How to utilise a box room

Box room - dressing room
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Box rooms can be awkward to style. The space is often too small to function properly as a bedroom or living area. There is hardly enough room for a double bed – let alone wardrobes and a dresser. However, a box room can actually be the perfect solution to some of the challenges with your property. You might need more space to work from home or a storage cupboard for all your gym equipment.

Here are a few ways you can make the most out of your box room.

Walk-in wardrobe

Turn your box room into the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams. Ideally, the box room should be next to your main bedroom, but it can work elsewhere too. Paint the room white and install fitted wardrobes along both sides of the room. Add a few LED strip lights under the cabinets in the wardrobe for an extra special touch. Finish the room with a plush carpet and a narrow bench in the middle of the room. You need somewhere to sit down and put your shoes on, after all.

A home office

In the pandemic, we started working from home at the kitchen table or a makeshift desk. If you work remotely on a permanent basis, it’s time to make a proper home office. Turn your box room into a luxurious workspace for you and your ideas. You can have a wooden desk, industrial lamp, colourful bookshelf and much more. Make your office a productive space with no room for procrastination. Go online for home office inspiration and try something a little different.

A small en suite

Everyone needs another bathroom in their home. Say goodbye to sharing a bathroom with your other half, and hello to a luxurious en suite. You could have a free-standing roll-top bath with beautiful white tiling throughout the room. Have a look at a few different layouts for the bathroom, and make the best decision for your home. Decorate the bathroom with plenty of candles and build a storage cupboard for all your beauty products.

A snug

If you have older children, it might be time for a second living area. Make the box room into a snug with a big TV and video game console. Decorate the room with a reclaimed wood wall and graphic prints. Go for a deep emerald sofa and soft carpet to make the room feel extra cosy. Your children can play video games, watch movies and hang out with their friends. Everyone needs their space from time to time.

Make your box room into a room you need in your family home. You might need a new playroom for a baby or a craft room for your new Etsy business. Look at the priorities and demands of everyone in your family and make a decision from there.

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