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Maybe a kitchen hurrah instead of a woe!

If you saw my post yesterday you’ll know all about our kitchen!

After some comments about shopping around I checked out Ikea and other places.

Our dream would be to have a brand new kitchen, fully fitted by professionals but the budget won’t stretch to that just yet so we were looking at the cheapest options we could find when I remembered Argos had fitted kitchen packages.

After lots of measuring and working out, we reckon we could have a new kitchen, fitted by us for around £700.
If we can save that before July 24th this year it’ll only be £600 because Argos have a special offer on where you can save £105 off the Athina 5 piece package when you buy another Athina item 🙂

Here’s what we’ll get for our money…


The sink is included in the package 🙂

Considering that at the moment all we have is a small wall cupboard, a corner wall cupboard, a single base cupboard under the sink and a corner base cupboard, oh and a small base cupboard that only has one door because it was part of the fitted hob unit which we had to remove, the storage we’ll get from the above will be wonderful!

Our plan at the moment is to install open shelving on all available space but if we can plan on getting this before July to take advantage of the offer then I’ll only put shelves up that I know are going to be in place long term because I don’t want to ruin the wallpaper we’ll be putting up soon!

I’m started to feel excited about the kitchen again!

Even if it’s not brilliant quality it’ll be fine until we can save enough to have a kitchen installed professionally 🙂

My kitchen woes!

Im sharing my kitchen woes with you! As you probably know, we’ve not had the best of times with this new kitchen. When Ant started to get it ready to connect our electric range cooker he noticed the wiring looked a bit dodgy. He got an electrician out who informed us that the whole kitchen needed re-wiring. It wasn’t even earthed for goodness sake!

Kitchen Woes

We then had to get the lino and plywood up from the floor and remove cabinets so the electrician could do his thing.
Before the electrician could actually do his thing, though, we had to phone British Gas to get something upgraded (don’t ask me what, I have no clue, I just know it cost a lot). This meant we were going to be without a kitchen for longer than we had anticipated because we had to wait for the company British Gas put us in touch with to do their thing. We then waited for the electrician to be able to fit us in to his very busy schedule.

Kitchen woes - our kitchen at the moment - cupboards removed, no flooring and basically very messy!
We’ve moved that cupboard to a different wall; you couldn’t use the door because of the boiler!

Still No Kitchen!

It turns out, we’ve been without a proper kitchen for the whole time we’ve had the house and it’s got to get done now because we just can’t live like this for much longer.
When we moved in, the plan was to take out the breakfast bar, hob and oven, put our range cooker in, wallpaper, paint and unpack.
As I’ve found out, things don’t always go to plan!

Ant got the corner unit put back in and the counter which gave us a bit more space to move and he also got the washer and dryer in and a counter over the top so I was able to unpack a few boxes which gave us breathing room in the living room.

Removing Tiles

I started taking the tiles off yesterday and panicked a bit when the wall underneath started coming off in big chunks with the tiles.
I Instagrammed a photo of the door frame where I’d been working and said I should have Googled, ‘how to remove wall tiles’ before starting but when I did go and Google how to remove tiles, it seems there’s no other way to do it and it’s common to have to re-plaster after removing tiles 🙁

Kitchen woes - took the tiles off and the plaster came off with them

So I carried on doing what I was doing and I’ve now got a kitchen that looks like this…

Kitchen woes - the cupboard is back but the walls need plastering


Kitchen woes - big chunks of plaster have come off the wall


Kitchen woes - I made a right mess of the window sill when I took the tiles off!
Yes, I do live next door to a builder and no, our budget won’t stretch to hiring him, even though I’m sure his prices are very reasonable!

I don’t think a tub of Polyfiller is going to be enough to fix it this time!

Not Panicking!

You’d think after seeing those photos I’d be panicking a little, or a lot, wouldn’t you? Surprisingly, I’m quite calm and the reason for this is because I’m totally refusing to think about it anymore!

It’s got to be fixed and re-tiled now before I can do any wallpapering so tonight I’ll crack on with glossing the woodwork and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that we have enough in the budget to actually go and buy the tiles!

New Kitchen Design

We’ve decided to go to B&Q and get them to design a new kitchen for us so we can get an idea of the amount we’ll need to save to get rid of these old units.
I was going to paint them but the cupboard paint and cabinet paint sprayers are not in the budget so we’ve decided to live with them like this until we get the new kitchen.
We’re most probably going to fit it ourselves because it’ll save a lot of money and Ant can turn his hand to anything so hopefully, we’ll have a new kitchen sometime next year 🙂

Shower room – Before and After

This is our new, girly pink, downstairs shower room and we love it 🙂 Aiden, not so much!










