Yowu Headphones: Listening in Style

Girl wearing Yowu headphones

Recently, using cat ear headphones has become a growing trend among gamers, including several popular Twitch streamers. It’s easy to see how these creative products have caught on because of their bright, eye-catching aesthetics. I liked the distinctive look of these headphones, so I was curious enough to buy Yowu’s Cat Ear Headphones 3S.

Yowu cat headphones

From what I understand, the 3S has received some upgrades from the previous formula used for Yowu headphones. From a technical standpoint, this product does have some fairly advanced features. Its Bluetooth model supports aptX audio technology for lower latency and immersive, crystal clear sound quality. Latency can be the cause of irksome issues such as unwelcome audio lag.

Since this product has been fairly popular within the gaming community, eliminating audio lag should be a major plus for online multiplayer communication. I’m happy to report that my experiences using this product while playing League of Legends felt smooth and seamless. Furthermore, the headphones’ built-in app control allowed me to adjust sound quality to fit my audio preferences. I was able to choose a sound mode that kept me immersed in the game with no outside distractions. The headphones also have a built-in stereo microphone that allows wireless online communication.

Girl wearing Yowu headphones

Despite its great sound quality, the main reasons people will buy this product are its design and visual appearance. There are several reasons why I would choose this product over cat ear headphones manufactured by brands such as Axent or Windfall. First, the Yowu 3S’s design is sleeker and more organic. The headphones look more stylish and symmetrical, and their impressive appearance can be enhanced with LED lighting customization. I enjoyed changing the colors and lighting effects of my headphones. It was difficult to settle on just one because all of them look striking and dynamic.

Second, Yowu’s headphones will give you the most bang for your buck. Users have complained about Axent’s sound imbalances, particularly when bass is involved. In contrast, I felt like the $100+ dollars I spent on Yowu headphones were well worth it for the mix of sound quality and visual ingenuity in one package. The 3S doesn’t just look great, but it also performs impressively. I was thoroughly satisfied with its sound quality and battery performance. I appreciated that I could use Yowu headphones for hours without needing to charge them.

Girl wearing Yowu headphones

Lastly, I’ll say a few things about the headphones’ ergonomics. They sat comfortably on my face during use and they folded easily for storage after I finished using them. They come with a headphone bag, so you won’t have to worry about buying your own bag or finding a cranny to store them in.

Most people may be looking for aesthetics over quality when they buy cat ear headphones, but Yowu’s 3S shows that it’s not too much to ask for both. If you’re committed to listening to music, video content, or game audio in style, Yowu’s headphones are a worthy competitor to any Beats headphones or AirPods on the market.

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