Advice For Teaching Your Child To Drive

It is a moment that every parent worries about, but there will come a time where your child will want to learn to drive. Although it is scary to think of them out on the roads, there are also a lot of positive feelings because it will give them so much independence – it will also stop them relying on you for lifts so much too! As a parent, you can help them by showing them the ropes and supervising while they are practising what they learn in their lessons. This can be a stressful experience for all, so here are a few tips which should help.

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Arrange Temporary Insurance

The first thing to do is to arrange temporary insurance, whether this is temporary learner insurance or arranging temporary insurance for yourself in their car. This ensures that they are practising legally and that you will be covered if anything happens behind the wheel. You can get a quote for temporary insurance cover online and this can usually be arranged quickly and for just one day through to a month.

Demonstrate The Basics

Before they get behind the wheel, it is a good idea to take them out and to demonstrate the basics – most people switch off when they are a passenger, which means that they often do not think about the basics of driving. You can also allow them to sit in the driver seat and explain to them what everything does.

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Find The Right Place To Teach

You will then want to find the right place to teach them the basics. This should be somewhere that is quiet, away from traffic and with plenty of space – large private car parks at a quiet time in the day are usually a good choice.

Go Slowly

Everyone remembers how stressful and confusing it was when you first get behind the wheel. This is why you need to go very slowly at first and walk them through the first steps of setting the mirrors, starting the car, accelerating and braking.

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Communication will be key in this stage, so you need to allow them to ask any questions that they have and provide feedback. You also need to remain calm when they are driving – it may be difficult, but stress will only make them more nervous and create a negative environment which can be hard to learn in.

Gently Push Them Forward

Much like teaching someone to ride a bike, you need to be able to gently push them forward without forcing them into a situation that they are not ready for. Once they have got the basics down, you can then think about introducing them to more day-to-day situations, such as a drive around the block.

Teaching your child the driving basics can be a highly stressful experience, but hopefully, these tips will help. Their lessons will be important for learning new skills but it is helpful if you are able to supervise so that they can get the basics down and then practice what they have learned after each lesson.

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