Enhance The Look Of Your Home With UPVC Spraying

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Here in the UK the home improvements industry is worth a whopping £36bn per year and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon! Many homeowners are looking for ways to improve their properties, keeping them up to date with latest trends, ensuring they are appealing to buyers and potential tenants or simply to keep them looking fresh for themselves.

The first thing people see when they first visit a property is the exterior, their first impressions are formed as soon as they see the front door, the windows the driveway or the front porch even. As the saying goes “it’s important to give a good impression” and one way homeowners can do this is to improve the look of their UPVC windows and doors.

Over time, UPVC can start to look aged or out of date, the traditional white UPVC  windows are now seen as “old fashioned” with newer styles and colours emerging, one of the most popular being Anthracite Grey which gives the home a new modern look, especially when combined with white rendered walls.

UPVC windows before treatment
UPVC windows before treatment
UPVC windows after treatment
UPVC windows after treatment

UPVC can also “yellow” over time due to a variety of reasons mainly from the sun’s UV rays, a build up of dirt and grime and also in more urban areas of towns and cities pollution can be a contributing factor.

Fully replacing UPVC windows and Doors can cost £1000’s and be quite a huge undertaking. Old frames and glass being ripped out and replaced with brand new units can cause a lot of mess and stress for property owners and often take weeks from first ordering the new windows and doors to having them manufactured and finally installed.

A much more cost-effective and faster way to achieve the “new” modern look is to have your UPVC spray painted rather than fully replacing all your windows and doors. UPVC spraying is also up to 80% cheaper than a full replacement. As long as your windows and doors are mechanically sound they can be resprayed. There are other key benefits to spraying rather than replacing:

Key Benefits of UPVC Spraying

1) Far Cheaper Than A Full Replacement.

As was previously mentioned, the cost of fully replacing windows and doors can run into thousands of pounds, when you have your UPVC sprayed you can expect to pay up to 80% less for the completed job. The end price will depend on the number of windows and doors being resprayed. You can also have your guttering, waste pipes, soffits and fascias sprayed to match which may add to the price, even with these taken into account the price is still far cheaper to spray rather than replace.

The best part of upvc spraying is having the ability to change the colour of windows and doors quickly if needed. The majority of people who have their UPVC sprayed are after a new look or a paint job for their property, whether they intend selling shortly afterwards or not, the price is cheaper and so far no company has been able to compete with upvc spray painting in regards to

2) Modernising The Look Of Your Property

With property trends always moving and changing one particular trend at the moment is to move away from the traditional white or wood brown windows. By respraying your UPVC windows and doors you are able to change their colour to whatever you like, giving your home a more modern look and fitting with your chosen colour scheme. Doors were always available in a limited range of colours, but with respraying you have much more flexibility in changing the colour of your window frames to match your front door, or changing both your doors and windows to any colour you can dream of.

Resprayed front door

3) Increased Kerb Appeal

If you are a homeowner looking to sell your property or a landlord looking to attract tenants, improving the exterior of your property can help improve the “kerb appeal” for potential buyers or new tenants. A great way to do this is to have modern-looking windows and doors. Respraying can help you achieve this look both quickly and cost-efficiently.

4) Less Mess & Less Intrusive

When you have your windows replaced it involves a window fitting company hiring a skip, arranging skip hire permits, ripping out the old frames & glass, even internal window sills may need removing ready to reinstall new windows. This sounds quite messy, doesn’t it?

When you have your UPVC windows sprayed there is hardly any mess or stress involved. Windows are sprayed in situ, meaning they aren’t removed but rather the window spraying company will “mask off” the surrounding brickwork, and a polythene film used to cover the glass panes. They are then professionally sprayed where they are. Doors are usually removed and sprayed separately, door frames are masked off similar to windows. Any mess is literally the paper and polythene film used to mask off the surrounding areas which is easily bagged up and taken away by the spraying company.

Masking off wall areas before spraying

5) Faster Turnaround Time

If you were to opt for a full replacement of your windows and doors there is usually a long lead time, you first need to choose the style of UPVC, the fitting company then needs to come and measure up. They then need to order the windows and doors to be manufactured which can often take weeks or even months. Once manufactured they then need to remove all old windows and finally install your new ones.

6) Extend the life of your UPVC

By having your windows and doors resprayed you are not only saving money and time but you are also extending their life. By cleaning and respraying using paint with high UV protection and the paint being highly durable to scratches and scuffs, they will continue to look great for another 10 years or more.

7) Many Colours To Choose From.

Spraying companies usually have much more flexibility with regards to the actual colours you can choose for your new look windows. One of the most common ranges of colours is the RAL colour range. You can choose any colour available in order to achieve the look you desire or match an existing colour scheme.

The Process Involved.

There is a fairly straightforward process when it comes to spraying windows and doors. Like most things when it comes to home renovations one of the most important stages is preparation.

Preparation For Spraying

Before the windows can be painted the surfaces of UPVC must first be thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt, dust and grease. This ensures that the new paint adheres correctly to the UPVC. Failing to do this may result in paint peeling off after a short period of time.

Cleaning areas to be sprayed


For any areas where you don’t want the paint to be applied it is important that they are properly masked off. For the surrounding brickwork, a masking paper roll should be used to cover these areas, whereas the actual glass panes of your windows and doors should be masked using a polythene film. Masking is important to achieve that professional finish.


Finally, once all prep-work and masking has been done it’s time to respray your windows and doors. To make sure your finished paint job is smooth it is important that they are sprayed rather than rolled or brushed.

Spraying is usually done in a number of thin coats rather than one thick coat, this is the only way to achieve that professional “high spec” look to your finished windows.

Resprayed window sill


The UK home improvement sector is huge, and there are always new trends. Trying to stay on top of these trends can be expensive. Especially in the case of changing the colour of your windows and doors. Rather than fully replacing them, it is much more cost-effective and time-efficient to have them resprayed. Giving your property a more modern look at a fraction of the cost.

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