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Bringing Celebrity Style Into Your Office #MyChairStyle

Whether you have a large stylish London office in a huge building or a cosy office in the smallest room in your house, you can easily bring some celebrity style to it.
We can spend around 2000 or more hours a year in the office. This is why it’s important you make your office space comfortable, a place where you enjoy being and one which helps enhance your productivity.

Choosing Your Office Furniture

Firstly, you need to decide what kind of furniture you need; obviously, a chair and a desk is a must but what about other furniture you may need? Think about how you use your office. Is it just you or do you have meetings with clients or other members of the workforce?
Do you want a comfy sofa for a more relaxed meeting or a table and chairs to keep things formal?

office furniture

It all needs to look professional but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring in some fun aspects to the design. Leather has been popular with celebrities this year, for example, Chrissy Teigen chose a black leather jacket, boots and handbag to wear with a gorgeous pink floral dress.
To bring this look into your office, choose a luxuriously comfortable black leather chair from, add a couple of squashy black leather sofas then bring in some bright floral wall prints and brightly coloured cushions to add that pop of colour, like Chrissy, did with her dress.

Chrissy Teigan wearing leather and floral from Want Her Style blog
Source –

Storage Solutions

Keeping your office space looking professional means keeping it clean and free of clutter. A bookcase can be a great feature in an office. It provides storage but also allows for a few carefully selected decorative items to be displayed. This helps us personalise the space and in turn, means we’re happy to spend time there.

Choosing Your Accessories

From desk lamps to photo frames, there are plenty of ways to add your own style while keeping things professional.
Different kinds of lighting can create different moods so think carefully about your needs before you buy. Too bright overhead lighting can have a negative effect on us.
Where at all possible, natural lighting is best but if you work into the evenings you’re going to need a nice lamp or some wall lights.

desk, phone, indoor plants, pink lamp, candles

Scented candles, indoor plants and fresh flowers can all make our workplace feel and look great. Some indoor plants even help clean the air we breathe which can only be a good thing!

Celebrity Style

Check out the infographic for more ideas on how to bring celebrity style into your office.

Furniture at work infographic on celebrity style

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The Living Room Is Finally Decorated :)

It’s finally finished and I have the living room before and after photos 🙂
It took us longer than we thought it would but we got there in the end! We had a few problems along the way with the wallpaper, both the patterned and plain paper.
The first two sheets of the patterned paper went up quite easily according to Ant. The third sheet proved to be a right pain and we nearly ended up taking it off and starting again.
Each sheet after that needed a bit more preparation than usual to make them stick to the wall.

Running Out Of Paper

When we came to the last wall I realised we weren’t going to have enough paper. This wouldn’t have been a problem if we hadn’t bought it over 2 years ago when we first talked about papering the living room!
We went to B&M to see if it was a standard paper that they kept in stock but of course, it wasn’t. Ant had to find the closest match. Luckily we were painting over it with light grey emulsion anyway so you can’t tell the difference now it’s done 🙂
Talking of painting with emulsion, I saw one of those home decorating shows the other day and the guy was painting the walls in one of the rooms with a paint sprayer. I didn’t know you could use them inside the house, it would have made the job so much easier and quicker!

Anyway, we love the finished result, which is all that matters.

Living Room Before And After Photos

Living Room before
living room after
Living Room before
Living Room after
living room before
living room after
Living Room before
Living Room after
Living Room after

Fireplace At Night

fireplace at night
fireplace at night

Redecorating the living room – finally!

I started planning on decorating the living room in January when Christmas was over. Once the decorations come down I start feeling like I want to change things in the house. The living room is first on the list, closely followed by the bathroom.

Redecorating The Living Room

We painted all the rooms magnolia when we moved in just to make it easier and faster. We planned on decorating properly within a couple of years but that didn’t happen.
I vowed that this would be the year and since we bought a new (to us) 3 piece suite from the charity shop I figured it was a good reason to decorate. Our old sofa suite was cream leather and looked really lovely. It was great because we could use any colour but the downside was the temperature.

It was always cold when I first sat down in the morning. I’m a person who is cold 99% of the time. Having to sit on a cold chair when I had just woken up wasn’t good for me!
In Summer I had the other problem of sticking to the chair if I wore strappy tops because the leather would make me sweat.

