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A Short History of Air Conditioning and Air Conditioners

ceiling fan

How many air conditioning units do you have installed in the various facets of your everyday life? Do you have one in your car? How many are there in your home? How many in your office space or, just in general, in the place you work at?

Chances are that there is a handful. We all depend on our AC systems to keep our brains from boiling over and out through our ears when the suffocating heat of summer rolls along. But how much do you actually know about these ingenious devices? We did a little digging and put together this interesting overview of their history. Jump right in!

In the ancient days

The oldest thing that was any little bit similar to the modern solution has been found in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians are credited with inventing lots of stuff we use today – even perfume, which you can read about in this article.

They would moisten some reeds by trickling water into them and then hang them over the windows. The breeze going through these moist reeds would be nicely cooled, plus it kept the air in their homes humid, which you can imagine was a lifesaver for these folks living in the desert.

If you boil the idea of air conditioning down to its barest essentials, however, you will find that it has been applied even in the prehistoric age – our cave-dwelling ancestors did have enough brains about them to come up with the concept of using snow, ice, and cold water to cool off. Gathering ice in the winter and then storing it in a cold place to save for use in the summertime became a legit business in the late seventeenth century, and then sometime later the “ice harvest” was replaced by mechanics, i.e. by the ice-making machines.

In our own times

The first electrical air conditioning unit is credited to an American engineer and inventor called Willis Haviland Carrier. He was hired by a printing plant from Brooklyn, NY to solve an application problem, and for this job, he started playing around with different ways of humidity control.

He developed the cold water coils system in 1902, and in the 1920s the air conditioner became adapted and marketed for home use. About a decade later, in 1933 to be precise, his business, the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America, revised this model and significantly improved it.

They introduced a condensing unit, driven by belt mechanics, with an associated “blower”, added an evaporator coil to the system, and enabled it for mechanical controls.

To read more about Willis Haviland Carrier and his famous invention, check out this link:

air conditioning units

The modern AC solutions still follow this model and its basic science, although, admittedly, with much more sophisticated mechanization and many more physical and electronic components.

Nowadays, the elements that have become mandatory considerations include factors such as quieter performance, energy efficiency, more environmentally friendly materials, sophisticated electronic sensors, advanced vapor compression systems, delicate diagnostics, and more seamless, more convenient controls.

In order to improve the quality of air conditioning services and make them more environmentally conscious in our severely polluted twenty-first-century reality, the U.S. Department of Energy and other equivalent legal bodies throughout the world have consistently been setting progressively more demanding efficiency standards, driving a significant decrease in meaningless consumption of energy.

As a consequence, many of the biggest manufacturers of air conditioning systems have really put their heads, wallets, and resources together, and have increased their SEER rates (i.e. their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to significantly above the latest standards. This let them achieve the quadruple goal of making their business better for the environment, helping their customers save on energy costs, building their own reputation, and ultimately getting better sales.

The new wave: smart air conditioning

Aiming for even better efficiency rates and even greater convenience, developers and manufacturers have turned their attention to the thermostat. The traditional mechanical contraption that our grandparents had mounted on their walls has been replaced by the sleek diagnostic and control tools that we see in modern homes.

These neat gadgets render the adjustments of the air flow systems and compressors automatic, using microprocessors. This allows us to change our air conditioners’ settings and adjust their various functions remotely, be it from another room or from the other side of town or state. All we need is a computer connected to a stable internet signal, or a web-enabled mobile phone (which basically everyone has these days, one or the other, in some shape or form). You can even arrange to get alerts via email or text message when you need to replace a filter or arrange a routine inspection.

One ambitious possible plan for the future is to make the smart AC units and their related thermostats connect to the electric grid on the local or even national level. This would allow each unit to adjust its functions according to the relevant geography, and homeowners could regulate their systems in real time, in accordance with the changing weather conditions.

The wide-scale significance of AC units in homes

Air conditioners make more of an impact than just making our lives more comfortable in the summer heat. We already covered some of those above, in terms of energy efficiency and increased environmental awareness on the part of the manufacturing companies. But there is more.

According to the Energy Information Administration of America, about eighty per cent of American homes have an air conditioner installed, and these are, for the most part, “central system” unit types. This is actually an enormous number and a very important trend: it changed even the prevalent architectural design in the modern world.

Thanks to air conditioners, we can have a house without a porch, terrace, or balcony, or an office without any windows. They also enable people to settle, live, and work in areas with a terribly hot climate and uncomfortably humid atmosphere.


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Essential Winter Road Trip Tips for Families

A road trip is always exciting and fun but for it to be successful, it should also be planned carefully, especially in winter when the weather and road conditions create more risks and hazards.

Winter road trip

Make an emergency road kit

No one likes to think they might hit a problem on their trip, but it is always best to be prepared. You might hit inclement weather, suffer a mechanical problem, or be involved in an accident. Your emergency road kit should contain a minimum of the essentials but can also be tailored to your own specific requirements. It is important that your kit contains the items to keep you safe and warm until help arrives as well as items to warn other motorists your car is disabled.

Give your car a checkup

Your car should be roadworthy before any trip, more particularly so if you’re taking a long drive so you need to do a car safety check. It is advisable to visibly check your tyres for tread wear and also check they are at the right pressure. Oil and water levels should also be checked. If you are unsure you can book a check over by a mechanic. One way to avoid any uncertainty, and to also avoid extra wear on your own vehicle you might consider leasing a car. Intelligent Car Leasing is a car lease company providing lease and contract hire deals to personal and business customers throughout the UK.

winter tyres

Keep the kids entertained

No one wants to take a trip with fractious children in the back seat. It would be nice to think that little ones would fall asleep and remain so for the majority of the trip but in reality, children will need to be kept entertained. Plan this before you go, and you will have a much more pleasant trip. It is a good idea to let the children decide what forms of entertainment they want to take along but also have some ideas of your own for when they are bored of the book, music or video game.

