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Fashion – How many clothes do two girls need?

Girls and clothes!

I’ve never been a girly girl who loves clothes and fashion so it’s come as a bit shock to me, having two girls who love both. They have more clothes each than I’ve ever owned!

We bought new wardrobes a few years ago and Kaycee still has one with her clothes in but she’s struggling to fit everything. Ella’s wardrobe was put in Aiden’s room last year because he didn’t have room for his clothes in the drawers we gave him.
His old drawers were taken downstairs to the living room and used to store all the craft stuff instead. Ella had 2 sets of pink plastic drawers for her clothes which worked well for a while. They’re quite deep and fit a lot of clothes in. One set was used for her school uniform clothes and the other for her play clothes.

More clothes!

Their clothes seem to have multiplied this summer and it’s not all my fault! Admittedly, I did buy a bag of girls clothes from the charity shop. They were in brilliant condition and I couldn’t say no. Their sister also spoilt them, as usual when they went to stay for a weekend in the holidays!

Add to that, birthday presents containing more clothes and birthday money to buy even more clothes all followed!

The end result is that Kaycee tried to put all Ella’s clothes away and couldn’t fit them in so she tried making space in her wardrobe and that didn’t work either!

Seeing as Aiden’s staying home now (he was planning to go and live with his dad when he was 16) and bedroom plans changed, we’re not going to be getting the big room anytime soon.
We wanted to have made-to-measure fitted wardrobes when we moved into the big bedroom. I’m thinking we might have to have them fitted sooner rather than later so the girls can fit everything in!

The following are my two favourites:

iwardobe made-to-measure fitted wardrobe cream

iwardrobe made-to-measure fitted wardrobe blue


The ultimate dream, for the girls, would be to have bespoke walk-in-wardrobes each! It’s not a dream of mine because I’d never have enough clothes/shoes/bags/accessories to fill even a small one!


This is a collaborative post

New kitchen floor – finally done!!

New floor, yay!!

If you’ve seen my monthly bucket lists posts, you’ll know how long I’ve wanted the new floor in the kitchen. We bought it back in April and it’s been sat in the garage waiting to be laid.

We finally decided to go for it while the girls were away with family and I absolutely LOVE it. It looks so much nicer than the lino that was down. I was really fed up of the floor looking dirty all the time because that lino just wouldn’t come clean.
Add to that the 2 different kinds of lino because of a slight miscalculation and you have a floor that bugged me every time I went in there!

old floor

It now looks like this:


As well as laying the flooring, we made some other changes in the kitchen because we needed more storage.

No more display shelves

We removed the open shelves that I had in the corner, to display the old teacups and saucers and various other items.



They were pretty but a big waste of space so we bought a corner unit and Ant made shelves either side to make it look like it was all built in.


We put the cream shelf unit that was opposite the cooker, outside and Ant made a new built-in unit with a black counter to match the rest of the kitchen.

It’s given us more counter space which we needed and more storage space. We can now store the wash basket under the counter. It did my head in sat in front of the shelves and you had to keep moving it out of the way when you wanted to cook. (It’s not in the following before photo. I’d moved it to the bathroom in order to take a nicer photo. You can see it in the top photo though!)

shelves before new floor

New unit

unit after new floor

It’s a bit lower than the other counters so that it’s easier to knead the dough when Ant’s making pasta. He uses the mixer for the bread dough but pasta is harder, so he tells me and it’s better done by hand.

The counter was a piece he had stored in the shed. When we can afford it, he wants to get a longer piece because he needs a bit more room when making spaghetti!

The floor and storage changes have made a massive difference to the kitchen. We had a space saving table in the middle of the kitchen where the chairs all stored underneath it. It’s now been taken down and put somewhere outside because I didn’t want it anymore. It got on my nerves every time I had to walk around it. It was also annoying with the amount of stuff that collected underneath it. Moving it out of the kitchen means keeping the floor swept and clean is so much easier.
The kids just take their breakfast to the dining table in the living room now instead 🙂

If you’re thinking of making some changes to your living space, here are 15 renovation ideas to give you some inspiration.

