grinders are your wallet-friendly buddy. They’re less precise but a great starting point for your coffee journey. While they might not offer the uniformity of burr grinders, they’re a practical choice for casual coffee drinkers looking to step up from pre-ground beans and experience the difference of freshly ground coffee.

Manual Grinders

Love to travel or have limited space? Current Crop has a manual grinder that is the perfect compact, on-the-go option. Manual grinders are great for enjoying a fresh grind anywhere, anytime. They give you control over the grind size and are a great way to immerse yourself in the process, adding a personal touch to your coffee ritual.

Measuring and Weighing Instruments

Digital Scales

For those who love precision, a digital scale is a must. It ensures the perfect coffee-to-water ratio for a consistently great brew. This tool is essential for those who see coffee-making as a science, where accuracy leads to the best results – a harmonious balance of strength and flavor.

Measuring Spoons

Want to keep it simple? Measuring spoons are your straightforward, no-tech solution. They’re reliable, easy to use, and get the job done. Ideal for everyday brewing, these spoons take the guesswork out of portioning, making them a staple in any coffee lover’s kitchen.

Keeping Beans Fresh: Coffee Bean Storage Solutions

The Freshness Keeper

Keep your beans fresh and flavorful with airtight canisters. Look for ones with a one-way valve – they’re like a freshness vault for your beans. These containers are not just practical; they also add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen, celebrating your coffee as part of your home’s decor.

Vacuum-Sealed Containers

For the freshest beans, vacuum-sealed containers are your best bet. They lock out air and lock in flavour, ensuring your brew is always top-notch. These containers are the guardians of your beans, protecting them from the enemies of freshness – air, moisture, and light.

Brewing Accessories

Kettles with Temperature Control

Get water temperature just right with a kettle that lets you control it down to the degree. It’s a game-changer for your brewing process. The right temperature can make or break your brew, and these kettles are your secret weapon for hitting that sweet spot every time.

Filters, Tampers, and More

Don’t forget the filters, tampers, milk frothers, and other goodies. They’re the supporting cast that makes your coffee star shine brighter. Each accessory plays its part in crafting the perfect cup, turning your coffee routine into an art form.

Your Coffee, Your Way

Remember, the best coffee experience is the one that suits your taste and lifestyle. Whether you’re into gadgets or prefer keeping it simple, these tools are here to help you on your coffee journey. Experiment, enjoy, and here’s to many delightful cups of coffee ahead!

The Restaurant Experience: Service, Ambience, and More

Table set in a restaurant
Image by Nenad Maric from Pixabay
This is a collaborative post

Eating out is more than just tasting dishes; it’s soaking in every moment that makes the meal unforgettable. The setting, the way you’re treated, and the overall vibe are pivotal in deciding if you’ll revisit a place or rave about it to pals. In this piece, let’s journey through the facets of dining out, understanding its magic and how it enhances our culinary escapades.

1. The Warm Welcome

Picture this: You step into a restaurant, and the host greets you with a genuine smile. That initial welcome sets the tone for your entire dining experience. Here’s why it matters:

  • First Impressions Matter: The warm greeting makes you feel valued and sets a positive tone for the meal.
  • Personal Touch: When the staff remembers your name or welcomes you back if you’re a regular, it adds a personal touch that’s hard to forget.
  • Efficiency: A prompt and organized welcome ensures you don’t have to wait uncomfortably at the entrance.

2. Setting the Scene: Ambience

Now, let’s talk about the ambience – the restaurant’s overall atmosphere. It’s not just about the décor; it’s about how it makes you feel.

  • Lighting: The right lighting can make or break the mood. Dim, soft lighting often creates a cosy and intimate feel, while bright lights are more suitable for casual and lively atmospheres.
  • Décor: The restaurant’s interior design and choice of furniture should align with its concept. Whether it’s rustic, modern, or eclectic, consistency is key.
  • Music: The background music should complement the atmosphere. Jazz for a classy night out, pop for a casual lunch, or traditional tunes for an authentic ethnic experience.

3. Menu Magic

The menu is the heart and soul of any restaurant. It’s where your culinary adventure begins. But what should you look for in a restaurant’s menu?

