Katto Chef Knife Review

Katto chef knife with rosewood handle
Katto Chef Knife with an Olivia handle
This is a collaborative post

My husband, Anthony, has a thing for chef knives. He’s always on the lookout for the perfect knife and he was very jealous of our daughter, KayCee’s brand new knife collection she got when she started her college course to become a professional chef.
Because of this, I knew that both of them would be very interested in trying out a brand new Katto chef knife and I was sure there was going to be some tension between them when it came to who was going to claim it!

Katto Chef Knife

Katto knives are handcrafted from Japanese steel and sustainable wood. You can choose between walnut, beech and rosewood for the handle.
Ant chose rosewood and we both agree, it looks great.

To keep your knife in top condition, you can buy accessories such as a sharpening stone, chopping board and knife rack.

Sturdy Packaging

Katto packaging

The chef knife came in a very sturdy box which we’ve reused to store odds and ends! Anthony, especially, is really against the throw-away culture and always tries to reuse things rather than throwing them away.

Inside the box was a penny stuck to a piece of card. There was an accompanying card which read:

What’s with the coin?

According to a centuries-old superstition, the gifting of a knife is thought to constitute bad luck as it represents a ‘cutting’ of the the relationship between the gift gier and the receiver.

To compensate for this, givers and receivers of knives began exchanging coins as a symbil their friendship.

And seeins you’ve already given us a few coins, we thought it right to return the favour.


The knife now belongs to Anthony and he’s even engraved his initials on it!

He’s been trying it on everything, from herbs and roast meats to spring onions and tomatoes. He said if a knife can slice through a very ripe tomato without squashing it, it’s an excellent knife.

As you can see, he thinly sliced through some tomatoes with ease so it passed the test!

Thinly sliced tomatoes

Another of his tests is slicing into bread dough before it’s baked. He used to use a razor blade when making his bread but now he uses his Katto knife. He was very impressed when he first tried it.

Bread dough in a loaf tin

The Katto knife has now become Anthony’s go-to knife for all his cooking needs!

We’d like to thank Katto for sending the wonderful knife for us to review. All opinions are our own and honest.

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