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Everything You Need To Know About Roofing

houses and businesses on the sea front

We can’t deny the fact that it’s always been an ambition of ours to build our dream house. Even as kids, we often draw images depicting the perfect house suitable for our liking and comfort. There are a ton of people considering the idea of buying their own home, may it be because they want their own personal space, wanting to start a family or just simply trying to get away from parents and siblings. But purchasing a residence is lavishly expensive. That’s why you should be meticulous at the fabrication of the establishment. One important structure of a house that people don’t seemingly pay more attention to is the roof.

Roofs, as plain and simple as they can be, can greatly affect the overall performance or experience of a house. What is a roof anyway? Well, if it isn’t obvious enough, roofs are the uppermost surface of a construction, ideally shields against the changing weather like heat, rainfall, snow, and extremes of temperature (read more). Its attributes solely rely on the needs of its establishment, the materials at hand, or what is available, the local or the normal way it is constructed and the design of the architect. While its visual aspects are vital, so does its lifespan, practicality, and durability.

Here Are 3 Major Roof Types:


• Gable

Gable is also known as a pitched or peaked roof. This is the type young children would basically draw, when tasked to draw a house. It is composed of two sections with slides sloping in opposite angles, and at the highest part, horizontal edges converge to create a ridge. This makes a triangular shape, called a gable. It’s a very common type, and because of its simple design it makes it easy to build, which makes it less costly, it makes the water drain or shed easily, it facilitates ventilation and can come up with greater space for the attic.

They are different kinds of gable roof which you can select from: Side gable, Crossed gable, Front gable, and Dutch gable. Check out the pros and cons of using this type of roofing material:

• Flat

Flat roofs, also known as a low-sloped roof is the type of design commonly utilized by commercial and industrial buildings. But can also be installed in residential houses depending on the type of weather that certain location has. Flat roofs are the most uncomplicated structure to construct because as its name indicates it seems to be levelled with little to no pitch which makes it cheaper than higher-pitched design for it requires less manpower and materials. They do attach a small pitch to enable drainage. A rubber roofing system is a normally used system with flat roofs. Flat roofs can also be used as extra living space in arid climates, like for patio, mini gardens, terrace or veranda, sun decks and can also be enclosed for exclusive penthouse rooms. And since it is the highest part of a building or an establishment it is favourable for installation of PV solar panels, to absorb sunlight and to generate electricity in your own home. But as it is an evened layout it is more vulnerable to water flooding during heavy rainfall and can cause leakage, that is why even though the upfront cost of its construction is way cheaper than a high pitched roof, in the long run, it can be more expensive because of maintenance and repairs. You can check out this type of roof with providers like Main Street Roofing Company.

• Hip

Hip roofs are mostly used in residential housing, it’s a well-known style but it’s reviewed as to not render ventilation. It does execute greater in snowy and high wind areas. They are more difficult to construct than gable and flat roofs due to its complex design and intricate truss. It is more costly than the gable because it needs more materials and manpower but it is far sturdier. It has four sloping sides in equal length and intersects at the top to create the ridge with no vertical roof lines. They can be square or rectangular or both. While a square is formed like a pyramid, the rectangular hip roof has four faces.

While it’s important to know different types of roof, it is even more vital to use the right materials. There are distinct varieties of materials: Asphalt Shingles, Clay and Concrete Tiles, Metal Roofing, Slate, Wood Shingles and Shake, Synthetic Roofing Products, Solar Tiles, Stone-coated Steel, Rubber Slate, Green Roofs and Built-up Roofing.

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The Good and Bad Sides of Asphalt Roof Shingles

asphalt roof shingles

So you are finally moving into a home of your very own? Congrats! This is a huge milestone, whether you are buying, inheriting, or building a house from the ground up. Seriously, good for you!

Now, you are certainly going to face many choices, not least of which will be picking out worthy materials for building, renovation, repair, or improvement. One common trend we noticed is that people get stuck when picking a roofing material. So we had a nice little chat with experts in this business and checked reliable sources online like, and got some pretty neat insights!

