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1 Day 12 Pics February 2020

I remembered to do 1 day 12 pics today, even though the reminders I’d set in my phone had somehow disappeared!
Here are my 1 day 12 pics February photos.

1 – We’ve hardly used our National Trust membership since joining last August so we decided to have a family afternoon. Unfortunately, Aiden couldn’t come as he was working so it was just the four of us.

National Trust app - 1 day 12 pics February

2 – We decided to take lunch with us so I could stick to Slimming World.

lunch plan

3 – We were on our way. Both Ant and I love this house.

Woolsthorpe Manor

4 – Arriving at Woolsthorpe Manor

Woolsthorpe Manor

5 – KayCee and Ella enjoyed the science centre.
We sat in the cafe after and had a drink before our guided tour of Issac Newton’s house.

holographic apple - 1 day 12 pics february

6 – Issac Newton portrait

Issac Newton portrait - 1 day 12 pics february

7 – On our way home.

 our way home

8 – On the way home we dropped KayCee at her friend’s and we went to visit Nanny and ChiChi.

Chi Chi 1 day 12 pics february

9 – Ella’s watching Supergirl season 2 again. I don’t know why because she’s going to get all upset again when Mon-El leaves!

watchng Supergirl with Ella

10 – I’m relaxed while Ant made us chicken curry and rice for dinner.

11 – We have loads of Pointless episodes recorded. KayCee and Ella aren’t keen but Ant and I really enjoy watching it together.

watching pointless

12 – Nearly forgot to add the photos to the blog post today. I’m now going to get a drink and watch something with Ant. Not sure how long we’ll be watching for, though, as I’m already fighting the urge to fall asleep!

writing a blog post

1 Day 12 Pics January 2020

I’m going to try to remember to join in with 1 day 12 pics each month. I’ve not had much success in previous years but I’ve actually created draft posts for each month this time so hopefully, I’ll manage all year!
So I go with my 1 day 12 pics January 2020/

1 – running a bit behind today cos I totally forgot and didn’t hear the reminder.
We’re off shopping to Home Bargains and the farm shop #buylocal

On the way to Home Bargains

2 – I only went in @homebargains for a 12-week food diary for £1.99!

Home Bargains receipt

3 – Number 3 – We love the shop at Spinney Farm. We had the best tasting satsumas and clementines from here and have now decided we’re going to get all our fruit and veg from here.

Spinney Farm shop

4 – 2 egg Omelette with 2 veggie sausages (2 syns), left overcooked cauliflower, mushrooms and 1 HEA cheese portion.
Totally on it this week 

Slimming World omelette

5 – catching up with Derry Girls Bake Off

Great British Bake Off New Year with the Derry Girls cast

6 – planning next week’s #slimmingworldmenu

menu planning - 1 day 12 pics January 2020

7 – relaxing for a bit with an online jigsaw

1 day 12 pics January 2020 - online jigsaw

8 – recipe for dinner tonight #slimmingworld

Slimming World easy chicken curry recipe

9 – visiting Nanny and Chichi 🐶

Chichi the dog

10 – trying gel polish for the first time using a kit I got for Christmas from my daughter, Ella 😊

Gel nail varnish - 1 day 12 pics January 2020

11 – first try at gel nails didn’t turn out too badly!

gel nails

12 – watching Big Fat Quiz of the Decade with the hubby 😁

1 day 12 pics January 2020 - Big Fat Quiz of the Decade

February 2019 1 Day 12 Pics

For those who don’t know, 1 day, 12 pics (#1day12pics) is run by @emmadaviesphoto on Instagram. On the first Saturday of each month, you take a photo every hour until you’ve taken 12 photos. Here are my photos from the first Saturday in February 2019

February 2019 1 Day 12 Pics

February 2019 1 day 12 pics 01 - snowing, finally!
Photo 1 – Finally, it’s snowing in Lincoln 🙂

February 2019 1 day 12 pics 01 - reading Harlan Coben No Second Chance
Photo 2 – the 4th book of my 2019 Goodreads challenge

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - still reading
Photo 3 – Still reading

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - the snow has gone
Photo 4 – the sun is melting the snow 🙁

