What We’re Watching On Netflix & NowTV In February

We’re all caught up with Grey’s Anatomy on NowTV and are having to wait for the new episode every Wednesday. It’s the same with Criminal Minds and we only have a couple of episodes of Madam Secretary to catch up on so we had to find something new to watch.



When we had the full package with Virgin we watched the first 2 seasons of Scandal. We hadn’t known it was available and didn’t get to see any other season before it was taken off.

We both really enjoyed it so we were pleased to see the box sets available on NowTV.

NowTV Scandal


Our number one choice on Netflix at the moment has to be Friends. I wrote about how I had the box set for Christmas then all 10 seasons became available on Netflix!
We’re on season 4 four now and usually manage to watch a couple of episodes each night.


The OA

I watched the first episode of The OA the other day. It’s totally my kind of show and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

Netflix The OA

Stranger Things

I watched season 1 of Stranger Things last year without Ant for some reason. I can’t remember much about it so I’m planning on watching season 1 again before starting season 2. This time I’ll see if Ant wants to watch it with me.

Netflix Stranger Things


I haven’t started watching Dark yet but I will be doing very soon. It’s been likened to Stranger Things so I’m probably going to like it just as much.

Netflix Dark

Also, Mrs Mummy Harris has some great recommendations for things to watch on Netflix while on maternity leave 🙂

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