How are Himalayan salt lamps made?

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Himalayan salt lamp

Salt lamps are made from Himalayan salt, which has a lovely light pink colour to it. The salt has been stored underground for millions of years. The salt is extracted deep underground as a chunk of salt. The local people hand-carved the salt into the shape of the lamp, the inside is also hollowed out for the lighting fixture. Once lit the light will travel through the salt to give it a beautiful orange glow, it will add character to any home.

Salt lamps also come in different colours such as white and grey ones. You can also purchase salt lamps that are carved into the shape of a heart, leaf, flower, and much more. As each salt lamp is handcrafted you will have a one of a kind lamp.

Himalayan salt candle holders

If you don’t fancy a salt lamp and you are a candle lover you can also purchase Himalayan salt candle holders which looks just as stunning when lit.

What do people use them for?

Many people that practise yoga or meditation will use these lamps in their meditation room as it brings a relaxing feel to their space. These salt lamps also make a perfect nightlight, as the light is not too bright. People that struggle from anxiety or depression will use these lamp to help them relax.

These lamps can be used in most rooms in the house except for the bathroom, as the salt attracts too much moisture from the air. Salt lamps have gained popularity over recent years due to the health benefits associated with them.

Himalayan salt lamp

Salt lamps health benefits

People believe that salt lamps create negative ions, which can be beneficial for people’s health. It is believed that these negative ions reduce electromagnetic frequencies that emit from electrical goods. The negative ions can also help reduce dust, pollen, and dirt from the air. A salt lamp will help clean the air in your home.

People that struggle with asthma or breathing problems will use these in their homes. Salt therapy has been around for a very long time, using salt therapy is something similar to the use of a salt lamp.

Himalayan salt lamps

Measured by weight

Salt lamps are measured by weight, and the smallest lamp weighs around 1 kg. These lamps are perfect on a coffee table or on the mantlepiece. The largest salt lap goes up to 50 Kg, this would be a free-standing lamp and it is huge.

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