It’s been a busy day – now to relax!

Busy Day

I’m shattered. It’s been a busy day.
I spent the morning volunteering at the charity shop and the afternoon working on craft tutorials for a craft advent I’m doing on my blog. I have brain ache now because I’ve been at the computer for so long!
We’ve managed to get about 8 crafts done and I’ve got all the photographs resized and ready to upload. I’ve written up 6 of the tutorials but I need a break now!

While I was working, I put a Christmas movie on and let myself get excited because it’s only 4 and a bit weeks until Christmas! The husband and the son think it’s too early for me to be watching Christmas movies. To prove them wrong, I’ve watched 3 and a half of them today! We had to switch the 4th one off because the girls had to go for a bath and Kaycee didn’t want to miss it. She’s hooked on Christmas movies like me 🙂

Talking of Christmas movies, I treated myself to Holiday Inn on DVD yesterday from Sainsburys. It was only a fiver but I got it for free. I doubled up my Nectar points and used them in the Entertainment section.
I also got a new book to add to the Christmas Book Advent we do. I’m not telling which book I bought though; Kaycee has started reading my blog and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

busy day - Holiday Inn

I’ll have to get more crafts done tomorrow afternoon if I want to have all the tutorials written in time. For now, I need a break from the PC and I’m off to watch more TV with the husband. I don’t think we’ll be watching anything Christmassy though!

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