We’ve made a start on the new kitchen flooring!

New flooring, finally!

If you’ve read my bucket list posts this year you’ll have seen me saying, (every month since April!) that I want to get the new flooring down in the kitchen.
We finally made a start today but I have to confess to not only getting the flooring down, I’ve decided to decorate the kitchen as well!

I started emptying the shelf unit in preparation for the floor and thought that seeing as I was emptying the kitchen anyway, it would be the best time to get the paint out and freshen it up.

I’ve only washed, sanded and painted the skirting board and door so far but already it’s starting to feel all nice and fresh.

Changes afoot

Ant wants to make some changes to the kitchen; he wants to make a built in unit with a cupboard at the bottom, some shelves above the counter and a proving cupboard above the shelves, in the place where we currently have an open shelving unit.

open shelf unit in kitchen

It makes sense because even though I LOVE the shelf unit, we need more storage space in the kitchen.

He’s also wanting to put in a breakfast bar, (like the one we took out because I didn’t like it!) in the same place as the one we took out!

Breakfast bar we removed

I compromised and said I wouldn’t mind having an island in the middle instead of the table and chairs. The more I think about it, the more I can see his point of view.  It will give us so much extra counter and storage space.

I must admit, I won’t be sorry to see the back of the space saving table. The chairs are not comfy for me and it’s gone very wobbly. It probably just needs tightening but the space it takes up can be put to much better use.

Whatever we decide, the kitchen is going through changes. The most important one, that I can’t wait to see is that new flooring, finally in place!

Updated Stairs Project – Before and After

Updated Stairs

I took ‘before’ photos of my stairs last July because I didn’t like the carpet and wanted to do something fun instead. I scoured Pinterest and found and some wonderful ways to decorate stairs. We decided to paint the steps and wallpaper the risers.

We finally bought the wallpaper and paint last month and Ant’s done the first set of stairs. The middle landing and the stairs round the corner are still to be done but so far, I LOVE it!

It’s taken a few weeks to get these first ones done because obviously, we still have to get upstairs so Ant’s been doing alternate steps and putting masking tape on the ones we can step on.
As expected, people (not naming names but not just the kids and not me!) forgot a few times resulting in footprints in the wet paint that had to dry before they could be sanded and repainted!


Updated stairs project - Carpeted stairs



Updated stairs project - painted and wallpapered stairs

Updated stairs project - painted and wallpapered stairs


It’s so much nicer than the carpet. I don’t have to lug a hoover up each step when they need cleaning. I can now sweep them with a brush and dustpan and give them a wipe with a damp cloth 🙂

Changing bedroom plans, again!

Bedroom Plans

I wrote last year about Aiden turning 16 and going to live with his dad when he’d finished school.

He’s had a change of heart now and has decided to stay with us and go to Lincoln college instead of Derby college.
I’m really happy that he’s staying.

The girls, well, that’s a different story!

They were looking forward to having a bedroom of their own and they’d planned how they were going to have the furniture arranged and the colour scheme they wanted and now they have to share for another 2 years, at least!

I had wanted to get Kaycee a day bed and Ella a cabin bed but now we have to rethink all the plans because Kaycee’s going to need room for a desk to do her homework.

Cabin Beds

We’re going to go with cabin beds that have clothes storage underneath as well as a desk.
I’ve been perusing Pinterest for high sleeper bed ideas and saw quite a few I like.

I like this one for Kaycee

High bed with drawers and desk
Image source –

and this one for Ella

High sleeper with wardrobe and desk

Aiden’s already got a high sleeper with a desk underneath but he rarely uses it and he has another desk in his room so he’d like a bed he doesn’t have to climb up to get in!
I’m thinking of getting him a metal single bed but I’m not sure whether to get black or white. I think he’d prefer black but if I get a white one, we can use it for the girls if needed when he does move out.
I like this one from Bedstar.

