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Caring For Your Dogs With CBD Oil

woman and a dog
Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay

As they say, a dog is a man’s best friend, true! There are plenty of types of dogs – from a teacup dog to large k9s. They are not just a best friend and companion but can also be a big help for you. Dogs are mostly utilized as a helpful aid.

According to statistics, sixty-seven percent of households own a pet. The percentage sums up to 80 million families and more! Many of these dogs consist of approximately sixty-three percent of all the pets being taken care of. They are fun to be with and have a ridiculous sense of humour. To find witty dogs on their daily activities and to brighten your day, check this website:

A Dog’s Journey

You can see dogs everywhere; may they be stray dogs or owned. Often, these dogs are taken advantage of by humans. There are many types of dog breeds that are trained as guard/service dogs, others as guide dogs for both humans and other animals too, like sheep, goat, etc. You can never go wrong with this type of animal.

Dogs are often pictured as heroes in animated movies, thus in real life. Most dogs of the different breeds had gained roles in our police department since 1899. This all started with Europe when they deployed dogs to roam at night to use against criminal gangs. Now, they are being utilized as bomb sniffers in airports or malls. They are also deployed on the scene of crimes and much more.

Dogs are amazing inside and out.  No matter the breed, they are guaranteed to dog breeds that will bring you joy. Imagine going home and your pet welcomes you with a wagging tail and a “jumpy joy” feeling.


dog having CBD oil
Image by R+R Medicinals from Pixabay

Cannabidiol or rather known as CBD is mostly used as an aid for common ailments. This component can be extracted from a cannabis plant and mixed with hemp oil. Don’t be worried though, this extract does not give your pet a sensation of being “high” but will just relieve pains without withstanding the effects of overusing the cannabis plant.

CBD oil is completely safe to use for pets and humans as proven through various researches and studies. You can check out websites like Holista pet to find out more about CBD oil and how you may acquire it. This is completely made out of natural ingredients. It also has super fruits in it. Healthiness is always a must!

Pampering Your Dog

Animals are like humans too. They also have necessities and you can even spoil them in every way you can. Thus, having a dog comes with great responsibilities. You have to feed them, give ‘em vitamins, take them to the vet, bathe them, and more alike. In all ways, you have to keep your pet healthy and loved.

Other people do not only treat these pets as animals but much more as their babies. Many dog owners prefer to call themselves a “Fur Mom or Dad”, while they call their pets “fur babies”.

A fur baby can be referred to as a cat or a dog, depending on what the fur parent chose as a pet. Fur parents are the ones who often give much more attention to their fur babies. They spoil them with love and with their needs – that’s why you can see a lot of businesses growing today in the line of pet care.

More Care Suggestions For Your Bubbly And Loyal Fur Babies

Exercise with your dog every day. Human as we are, we do exercise every day to keep our mind and body engaged. Canines also need to exercise to keep their body strong and active. Walk them to the park or around your neighbourhood. In that way, both of you are exercising.

Feed your dog on time and give them clean water to drink (read more). Train your dog if you can or bring them to a pet trainer – they do lovely tricks and can also save your life if something happens to you. Always bathe them! You wouldn’t want your couch and bed to stink or walk on your floor with scattered fur.

It’s always a challenge to take care of something or someone. Pets, especially, are sensitive towards what we feel and everything around us. They do the best they can to make us feel comfortable and happy. Always remember, if you’re happy, then they are happy as well. Don’t forget to love them too and give them a good belly rub!

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CBD Oil for Pets: Is it Safe to Use?

CBD oil for pets - is it safe?

As a responsible pet owner, it is natural to be overly interested in the wellbeing of our animal companions. That’s why when it involves using an alternative form of treatment such as CBD oil for pets; we always want to tread carefully. 

First of all, you want to understand all about marijuana and CBD oil before you can effectively treat your cat or dog with it. While there is a lot to learn about alternative medicine, if you need more info, head here and familiarize yourself about the best practices and pet CBD products. 

What is CBD Oil?

Short for cannabidiol, the compound is found in the cannabis plant. You have to understand that CBD does not contain THC, the compound that makes marijuana a psychoactive substance. 

It shares a metabolic passage with a level of drugs called NSAIDs. They are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Examples of these drugs are Rimadyl and ibuprofen. They help in blood clotting and controlling inflammatory responses.

How does CBD Affect Pets?

Cannabidiol affects pets by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors found in their central nervous system. This helps to keep the body in a healthy state and maintain balance in humans and animals.

Why Use CBD for Pets?

CBD could serve as a therapeutically effective treatment for our pets. It is useful in a variety of conditions that includes pain management, lower levels of anxiety, arthritis, seizure, and even in some cases, dog cancer.

Although using CBD in treating these conditions is still under-studies, there are several scientific pieces of evidence of each one of them. You can find more useful info here on how to use cannabis for pet’s health and wellness. 

1.      Arthritis

CBD shares passage with anti-inflammatory drugs, so because of this, it helps with some level of inflammatory conditions, including arthritis. 

Arthritis is often the most profound inflammatory condition in pets. Dogs, in particular, tend to suffer this condition more than felines. Researchers have found out that 60% of dogs develop this disease. Cannabidiol oil is known to provide some degree of relief in pets with arthritis. You need to administer it to them twice daily.

2.      Pain

CBD can be administered to dogs or cats with inflammatory pain, Mostly back pains from intervertebral disc disease. Studies have shown that products that contain both cannabidiol and THC are more helpful in treating pets with back pains. But for dogs’ researchers have found out that components containing THC shouldn’t be administered for back pain.

3.      Seizures

Seizures in dogs and cats can be a result of a large number of rudimentary conditions. But researchers have found out that cannabidiol can help reduce the frequency of seizures in most domestic animals.

4.      Anxiety

It is an underlying assumption that because CBD is used in the treatment of inflammatory conditions and seizures that it can fully help in the treatment of anxiety. That theory is misleading as it can only reduce stress caused by pain or inflammation because it has no psychoactive properties; it cannot treat canine anxiety in pets, mostly dogs. The link below has useful suggestions on how to use CBD to treat anxiety in pets.

The Side Effects of CBD Oil

We are going to be discussing the side effects on how it affects humans because there hasn’t been any conclusive data on the side effects of CBD oil for pets.

The side effects are as follows

  • A decrease in blood pressure: Cannabidiol is known to cause a reduction in blood pressure, especially when they are in high doses.
  • Drowsiness: Most pet owners who use cannabidiol in treating anxiety have found out that the effect can lead to slight drowsiness and feeling of light-headedness, especially when administered in higher doses.
  • Dryness of the mouth: Studies have shown that CBD can reduce the production of saliva. These would lead to your pet, developing an increase in thirst.

How Much CBD Oil can you Give your Pet?

CBD oil is administered orally to dogs and cats, but make sure to give the recommended dosage. If you want your animal companion to be completely healthy, you need to follow prescriptions from professional vets.

When administering this oil for pets, mostly dogs and cats with arthritis or seizures, the recommended dosage is between 2-8mg/kg. This dosage has been found safe for treating the above medical conditions. More research has to made to understand the proper dosage in treating animals with any other medical conditions.

Take Away

Though the United States has banned the use of this substance in treating pets, you are free to ask questions concerning the risk and benefit of this compound.

If you are in a country that doesn’t frown against the use of cannabis, and you are considering giving your dogs and cats CBD oil, then you should speak to a vet with experience in using therapeutic medicine. 

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