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Happy New Year And Looking Back At 2018

So here we are at the start of another new year. I’ve been thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions, but I very rarely stick to them so I’m probably going to give them a miss this year, again!

As usual, I’ve been looking back through my blog and picked a favourite post from each month of 2018.

Looking Back – January

Sisterly Lovesisterly love - Kaycee helping Ella with homework


Snow – 2 excited girls!

Snow day February 2018


Murder Mystery Whodunnit for MacMillan Cancer

KayCee and Emma


We now have an adult child!

Aiden's 18th birthday


Our beautiful KayCee

KayCee drinking hot chocolate


Ella Selfies

Ella selfie again!


I turned 42

birthday presents and flowers - 42 today


KayCee turned 13

KayCee on her 13th birthday

Ella turned 11

Ella on her 11th birthday


No more Junior School for Ella

Ella's first day at secondary school


We did lots of baking in October

great british bake off bloggers 2018 mille feuille with strawberries and cream, strawberry tarts and chocolate chou buns and eclairs


Even more baking in November. This is our showstopper!

Edible landscape - gingerbread house, choux bun mountain, fudge path, shortbread 3d Christmas tree and sugar paste snowman, deer and robin


Although it went far too fast, we all had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s Eve at my brother and sister-in-law’s.

Presents under and around the tree






New Year’s Eve Plans

We don’t usually make any New Year’s Eve plans; we stay home and have a quiet night. If we manage to stay up until midnight we’re doing well!

This year is going to be different, however, because we’ve been invited to my brother and sister-in-law’s house for a New Year’s Eve party 🙂
They live in Derbyshire and we live in Lincoln so we’re going to be staying overnight.

I’m really looking forward to it. When I was growing up one or other of my aunts would have a party on New Year’s Eve and I loved going to them. It’s going to make a really nice to change to spend the evening with family.

New Year's Eve plans 2019

Do you have any special plans for New Year’s Eve?


My Favourite Christmas Photos Taken In 2018

I’ve not taken as many photos this Christmas I usually do, for example, I totally forgot to take any photos at all on Boxing Day! I’m seeing this as a good thing, however, because it means I was enjoying the day with my family and not worrying about getting photos for the blog of social media.
Here are my favourite Christmas photos taken in 2018.

1 – The first snowball drink of the season

Favourite Christmas photos 2018 - the first snowball drink of the season

2 – KayCee and Ella decorating the tree. Aiden helped but he doesn’t like his photo taken!

decorating the Christmas tree

3 – Every year my Christmas mug collection gets bigger and bigger!

Christmas mug collection

4 – I’m going to be very sad when I have to take down the tree.

Our Christmas tree all decorated and pretty

5 – We all love the treat trolley 🙂

Our Christmas treat trolley

6 – The North Pole breakfast is very popular!

North Pole breakfast

7 – We have many ways to countdown advent!

book advent, chocolate advent calendars, dvd advent, activity advent

8 – It took many hours to make this Christmas cross stitch but it was worth it.

Santa Christmas cross stitch

9 – This is my own Christmas tradition; hot chocolate, chocolate, a Christmas TV guide and a pen to circle what we’re going to watch 🙂

Christmas tv guide, box of matchmakers, hot chocolate with marshmallows and a Nutcracker pen to circle what we're going to watch

10 – Our first family get together of the get together


11 – Our second family get together on Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve party

12 – Santa came

Presents under and around the tree

13 – Opening presents on Christmas morning

opening presents on Christmas morning

14 – My delicious Christmas dinner cooked by the super wonderful husband.

Christmas dinner


Our Christmas Day Photos 2018

Christmas day seemed to be a little less hectic this year, even with hosting Christmas dinner for us 5, my father-in-law and 2 of our adult children who don’t live with us anymore!
Here are our Christmas day photos 2018 and as usual, there are quite a few!

Christmas day photos 2018 - gifts under and around the tree
We have a very big family so always end up with lots of lovely, thoughtful gifts 🙂

Christmas day photos 2018 - Christmas morning

Christmas day photos 2018 - Christmas morning
Present opening time

Christmas day photos 2018 - Christmas morning Christmas day photos 2018 - Christmas morning

Christmas day photos 2018 - Christmas morning

Christmas day photos 2018 - Aiden's gifts
Aiden’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Aiden's gifts
Aiden’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Aiden's gifts
Aiden’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Aiden's gifts
Aiden’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella's gifts
Ella’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella's gifts
Ella’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella's gifts
Ella’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella's gifts
Ella’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella's gifts
Ella’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella's gifts
Ella’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella's gifts
Ella’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - KayCee's gifts
KayCee’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - KayCee's gifts
KayCee’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - KayCee's gifts
KayCee’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - KayCee's gifts
KayCee’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ant's gifts
Ant’s gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - my gifts
My gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - my gifts
My gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - my gifts
My gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - my gifts
My gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - my gifts
My gifts
Christmas day photos 2018 - Christmas dinner
Family dinner
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ella, Jervais and Aiden
Ant, Aiden, Jervais and Ella
Christmas day photos 2018 - Ant, KayCee, Jerome and Granddad
Ant, KayCee, Jerome and Granddad
Christmas day photos 2018 - my dinner
My yummy dinner


Our Christmas Eve Photos 2018

As usual, we hosted a Christmas Eve party for family and friends and as usual, we all had a wonderful time. Here are our Christmas Eve photos 2018.
I want to thank everyone who came from Derbyshire to be with us for a couple of hours 🙂

Christmas eve was a little different this year because Ella no longer believes in Santa; it has lost a little of its magic now, but I’m pleased to say I still had a great day.