Single metal bed
Image source

We need to get rid of a couple of the bookcases and the wardrobes from Kaycee and Ella’s room to create more space for the beds but we don’t get rid of books so we’ll need to try and relocate them somewhere else in the house!

Bedroom plans - Girls room after

I’m not sure how we’re going to fit everything in that they need but Ant’s pretty good at making the best use of space so I’m sure he’ll have some good ideas 🙂

We’re going to let them choose their own bedding so they can personalise their own part of the room. They’ll have to work together to choose new pictures and the curtains will be switched out for new ones. The ones have now are a bit too pink for Kaycee’s liking!

Getting them to work together will be a task in itself as they don’t often agree on anything!

It’s going to be fun 🙂

Before and after – Built in Bookcases :)

Earlier this year the super wonderful husband made me some built-in bookcases in the alcoves at the side of the fireplace.

I’d been fawning over photos of built-in bookcases on Pinterest and couldn’t wait for ours to be done.
As you can see from the post I linked up, it’s taken quite a few months for us to finish the project! That post is from March and we’ve only just got them painted.

I’m even more in love with them now they’ve been painted and are not stuffed to the gills with books!
We’ve had to put up ten more shelves and get another small bookcase to accommodate all the books we took off the built-in shelves and we’re still struggling for book space but that’s what happens when you have two people who love books so much, they can’t get rid of them 🙂


Before - Built-in bookcases


After - built-in bookcase


Before - built-in bookcases


After - Built-in bookcases


Finally!! – Before and After photos -New Kitchen :D

Finally!! – Before and After photos – New Kitchen 😀

At times it felt like we were never going to have a nice kitchen again!
We had to have a new boiler installed when we first moved in (if you’re in need a new boiler, you can get a free, no obligation home survey from 2RED Ltd) then we installed new units, fitted new tiles, put new flooring down, had the entire kitchen re-wired and then decorated.

It took a while and some very hard work, mainly by the super wonderful husband, but we finally did it 🙂
This is a before photo from the estate agent….
old kitchen
and after….
new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen
new kitchen

This is the before photo (taken by the estate agent) of the other side of the kitchen…

old kitchen
and after….
new kitchen
new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen


new kitchen

New Table

I love our new table. It’s the perfect size for the kids to have their breakfast on in the morning and we can have dinner in the evening if Ant’s not back from in time.
When we all have dinner together we have a drop leaf table in the living room 🙂

More Painting To Do

There are still a few little jobs to be done, for example, the shelves need a fresh coat of paint, as does the door and Ant’s going to build me a little bookcase that will fit under the counter near the back door. It won’t be big enough for all my cookbooks but I’ll be able to keep my favourites on there.

100 Times Better!

So there it is, our new kitchen 😀 Not only does it look 100 times better, having a modern kitchen is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, which is something I never had to think about while renting!

Thank you S.W.H. (Super Wonderful Husband)

I can’t finish this post without saying a huge thank you to my S.W.H. who has worked tirelessly, day after day, to get the kitchen done the way I wanted it. Every spare moment he’s had has been spent in there, working away.

Thank you my darling, I love you ZILLIONS xxx

*Apologies for the rubbish quality on some of the photos. Seems I can sometimes take good pics on the iPhone, sometimes, not so much!

Kitchen update – not quite done yet!

We tried really hard to get the kitchen finished for today before my best friend came to visit. I was mopping the floors at 1am! I’m shattered today but it was worth it to see it looking nice and clean, even if it’s not all finished.
Ant’s worked till way past his bedtime most nights (he’s not a night owl like me!) on the tiling and it’s looking really lovely 🙂

I’m so pleased with how it’s coming along and I think I should have the before and after post by Thursday at the latest.

