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Ultimate Cosy Night In – #Blogtober18

Even in my teens and early 20s I never really enjoyed going on nights out to the pubs and clubs. I’ve always been something of a homebody and I’m happy to continue this way now I’m in my 40s! I much prefer spending a cosy […]

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Blogtober 2018 – I’m taking part, are you?

I took part in Blogtober 2016 and really enjoyed it. I’m not sure why I didn’t do it last year, but I’ve decided to take part in this year’s Blogtober 2018. I like having blog prompts to work with because it means I can get […]

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Year 9 For KayCee – Back To School Time

My beautiful KayCee starts year 9 today. I know everyone says it but time has gone so fast. It only seems like yesterday she was starting year 7. I was so nervous for her but I needn’t have been, she was great and took it […]

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No More Junior School For Ella – Secondary School Here She Comes!

Ella’s just left for her first day at secondary school. She was a bit nervous but very excited. Ant’s taking her in the car today with 2 of her friends seeing as it’s her first day but tomorrow she’s going to be walking.

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Ella’s 11th Birthday Party – Happy Birthday Beautiful

It’s Ella’s 11th birthday today 🙂

Ella on her 11th birthday

Ella’s 11th birthday Pool Party & BBQ

Today she had some friends round for a pool party and BBQ. They all had a great time and were phoning their parents when it was getting towards the end of the party, to see if they could stay longer!

unicorn floaties in the pool

Ella's 11th birthday pool party

They also had a hair and beauty station. Ella’s friend, Amelia did different hairstyles for everyone and covered their hair in hair mascara and glitter! The whole place was covered in glitter and unicorns.

glaitter hair

glittery hair

Birthday Cake

KayCee made Ella’ cake for her. She did a magnificent job, everyone thought it was wonderful 🙂

Ella's birthday cake made by KayCee

unicorn cake

Selfie Fun

They had fun taking selfies!

ella selfie

Ella and Amelia selfies

Ella's 11th birthday - Ella and Ruby selfies

Happy birthday beautiful girl; glad you enjoyed your party. Love you xx

Happy 13th Birthday KayCee

Happy 13th Birthday to our beautiful daughter, KayCee.

KayCee on her 13th birthday

Her 13th birthday celebrations have been planned since the start of the year! It’s gone through a few (!) changes but the final plan is to start off at home having a pool party followed by a BBQ followed by a roller disco at a local Fun Farm.

The party is planned for tomorrow because it’s the only night they do the roller disco at Fun Farm.

13th Birthday Celebrations – 3rd August

Her party plan has changed at the last minute due to the Fun Farm cancelling the roller disco because the DJ is on holiday, despite Kellyann (KayCee’s older sister) phoning on August 1st to see if they had to book or if they could just turn up.

She was told they could just turn up and it had been quiet lately so they might have the place to themselves.
Suffice to say, Kellyann was not at all happy to be told on the day of the celebrations that they now couldn’t go.

Change Of Plans

They were all a bit disappointed but they enjoyed going bowling instead.

After bowling, they came back here just before 8 pm to sing happy birthday and have birthday cake. They then decided to go back into the pool! Parents came to collect them at 9 pm and I’m happy to say that KayCee really enjoyed the day 🙂

13th birthday BBQ

13th birthday ice cream station

13th birthday Harry Potter cake
Kellyann made the wonderful Harry Potter cake. It was absolutely delicious.

I’m not putting a photo on of her friends because I don’t have their/their parent’s permission to post any

Ella Through Her Junior School Years

As it was Ella’s last day at junior school yesterday I thought it would be nice for her to see the four back to school photos we took at the start of each year.

School Photos

Year 3

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2014
Ella’s first day at her junior school in 2014

Year 4

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2015
Ella’s first day back to junior school in 2015

Year 5

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2016
Ella’s first day back to school in 2016

Year 6

Ella's first day back to school photos - 2017
Ella’s first day back to school in 2017. Her final year at junior school.

And here she is at the end of her junior school journey. It really amazes me how grown up she’s looking now compared to those first photos!

end of school questions 2018

Questions For Ella At The End Of Year 6

I started asking the girls some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. It’s lovely being able to look back at the changes  Ella has come to the end of year 6 and is going to secondary school in September. No more […]

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Questions For KayCee At The End Of Year 8

I started asking Kaycee and Ella some questions at the end of the school year in 2012. I love being able to look back at the changes :)
These are KayCee’s answers at the end of year 8.



KayCee’s still doing brilliantly at school. She always puts in the extra effort and her hard work pays off.
In September she has her little sister joining her at big school!

As always, we’re very proud of her. 🙂

Kaycee year 8

I am really good at Maths and cooking
I like to  cook
My favourite thing to learn at school: Food tech
1 person who makes me laugh: Can’t pick just 1 – all my friends make me laugh!
One word that describes me: Talkative
I am really happy when: I’m with my friends
I am really sad when: When I fall out with friends
My favourite book:  Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events
My favourite TV show: When calls the heart
My favourite vacation:  Greece
I like school when: It’s the last day of term! (Alo when we have fun lessons!)
I don’t like school when:  On Thursdays – again!
My favourite season:  Summer
My favourite toy:  I don’t play with toys anymore
My worst nightmare fear  Being alone
Things that make me mad:  Ella
Favourite sport:  Rounders
I like my Dad because he’s nice and funny and buys me things!
I like my Mum because: she’s nice and kind and buys me things!
I like my family because  they’re kind

2018 Summer Bucket List

It’s that time again; our 2018 Summer Bucket List is complete, but unlike other years, KayCee and Ella haven’t been that excited about it. We would usually have had it finished a few weeks before the summer holidays start but they only started thinking of […]

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