It’s A Wonderful Life Christmas village

Best Christmas movie ever

It’s A Wonderful Life is my most favourite Christmas movie ever. In fact, it’s my most favourite movie ever!

I did a search on Ebay for It’s A Wonderful Life to see what kind of things were available. While browsing, I saw something that I have to have. I mean, it’s not just an, ‘I really want it’, it’s an ‘I have to have it!’

It’s a Christmas village featuring buildings and figurines from It’s A Wonderful Life and I LOVE it! I’ve been wanting a Christmas village for years. I saw a lovely one last year but it was out of stock. Having a IAWL Christmas village would be my ultimate choice!

Ant did some investigations for me and found that the pieces were sold at Target in the ’90s. I’m so jealous of all those people who were able to buy pieces for the set every year. If I lived in America, I’d set up an online petition to get them to start selling it again!

I’ve got some screenshots of a few of the buildings and figures. I’m not sure how many there in total but I know I’m never going to be able to afford them all.
If I had to pick just one that I could have, it would have to be the old Granville house 🙂

It’s a wonderful life Christmas village

It's a wonderful life the old Granville house
The old Granville House
It's a wonderful life Uncle Billy
Uncle Billy
It's a wonderful life Mr and Mrs Martini's house in Bailey park
Mr. and Mrs. Martini’s house in Bailey Park
It's a wonderful life Harry Bailey
Harry Bailey
It's a wonderful life George pulling Clarence out of the water
George pulling Clarence out of the water
It's a wonderful life George Bailey and family
George Bailey and family
It's a wonderful life Bedford Falls bridge
Bedford Falls bridge
It's a wonderful life Mr Potter
Mr. Potter
It's a wonderful life Bedford Falls boarding house
Bedford Falls boarding house


I’ve been hooked on anything miniature since my mum and dad took me to a miniature village when I was a child. It makes sense that if I were to have something miniature, it would have to be a Christmas village!

While searching YouTube for Christmas villages, I found this video. I love the editing at the start 🙂

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