The Best Activities for Making Family Memories

These days, everyone’s lives are so busy that finding the time to make family memories can be difficult. This can be made even harder when it involves pleasing a wide age range and varied interests.

Although the prospect can seem daunting, there are things that can be introduced into family life that are sure to create some lasting memories for everyone. 

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1) Start a Family Hobby 

Finding a hobby that everyone enjoys is a really great way of making some lovely family memories. Not only are hobbies all about doing something enjoyable, but they are engaging, which assures quality time away from the distractions of social media. 

Choosing a hobby that will result in the creation of an object that can be displayed in the home makes a beautiful representation of those happy times. 

2) Make a Family Tradition 

No matter what the scale, having a family tradition is a really great way of ensuring some quality bonding time. 

It could be walking the dog together, or cooking pancakes on Sunday mornings. No matter how small, special traditions are sure to make some wonderful family memories.  

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3) Cook a Meal Together 

Many studies show the importance of eating together as a family; it helps to promote communication, healthy eating habits and strengthens family dynamics. A way of turning mealtimes into a great family memory is by involving everyone in the cooking process. This will help children learn about food while creating a meaningful memory.  

4) Have a Movie of the Week 

Dedicate one night of the week to watch a family film. The choice of movie could alternate between the parents’ and kids’ choice. Not only does this give the opportunity for a cosy night in, but it also allows everyone to share their views on the film and its characters. 

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5) Host a Family Book Club 

Once all the family members are able to read, or at least listen to stories, why not make a family book club? Choosing one book a month and get everyone together to discuss it helps to promote communication, critical thinking and academic development. 

Check out the BBC Blue Peter site for a great list of book suggestions. 

6) Take a Trip Where Everyone Feels Like a Child 

Of course, family holidays are a great way of making meaningful memories, but there is something really special about going to a place that feels magical to the whole family. There really is nowhere that is able to do this quite like Disneyland. 

From rides to meeting favourite characters, the memories that are made are sure to last a lifetime. Disney Orlando tickets for the family is a great way of saving some money and missing out on those long queues. 

Disney Orlando
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7) Get into Nature 

Making time to get out of into nature can be really beneficial for child development while being a great way of getting quality family time. Choose an activity that everyone will enjoy, from camping to biking, to petting zoos. Just try and leave the screens behind and enjoy a little adventure together.

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