Before Jo arrived, Kaycee and Ella helped me put together our new table and chairs.


It’s the perfect size for the kitchen and it was a bargain as we received £100 love to shop vouchers from the housing association we used to rent from for leaving the house in good condition so it only cost us £25 🙂
It was from Argos and after worrying I wasn’t going to like it, I now love it after seeing it in place.

The kids are back at school tomorrow after the bank holiday today so I should be able to get everything in place while Ant does the last few jobs he has on his list 🙂

*EDIT* May 6th 2014.
Had to share because this is so annoying and I need to rant! I know it’s no one’s fault but still, it helps to have a moan!!
I received an email asking me to review my Argos purchase. I did the review and went to check the other reviews only to notice the table is now only £99.99
It was seriously annoying, especially when we wanted to buy it from Homebase to begin with because we had a 15% off voucher; they couldn’t order it for me for some reason so we checked online and found the same table in Argos.
We were like, oh well, Argos will get our money instead, even if we have to pay a bit more. It felt a bit like we were sticking our tongues out and saying to Homebase, nah nah na nah nah, you’re not getting our money ‘cos you wouldn’t help us! Then we find out Argos and Homebase are the same company!
Just to end my rant, it was even more annoying that the 2 shops are quite near each other here in Lincoln and Homebase couldn’t order the table for delivery and didn’t carry it in stock whereas Argos had it available for collection the same day but at a higher price because they weren’t doing the 15% off promotion.

Actually, saying it’s no one’s fault is not quite true because if I hadn’t been so eager to buy the table, only to have it sit in the box in the living room for a couple of weeks while we worked on getting the kitchen done, we’d have been fetching it round about now and would have got it for £99.99

I’ll remember this in the future when I’m too eager to go shopping!!

Nearly there….new kitchen!

My super wonderful husband has worked non stop for days on our kitchen and it’s nearly done 😀

The units are in, the counters are in and the shelves are up. Tomorrow he’s going to be making a start on the tiling and he has a couple of cupboard doors to make.
I started unpacking and putting stuff away yesterday then today I got to do the fun part….dressing the shelves and deciding where my new pictures and things were going to go 🙂

I found some gorgeous tea cups and saucers when we were sorting through all Ant’s boxes that have been in the loft for the last 10 years and I couldn’t believe we’d had them all that time and I hadn’t seen them!
I absolutely love them and they were the first items I put on the new shelves.

The shelves need re-painting but I’m waiting until the summer holidays when the kids are away with family before I do all the painting that needs doing. I’ve got loads of shelves and the new bookcases either side of the fireplace to paint and it’s easier to do that when there are no kids about.

I can’t wait to share my before and after photos. It feels like we’ve been without a kitchen for ever and that light at the end of the tunnel is quickly getting brighter.

Here’s a little peek at one of my new purchases 🙂


Kitchen chronicles – We have a floor!

You may recall we’ve been without a proper kitchen for just about the whole time we’ve had the house and at times it has really got us down.

The last few days, however, has seen Ant slaving away, getting it emptied, a radiator removed, the floor down and today we started papering the walls 🙂


The paste is still wet which is why it looks patchy!

It finally feels like we’re on the way to getting a proper kitchen and I have to say I’m beyond excited!
Argos are delivering our kitchen units on Tuesday and Ant will be fetching the worktops from B&Q ready for the kitchen to be installed (by him) at the weekend. After that his last job will be to buy and fit the tiles 🙂

I really cant wait to get unpacked properly and make it all pretty!

In another couple of weeks we should have a normal house, one where rooms aren’t used as storage for items from other rooms and where I’ll be able to hoover the carpets and mop the floors without having to shift boxes/books/white goods to be able to get to the floors!

I do have the sheds and greenhouse to sort out as we’ve been using them to store more boxes but the majority of that will be garden stuff that needs to stay in the sheds and a few more bits for the loft.


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