  • Diversity: A well-rounded menu should offer something for everyone. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options show inclusivity.
  • Seasonal Specials: These dishes often showcase the freshest ingredients and the chef’s creativity.
  • Local Ingredients: Restaurants that use locally sourced ingredients tend to have a unique and fresh approach to their dishes.

4. Service with a Smile

Good service is the backbone of a great restaurant experience. It’s not just about taking orders and delivering food; it’s about making you feel cared for.

  • Attentiveness: Servers who pay attention to your needs, refill your water glass, and anticipate your requests make you feel valued.
  • Knowledge: A server who can explain the menu, offer recommendations, and even suggest wine pairings can enhance your dining experience.
  • Timing: The pacing of your meal is crucial. Nobody likes to feel rushed or wait too long between courses.

5. The Art of Presentation

Have you ever been served a dish that looked too beautiful to eat? Presentation matters more than you might think.

  • Plating: A well-arranged dish is visually appealing and can increase your anticipation of the meal.
  • Tableware: Quality cutlery and elegant dishware add to the overall dining experience.
  • Garnishes: Thoughtfully placed garnishes can elevate the taste and appearance of a dish.

6. Surprise and Delight

Sometimes, it’s the unexpected moments that make a restaurant experience truly exceptional.

  • Amuse-Bouche: A complimentary small appetizer from the chef can be a delightful surprise.
  • Special Treats: Some restaurants offer complimentary after-dinner treats, like truffles or a glass of dessert wine.
  • Engaging with Guests: Some chefs make rounds in the dining area, interacting with guests, and sharing stories about their culinary creations.

7. The Art of Wine and Beverage

For many, a good meal isn’t complete without the perfect beverage pairing.

  • Wine Selection: A well-curated wine list that complements the menu can be a game-changer.
  • Cocktails: Creative and well-crafted cocktails can enhance your dining experience.
  • Non-Alcoholic Options: Restaurants that offer enticing non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails for designated drivers or non-drinkers are thoughtful.

8. Dietary Accommodations

In today’s world of diverse dietary preferences and restrictions, accommodating all guests is crucial.

  • Allergies: A restaurant should be well-prepared to handle allergies and dietary restrictions, ensuring a safe dining experience for everyone.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian: Offering creative and tasty vegan and vegetarian options goes a long way.

9. Cleanliness and Hygiene

This might not be the most glamorous aspect of the restaurant experience, but it’s undeniably important.

  • Clean Restrooms: Clean facilities indicate the restaurant’s commitment to hygiene.
  • Tidy Dining Area: A clutter-free dining area shows attention to detail.

10. The Bill and Farewell

As your dining experience comes to an end, there are a few things to consider.

  • Transparency: The bill should be clear and accurate, without any surprises.
  • Farewell: A warm goodbye from the staff can leave a lasting impression.

11. The Power of Reviews

In this digital age, reviews play a significant role in shaping a restaurant’s reputation.

  • Share Your Experience: If you had a great experience, consider leaving a positive review on platforms like TripAdvisor or Yelp.
  • Constructive Feedback: If something doesn’t meet your expectations, providing constructive feedback directly to the restaurant can help them improve.

12. The Return Factor

Ultimately, the restaurant experience should leave you wanting to come back for more.

  • Memorability: A memorable experience is more likely to make you a repeat customer.
  • Recommendations: If you can’t wait to tell your friends about it, that’s a sign of a great restaurant.

In Conclusion

Dining out is an intricate dance, not just about the dish in front of you. It’s the heartwarming greeting, the ambience enveloping you, the thoughtful service, and those small touches that turn a meal into an event. So, the next time you’re out, tune into these nuances and relish not just the food but the entire show. Because, a remarkable dining experience is akin to a musical masterpiece, each part perfectly pitched to leave an impression long after you’ve finished eating.

X Muse Vodka Cocktail Recipes

X Muse vodka

We’re not big drinkers here but we do enjoy a tipple at Christmas, so when I was asked if I’d like to try a bottle of X Muse vodka, I was very happy to accept!
X Muse (pronounced Tenth Muse) is the first blended barley vodka inspired by the spirit-making traditions of Scotland.

I love the bottle design. It’s very classy and would make a lovely gift for someone special.

We decided to try making some cocktails rather than just having it with coke and we had a great time taste testing!