The Good

Asphalt roof shingles are quite effective. Considering its comparably low temporal durability, you might not think it, but asphalt roofing is actually a rather effective protection for your home.

True, they may not look all that nice after an onslaught of hail, but they are more than adequate for non-extreme weather conditions, and therefore they are the most cost-effective option for the vast majority of new home builders.

They are affordable. This makes them the single most popular choice in laying roofs, especially in the United States. As long as you make sure that the installation is carried out properly, you will have a good, sound roof over your head for around twelve to seventeen years.

That may sound like a lot, but is actually rather short term in the grand architectural scheme of things. Namely, some other materials, such as slate, clay, metal, or cedar are way more long-lasting than asphalt. For example, Spanish tiles will last you up to seventy years!

However, even though they are significantly inferior in terms of long term protection ability, asphalt roof tiles are much more budget friendly for the average homeowner who does not rent out the property. Click here to learn more about various roofing materials, their pros and cons.

tools on a roof

They are easy to get into place. This fact is another enormous boost to the convenience of the whole idea. Of course, to make sure they are installed properly, you will need a certain degree of skill and it is really best to leave it to the pros. However, the necessary level of special training is far lower than with other types of roofing, and it can all be done in a day or two depending on how big the roof is and whether there are any old shingles that have to be removed before installing the new ones.

They are versatile in terms of aesthetics. This is easily one of its primary selling points in the eyes of “regular users” who are not that well-versed in the technical side of things. Asphalt shingles come in two basic varieties: organic asphalt and fibreglass asphalt. The organic type is actually a mat, made from some scrap wood byproduct (usually waste paper), coated in asphalt for the sake of making it waterproof. The fibreglass variety is a thin mat of glass fibres, again coated in asphalt for waterproofing purposes.

Both of these types are available in 3-tab and architectural styles. The 3-tab style is by far the more affordable option, but it looks remarkably basic. The architectural ones are more aesthetically valuable because their varying patterns and tones produce interesting 3D effects. They can even be made to mimic the appearance of slate or wood. Moreover, they are not as vulnerable to wind uplift as 3-tabs, so they are more weatherproof on the whole.

The Bad

You might think the ugliest bit is that pesky moss that always pops up, but you can always just apply moss removers. Here are some tips on that:

The major downsides of asphalt as a roofing material are a consequence of production and climate. Not all asphalt shingles are produced at the same quality, so you have to choose carefully.

They will fade and crack in extreme heat, get damaged easily if you install them at below freezing temperature, and temperature fluctuations make them expand and contract, causing them to crack easily.

Finally, asphalt roofing is not eco-friendly, being petroleum in semi-solid form. Its production releases greenhouse gasses and devours energy, so many people are choosing metal roofs instead.

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5 Home Improvements That Pay Off

So, you are not planning to sell the home and move any time soon. Relocating is exciting, but it can be hard on the children, who leave their best friends behind. If you have outgrown your current home, you might want to consider renovating. This will increase your happiness and allow you to enjoy the place more. Moving is not the answer. Upgrading the living space is what you should be doing. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that not all home improvements projects are equal. While some pay off, others do not. These are the home remodelling projects that deliver the highest returns.

1.      Install fibreglass insulation

When your home is insulated, you can maintain an optimal temperature all year round. Most importantly, you are protected against excess heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter. Although there are considerable differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the dwelling is always comfy and cosy. Little to no heat is lost through the wall and the cool air will not penetrate the house. Homes in the United Kingdom, for instance, tend to be under-insulated. If you are tired of spending so much money to heat the home or you are no longer able to do so, add fibreglass insulation.