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - ella's cake
Photo 5 – Ella made a cake for our pudding tomorrow after Sunday lunch

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Sudoku
Photo 6 – Took a break from reading to do a sudoku puzzle

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - finishing my book
Photo 7 – Finished my book just in time to get ready to visit Nanny

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Peter May book The Lewis Man
Photo 8 – This is my next book for my Goodreads Challenge

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - mocha coffee
Photo 9 – enjoying a mocha at Nanny’s

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Watching Ghost Whisperer
Photo 10 – Watching Ghost Whisperer with Ella. I’ve seen them all before, but it’s her first time and we love watching them together 🙂

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - beef and aubergine bake Slimming World dinner
Photo 11 – Ant made beef and aubergine bake for our dinner

February 2019 1 day 12 pics - Breyers Delights ice cream
Photo 12 – Delicious, low calorie ice cream 🙂

1 Day 12 Pics January 2019

Well, I failed my first 1 day 12 pics of January 2019! I’ve been trying to pack away Christmas all day and because I was so busy and because I was doing much the same job all day, sometimes I forgot to take a photo and sometimes I didn’t really have anything to photograph!

I managed 10 photos I think and I’ll add them to the post tomorrow because right now, I’m just too tired!

1 Day 12 Pics January 2019 – 1

1 day 12 pics January 2019 - first coffee of the day
First coffee of the morning and I’m trying not to think about the huge task I have ahead of me. It usually takes a couple of days to pack Christmas away and I can’t be bothered to start!


excel spreadsheet for my boxes of Christmas decorations
My excel spreadsheet to help me keep my Christmas boxes organised


Christmas storage boxes
Some of our Christmas storage boxes


Watching Who wants to be a millionaire
Taking a break while we have lunch and watch Who wants to be a millionaire?


another coffee, this time in my winnie the pooh mug
Another coffee, this time in my Winnie the Pooh mug


candles burning
These candles I had for Christmas smell wonderful


Christmas decorations made by the children
I found a tin of Christmas decorations that the children have made over the years. I’m keeping them safe because they’re all too old to be making things like this in school and college anymore!


the Christmas tree is still up
I didn’t get around to the tree. I did manage to pack all the kitchen Christmas things away, though 🙂


starting a new cross stitch kit
Going to do the rest tomorrow and tonight, to help me relax, I’m starting a new cross stitch kit. This is a stamped kit and it’s the first time I’ve tried a stamped one. It takes a little getting used to but I think I’m going to enjoy doing it.

1 Day 12 Pics November 2018

For those who don’t know, 1 day, 12 pics (#1day12pics) is run by @emmadaviesphoto on Instagram. On the first Saturday of each month, you take a photo every hour until you’ve taken 12 photos. Here are my photos from the first Saturday in November 2018

1 Day 12 Pics November 2018

1 Aldi released the first Kevin The Carrot Christmas ad and I love it 🙂

Screenshot of Aldi's new Kevin The Carrot Christmas advert for #1day12pics November 2018

2 I started working on our showstopper for the blogger’s bake-off.Norfolk Lavender sugar for making lavender shortbread #1day12pics November 2018

3 After the lavender shortbread, I made gingerbread for the showstopper.

Ginger and mixed spice for making the gingerbread house with

4 Lunchtime!

Lunchtime beans and fried agg on toast

5 we caught up with Gogglebox.

Jenny and Lee on Gogglebox

6 We just needed to quickly nip to Asda, but when we got to the end of our road we found the traffic was at a standstill due to an accident so we ended up going to B&M instead.

On the way to B&M

7 I love this Santa decoration at B&M, but I’m not buying any more decorations because we don’t need any! For some reason, I’ve been a bit more reserved when it comes to Christmas shopping this year.

Santa decoration

8 We always visit Nanny and Chi Chi on a Saturday and have a cup of coffee.

Coffee in a mug

9 Chi Chi always comes for a cuddle 🙂

Chi Chi the dog

10 Chicken tikka ready meal, side salad and an apple for dinner.

Chicken tikka ready meal with a side salad and followed by an apple for dinner.