New Sofa Suite

When I saw our lovely cream and light green 3 piece suite at the charity shop I had to have it. We’d been looking for a 3 piece suite that had a 2 seater sofa instead of a 3 seater. We wanted to swap the room around so Ant and I could share the sofa instead of sitting next to each other on chairs and this set was perfect.

The problem we then had was the red theme of the room. You’ve all heard the saying, red and green should never be seen except upon a fool, I take it?
I couldn’t ignore the red and green colours any longer!

green glass bowls and candles

Bargain Wallpaper and Curtains

We got some great bargains on the wallpaper, curtains and throws.
The wallpaper was marked at half price on the shelf. When we got it to the checkout it had been marked down to half price again so we got it for £2.50 a roll instead of £10 a roll.

The curtains were also on sale so instead of paying £29.99 for the large pair and £14.99 for the small pair, we got both pairs £14.49. I was very happy with my bargains!

There are many home decor retailers and online stores who deal in living room curtains. To order the living room curtains, first determine that either the store or online shop offers what you need and place the order to satisfy your needs.

decorating the living room


Nanny has some lovely crystal chandeliers in her hall which inspired me to look for some for our living room. We have two ceiling lights in the room. The one over the dining table is a ceiling fan light which is great in Summer.
After looking at lots of different styles I decided a chandelier and a ceiling fan just wasn’t going to look right. We ordered a similar ceiling fan and Ant fitted it the next day.

I still wanted some lights and crystals in the living room so when I saw some twig lights with hanging crystal decorations I snapped them up! They’re really pretty and look lovely on the fireplace hearth.
I needed some vases to put them but couldn’t find any I liked until I saw some glass jars in Asda. I filled them with green glass stones to hold the twig lights. I’m really pleased with them and can’t wait to finish the decorating so I can start using them!

twig lights

glass jar


We don’t have a door into the hall as we took it off to make more room in the living room. This means the living room kinds of flows into the hall.
Ant suggested we should paint the hall the same colour as the living room. We’re going to count it all as one big decorating job. This means we’re going to need new lighting which also means I can have Crystal hall lighting instead of in the living room 🙂

Candles and Succulents

Last year when we were making the raised bed in the garden I fell in love with succulent plants. While shopping for new candles for the fireplace I noticed the trend this year seems to be fake succulents. I was tempted to buy some for the fireplace hearth but decided real plants would be a much better option so I bought 3.

They’re lovely and I’m going to take cuttings so I can get more plants for free 🙂

succulents and candles

Now the only thing we need to do is to save for a smart TV and look into buying a smart home hub. Ant likes his technology so we’ve been looking at which smart TV to get and find the right hub that will let him control everything from his phone 🙂

Decorating The Living Room

January always makes me want to change, update and organise things and this year is no different. I’ve been wanting to decorate the living room for a while now. I kept putting it off, but this is the year we’re going to do it.
We bought a new three piece suite a few months ago that has a hint of green so that’s going to be our new colour scheme.

Decorating The Living Room

I’ve been window shopping on sites like B&M, The Range and Argos today, looking for inspiration. I created a new Pinterest board to save my favourites and it’s made me eager to get started!

decorating the living room
Click the picture to be taken to my Pinterest board

We picked the keys up to our home on 20th January 2014 which means the magnolia we put on temporarily has been on for 4 years!
The idea was to get everywhere painted with magnolia then update each room as time and money allowed.

We could have decorated the living room before now but to be honest, every time I thought about how much work it’s going to take, it has put me off! I always told myself we’d do it next year whenever the thought entered my head!

This Year Is The Year

I’m not putting it off anymore! I’m going to start shopping soon and hopefully, we’ll have everything we need to do the job around about Easter.
Kaycee’s going on holiday with her friend at Easter and Ella’s going away for a few days with her sister, Kellyann.

It’ll be much easier to get it done if they’re out of the way 🙂


Time For A Change – Updating The Girls’ Room

Time For A Change


I’m bored with all the rooms in this house. We’ve been here nearly 4 years and it’s all still magnolia. Except for the shower room. That is now a dark grey and I love it! It’s not a usual colour choice for me, I’m usually more reserved but, I went for it and it paid off! I still hate the old pink bathroom suite though and can’t wait until that’s gone!