White Russian

white Russian is a cocktail made with vodka, coffee liqueur (e.g., Kahlúa or Tia Maria) and cream served with ice.

White Russian cocktail using X Mule vodka


50ml vodka
25ml Tia Maria
1 tbsp single cream
Ice cubes


Fill a tumbler with ice and pour the vodka, Tia Maria and single cream over the ice.
Stir gently and serve


screwdriver is a popular alcoholic highball drink made with orange juice and vodka. In the UK, it is referred to as a “vodka and orange“. While the basic drink is simply the two ingredients, there are many variations. Many of the variations have different names in different parts of the world.

Screwdriver cocktail using X Mule vodka


Juice from1 large or 2 small oranges
Juice from 1 clementine
Ice cubes
50ml vodka
Angostura bitters


Put a handful of ice cubes into a tall glass.
Pour the vodka over the ice then add the fruit juices and a few drops of Angostura bitters. Stir gently and garnish with a wedge of orange.


Caipiroska or caipivodka is a cocktail that is similar to a caipirinha, but prepared with vodka instead of cachaça.

Caipiroska cocktail using X Mule vodka


1 small lime
2 tsp golden granulated sugar
Crushed ice
50ml vodka


Cut the lime into chunks and put them into a sturdy tumbler. Add the sugar and crush well using a muddler. Top up the tumbler with crushed ice then add the vodka.
Stir well and serve.


An apple martini (appletini for short) is a cocktail containing vodka and one or more of apple juice, apple cider, apple liqueur, or apple brandy. It is not a true martini but is one of many drinks that incorporate the term martini into their names.

Appletini cocktail made using X Muse vodka


50ml cloudy apple juice
50ml vodka
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp maple syrup


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the vodka, apple juice, lemon juice and maple syrup. Put the lid on and shake until the outside of the shaker is very cold.
Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a slice of apple.

Moscow Mule

Moscow mule is a cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. The drink is a type of buck and is sometimes called a vodka buck.

Moscow mule cocktail with X Mule vodka


50ml X Muse vodka
Crushed ice
Ginger beer
Juice from 1/2 a medium lime and a slice of lime
Ginger bitters


Fill a tumbler with crushed ice and pour in the vodka and lime juice.
Top up with ginger beer and add the ginger bitters and lime slice.

Katto Chef Knife Review

Katto chef knife with rosewood handle
Katto Chef Knife with an Olivia handle
This is a collaborative post

My husband, Anthony, has a thing for chef knives. He’s always on the lookout for the perfect knife and he was very jealous of our daughter, KayCee’s brand new knife collection she got when she started her college course to become a professional chef.
Because of this, I knew that both of them would be very interested in trying out a brand new Katto chef knife and I was sure there was going to be some tension between them when it came to who was going to claim it!

Katto Chef Knife

Katto knives are handcrafted from Japanese steel and sustainable wood. You can choose between walnut, beech and rosewood for the handle.
Ant chose rosewood and we both agree, it looks great.

To keep your knife in top condition, you can buy accessories such as a sharpening stone, chopping board and knife rack.

Sturdy Packaging

Katto packaging

The chef knife came in a very sturdy box which we’ve reused to store odds and ends! Anthony, especially, is really against the throw-away culture and always tries to reuse things rather than throwing them away.

Inside the box was a penny stuck to a piece of card. There was an accompanying card which read:

What’s with the coin?

According to a centuries-old superstition, the gifting of a knife is thought to constitute bad luck as it represents a ‘cutting’ of the the relationship between the gift gier and the receiver.

To compensate for this, givers and receivers of knives began exchanging coins as a symbil their friendship.

And seeins you’ve already given us a few coins, we thought it right to return the favour.


The knife now belongs to Anthony and he’s even engraved his initials on it!

He’s been trying it on everything, from herbs and roast meats to spring onions and tomatoes. He said if a knife can slice through a very ripe tomato without squashing it, it’s an excellent knife.

As you can see, he thinly sliced through some tomatoes with ease so it passed the test!

Thinly sliced tomatoes

Another of his tests is slicing into bread dough before it’s baked. He used to use a razor blade when making his bread but now he uses his Katto knife. He was very impressed when he first tried it.