11 Relaxing with Anthony and doing some more of my cross stitch.

Working on my Santa Christmas cross stitch

12 Well, we were trying to relax and watch some TV but we keep getting mini power cuts so the TV goes off, as does the internet which means we have to keep waiting for NowTV to reboot back up!

The TV is off because we keep getting power cuts

October 1 Day 12 Pics #1day12pics

The reminders worked on my phone for a change today so I remembered to do October 1 day 12 pics. I did forget to post them to Instagram throughout the day, though, so I’ve just posted them all, one after the other!

October 1 Day 12 Pics

1 – Reading my book while enjoying my morning coffee

October 1 day 12 pics number  1 - Maeve Binchy book and coffee mug

2 – Working on getting as many October posts scheduled as I can.

October 1 day 12 pics number 2 - blog dashboard calendar

3 – I fell in love with this battery operated snowglobe at the Range today. I’m going back to buy it once we’ve had our half-term holiday.

October 1 day 12 pics number 3 - snowglobe with Santa inside

4 – Shopping is thirsty work! We stopped for a coffee at The Range.

October 1 day 12 pics number 4 - Costa coffee mug filled with mocha

5 – Leftover Slimming World chicken and leek pie (recipe coming soon!) for lunch today.

October 1 day 12 pics number 5 - leftover Slimming World chicken and leek pie for lunch

6 – Catching up with For The People.

October 1 day 12 pics number 6 - watching For The People on TV

7 – I bought this cross stitch kit last year and started it, but I put it away after Christmas and forgot about it. It’s coming along nicely now 🙂

October 1 day 12 pics number 7 - working on Santa's hat on my cross stitch kit

8 – Catching up with Corrie.

October 1 day 12 pics number 8 - catching up with Corrie

9 – Chi Chi loves her monkey!

October 1 day 12 pics number 9 - Chi Chi the dog with her toy monkey

10 – Slimming World Chicken mushroom medley for dinner

October 1 day 12 pics number 10 - Slimming World chicken mushroom medley

11 – Watching Gogglebox with Ant. It’s one of our fave shows.

October 1 day 12 pics number 11 - watching Gogglebox

12 – Doing some more cross stitch.

October 1 day 12 pics number 12 - doing some more cross stitch


I’m taking part in Blogtober18 with Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos

Our Wonderful NHS – My Sunday Photo

It’s been an eventful week in the Ashmore household and I have to say we have a wonderful NHS.

Slipped Disc

On the 6th July, I was volunteering at St Barnabas charity shop. While bending to pick up some books my back went. It was the same pain I had when I first got a slipped disc about 18 years ago.

I haven’t been able to work at the charity shop, do the weighing at Slimming World or clean for my mother-in-law this week because I’ve had to walk using walking sticks and I haven’t been able to stand up straight until today.

Poorly Father-In-Law

On my birthday last Thursday, we were on our way to my mother-in-law’s and decided to look in on my father-in-law as he’d sounded funny when he’d spoken to Ant at 7.30 am

It’s a good job we did check on him; he wasn’t his usual self so Ant rang 111. After some questions, they decided to send an ambulance out for him.

They soon decided to take him to the hospital and he’s been there ever since. Ant has spent most of his days going back and forth to the hospital. He doesn’t like to leave his dad alone for long because he keeps getting confused.

Trip To A&E With Ella

Last night Ella’s friend came to have a sleepover. They’d both spent the day at another friend’s house and came home around 8.30 pm.
They wanted to go in the pool for half an hour before getting ready to sleep outside on the covered patio.

Ella tried to fill the chlorine tablet holder up and she got the tablet tub too close to her face. As it opened a waft of chlorine fumes was released and she accidentally breathed it in. She dropped the tub straight away and started a coughing fit.

Ant got her outside and tried to get her to breathe the fresh air in but she couldn’t do anything for coughing.
It took about 20 minutes for the coughing to subside a little. I was getting worried so we decided to take her to A&E just to be on the safe side.

Wonderful NHS – Brilliant Staff

We didn’t have too long a wait at A&E and all the staff were brilliant. They made sure they told us everything that was happening or was going to happen and they were very thorough.