I was inspired to start updating the house after reading an e-book that gives you hints and tips for redecorating and renovating by making small changes.

One of the rooms that bug me the most is the girls’ room. They’ve have been complaining a lot just lately about not having enough storage space in there. They have bookcases stuffed full of books, ornaments, and craft kits. There are drawers and a wardrobe for clothes storage as well as a desk for Kaycee to do her homework on and a bed each. It sounds like ample storage but they have too much stuff!
The amount of furniture in the room means it isn’t easy to change things around.

Updating Bedroom

Last week I decided we had to do something about the storage problem. After talking to Ant, we came up with a plan for him to build loft beds with clothes storage and desks underneath. Something like this one but Ant’s going to design them to our needs.

change bedroom - loft bed with wardrobe, desk and storage
I love this idea and have pinned lots of images on Pinterest but with Christmas coming, I didn’t want to start a big expensive project.
With this in mind, I figured we could make lots of small changes now that would have a big impact on the way the girls use the room. It’s a temporary solution until next year but it’s already making a massive difference.

One of the easiest ways to refresh a bedroom and make it feel like new is to change the colour scheme. The curtains and bedding the girls have at the moment are very pink. They’re growing up now so I wanted to pick a more grown up colour scheme.

New Wardrobes, Bed, and Bedding.

The first thing I did was hit eBay to find some cheap, black canvas covered wardrobes. They have a small space for hanging things and lots of shelves. Kaycee’s wooden wardrobe was huge and took up quite a bit of space but the amount of actual storage was rubbish.
We’d taken out Ella’s wardrobe last year so we could fit Kaycee’s desk in when she started secondary school. Ella was then left with two sets of pink plastic drawers for all of her clothes.

homework station makeover challenge

When the wardrobes arrived, we put the first one together and realised that I hadn’t measured properly and they weren’t going to fit in with the two beds we have.
The only solution was to buy new beds so I ordered a cheap set of bunk beds from eBay and waited for them to come.

I didn’t have to wait long! They were dispatched on Saturday and came yesterday (Monday). They’re purple and I love them! I’ve been looking at bedding from Julian Charles. There’s a lovely lilac set which will go perfectly with the beds. They have matching curtains as well which is great. I like the curtains to match the duvets!

Julian Charles bedding with lilac flowers

Painting The Walls

Another cheap and easy way to renovate a room is to paint the walls so our next project is to take them to choose paint. We’ll probably get some wall stickers and new pictures as well to complete the look.

I can’t wait until it’s all finished. I’ll post photos later in the week showing our progress 🙂


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Shower Room Makeover – Before And After

Shower Room Makeover

We’ve never really liked the pink fittings in the shower room. We’re saving up to have them changed but until then, we’ve decided to embrace the pink!

I’ve been searching Google and Pinterest for ideas on the best way to decorate a room with pink fittings.

I can’t say I’ve ever thought about decorating with grey. When the first coat had gone on the walls, I have to admit that I got a bit worried.
I asked Anthony if he thought we should go and buy the lighter grey that we’d seen at B&M but he said I should wait and see how it looked when the room was done.

He was totally right because I absolutely LOVE it!


It always looked messy because there wasn’t enough storage. Only one of the cupboard doors opened which was annoying, especially for me because I can’t bend very well due to having a bad back. I couldn’t reach into the far corner of the side with the fixed door.

Shower Room Makeover Before and After


Taking the doors off opened up all that storage space and looked so much better.

Shower Room Makeover Before and After


The paint didn’t cover very well when we first did it. You can’t see it on the photo, but when you go in the bathroom you can clearly see it looks all cracked.

Shower Room Makeover Before and After


We stripped off the wallpaper and painted the wall directly. It covered much better.

Shower Room Makeover Before and After


This corner always looked grubby, no matter how many times it was cleaned.

Shower Room Makeover Before and After


I love it now, it always looks clean!

Shower Room Makeover Before and After


You can see how this set of shelves got everything dumped on them. I really didn’t like it and was happy to see it gone!