Fibreglass has been used in residential applications as a thermal insulator for quite some time. It can make buildings more energy-efficient, reduce utility costs, and increase the comfort of the dwellers. Fibreglass insulation is not expensive. Actually, it is one of the most affordable options. You enjoy the same advantages as with other types of insulation, the only difference being that you do not pay so much. Add fibreglass in the attic. Chances are you will see a significant return on your investment after one year.


2.      Replace your boiler

There is no better time than now to replace your boiler. Boiler replacement can help you save money on heating bills. Due to outdated design and continued use, old boilers are not efficient. What you need is a new technology. According to the experts at Corgi HomeHeat, A-rated appliances are 90 per cent more efficient. Of course, the efficiency depends on the model that you opt for. The point is that you cannot rely on the old boiler any more. Have it replaced as soon as possible. Do not wait because the costs of operating the appliance will increase with time.

Select a boiler with a reputable brand name. There are numerous manufacturers on the market, so you are spoilt for choice. Some brands ensure their customers are satisfied with the products and services, going the extra mile to meet their needs. The after-sales service is important. If something were to happen and you need spare parts for the appliance, you will need the support of a professional. The company should walk you through the available options and handle the replacement. Research your options and get in touch with the manufacturer. Discuss the boiler capacity.

home improvement

3.      Add a new room

The home is your primary investment and improvements will only increase its value. Have you ever thought about adding a new room? It can be a family room, bedroom, playroom. The addition can be anything you want. Your family will continue to grow and you need more space, anyway. If a relative comes to visit, you will not be able to accommodate them. Even if the house is not cramped, adding square footage is a great idea. If you ever sell the place, you will get your money’s worth.

Hire a reputable contractor to handle the work. Have everything in writing. The contractor needs to clearly understand the work that is to be performed. Enhance the beauty of the property and do not overdo it. If you and your loved ones will stay in this place for decades, go ahead and do what you want. If not, do not impose your taste. The new homeowners may not like what you have done. There will no longer be benefits in this case. Maybe you have a certain vision for the new room, yet it may not be smart to bring it to life. You may find out that you do not share the same taste with prospective buyers.

home improvements - adding an extension

4.      Manicured landscaping

There is nothing simpler than sprucing up the home’s curb appeal. All you have to do is give the yard a manicure. With a green and healthy lawn, the overall look of the landscape will change completely. Manicuring is not limited to mowing. It involves more than that, such as edging the beds, getting rid of the weeds, and adding a finishing look to the flowers. It is not necessary to have a degree in horticulture to learn how to landscape the yard. The only thing required is a little bit of patience.

Yards typically have a combination of plants types like evergreens, vines, and shrubs. Decide on a style, whether contemporary or traditional. Those living in tropical climates are luckier because they can choose from various landscaping design styles. Make the yard a place that reflects your style. Landscape designers strongly recommend planting flowers around the front door. The buds will be visible as soon as spring comes. People in the street will not be able to resist the temptation of staring at the blossoms.


5.      Switching to hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is commonly overlooked because it is more expensive. It may be a little bit pricier, but hardwood flooring increases the value of the home. People see hardwood floors as a great advantage because they are durable and easy to clean. Solid hardwood is a terrific option, as you will be able to refinish the floors in the future when they get scratched. Not only will refinishing them give you the chance to restore them but also you will be able to change the colour.

Depending on your location, switching to hardwood floors can return between 80 and 90 per cent of the cost the moment you sell the home. Engineered wood products are not worth your time or money. Opt for the real thing since you do not plan to sell the place. Look for appealing finishes and keep in mind that oak is the prevalent options among buyers. Learn as much as you can about installing hardwood floors.

hardwood floors

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A Short History of Air Conditioning and Air Conditioners

ceiling fan

How many air conditioning units do you have installed in the various facets of your everyday life? Do you have one in your car? How many are there in your home? How many in your office space or, just in general, in the place you work at?

Chances are that there is a handful. We all depend on our AC systems to keep our brains from boiling over and out through our ears when the suffocating heat of summer rolls along. But how much do you actually know about these ingenious devices? We did a little digging and put together this interesting overview of their history. Jump right in!

