Absolutely LOVE My New Studio!

I have a wonderful new studio where I can work on the blog, make brilliant(!) paper creations and photograph said creations without having to find somewhere with a nice background.

Since getting my Cricut earlier this year, I was slowly taking over the dining room table, bookcases, shelves and basically, that end of the room!
I bought an organiser trolley from Hobbycraft for my Cricut Maker as I got fed up with having to keep putting it away when dinner time came.

Hobbycraft rolling organiser

I also bought two other trolleys from Hobbycraft so I could organise my craft supplies a bit.
However, it got to the point where I really couldn’t fit anything else in the living room and the dining table was more of a craft table than somewhere to eat.

Ant’s Office

When we moved in here, Ant set up his office in the garage. We never planned to use the garage for the car and he needed all the space for all his computer ‘stuff’!

As time went on, the office got filled up with anything and everything and it was so cold in there during the Winter that it stopped being used.
The only time Ant had to go in there was to see to the server.

My New Studio

We decided to empty Ant’s office and turn it into an office/craft room for me. We’ve been trying to get it done all Summer but something always seemed to come up to stop us.
Finally, about 3 weeks ago, I decided to take the week off volunteering at the charity shop and use the time to get the office emptied.

Before Photos

Ant's office before I claimed it as my own!
ant's office before
Ant's office before the transformation
Ant's office before
Ant's office before

After Photos – My Lovely New Studio!

New studio
New studio - office desk and crafting desk

I haven’t got the monitor connected to anything yet. The plan is to set up a computer especially for use with the Cricut. At the moment I’m using a phone and whilst I can use it to make projects I’ve saved, I find it easier to create and make the projects on the laptop.

New studio - storage shelves

I love the A4 paper storage shelves. They were from Amazon and only cost about £12, I think. They’re very sturdy.

New studio - photo staging corner

This is my photo corner. I need to iron the background and sort out the one on the bench as it’s just loosely folded at the moment.

New studio - comfy chair and quilling storage

This is the old chair that I used when working in the living room. We got a new electric recliner and this one got put in the garage until we decided what to do with it.
Now it has a purpose again and I glad we found a use for it. I know it’s not the best looking chair but it’s comfy and that’s all that matters!

New studio - most important part - the coffee machine!

This is the most important corner because it houses my new coffee machine given to me by my lovely friend who does the weighing with me at Slimming World every week.

I love not having to go inside every time I need a coffee.

New studio - office desk
New studio - crafting corner - Cricut machine storage

This is my crafting desk. It is so wonderful to have everything to hand when I’m paper crafting.

New studio - crafting desk
New studio - office desk

Please excuse everything that is on the outside of the window; the covered bbq patio is out there and at the moment it is currently full to the brim with everything that came out of the garage!

I love it all so much, I’m even happier to be working from home now!

Don't be shy, come and talk to me! :o)

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