Bread dough in a loaf tin

The Katto knife has now become Anthony’s go-to knife for all his cooking needs!

We’d like to thank Katto for sending the wonderful knife for us to review. All opinions are our own and honest.

REAL Kombucha Review

Real Kombucha non-alcoholic fermented tea.

I have to be honest and say I had no idea what Kombucha was when REAL Kombucha got in touch and asked if I’d like to try their drinks.
I Googled it and found the following on Wikipedia

Kombucha is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black or green tea drink commonly consumed for its purported health benefits. Sometimes the beverage is called kombucha tea to distinguish it from the culture of bacteria and yeast. Juice, spices, fruit or other flavorings are often added.

Not A Tea Drinker!

I’ve never really enjoyed tea drinks; I can drink tea if I have to but I’m a total coffee gal at heart. When I visited REAL Kombucha, I instinctively pulled a face when I read the term, fermented tea, but when I also read that it’s a non-alcoholic alternative to wine I figured I should really taste it before drawing any conclusions!

REAL Kombucha Dry Dragon non alcoholic sparkling fermented tea

Guess what? It doesn’t taste anything like I was expecting. It tastes like wine! It’s sweet and sparkling and lovely!
I know my Slimming World friends are going to like these. Being non-alcoholic and low in calories means they’ll also be low in syns 🙂


The super wonderful husband, Ant, enjoys a glass of wine while he’s cooking but he has to measure it carefully, however, to make sure he’s always safe to drive. He takes care of his elderly parents and sometimes has to drop everything to go and help one of them.

There are two flavours. The Dry Dragon is made with Greenwell green tea and is light and citrusy with nutty notes and the Royal Flush is made using Darjeeling tea with notes of rhubarb and white peach.

The REAL Mojito Mocktail

KayCee and Ella love a mocktail. Their Nanny used to make them one when they were younger. She’d put sugar around the rim of the glass which they thought was brilliant!

We’re planning on having a family fun night soon with a quiz, chocolate fondue, snacks and cocktails/mocktails so I thought I’d try the REAL Mojito mocktail recipe.

REAL Kombucha Mojito mocktail

The Verdict

Me – It’s lovely and very refreshing. It would be a great alternative to a Pimms cocktail at a Summer barbeque.

Ant – He thinks the lime overpowers the wine and won’t be using as much next time but did say it was nice.

A Great Alternative To Sparkling Wine

I don’t drive so I don’t really have to worry about choosing a non-alcoholic drink but Ant does and he thinks that these drinks are a really lovely alternative to sparkling wine.

Both flavours are available from Sainsbury’s and Amazon.

Thank you to REAL Kombucha for sending us the samples. All opinions are our own, honest ones.

Xavier And His Magical Blueberry Muffins – Storybake Book Review

Storybake book - Xavier and his magical blueberry muffins
This is a collaborative post

Baking and cooking with your children encourages their creativity, thinking and problem-solving, as well as language development and fine motor skills, amongst many other benefits. It’s a valuable life skill that everyone needs and is a great way to stop a child from developing into a picky eater. Mainly, though, it’s just a brilliant way to spend quality time together.

When my three children were little we used to love baking together. KayCee especially has always loved baking and for a couple of years, we baked along with The Great British Bloggers Bake Off.
When she was 11, she made some delicious bakes including an Apple Drizzle Cake and the showstopping Meringue Crown Fit For A Queen.

She’s 16 now and studying to be a professional chef. Yesterday she came home from being in the skills kitchen at college, with these gorgeous delights!

KayCee's fruit topped chocolate and cream cake with homemade chocolate drizzled biscuits

Storybake Book

When I saw Xavier And His Magical Blueberry Muffins storybake book I fell in love with it. It also made me a little sad, though, because my children are too old for it now!

I can’t recall seeing a recipe written as a story like this and I imagine it will add another element of fun to an already enjoyable and entertaining activity. It will also help with reading skills as an added bonus. Your child is much more likely to want to read a storybake recipe than a regular one.

Beautiful Illustrations

I’m a huge children’s picture book lover and the illustrations in this book are beautiful. I love the pictures of cakes and pastries that Xavier is dreaming about and the page of blueberries made me smile when I noticed some of them were squashed!