In the ancient days

The oldest thing that was any little bit similar to the modern solution has been found in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians are credited with inventing lots of stuff we use today – even perfume, which you can read about in this article.

They would moisten some reeds by trickling water into them and then hang them over the windows. The breeze going through these moist reeds would be nicely cooled, plus it kept the air in their homes humid, which you can imagine was a lifesaver for these folks living in the desert.

If you boil the idea of air conditioning down to its barest essentials, however, you will find that it has been applied even in the prehistoric age – our cave-dwelling ancestors did have enough brains about them to come up with the concept of using snow, ice, and cold water to cool off. Gathering ice in the winter and then storing it in a cold place to save for use in the summertime became a legit business in the late seventeenth century, and then sometime later the “ice harvest” was replaced by mechanics, i.e. by the ice-making machines.

In our own times

The first electrical air conditioning unit is credited to an American engineer and inventor called Willis Haviland Carrier. He was hired by a printing plant from Brooklyn, NY to solve an application problem, and for this job, he started playing around with different ways of humidity control.

He developed the cold water coils system in 1902, and in the 1920s the air conditioner became adapted and marketed for home use. About a decade later, in 1933 to be precise, his business, the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America, revised this model and significantly improved it.

They introduced a condensing unit, driven by belt mechanics, with an associated “blower”, added an evaporator coil to the system, and enabled it for mechanical controls.

To read more about Willis Haviland Carrier and his famous invention, check out this link:

air conditioning units

The modern AC solutions still follow this model and its basic science, although, admittedly, with much more sophisticated mechanization and many more physical and electronic components.

Nowadays, the elements that have become mandatory considerations include factors such as quieter performance, energy efficiency, more environmentally friendly materials, sophisticated electronic sensors, advanced vapor compression systems, delicate diagnostics, and more seamless, more convenient controls.

In order to improve the quality of air conditioning services and make them more environmentally conscious in our severely polluted twenty-first-century reality, the U.S. Department of Energy and other equivalent legal bodies throughout the world have consistently been setting progressively more demanding efficiency standards, driving a significant decrease in meaningless consumption of energy.

As a consequence, many of the biggest manufacturers of air conditioning systems have really put their heads, wallets, and resources together, and have increased their SEER rates (i.e. their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to significantly above the latest standards. This let them achieve the quadruple goal of making their business better for the environment, helping their customers save on energy costs, building their own reputation, and ultimately getting better sales.

The new wave: smart air conditioning

Aiming for even better efficiency rates and even greater convenience, developers and manufacturers have turned their attention to the thermostat. The traditional mechanical contraption that our grandparents had mounted on their walls has been replaced by the sleek diagnostic and control tools that we see in modern homes.

These neat gadgets render the adjustments of the air flow systems and compressors automatic, using microprocessors. This allows us to change our air conditioners’ settings and adjust their various functions remotely, be it from another room or from the other side of town or state. All we need is a computer connected to a stable internet signal, or a web-enabled mobile phone (which basically everyone has these days, one or the other, in some shape or form). You can even arrange to get alerts via email or text message when you need to replace a filter or arrange a routine inspection.

One ambitious possible plan for the future is to make the smart AC units and their related thermostats connect to the electric grid on the local or even national level. This would allow each unit to adjust its functions according to the relevant geography, and homeowners could regulate their systems in real time, in accordance with the changing weather conditions.

The wide-scale significance of AC units in homes

Air conditioners make more of an impact than just making our lives more comfortable in the summer heat. We already covered some of those above, in terms of energy efficiency and increased environmental awareness on the part of the manufacturing companies. But there is more.

According to the Energy Information Administration of America, about eighty per cent of American homes have an air conditioner installed, and these are, for the most part, “central system” unit types. This is actually an enormous number and a very important trend: it changed even the prevalent architectural design in the modern world.

