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When you spend a lot of time with a camera in hand, it can become difficult to figure out what to do with the images you take. While some of them may not be fit for use, due to lighting, movement, or other circumstances, some deserve far more than to be kept on an SD card or in a drawer until the end of time. Even though it may be the creation of the photographs that you are passionate about, these can be put to good use if you give them the time and effort that they deserve.

Art for Your Home

When you take photos of your family, friends, or nature around you, there must be something present that inspires you to want to eternally commemorate that moment. Instead of letting it go to waste, these can be used to adorn your home. Not only that, but these bespoke pieces will be totally unique to your living space. You could choose to have them framed as they are, or instead have high quality hexagon photo canvas prints to give more of a modern feel, especially when combined with a background that matches your overall décor. Due to the flexibility of canvas choices, these could sit flat against the wall, or you could even use a box frame, allowing for differing levels of wall art in your rooms.


Another great use for your photographs can be as gifts for special occasions. Any photos you have taken previously, whether they be casual pictures where the recipients were unaware of the camera or even paying homage to loved ones or memories, can be transformed into a unique and thoughtful present. You could also choose to go one step further, making a handmade frame for the photograph to reside in, as part of your gift. These will undoubtedly be loved by the recipients due to the thought and care that goes into their creation.

Public Usage

One other, more unconventional way you can use the photographs you have taken is to build up a small bank of extra money. Selling your photos for use as stock images online allows you to collect a tiny percentage per usage, which can go towards what you wish. This also means that your photographs have the opportunity to be used within the wider world, bringing enjoyment and fulfilment to strangers all across the globe. Even if you have no real use for an image, that does not mean that it has no purpose. It can be incredibly gratifying for a photographer to know that his or her work has value to another, and is being used, even in cases where the recipient is unknown.

While taking the pictures themselves can be a great hobby, it can also be deeply rewarding to know that something has come out of your hard work. Instead of taking pictures simply for the enjoyment and sake of it, you can also ask yourself what role the images can have within your wider life, giving you even more pleasure for every photo you take.

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