There are two things I would have done differently if I were decorating this room again…..I would have bought the silvery lino and gorgeous pink flowery towels I saw in B&M when we first started shopping for the new house.

We decided to use the blue and white lino in the kitchen, upstairs toilet and bathroom and decided that it made sense to take it from the kitchen and into the hall and shower room.
I do like the lino and there is a bit of blue in the flower pattern on the tiles so it’s not completely out of place but I think the silvery lino would have made it perfect for me.

I can’t see the towels I liked on the website so I’m not sure if they still have them but I’ll have another look next time I go, just in case!

We’re going to be decorating the kitchen over the weekend so hopefully by this time next week I’ll have a kitchen again and it might start feeling like we’re actually getting somewhere!


Kaycee and Ella’s Room – Before and After Photos

This was going to be our room but after talking it over with Ant we decided it made more sense for the girls to have the biggest room because they had the most stuff!







After all their complaining about not wanting a pink bedroom, they did a u-turn and loved the bedding and curtains that their Nanny gave them!
Since these photos were taken they’ve added some stickers to the walls that they chose from B&M and we still have their new pictures to put up so I’ll take more photos when we get them up 🙂

Update – Aiden’s room – Before and After Photos

A quick photo update before bed as I’m shattered, as usual!

Aiden’s room before



After –

Apologies for the rubbish photo, I forgot to check it before moving on to the next one. It was unlike me, I usually take 2 or three to make sure I get a good one!



The ottoman was going to stay there under his desk so I was going to paint it dark blue but I’ve moved onto the landing now so I think I’m going to paint it cream and put a new green cover on the top to match the carpet.

I’ll be back, tomorrow hoepfully, with before and after photos from the girl’s room 🙂

New bathroom and toilet (Before and after photos)

The keys to the old house have been handed in today finally and thankfully! so I can now start to get this house organised into a proper home 🙂

We cut it very fine with the old house; Ant and I finally finished the cleaning close to 10pm last night and we were exhausted.
It was thanks to my family that we managed to get everything done and words cannot express how grateful we are to them all.

So on to the decorating!

We’ve decorated the whole house except for the kitchen, which had a bit of a disaster when we found out it needed completely re-wiring. The kitchen is the next priority now we’re finished at the old house and after having a rest day today, I’ll be making a start in there 🙂

I finally got the upstairs bathroom done after Ant got rid of the rest of that wallpaper and it looks so much brighter now it’s painted white.
I still have to get all the red grout out and re-grout it with white but that’s a job for another day, when the kitchen’s been sorted!







The toilet is tiny and it was painted a dark lilac colour. We painted it magnolia and it looks much better.

I’ll be back, soon hopefully, with the bedroom and shower room photos 🙂


New house – decorating update

We’ve had the keys for a week now and even though we’ve been busy all day, every day for that week it doesn’t feel like we’re making much progress.

The plan was to work on one room at a time, get it decorated then unpack, starting with the bathroom. That turned out not to be very practical because I had to keep waiting for different jobs to be done by Ant that I couldn’t do; he still has to go to work so he’s fitting in as much as he possibly can after work and on the weekends.

So as it stands now, the bathroom is stripped but we’ve not actually got any more done in there. We need to paint the walls and fit new lino. We also need to clean that light fitting.
I’m going to be working on the bathroom tomorrow and hope to get it all finished apart from the lino 🙂

The toilet is just about done, I still need to gloss the door and we need to pick new lino because I don’t like the brown lino that’s down. At some point, Ant’s going to build a storage cupboard on the back wall above the toilet.

Aiden’s room is done, I just need to get his furniture in now and unpack 🙂 I love his carpet, we got an off cut from Carpet Right for £50.

Kaycee and Ella’s room just needs the carpet fitting which Ant is probably doing as we speak so we’ll just need to get the furniture in there and unpack (note to self, take a photo when the room has been cleared, not when it’s full of junk!).

Our room (currently being used as a storage room!) just needs the walls washing and the carpet cleaning so once the bathroom is painted and lino fitted, that’ll be all the rooms upstairs done.

Actually, after writing all that down, it does finally feel like we’re making progress and I reckon it’s going to come together all at once and we’ll be taken by surprise when it’s ready to move in!

Bathroom wallpaper – Gone

I was so glad to see the back of that bathroom wallpaper!

The S.W.H. (super wonderful husband) spent time last night getting rid of the last of the wallpaper that I couldn’t reach and I felt so much better when it was done.