Thanks to air conditioners, we can have a house without a porch, terrace, or balcony, or an office without any windows. They also enable people to settle, live, and work in areas with a terribly hot climate and uncomfortably humid atmosphere.


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Long Distance Movers Near Me – steps to Choosing the Best Moving Services

cartoon man carrying a box on his back

If it is the first time for you to look for a moving company and want to make the best choice, you are in the right place. By courtesy of, we have prepared for you a guide with the criteria to keep in mind when choosing people to help you.

  1. The first step is to make an accurate inventory of what you want to move. This way you will know the services you need. Do you want to move the large closet in the bedroom? Maybe you need people to disassemble it and reassemble it in the new location. Move ceramic vases or painting on the hallway? Then you should consider effective packaging for fragile things. Moving companies who know their customers offer all these services and can assure you that all goods arrive at their destination in good condition.
  2. Estimation

The best solution is to ask for an on-site estimate. A representative of the company comes to you and makes an offer depending on the goods you want to move, handling, access to the location (parking space, floor, lift) and the distance to the new site. Estimation is free, and we think it should stay like this. Establish with the company representative all necessary services. He can tell you how many people it takes and how long the entire relocation operation will take. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to meet the company and find out more information.

  1. Working method

Will we use hook anchors for heavy things? Will the wrapping be done with expanded foil or expanded polyethene? What vehicle will be used for transport? It’s useful for you to know how things will be moved to make sure they’re safe. Work methods have also evolved for relocation companies. Those who choose only quality can give you a risk-free move.

man moving a pile of boxes

  1. The price

A good company knows that it will make its customers happy if it offers two things: quality and affordable prices. Once you have the details of the move, you receive the price offer. We recommend that you ask for suggestions from more than one company and choose the best one. However, we must emphasize that the best offer does not always have the lowest price. A good proposal must first ensure that the move is done in the best conditions and the price reflects the quality. Who offers the best quality recommendations if not satisfied customers?

Check this out:

  1. Customer Reviews

A satisfied customer speaks on average to three friends about his experience. An unhappy customer can talk with up to 10 friends about a dreaful experience. Companies also encourage customers to write about their experiences in the company website’s review section, if they have one. If other customers were satisfied with the services they received, you would know, and the decision becomes more natural. What happens if there are no reviews? Well, who would want to choose a non-transparent company?

A moving company offers you the possibility to benefit from professional, planned and organized moves services, capitalizing your time and energy efficiently and pleasantly. They guarantee superior quality services at the lowest prices on the market.

Companies offer:

  • Handling, transport and installation-disassembly services;
  • Packaging and protection materials (stretch foil or air bubbles; boxes of different types and sizes);
  • Experienced, young and well-trained staff, prepared for any difficulty in moving your furniture and personal goods.

trolley for moving boxes

Relocation to another space can be very tricky, especially when it comes to a complete move with all pieces of furniture. Regardless of the distance between the two addresses or the weight of the goods, each customer has an efficient and fast solution to carry all the required accessories. From sofas, cabinets, desks, beds and more, moving companies are careful to make sure that everything gets transported in the best transport conditions. With an extensive range of trucks, vans and special packaging equipment, your furniture is 100% safe on hand.

During relocations, there may be more problems: from approximating the new space to the actual assessment of the building in which the relocation is made. In order to prevent these issues, a particular organization is needed.

a box with a key

What advantages can you have with a transport service?

  • You have free GPS monitoring throughout your move and personalized assistance from the company. This way you will always be aware of the address of the goods and the status of the relocation process. Free GPS monitoring service has a considerable contribution to the peace of mind with regard to your assets, with the certainty that they are always safe, in the care of responsible drivers and with extensive experience in the work No matter the city or country where the route is made, you have all the information at your fingertips.
  • The goods are properly stored and packed with individual sheets, which protect them from harmful factors such as moisture, dust, dirt or scratches.
  • Customers benefit from guarantees and insurance for goods sent to relocation up to € 1 million. The protection of 10,000 euros can be obtained.
  • Clients also have specialized assistance from a licensed APR manager who organizes everything needed.
  • Fragile goods are taken with increased attention and transported under the best conditions, in a clean and well-maintained environment.