Shower Room Makeover Before and After


It’s so much easier to get out of the shower without the shelves in the way 🙂

Shower Room Makeover Before and After

You can read more about shower systems here

Shower Room Makeover Before and After

My favourite new addition to the bathroom has to be the shelves Ant built. They’re perfect for our needs 🙂

Shower Room Makeover Before and After

I love reed and essential oil diffusers. This black reed diffuser was a cheap one from B&M. I bought it because it was black; I don’t usually buy cheap ones because they don’t usually work very well, but this one makes the bathroom smell wonderful.

Shower Room Makeover Before and After

Shower Room Makeover Before and After

I know these wall stickers have gone out of favour, but I still love them!

Shower Room Makeover Before and After

Shower Room Makeover Before and After

The room was done on quite a small budget. Most things were bought at B&M. The wall stickers were from eBay and the wood for the shelves came from B&Q.


  • Grey Emulsion Paint – £10
  • White One Coat Gloss – 10.99
  • Off Cut Lino – £20
  • You Only Live Once Picture – £1.99
  • Crystal Towel Ring – £5.99
  • Crystal Toilet Roll Holder – £4.99
  • 4 Pce Bathroom Set (soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, cup, soap dish) – £5.99
  • Wallpaper – £2.50
  • Overdoor Hanger – 3.99
  • Bathmat – £3.99
  • Shower curtain – £5.99
  • 3 Pce stacking baskets x 2 – £2.99 for 3
  • Medicine caddy – £2.49
  • Reed diffuser – £1.00
  • Shower head – £5.99
  • Bin and toilet brush – £5.99
  • Glass heart clip jar – £1.99


  • 10 Pce towel bale – £13.99
  • Flower hair girl wall sticker – £3.49
  • Fairy wall sticker – £5.49
  • Shower track hooks and gliders – £2.69


  • Conti Board – £27.50
  • Fixings – £6.00
  • Fascia tape – £15.00

Approximate total cost – £175

Homework station makeover challenge

Homework station makeover challenge

Kaycee’s been given a budget to take part in a homework station makeover challenge. She was really excited when we took her shopping and got her to pick out all the things she wanted 🙂

homework station makeover challenge

We recently changed rooms around so we could fit a desk in her room for when she started secondary school. We scavenged some things from other parts of the house, like the desk tidy from my desk and a pot of coloured pencils Aiden no longer needed but her desk was a bit empty and boring.

homework station makeover challenge
Homework station BEFORE

This is what she bought

homework station makeover challenge

homework station makeover challenge
Homework station AFTER

homework station makeover challenge

homework station makeover challenge

homework station makeover challenge

homework station makeover challenge

homework station makeover challenge

homework station makeover challenge

She loves all her new things and seeing her standing desk has also made Ella more interested in doing her homework! She’s asked Kaycee if they can share the desk. Kaycee agreed as long as Ella promises to keep it as tidy as it looks now!

Thanks to Action Storage who provide lockers for schools.

Fashion – How many clothes do two girls need?

Girls and clothes!

I’ve never been a girly girl who loves clothes and fashion so it’s come as a bit shock to me, having two girls who love both. They have more clothes each than I’ve ever owned!

We bought new wardrobes a few years ago and Kaycee still has one with her clothes in but she’s struggling to fit everything. Ella’s wardrobe was put in Aiden’s room last year because he didn’t have room for his clothes in the drawers we gave him.
His old drawers were taken downstairs to the living room and used to store all the craft stuff instead. Ella had 2 sets of pink plastic drawers for her clothes which worked well for a while. They’re quite deep and fit a lot of clothes in. One set was used for her school uniform clothes and the other for her play clothes.

More clothes!

Their clothes seem to have multiplied this summer and it’s not all my fault! Admittedly, I did buy a bag of girls clothes from the charity shop. They were in brilliant condition and I couldn’t say no. Their sister also spoilt them, as usual when they went to stay for a weekend in the holidays!

Add to that, birthday presents containing more clothes and birthday money to buy even more clothes all followed!

The end result is that Kaycee tried to put all Ella’s clothes away and couldn’t fit them in so she tried making space in her wardrobe and that didn’t work either!