Everyone was really friendly and put our minds at ease. The doctors got in touch with the poisons centre to make sure they were giving Ella the right treatment.
After being seen by a nurse and a doctor in A&E we were taken to the children’s ward. They wanted to monitor her until 4 hours had passed from when it happened at 9 pm.

The doctors and nurses did lots of checks and decided to send us back to A&E to have her eyes checked and bathed because they were a bit sore and itchy.

They put some drops in her eyes to numb them before putting some dye in them so the doctor could check there wasn’t any damage. When that was done a nurse washed her eyes with a litre of saline on each eye. Ella was brilliant throughout.

Ella having an eye test - wonderful NHS

wonderful NHS - yellow eye dye under her eyes
Ella after the eye test. The dye went under her eyes and also in her nose! Her tissue went yellow when she blew her nose!

Back To Ward

It was after 1am by the time we got back to the ward. Her cough was getting better and she was nearly back to her normal self. The doctor said she could stay until morning so they could keep an eye on her cough if we wanted but he was also happy to let us take her home.
He said that if her cough got worse or she had trouble breathing we could take her straight back to the ward.

Finally, Home At 2.30 am

We finally got home and everyone went to bed. I was overtired and couldn’t sleep so had to read for a while. It was about 3.30 when I finally fell asleep.

I didn’t wake until 9.30 this morning and I still feel absolutely shattered!

All’s well that ends well, as they say, thanks to our wonderful NHS 🙂 I’m really very thankful that we have our National Health Service


Unicorn Cupcakes – My Sunday Photo

Ella made unicorn cupcakes for her class. Not for any special reason, just because she wanted to. She didn’t know how she was going to make the horn until she spied a box of Pink Panther ice cream cones in the cupboard.

We now have a box of pink ice cream cones with no bottom! We’re now going to have to eat our ice creams very quickly or get covered in ice cream drips!

Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn Cupcakes



More Sunday photos

February’s #1Day12Pics – Coffee A Book And A Walk In The Rain

My #1day12pics always includes coffee, a book and Chi Chi! Ant wants us to get out walking more often so even though it was raining we decided to go ahead with our plan to go to Hill Holt Wood.

#1day12pics Winnie The Pooh coffee mug

1 – The first coffee of the morning

#1day12pics The way you loo tonight by Richard Madeley

2 – More coffee and a good book

#1day12pics Still reading

3 – Still reading – Trying to have a lazy, relaxing morning but KayCee and Ella keep arguing upstairs

#1day12pics Leftover beef casserole for lunch

4 – Leftover beef casserole for lunch

#1day12pics Getting the cameras ready for a photo wal in the woods

5 – Getting the cameras ready for a photo walk in the woods

#1day12#pics Wooden man at Hill Holt Wood

6 – A wooden man at Hill Holt Wood

#1day12#pics  Big teddies at Hill Holt Wood

7 – Ella and KayCee found some big teddies in Hill Holt Wood

#1day12#pics Visiting Chi Chi and Nanny

8 – Visiting Chi Chi and Nanny

#1day12#pics reading a drinking a Pepsi Max

9 – A bit more reading while the kids are upstairs and Ant’s cooking dinner

#1day12#pics  Hawaii 50

10 – We’re watching Hawaii Five-0 while eating dinner

#1day12#pics  Ella watching Hawaii Five-0

11 – Ella wanted to watch another episode of Hawaii Five-0

#1day12pics Hawaii Five-0

12 – And yet another episode of Hawaii Five-0. She’s going to bed once it’s done so she’ll have to wait till tomorrow for the next episode!


Frozen pond – My Sunday Photo

It’s freezing outside today; we have a frozen pond and a lawn covered in pretty frost.  It’s the kind of morning where it’s nice to look outside but actually going out there isn’t something I want to do!

Unfortunately, I have to go out because I need a couple more plastic storage boxes so we can get Christmas totally packed away and in the loft today.
I have to stop buying Christmas decorations; I have about 20 storage boxes as it is. There won’t be room in the loft if I keep adding more boxes every year!

Frozen Pond

frozen pond

The pond looks lovely when it’s all frozen 🙂