Tips for updating your teenager’s bedroom

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As your children get older, the cutie-pie spaces that they slept in as babies and toddlers will need to be updated and brought more into line with their developing personalities.

Living with teens can be stressful at the best of times, but there are ways to approach the redecoration of their space that can bring you closer together and leave everyone feeling happy.

Let them express themselves

Chances are that you had all the say when decorating your child’s room when they were younger, so this is a chance to give them some responsibility – something that might stick with them when they fledge the nest and have a home of their own to think about.

Discuss colour schemes, decorations, and what furniture they want to have included. Once you’re all agreed, you can work towards the common goal of making it a special space.

Give them their privacy

Having time all together as a family is important, but privacy is also crucial in allowing kids to discover who they want to be.

While you might love sitting down to a gardening programme, not many teens do, so why not allow them their own TV in their room. You can perch it on a sideboard to add extra storage, given how much stuff youngsters tend to accrue! If you’re worried about screen time, there is always some bargaining to be done!

Create a workspace

desk in the bedroom
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As kids enter their teen years, pressure ramps up from school as they enter periods of exams that can be crucial to the next steps they will take with their lives.

As many of us have discovered while working from home amid the Coronavirus pandemic, separating your workspace from your living space can be crucial to bolstering mental wellbeing as well as working productivity.

The same goes for your youngsters. The kitchen table or the sofa might not be the best place to unlock their creativity or give them the calm needed to solve something tricky. A proper workstation, with a good desk, comfortable chair, and any other items they need could unlock their full potential.

Remind them you’re there

Not in a ‘we’re always watching you’ kind of way – that wouldn’t go down too well! Keep some family photos on the walls or in frames to remind them, despite the teenage rebellion, they’re still loved by you and you’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

Bringing the love might just help the next time you need some chores doing around the house – after all, that’s what family is for, right… right?!

If it’s time to update your teen’s space, how will you make it a special place together?

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