How to Add Value to Your Property: A Guide

adding value to your property

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Whether you are planning on selling your property, looking for ways to add value is a smart investment. You never know when you may wish to move, and by ensuring that your property is continuing to unlock its full potential, you are safeguarding your investment and able to sell and move to a new property whenever you wish to, without much thought. Yet, you will want to figure out the best way to add value to your property and whether you need special planning permission. A loft or basement conversion, for example, may need planning permission.

Are you looking for ways to add value to your property? If so, this guide has got you covered. Read on for tips on how to maximise your properties profit.

Extend Your Home

Extending your property and increasing the size and space of your house is often a failsafe way to increase the value of your property. People are typically looking for a larger property that they can grow into and start a family in, and a well-planned and well-designed extension can turn the humblest of abodes into a dreamy property people are willing to bid over. If you are unsure of how to extend your home, the payoffs of doing so, and what you could do with the added space, be sure to speak with contractors and architects who can help you unlock your property’s potential. Remember that you may need to apply for planning permission!

Add a Veranda

Do not neglect the outside of your home. Your garden holds a wealth of potential, and therefore, you should consider investing in a veranda that suits your home and is a useful but attractive feature. Nationwide has a selection of verandas, including traditional verandas that offer a period aesthetic to your home. Their glass verandas can offer cover from the outside elements while also allowing the sun to shine through. A patio cover like a glass veranda is a great investment opportunity as it offers a comfortable outside area for you to entertain.

Update Your Bathroom

Updating your bathroom so that it is modern and more contemporary can add value to your home. Bathrooms should be optimised and offer comfort while people use them, and a cramped, uncomfortable bathroom can cause frustrations. You can update your bathroom with a few simple fixes such as a fresh lick of paint, updating any tiling, and modernising the bathroom facilities. For instance, if you have a bath but you rarely use it, swap it out and incorporate a walk-in shower instead.

You should also consider adding another bathroom if you only have one main family bathroom already. Adding a bathroom, be it a downstairs toilet or an en suite can add a lot of value to your home. This can be an expensive venture, but the payoff can be immense.  

Your home will have unlocked potential. All you have to do is find the best ways to unleash it so that you can reap the benefits. Your best bet is to ask a professional to evaluate your property so that you have a starting point you can build on.

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