Christmas Eve photos 2018 - KayCee and Ella
Our gorgeous girls, KayCee and Ella
KayCee and Ella's Christmas tree decoratons
This year I made the Christmas tree decorations
Christmas Eve photos 2018 - Ella and Dobby
Ella and Dobby
Aiden's Christmas tree decoration
Aiden’s Christmas tree decoration

Christmas Eve photos 2018 - Granddad Christmas Eve photos 2018- Mason Christmas Eve photos 2018 - various family members Christmas Eve photos 2018 - KayCee and Keiron Christmas Eve photos 2018 - Stacy KayCee and Ella in their new pjs new snowman mug

However you spent Christmas Eve, I hope you all had a truly wonderful day.

Frosty Windows – Winter Like It Used To Be

After the very hot Summer, I keep seeing it mentioned that we could have a bad a Winter this year. Now when they say bad, they mean lots of snow, but to me, that’s not a bad thing! That would be a very good Winter because it’s the kind of Winters we used to have when I was younger and I loved lots of snow and frosty windows!

Frosty Windows

I remember waking up on a cold Winter morning, opening the curtains and seeing frost on the window. I loved the patterns it made. Then I’d gaze in wonder at a world that had been turned into a cold, snowy wonderland.

I loved that feeling of excitement I’d get and I couldn’t wait to get dressed and go out in the snow.

frost on a window

School Closures

I’m sure our school must have closed sometimes when it snowed but I can’t remember it doing so. I do remember having to walk to and from school in the snow. To get to my school I had to go down my street, along a short bit of the main road, through a little field, over a small bridge and up a big field that was quite a steep hill and it was called The Flat!


The Flat was the place to go when you wanted to go sledging. I can’t recall us having a proper sledge, though. We used whatever we could find. One year someone brought an old car bonnet and loads of us would pile on. It was brilliant!

I did get in trouble with my parents one year, though. I think I’ve mentioned this before (probably more than once….my memory is terrible!), after school, some friends and I were messing around in the snow on The Flat and we lost track of time. It was dark and way past tea time when I got home. I got into serious trouble and I always went straight home from school after that day!

a boy sledging - Winter like it used to be

Outside Toilet

Our house was a council house that had brick outhouses, one was an outside toilet, one a coal house and the third was a storage area.
If we’d been out playing in the snow and we needed the toilet, we weren’t allowed to go to the toilet inside because with four children and lots of friends, it would mean we were in and out all the time so we had to use the outside toilet.

I can still remember having to sit on that freezing seat! I also remember the smell of the oil lamp. Because of the freezing weather, my dad would wrap the pipes in cloth and keep an oil lamp lit in there overnight.
You wouldn’t think much heat would be produced by an oil lamp but it did the job brilliantly. The pipes never froze!

These days we’d just get the pipes properly insulated by this pipe insulation company. I know if I were the one responsible for lighting the oil lamp every night I’d totally forget!

I Live In Hope!

Ant will not be agreeing with my wish for a snowy Winter because he’s not a fan, but even so, I’ll live in hope!

This is a collaborative post

October Viewing On Netflix & NowTV

Ant and I have the same taste in TV programs which makes choosing what to watch, very easy!
Here’s a list of some of our October viewing on Netflix and NowTV.

October Viewing – Netflix

The Good Place

October viewing - The Good Place series on Netflix

We LOVE The Good Place. I’ve always been a fan of Kristen Bell, she just seems down to earth and would probably make a great best friend!
Here’s a bit about it if you haven’t started watching it yet:

When Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in the afterlife, she’s both relieved and surprised that she’s made it into the Good Place. But it doesn’t take long for Eleanor to realize she’s there by mistake. She hides in plain sight from the Good Place’s architect Michael and his all-knowing assistant Janet. Her seemingly perfect neighbors Tahani and Jianyu and open-hearted soul mate Chidi help her realize that it’s never too late. With the help of her new friends — and a few enemies — Eleanor becomes determined to shed her old way of life in hopes of discovering a new one in the afterlife.

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory on Netflix

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for season 11 of The Big Bang Theory to start on Netflix! We missed it when it was on whichever channel it was shown on earlier this year so had to wait for Netflix.
I’m sad that they’re only making one more season.

Chesapeake Shores

Chesapeake Shores on Netflix

KayCee and I love Chesapeake Shores. The others in the family, not so much!
It’s a family drama about a set of 5 siblings which starts out with their mum leaving when they were younger then comes back to the family now they’re all grown up.
They were brought up by their dad and grandmother.
We do get annoyed at the grandmother’s accent, though, I have to say. She tries to do an Irish accent and never quite pulls it off.
It was amusing at first but for some reason, it’s starting to annoy us now!

NowTV In October

The Leftovers

The Leftovers on NowTV

After two per cent of the world’s population disappeared without a trace, those left behind attempt to get on with their lives in a world that has inexplicably changed forever. Acclaimed HBO drama.

We’ve only got 1 season left to watch of The Leftovers and I read that they’re not making any more so I’m hoping it’s finished off properly and we’re not left with a load of unanswered questions!

If you want to watch The Leftovers, you need to get a move on because it’s going off NowTV near the end of the month.


9-1-1 on NowTV

I love Connie Briton and cried when her character, Raynor James, died in Nashville. I was very pleased to see her back on TV in 9-1-1.

She plays a 9-1-1 operator in this series and I love seeing this side of the emergency services in a TV show.
We wait eagerly each week for a new episode. Much the same as we do for the next and last how on my list:

For The People

For The People on NowTV

For The People is a new show from Shondaland and if you’re not familiar with Shondaland, it’s from the creator of one of our favourite ever shows, Grey’s Anatomy.


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