I spent most of the afternoon finishing off the stripping in Aiden’s room then last night I painted all the woodwork in there. Well, I say all the woodwork, after I packed away I noticed that I’d forgotten to do the strip of wood above the window that the curtain track is attached too so I have to do that today. I may also have to give some of the woodwork another coat because it’s hard to make sure it’s done properly without natural light.
The woodwork look loads better now; the paint that was on had gone a horrible yellow colour and you could really see the difference between the radiator and skirting boards when it was done. The radiator was on so I couldn’t paint it last night. I’ll be doing that first thing this morning!


We were just going to paint the walls but as you can see from the photo above, there’s a fine covering of some sort on the wall and it’s a nightmare to get off so we’ve bought some textured wallpaper that we can paint instead of painting straight onto the wall.

We got a great bargain on the carpets we bought yesterday. Because the rooms aren’t too big we were able to get remnants. We got a lovely stripey carpet for Aiden’s room for around £50 and a cream one for Kaycee and Ella’s room for £60. We also got lino for the kitchen for £70. We both love the new lino and I can’t wait to see it down 🙂

Making progress

The bathroom wallpaper is still only half off of the wall and it’s starting to do my head in now! It’s the worst paper to strip that I’ve ever encountered and I really will be glad to see the back of it.
We ended up going to B&Q and buying a wallpaper stripper; it sped the job along and hopefully today we’ll be rid of that wallpaper!



The tile grout is red so we have to scrape it out and re-grout it.


It’s a slow job!

The girls are having the biggest room because they have the most stuff! They’re going to be choosing the colours they want to paint it, today. They want to help paint so I’ve promised to get the woodwork done before the weekend so they can help paint the walls on Saturday 🙂
They’re having new carpet so Ant and I off to CarpetRight soon to see what they’ve got.


Aiden’s got the smallest room but even though it’s only a few centimetres bigger than what he has now, it’s square rather than oblong and it feels much bigger. His furniture will fit with a bit of space to spare!
We’re leaving the black desk for him to do his homework on and will probably put some shelves up above it.
He’s also having new carpet so we’ll choose that today as well.



The toilet just needs a lick of paint. We’re going to paint it magnolia to brighten it up a bit.

Our bedroom has lovely wallpaper that just needs painting. We’ve been very lucky, we’ve not got to strip many walls because they’re mostly decorated with textured wallpaper that’s paintable 🙂
The carpet in our room is fine so we’re just going to give it a clean to spruce it up a bit.



I got loads done yesterday.
Aiden’s room is nearly stripped; Ant just has to get the bits round the top of the wall that I can’t reach! I removed all the desks and just have to sand the woodwork today so I can it painted.
When Ant and I went downstairs last night we walked into the kitchen and straight away both said that we could smell gas. Ant went and switched the gas off at the meter and I called British Gas who sent someone with about 20 minutes of the call. I was very impressed!

It turned out the hob was leaking so he had to cap it off. It’s a good job we weren’t planning on using the hob and oven that came with the house because it now needs removing.
I’m very pleased I’ve got my range cooker and we don’t have an unexpected expense of buying a new hob!

Well I’d best get ready to go shopping for new carpet 🙂



Now the hard work begins!

I LOVE our new house

I LOVE our new garden.

I’m so excited to be making a start today on turning our new house into our home 🙂
Today I’m going to be stripping the wallpaper off the upstairs bathroom walls, sanding down the woodwork and hopefully getting the woodwork painted 🙂

I forgot to take photos of the upstairs yesterday but here are the downstairs photos 🙂

We’re going to be painting the cabinets a nice cream which will do until we can afford to buy either new doors or a new kitchen.


We’re going to be having a new boiler fitted and I’m hoping we can get a smaller one and have it moved so we can use the cupboard!


The breakfast bar is being removed so we can fit the tall fridge, washer and dryer along that wall.


Ant’s going to box the sliding door in so I can have my shelf unit in that space.
This is looking from the kitchen door into the hall. To the right is the downstairs shower room and straight ahead is the under stairs cupboard



I can’t wait to have all the coats and shoes shut away instead of in full messy view like we have them now!
Living room. The fire doesn’t work and is too dated anyway so we’re taking it out.


This is the other side of the living room. Ant’s building me an entertainment unit along the back wall 🙂


My wonderful garden!


I’ll be back with proper garden photos on Thursday when I’ll be linking up with the lovely Mammasaurus 🙂
Right, I have to get to work.
Now, where’s that sandpaper?!


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