Seeing as Aiden’s staying home now (he was planning to go and live with his dad when he was 16) and bedroom plans changed, we’re not going to be getting the big room anytime soon.
We wanted to have made-to-measure fitted wardrobes when we moved into the big bedroom. I’m thinking we might have to have them fitted sooner rather than later so the girls can fit everything in!

The following are my two favourites:

iwardobe made-to-measure fitted wardrobe cream

iwardrobe made-to-measure fitted wardrobe blue


The ultimate dream, for the girls, would be to have bespoke walk-in-wardrobes each! It’s not a dream of mine because I’d never have enough clothes/shoes/bags/accessories to fill even a small one!


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New kitchen floor – finally done!!

New floor, yay!!

If you’ve seen my monthly bucket lists posts, you’ll know how long I’ve wanted the new floor in the kitchen. We bought it back in April and it’s been sat in the garage waiting to be laid.

We finally decided to go for it while the girls were away with family and I absolutely LOVE it. It looks so much nicer than the lino that was down. I was really fed up of the floor looking dirty all the time because that lino just wouldn’t come clean.
Add to that the 2 different kinds of lino because of a slight miscalculation and you have a floor that bugged me every time I went in there!

old floor

It now looks like this:


As well as laying the flooring, we made some other changes in the kitchen because we needed more storage.

No more display shelves

We removed the open shelves that I had in the corner, to display the old teacups and saucers and various other items.



They were pretty but a big waste of space so we bought a corner unit and Ant made shelves either side to make it look like it was all built in.


We put the cream shelf unit that was opposite the cooker, outside and Ant made a new built-in unit with a black counter to match the rest of the kitchen.

It’s given us more counter space which we needed and more storage space. We can now store the wash basket under the counter. It did my head in sat in front of the shelves and you had to keep moving it out of the way when you wanted to cook. (It’s not in the following before photo. I’d moved it to the bathroom in order to take a nicer photo. You can see it in the top photo though!)

shelves before new floor

New unit

unit after new floor

It’s a bit lower than the other counters so that it’s easier to knead the dough when Ant’s making pasta. He uses the mixer for the bread dough but pasta is harder, so he tells me and it’s better done by hand.

The counter was a piece he had stored in the shed. When we can afford it, he wants to get a longer piece because he needs a bit more room when making spaghetti!

The floor and storage changes have made a massive difference to the kitchen. We had a space saving table in the middle of the kitchen where the chairs all stored underneath it. It’s now been taken down and put somewhere outside because I didn’t want it anymore. It got on my nerves every time I had to walk around it. It was also annoying with the amount of stuff that collected underneath it. Moving it out of the kitchen means keeping the floor swept and clean is so much easier.
The kids just take their breakfast to the dining table in the living room now instead 🙂

If you’re thinking of making some changes to your living space, here are 15 renovation ideas to give you some inspiration.

We’ve made a start on the new kitchen flooring!

New flooring, finally!

If you’ve read my bucket list posts this year you’ll have seen me saying, (every month since April!) that I want to get the new flooring down in the kitchen.
We finally made a start today but I have to confess to not only getting the flooring down, I’ve decided to decorate the kitchen as well!

I started emptying the shelf unit in preparation for the floor and thought that seeing as I was emptying the kitchen anyway, it would be the best time to get the paint out and freshen it up.

I’ve only washed, sanded and painted the skirting board and door so far but already it’s starting to feel all nice and fresh.

Changes afoot

Ant wants to make some changes to the kitchen; he wants to make a built in unit with a cupboard at the bottom, some shelves above the counter and a proving cupboard above the shelves, in the place where we currently have an open shelving unit.

open shelf unit in kitchen

It makes sense because even though I LOVE the shelf unit, we need more storage space in the kitchen.

He’s also wanting to put in a breakfast bar, (like the one we took out because I didn’t like it!) in the same place as the one we took out!

Breakfast bar we removed


I compromised and said I wouldn’t mind having an island in the middle instead of the table and chairs. The more I think about it, the more I can see his point of view.  It will give us so much extra counter and storage space.

I must admit, I won’t be sorry to see the back of the space saving table. The chairs are not comfy for me and it’s gone very wobbly. It probably just needs tightening but the space it takes up can be put to much better use.

Whatever we decide, the kitchen is going through changes. The most important one, that I can’t wait to see is that new flooring, finally in place!