Choosing the Perfect Pet for Your Family

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Pets come in all shapes and sizes. It could be something as small as a hamster or as large as a horse. There are some things they all have in common. They need to be fed, kept clean and have their vaccinations and regular vet check-ups. Some will need more exercise than others and these are things you need to consider before deciding on the perfect pet for your family. Let’s start by looking at the two extremes mentioned above.


You cannot buy a horse, put it in a stable and just visit once a week. Horses need to have their stables cleaned every day. They should always have a good supply of fresh water and hay to eat.  They spend a lot of time in their stables and some toys to help occupy them could be good. They should have plenty of room to move around in and a bed that is comfy for them to sleep on. You will find all the things your horse may need, including brushes for grooming and blankets to keep them warm at Equi Supermarket, which as the name suggests is a great place to buy your horse supplies. Horses need to feel loved just like all animals, and if you cannot commit to the time needed a horse should not be an option for your family.

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Hamsters are basically rats without tails. They were first discovered in Syria, although they are found in the wild in many parts of the world.  The two most common types in the UK include golden hamsters. These make great family pets, especially for young children. If you buy the hamster as a baby and give it love from the start, it will get used to being handled. Golden hamsters are fairly solitary creatures and are quite happy to live on their own. Unlike the Russian miniature hamsters, which are also popular in the UK.

These are very social hamsters and they like to live in groups. The problem is that unless you can guarantee they are all the same sex, you will end up with more hamsters than you bargained for.

Hamsters are a great way to teach young children how to care for pets, and for them to learn that it is a big responsibility.

Dogs And Cats

The UK is a nation of dog and cat lovers, although often one is favoured over the other.  If you are considering either a cat or dog as your family pet you have to think about several things to be fair to them. For instance, if they are going to be on their own all day, a cat will deal with that much better than a dog. If you want to be able to go for long country walks with your pet, then a dog should be your choice.

Your lifestyle should be the first thing you consider when deciding what will be the ideal family pet, as if they encroach on that too much and make things difficult for you, you may well start to resent them. Pets should become part of the family and be loved in the same way. Do not consider having one if that is not going to happen.

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