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The Best Ways to Reach Steady Tree Service Leads

Tree service - man cutting tree branches

Starting a tree service is a very promising job, but like any other start-up, it requires investment. This not only applies to financial expenses, but also to the required knowledge and skills to go with this business, and then to develop it further. We assume that you have something of the mentioned items; you didn’t just wake up one morning with the intention of starting a tree service out of nowhere.

Services related to maintenance, cutting, trimming and removal of trees are needed both in the countryside and in the city. Logically, the broader area you cover with your business, the more chances of getting a job you’ll have.

Steady Leads Mean Steady Job


There is no period in the year when the demand for tree service stagnates; only the service is different. For example, trimming is mostly done at the end of winter and in spring, when trees are blooming and developing new offsprings. During the winter, people usually ask for cutting branches that have been dried or frozen.

So there is work, but also competition. Attracting and retaining customers are getting more difficult than ever. You have to be creative, following trends and always ready for action. With tree services, you have to be especially original to stand out amongst the competition and to attract leads.

Advertise Locally

Computer, tablet and mobile phone

Tree service is not a business that can be done remotely, so you shouldn’t force the territorial expansion. Since contractors usually use tools and machines that are not easy to carry, working across the country doesn’t pay off. It is, therefore, the best to position locally.

It’s easy to say, “Be the best, and everyone will come to you.” Customers won’t be familiar with the quality of your work unless they hire you. And to show any interest in your tree service, you need either a good advertisement or a good recommendation. If you are just starting a job, you probably don’t have any of them. Until you get some good ones, the proper advertising can do a lot to attract customers.

You can get tips online like how First Call Tree Services marketing and other advertising strategies work. Also, you can start locally by using materials like flyers and brochures, then advertising on local TV and radio stations, and organizing workshops, where you will present your business to all people who come and, at the same time, take advantage of the chance to share with them, other marketing materials.


Ask Customers for a Review


Every word from a client is crucial in business. And if this “nice words” brings new customers, it means even more. To get a good review, you have to satisfy your clients and more than that. Please note to clients that their feedback is valuable to you.

Ask previous clients to leave a few words about your tree service on some review websites, where future clients are looking for someone with good recommendations. If you play right, that could easily be you. People read reviews and respect that written words when choosing products and services for the first time.

Use Social Networks


Social networks may have made people apart from each other, but they brought many benefits to business owners. One of them is advertising, which doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but can bring a lot. You can do much to promote your work on social media all by yourself, but the expert engagement will quickly pay off too.

First, you need to define who your target group will be. Knowing the structure of social network users, you know where you’ll get the most out of advertising, but also what kind of promotional messages to send. A general communication with potential customers and already seen things are a failure in prediction.

Tips on targeting the right audience and potential customers read on this page:

Your customers are usually family people, householders who want to know where they spend their money. Provide them with this information and give them added value in the form of some attractive prices for new customers, or online discounts, etc.

Follow Every Move of Your Competitors


Competition is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, following their moves, you can do something good that can attract the customers. Of course, you don’t have to do this at any cost, if that jeopardizes your business, but in some ways, you have to keep up with competitors and market trends.

If they have some promotional action, you lower the prices temporarily. However, the long-term underbidding will not always attract customers. One of the options to compete with other tree services is to offer an unusual service, promote the latest tools and techniques you use, etc.

Although there are people who consider a price as the most relevant factor, there are still those who are willing to pay for the best service if they’d really get it. If you provide a steady quality of your work, your business will have a bright future. And if you believe that you can attract customers without dumping your prices, go for it.


