Hay on Wye – Part 4 – Spoilt by the S.W.H!

Hay-On-Wye Part 4

Our little cottage, Ty Bychan was very cosy and the perfect place to come home to after a day browsing the bookshops or out walking.
I loved sitting by the log fire reading my book.

The super wonderful husband did all the cooking for us all week. I love when he cooks; he always takes such care to create something that looks great and tastes absolutely delicious.
When we go on a family holiday I do the cooking like I do at home and he does the dishes because there isn’t usually a dishwasher so it was lovely to be cooked for all week.
I didn’t even mind doing the dishes, although he did offer to do those as well!

On our anniversary we ordered a Chinese takeaway as a treat so he got a night off cooking as well ๐Ÿ™‚

Hay-On-Wye Part 4 - steak, potatoes, salad and wine
Steak with a caramelised red onion sauce, new potatoes, salad and yummy bread and butter. (I don’t eat this kind of bread or have real butter often because of being on the Slimming World diet so this was a treat!)
Hay-On-Wye Part 4 - pasta and garlic bread
Chicken and noodles with garlic bread


Hay-On-Wye Part 4 - pasta, salad and bread rolls
An absolutely gorgeous mushroom and bacon pasta that didn’t need the bacon! The mushrooms were wonderful and I want the S.W.H. to make this for me again soon!


Hay-On-Wye Part 4 - Egg and potato hash
This egg and potato dish was very comforting after a day spent walking by the river Wye ๐Ÿ™‚
Hay-On-Wye Part 4 - Chinese takeaway
My favourite Chinese food, sweet and sour chicken, beef chow mein and chips followed by a pineapple fritter. Heaven!

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