129 / 365 – Welcome, baby Ethan :)

We’d like to congratulate my cousin Rachel and say welcome, baby Ethan 😀
He’s her third baby, joining the cheeky Lucas and beautiful Brooke.

As we live in Lincoln and my family live in Derbyshire, I have to be content with a photo from facebook for now but hopefully I’ll get cuddles soon 😀

I have to say that her timing could have been better; she’s added another birthday to the month of May which is a very expensive month for us already!. We have one on the 1st, one on the 4th, two on the 6th, one on the 7th, two on the 8th now and one on the 17th. I don’t think I’ve missed anyone but my apologies if I have!

He’s a little cutie though Rachel so you’re forgiven! lol 😀 xxx

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