Ideas For Your North Pole Breakfast

We’ve only been having a North Pole Breakfast for a few years but it’s one of the new traditions we’ve adopted that the children most look forward to.
It’s always one of our advent activities and is set for a different day each year so it’s a surprise. Some families have a set date, for example, when the elf on shelf arrives at the start of December he or she brings the North Pole breakfast.
I usually just get Christmas shaped things from things from Tesco or Asda, but I want to put a bit more effort in this year so here are some North Pole Breakfast ideas I’ve found on Pinterest.

North Pole Breakfast Ideas

Christmas Shaped Pancakes

Metal cookie cookers can be used to make Christmas shaped pancakes.

Christmas shaped pancakes

Rudolph Pancakes

These Rudolph pancakes on Kidspot are a great idea for your North Pole breakfast.

Rudolph pancakes

Christmas Tree Cinnamon Swirls

I love this cinnamon swirl Christmas tree on Food 52.

cinnamon swirl Christmas tree

Snowman Milk Drink

KayCee used mini doughnuts for the snowman’s head and she covered them in icing sugar. The eyes and mouth were going to be chocolate chips stuck on with a little icing but they wouldn’t stick very well because of the icing sugar so we used cloves. Just be sure to remove them before your child eats the doughnut! The buttons are chocolate chips and I got the carrot noses from the home baking section at Tesco.

doughnut snowmen milk bottles

Gumdrop Christmas Tree

I saw these gumdrop Christmas trees on Pinterest and clicked through to the blog post on Hoosier Homemade. I love them and want to try making them this year.

North Pole Breakfast Ideas - Gumdrop Christmas trees by Hoosier Homemade
Image belongs to Hoosier Homemade

What delicious delights do you have for your North Pole Breakfast?

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