Storybake book page of cakes

Free Download

This storybake book is available as a free PDF download which I think is brilliant, but if, like me, you know that nothing compares to the real feel of a physical book, you can order it here. It’s a limited edition so you might want to hurry before they’re all gone!

Our Blueberry Muffins

When I was telling Ant about this lovely book, he suggested trying the recipe, which I thought was a great idea; I love cake soooo much and would never say no to him baking!

We all loved the muffins, they were so light and perfectly moist. We will certainly be making them again 🙂

Our blueberry muffins

Anges De Sucre

Before I go I have to mention the absolutely amazing cake designs they have at Anges De Sucre. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fabulous cakes in one place.
You are absolutely spoilt for choice.

The characters on the novelty cakes, like the fat unicorn, Ellie the elephant and Marcel the monkey are adorable.

Vegan fat unicorn cake made by Anges De Sucre
Used with permission © Anges de Sucre

I love love love the tiny cake with a slice taken out, on top of this red velvet cake.

Meta red velvet cake cake made by Anges De Sucre
Used with permission © Anges de Sucre

I could go on about these cakes all day but I’m not going to. I’m just going to share one more then I need to stop salivating and get back to work!

This absolutely gorgeous Ivory Buttercream Dream wedding cake is one that I would definitely choose if I were getting married again!

Four tiered buttercream dream wedding cake cake made by Anges De Sucre
Used with permission © Anges de Sucre

If you’d love to create something as stunning as these cakes but don’t think you have the necessary skills, you should check out the Fake Bake recipes on Anges De Sucre’s blog. They cost £10 or less and I think even the most novice baker could whip one of those up!

Slightly Different Foods – Low FODmap Cooking Sauces Review

Slightly Different Foods cooking sauces

Last week were sent a selection of sauces from Slightly Different Foods for us to try.
Slightly Different Foods is a small family business that specialises in providing award-winning, tasty food for people who suffer from IBS and other gut issues.

Vegan & Gluten-Free

As well as being suitable for IBS sufferers, these Low FODMAP Cooking sauces are free from artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings, low in salt and sugar, free from animal products, and are certified Gluten-free.

We are super proud to be fully certified 100% FODMAP Friendly and free of all 14 major allergens including gluten and dairy, not to mention being 100% natural and nutritious. That said, we never compromise on deliciousness.

So whilst we remove trigger ingredients from all of our recipes to make them safe to eat, every ingredient we swap out, we replace with an equally tasty IBS friendly version. That’s the secret behind all our awards. 

We want everyone with gut and IBS challenges to feel free again and feel like they have hit the jackpot when they discover our food. 

Slightly Different Foods

Tasty For All!

You don’t have to suffer from IBS to enjoy these lovely sauces. My husband, Anthony, and son, Aiden, shared the Arrabiatta sauce and both said it was delicious.

Ant added mushrooms, peppers, onions and homemade meatballs to the sauce and served it with pasta and a homemade baguette.

Arrabbiata sauce with pasta and baguette

Ant’s daughter does suffer from IBS so we gave her some jars to take home. She’s got the Sweet and Sour, Tomato and Basil and Smooth Bolognese to try and she’s going to let me know her verdict as soon as she’s tried them 🙂

Off On Holiday

Ant and I are going to Scarborough this year to celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary and we’re taking some of the sauces with us. I’m looking forward to trying the Tropical Curry and Chilli Non Carne!

Nice Range OF Products

As well as the cooking sauces you can also buy Vegan salad dressings, pickle, relish and table sauces.
A subscription service is available which will save you money on your order and there are loads of recipes available for free on the site.

Thank you to Slightly Different Foods for sending us these delicious cooking sauces.
All opinions are honest and our own.

The Best Restaurants Across the World

This is a collaborative post
A person sitting over a gourmet meal at a long table with numerous plates and wine glasses.
Image by

If there’s something that brings people together then it’s food. We love it, we have various kinds of food including fine dining, traditional, spicy, and more. Many foodies across the globe have their dream list featuring some of the best restaurants in the world and so do we. But what makes a restaurant great? Is it food alone? Or does the overall experience give the best interpretation of what makes a restaurant the best? Let’s look at 20 of the most famous restaurants and what makes them stand out.