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Bringing Celebrity Style Into Your Office #MyChairStyle

Whether you have a large office in a huge building or a cosy office in the smallest room in your house, you can easily bring some celebrity style to it.
We can spend around 2000 or more hours a year in the office. This is why it’s important you make your office space comfortable, a place where you enjoy being and one which helps enhance your productivity.

Choosing Your Office Furniture

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of furniture you need; obviously, a chair and a desk is a must but what about other furniture you may need? Think about how you use your office. Is it just you or do you have meetings with clients or other members of the workforce?
Do you want a comfy sofa for a more relaxed meeting or a table and chairs to keep things formal?

office furniture


It all needs to look professional but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in some fun aspects to the design. Leather has been popular with celebrities this year, for example, Chrissy Teigen chose a black leather jacket, boots and handbag to wear with a gorgeous pink floral dress.
To bring this look into your office, choose a luxuriously comfortable black leather chair from, add a couple of squashy black leather sofas then bring in some bright floral wall prints and brightly coloured cushions to add that pop of colour, like Chrissy, did with her dress.

Chrissy Teigan wearing leather and floral from Want Her Style blog
Source –

Storage Solutions

Keeping your office space looking professional means keeping it clean and free of clutter. A bookcase can be a great feature in an office. It provides storage but also allows for a few carefully selected decorative items to be displayed. This helps us personalise the space and in turn, means we’re happy to spend time there.


Choosing Your Accessories

From desk lamps to photo frames, there are plenty of ways to add your own style while keeping things professional.
Different kinds of lighting can create different moods so think carefully about your needs before you buy. Too bright overhead lighting can have a negative effect on us.
Where at all possible, natural lighting is best but if you work into the evenings you’re going to need a nice lamp or some wall lights.

desk, phone, indoor plants, pink lamp, candles

Scented candles, indoor plants and fresh flowers can all make our workplace feel and look great. Some indoor plants even help clean the air we breathe which can only be a good thing!

Celebrity Style

Check out the infographic for more ideas on how to bring celebrity style into your office.

Furniture at work infographic on celebrity style

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The Living Room Is Finally Decorated :)

It’s finally finished and I have the living room before and after photos 🙂
It took us longer than we thought it would but we got there in the end! We had a few problems along the way with the wallpaper, both the patterned and plain paper.
The first two sheets of the patterned paper went up quite easily according to Ant. The third sheet proved to be a right pain and we nearly ended up taking it off and starting again.
Each sheet after that needed a bit more preparation than usual to make them stick to the wall.

Running Out Of Paper

When we came to the last wall I realised we weren’t going to have enough paper. This wouldn’t have been a problem if we hadn’t bought it over 2 years ago when we first talked about papering the living room!
We went to B&M to see if it was a standard paper that they kept in stock but of course, it wasn’t. Ant had to find the closest match. Luckily we were painting over it with light grey emulsion anyway so you can’t tell the difference now it’s done 🙂
Talking of painting with emulsion, I saw one of those home decorating shows the other day and the guy was painting the walls in one of the rooms with a paint sprayer. I didn’t know you could use them inside the house, it would have made the job so much easier and quicker!

Anyway, we love the finished result, which is all that matters.

Living Room Before And After Photos

Living Room before
living room after
Living Room before
Living Room after
living room before
living room after
Living Room before
Living Room after
Living Room after

Fireplace At Night

fireplace at night
fireplace at night

Redecorating the living room – finally!

I started planning on decorating the living room in January when Christmas was over. Once the decorations come down I start feeling like I want to change things in the house. The living room is first on the list, closely followed by the bathroom.

Redecorating The Living Room

We painted all the rooms magnolia when we moved in just to make it easier and faster. We planned on decorating properly within a couple of years but that didn’t happen.
I vowed that this would be the year and since we bought a new (to us) 3 piece suite from the charity shop I figured it was a good reason to decorate. Our old sofa suite was cream leather and looked really lovely. It was great because we could use any colour but the downside was the temperature.

