How to Prepare your Home for a Newborn

How to prepare your home for a newborn

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Preparing for a newborn is not easy! During the final week of your pregnancy, one of the most overwhelming tasks is directly related to figuring out the important things to do before the baby arrives. However, that doesn’t have to be as complex as rocket science. You can save a lot of hassle by simply prioritizing your move smartly while mapping out A-Z of how to prepare for a baby. There’s a lot to consider from your health to budget as you prepare for baby birth, but fixing your living space and modifying it for the incoming baby’s safety has to occupy the top of your list.

Best Tips for Preparing Your House for a Newborn

1.     Set Up a Nursery Room or Prepare your Bedroom


This is probably the first thing to do before the baby arrives. If you have additional rooms in your home, you might choose to set one entire room into the nursery. Alternatively, you may dedicate some space of your master bedroom to build a compact nursery. In either case, it is important to pay attention to the baby’s proximity to yours, especially if the newborn demands consistent attendance. It is best if the baby shares your room for the first six to nine months. Pay special attention to selecting furniture or toys that best fit the space and keep them at a safe distance from electrical points, windows, moveable shelves etc.

2.     Get Baby Products & Furniture

baby bath products

Your nurturing instinct can best guide you to figure out what furniture will be necessary for your baby. But at times you may go a little overboard, buying things that neither your kid nor you need. To get you started, here are a few must-buys when it comes to organizing your baby’s room:

  • Cradle, crib, bassinet, or Pack ’n Play
  • Clothing containers
  • Rocking chair, bouncer or glider
  • Toy boxes
  • Light and warmth settings
  • Diaper changing table
  • Laundry hamper

It is best if you can find multifunctional sets like a 3-in-1 cradle instead of trying to save a little through cheaper alternatives. You can check Two in Mind to compare baby products and decide on buying. Laura from Two in Mind is very passionate to train the parents of newborns and suggests some really good baby products at a great deal.

 3. Babyproof your House

While preparing for a newborn, you need to ensure that your house, especially your nursery room, is safe enough. Try encompassing the little one’s perspective when you set things up, such as, what would the baby see if it crawls, which are the points that your baby must be barred from running into and so on. Moreover, as a parent, you need to make sure that space is well organized to access the necessary materials in urgency without hassle.

  Clean each & every corner of your house

Your baby’s immunity is more vulnerable to germs and pests. Sanitize your house or organize pest control to wade off mosquitoes, lizards and insects before the baby’s arrival. Keep the rooms free of dirt and dust. Since cleaning the house is almost a tedious chore, you should let any family member conduct it thoroughly, instead of handing up the broom yourself! Try to avoid close contact with harmful chemicals. Label the bins, boxes or areas as “Keep,” “Dispose” and “Storage” with a marker to organize your things categorically.

  Install Baby guards if required

safety locks on cabinet doors

Install safety locks on the cabinets underneath the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms to prevent your curious toddler from holding up inappropriate objects. Place child-safe covers on the electrical sockets. Equip the stairs with baby gates to prevent your baby from accidents. Anchor the heavy furniture to the wall and install childproof window guards to save your curious baby from opening them up dangerously.

  Be prepared for a Pile of Laundry

Ready for a baby? Be ready for cleaning more of the clothes that either your baby spoils by pee-poop or simply spreading out anything at hand from food to colors. It may not seem too important while preparing for a newborn, but as the child grows, there’s more clutter and dirty laundry until he/she turns a little sensible.

 4. Home Outfits for you & the Baby

You can have ceaseless fun in matching up your clothes with your baby. You both can flaunt similar cute accessories or prints, but do bear in mind that it has to be more comfortable than fashionable. For the initial 3-4 months, you may not have the urge or eagerness to leave home. But it is always wise to buy baby clothes once the baby is delivered. The ready-made clothes for newborns in the market could be oversized or undersized for your little one. Therefore, wait for your incoming baby rather than predicting his/her size.

 5. Stack up your Kitchen with Healthy Food

As you arrive home with your newborn, you should consider relaxing a few weeks before picking up domestic chores. It is more satisfying mentally and activity-wise to keep healthy food supplies ready at home before the little one is delivered. For non-perishable items like legumes, cereals, flour, cooking oil and spices, could be stocked for several months. For fresh vegetables and fruits, keep a shopping list ready, listing down what you usually buy. Keep your diet clean and healthy. Consume mood-uplifting fruits and berries. Remember, not to compromise on your nutrition as you keep yourself occupied with your baby all day.

 6. Get Car essentials

baby in a car seat in the back of the cr

Buying a car seat + stroller could help you fetch your sleeping baby easily in and out of the stroller and by extension, the car. Certain convertible Car Seat Matrixes may offer up to 10 years of usage. You can employ either nursing or canopy-styled car seat covers to help protect your baby from the weather outside. Remember that since your baby will be in a rear-facing car seat, you would need a mirror to prevent getting in and out of the car at parking spots to constantly check on your baby. Buy quality car seat mirrors and install them securely to prevent unsafe driving or risking your kid through the way.

 7. Get a maid if needed

Having a family member around while you are preparing for a newborn could be a relief to you. Domestic responsibilities increase after childbirth since your baby will be completely dependent on you and you probably would need time to figure out how to go about your maternity. However, if you are on your own, it might get mentally and physically challenging to work out everything from cleaning to cooking alone. Consider hiring a cook or domestic help, before preparing for a baby and train her to cook according to your family’s taste. Japa maid (traditional female masseuse) can also help you get massage post-delivery which can accelerate your healing.

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