1. Noma – Copenhagen, Denmark

Known for its creative yet elegant Nordic dishes, Noma offers three different menus at separate times of the year. Each menu takes into account the season of the time. From January to June, you can expect a seafood extravaganza, veggie heaven in summer, and game and forest-themed dishes during winter.

2. Geranium – Copenhagen, Denmark

It’s been said by dinners and industry experts alike that the food at Geranium is simply art on a plate. With a 16-course menu, the fusion of art and delicious food make for an interesting and unique dining experience. Chef Rasmus Kofoed is a genius in the kitchen and knows just how to create the partnership between delicious food and stunning plates. 

3. Asador Etxebarri – Atxondo, Spain

Now if you think this is your average grill then you are most certainly wrong. Chef Victor Arguinzoniz is a grill expert and can grill just about anything under the sun. The menu features all hand-selected natural ingredients, and they make their own chorizo as well.

4. Central – Lima, Peru

Central is one of those restaurants that really celebrates Peruvian culture, landscapes, and traditions. The tasting menu consists of only the freshest ingredients found all around the country and the Amazon, think fresh scallops and squid, pork belly and goat’s neck.

5. Disfrutar – Barcelona, Spain

This Barcelona restaurant’s name translates to joy, and that’s exactly what you will get here. Gastronomical joy. Chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas and Eduard Xatruch opened Disfrutar in 2014 after working together before. 

6. Frantzén – Stockholm, Sweden

Asian-inspired food in Sweden? Yes, please! Not only is this a gastronomical experience, but diners are also treated to a tour of the building which truly encapsulates the entire restaurant.

7. Maido – Lima, Peru

Peru meets Japan with this Nikkei style of cooking. This simply means that Peruvian ingredients are taken and defined with Japanese techniques – sounds interesting. This fusion restaurant offers a 12-course Nikkei experience that will leave you coming back for more.

8. Odette – Singapore

Since opening its doors in 2015, Odette has finally reached the top ten of the best restaurants in the world. It makes complete sense as French-born chef Julien Royer has taken this modern classic restaurant and transformed it through food. Think marukyo uni with prawn tartare, mussel cloud and Kristal caviar – so fancy!

people eating food in a restaurant
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9. Pujol – Mexico City, Mexico

Voted one of the best restaurants in North America in 2021 it is easy to understand why Pujol is the gem that it is. First opened in the year 2000, Pujol boasts exquisite food such as Mole Madre, Mole Nuevo and tostada with kimchi and a Kampachi taco served with avocado and seaweed. We are salivating.

10. The Chairman – Hong Kong, China

The list would not be complete without a Chinese restaurant. You will quite literally be taken on a journey through 2000 years of Cantonese culinary goodness. Everything about The Chairman is traditional. So much care is taken for each ingredient like the lemons that are aged for 10 plus years. It’s simply fascinating. 

11. Den – Tokyo, Japan

Den takes traditional Japanese home cooking and gives it the ultimate delicate touch. While this is the basis of the menu (which changes every season), Chef Zaiyu Hasegawa draws inspiration from his time in different countries but most notably, draws inspiration from the sea, forest, and pasture. 

12. Steirereck – Vienna, Austria

What if we told you that you can enjoy fruits we thought were long lost to humanity? At Steirereck you can. This fine-dining establishment also boasts some rare meat varieties, as well as unheard of fish species. 

13. Don Julio – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is known for its out of this world meat industry and you best believe Don Julio is that grill that will put meat front and centre. Opened in 1999, Don Julio offers grass-fed Aberdeen Angus and Hereford beef that is matured for 21 days in a climate-controlled fridge. Pair it with Argentina’s very own Malbec wine and you have an instant winner. 

14. Mugaritz – San Sebastian, Spain

Apparently, Mugaritz is not for the faint-hearted and this has us intrigued. The dishes are nothing like we’ve ever heard before and here’s just one example: crab served upon a frozen tongue, raw pork heart or bellota ham plated on musical dishware.

15. Lido 84 – Gardone Riviera, Italy

Italy finally enters the list. What’s important to note here is that the dishes at Lido 84 showcase the produce of Lake Garda. Some of the dishes on the menu include Torta di Rose, a light-as-air cake featuring Garda lemons, and the 400-degree aubergine parmigiana.