It was always cold when I first sat down in the morning. I’m a person who is cold 99% of the time. Having to sit on a cold chair when I had just woken up wasn’t good for me!
In Summer I had the other problem of sticking to the chair if I wore strappy tops because the leather would make me sweat.

New Sofa Suite

When I saw our lovely cream and light green 3 piece suite at the charity shop I had to have it. We’d been looking for a 3 piece suite that had a 2 seater sofa instead of a 3 seater. We wanted to swap the room around so Ant and I could share the sofa instead of sitting next to each other on chairs and this set was perfect.

The problem we then had was the red theme of the room. You’ve all heard the saying, red and green should never be seen except upon a fool, I take it?
I couldn’t ignore the red and green colours any longer!

green glass bowls and candles

Bargain Wallpaper and Curtains

We got some great bargains on the wallpaper, curtains and throws.
The wallpaper was marked at half price on the shelf. When we got it to the checkout it had been marked down to half price again so we got it for £2.50 a roll instead of £10 a roll.

The curtains were also on sale so instead of paying £29.99 for the large pair and £14.99 for the small pair, we got both pairs £14.49. I was very happy with my bargains!

decorating the living room


Nanny has some lovely crystal chandeliers in her hall which inspired me to look for some for our living room. We have two ceiling lights in the room. The one over the dining table is a ceiling fan light which is great in Summer.
After looking at lots of different styles I decided a chandelier and a ceiling fan just wasn’t going to look right. We ordered a similar ceiling fan and Ant fitted it the next day.

I still wanted some lights and crystals in the living room so when I saw some twig lights with hanging crystal decorations I snapped them up! They’re really pretty and look lovely on the fireplace hearth.
I needed some vases to put them but couldn’t find any I liked until I saw some glass jars in Asda. I filled them with green glass stones to hold the twig lights. I’m really pleased with them and can’t wait to finish the decorating so I can start using them!

twig lights

glass jar


We don’t have a door into the hall as we took it off to make more room in the living room. This means the living room kinds of flows into the hall.
Ant suggested we should paint the hall the same colour as the living room. We’re going to count it all as one big decorating job. This means we’re going to need new lighting which also means I can have Crystal hall lighting instead of in the living room 🙂

Candles and Succulents

Last year when we were making the raised bed in the garden I fell in love with succulent plants. While shopping for new candles for the fireplace I noticed the trend this year seems to be fake succulents. I was tempted to buy some for the fireplace hearth but decided real plants would be a much better option so I bought 3.

They’re lovely and I’m going to take cuttings so I can get more plants for free 🙂

succulents and candles

Now the only thing we need to do is to save for a smart TV and look into buying a smart home hub. Ant likes his technology so we’ve been looking at which smart TV to get and the smart home hub will let him control everything from his phone 🙂

Decorating The Living Room

January always makes me want to change, update and organise things and this year is no different. I’ve been wanting to decorate the living room for a while now. I kept putting it off, but this is the year we’re going to do it.
We bought a new three piece suite a few months ago that has a hint of green so that’s going to be our new colour scheme.

Decorating The Living Room

I’ve been window shopping on sites like B&M, The Range and Argos today, looking for inspiration. I created a new Pinterest board to save my favourites and it’s made me eager to get started!

decorating the living room
Click the picture to be taken to my Pinterest board

We picked the keys up to our home on 20th January 2014 which means the magnolia we put on temporarily has been on for 4 years!
The idea was to get everywhere painted with magnolia then update each room as time and money allowed.

We could have decorated the living room before now but to be honest, every time I thought about how much work it’s going to take, it has put me off! I always told myself we’d do it next year whenever the thought entered my head!

This Year Is The Year

I’m not putting it off anymore! I’m going to start shopping soon and hopefully, we’ll have everything we need to do the job around about Easter.
Kaycee’s going on holiday with her friend at Easter and Ella’s going away for a few days with her sister, Kellyann.

It’ll be much easier to get it done if they’re out of the way 🙂


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