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16. Elkano – Getaria, Spain

Elkano boasts a delicious tasting menu that features kokotxas (cod throats) in four textures – grilled, battered, in green sauce and other spices –, a speciality of marinated lobster and sea bass. 

17. A Casa do Porco – São Paulo, Brazil

Have you heard about pork chin sushi? Well, it depends on whether you go for the tasting or the a la carte menu, but you are in for a real treat with succulent vegetables and delicious pork. 

18. Piazza Duomo – Alba, Italy

Can you believe Piazza Duomo is best known for its salad 21…31…41…51… which incorporates a cornucopia of leaves, herbs and vegetables, the precise number and make-up of which changes according to the season. 

19. Narisawa – Tokyo, Japan

While this restaurant creates spectacular dishes which are all seasonal, they are also known for their exceptional wines. So, if you are in the mood for reef squid and Pinot Noir, Narisaw should be on your list.

20. DiverXO – Madrid, Spain

Chef Dabiz Muñoz is a firm believer that there is no point where savoury stops and sweet begins. You can expect an explosion of flavour as Chef Munoz marries the two flavours in epic ways.

Mornings Made Easy: Steel-Cut Oats

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Steel-cut oats are steel-cut grains of oats that have been chopped into small pieces. They’re also known as pinhead oatmeal, Irish steel-cut, or Scottish steel-cut oats.

Steel-cut oats are nutty in flavor and chewy in texture for an extra satisfying breakfast. The steel-cut oats UK, or pinhead oats, is a type of s steel-cut oats that contain steel blades to cut the whole oat groats into small pieces.

Steel-cut oats are a type of porridge oat. They have been cut into smaller pieces, which makes them cook more quickly and stay the whole length. Steel-cut oats also tend to be chewier than other types of steel-cut oatmeal because they don’t get ground up as much in the milling process.

How To Make Steel-Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are a great way to get your morning off to a healthy start. You can cook steel-cut oats in the crockpot or microwave for an easy breakfast, or cook steel-cut oats on the stovetop for a more hands-on approach. That’s not all steel cut oats have going for them though!

These hearty grains also offer lots of fiber and protein while being low in sugar and carbs. Plus steel-cut oat recipes come with seven different ways you can enjoy steel cuts – from cereal to porridge, steel-cut muffins to cookies!

Benefits Of Steel-Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are one of the most popular types of oatmeal in the UK. They are preferred for their chewier texture and nutty flavor.

One key benefit of steel-cut oats is that they have a lower GI than other types. What this means is steel-cut oats will keep you feeling fuller longer because it takes more time to digest them.

Steel-cut oats are a great source of protein and fiber, which keeps you full longer than most breakfast items. Steel-cut oatmeal is also low in sugar compared to other breakfast options. Starting your day with steel-cut oatmeal is an easy way to keep your blood sugar regulated for the rest of the day.

Steel-cut oats are a great source of fiber, protein, and complex carbohydrates! They offer several health benefits including improved digestion, cholesterol regulation, heart disease prevention, and weight management.

For those with gluten sensitivities or allergies, steel-cut oats are a good alternative because they do not contain gluten.

Steel-Cut Oatmeal Recipe

Oatmeal is an essential breakfast meal, but it can get boring. Steel-cut oats are a great alternative to regular rolled oats and they only take about 20 minutes to cook!

They have more texture than traditional oatmeal and they don’t taste like cardboard (like some other healthy foods). Try this recipe for steel-cut oats the next time you want to change up your morning routine.

How To Make Steel-Cut Oats In Five Easy Steps:

  1. Soak the oats overnight (optional)
  2. Rinse them, add water and a good pinch of salt
  3. Put them on the stovetop, bring to a boil and then simmer for about 20-30 minutes
  4. Cook until desired consistency is reached, stirring occasionally
  5. Add any of your favorite toppings. Enjoy with some honey, cinnamon, nuts, fruit, or anything else you might like!

Give Them A Try

So there you have it, the recipe for a perfect breakfast. Steel-cut oats are easy to make and delicious. They can be customized any way your heart desires because of how versatile they are.

Plus, steel-cut oats will keep you full all morning long! If this sounds like something that would work well into your routine, then we recommend adding steel-cut oats into your day!

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