Change your wiper fluid

Winter roads tend to be a lot muckier than roads at other times of the year. The weather is wetter so there is more moisture and debris thrown up by other traffic hitting your windscreen. The weather is also inclement and changeable with a greater chance of rain, fog/mist, and even snow. Driving, on any length of trip, demands good visibility which means keeping the windscreen clear and clean. Check your wiper fluid and top up if necessary, before setting off.

check your windshield wipers and wiper fluid

Look at the temperature

The temperature is an important factor in planning a winter road trip as is the weather forecast for the areas you will be driving through. Your car and tyres need to be able to cope with any changes from mild to extremely cold, from dry to ice or snow. Also, make sure you and your passengers have dressed appropriately. It is a good idea to have some blankets with you in the event your car heating system stops working, you break down or get stranded.


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Fun and Easy DIY Woodcraft Ideas for Home Décor

Have you become totally bored with sitting around the house during these long, cold winter days? Sometimes it seems like the sun is never going to shine again and in frustration, you’ve decided it’s finally time to do something about creating a whole new look in your home. Maybe it’s just the living room that needs to be redecorated and other times it’s the kitchen, the dining room, or even the bedrooms which have lost much of their visual appeal over the years. While you know it will take more than a new coat of paint or a change in furniture, you can’t quite decide how to embellish each room for maximum effect.

Put Those Scraps of Timber to Good Use

How many times have you finished some kind of home renovation project only to be left with sizeable pieces of timber that just sit around in the garage or workshop waiting to be tossed in the trash? Why not take out that new coping saw you got for Christmas and put it to good use? You can actually craft a lot of your home accessories from scrap bits of wood or timber. If you aren’t quite sure what kinds of wood would work best for the crafts you have in mind, you can always get DIY help from Savoy Timber. Woodcraft is a hobby you will soon become passionate about. You can do all sorts of things with literally any kind of wood! No matter what kind of wood you have, there is a way to use those scraps, so don’t be afraid to ask for help when starting any DIY woodcraft project.

Creative Uses for Sliced Logs

Remember that tree you took down just before the heavy snows set in? The large trunk is still sitting in the back garden waiting to be cut up and taken away in the spring. Why not get out the reciprocal saw and slice it into segments several inches thick? These can be sanded and used for a wide array of crafts. You might consider making the largest slice into a coffee table or end table for the living room while those of a smaller diameter can be sealed and used as a stepping stone path through the garden or up alongside the drive for a unique walkway. It’s amazing what you can do with that old tree and before you know it, there’s little or nothing to be carted away!

scrap wood

How to Use Those Extra Bits of Construction Timber

Do you have a table saw? This would make these kinds of projects fast and easy. Perhaps one of the most popular crafts made from extra bits of construction timber are those lovely wood planters you see outside homes around the countryside. You can either craft those that stand on the ground or window boxes to be hung outside your windows to bring the bright colours of flowers up to where they can be easily seen inside and out. You can make raised garden beds for your vegetables or you can make a potato box to be used indoors or outdoors throughout the year. It’s simply amazing all that you can do with just scrap bits of timber you didn’t need for that loft conversion.

wooden planters

Woodburning Décor

Here is a woodcraft that you can do almost anything with. From taking a footlong piece of construction timber to make a wall hanging to using your coping saw to make round coasters for under glasses and mugs, woodburning is the art of burning decorative patterns into the wood just prior to glazing or sealing it. You will often see hanging wooden signs in quaint, rustic settings but today they have become hugely popular in home décor as well. Sometimes you’ll see sayings such as “Home Is Where the Heart Is” burnt into the wood and other times you’ll see geometric patterns or floral embellishments, depending on the level of artistry and craft the woodworker is capable of.

Never a Scrap to Waste

Some ambitious home wood crafters actually take those bits of spare lumber and build such things as doll’s houses for their girls or wooden ships or cars for their sons. You can make everything from wooden balls with a router to be used as knobs or you can use a mitre saw to make picture frames to hang your kids’ diplomas and awards in. Why limit yourself to what you can do with woodworking crafts? From candle holders to door stops, if you have wood and a few different saws, you can create a whole new look while entertaining yourself on those cold winter days. And, if you’ve scraps left over? Use them to kindle the fire in the fireplace. Don’t waste a single scrap. If you have timber, there’s a use for it for sure!

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Long Distance Movers Near Me – steps to Choosing the Best Moving Services

cartoon man carrying a box on his back

If it is the first time for you to look for a moving company and want to make the best choice, you are in the right place. By courtesy of, we have prepared for you a guide with the criteria to keep in mind when choosing people to help you.

  1. The first step is to make an accurate inventory of what you want to move. This way you will know the services you need. Do you want to move the large closet in the bedroom? Maybe you need people to disassemble it and reassemble it in the new location. Move ceramic vases or painting on the hallway? Then you should consider effective packaging for fragile things. Moving companies who know their customers offer all these services and can assure you that all goods arrive at their destination in good condition.
  2. Estimation

The best solution is to ask for an on-site estimate. A representative of the company comes to you and makes an offer depending on the goods you want to move, handling, access to the location (parking space, floor, lift) and the distance to the new site. Estimation is free, and we think it should stay like this. Establish with the company representative all necessary services. He can tell you how many people it takes and how long the entire relocation operation will take. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to meet the company and find out more information.

  1. Working method

Will we use hook anchors for heavy things? Will the wrapping be done with expanded foil or expanded polyethene? What vehicle will be used for transport? It’s useful for you to know how things will be moved to make sure they’re safe. Work methods have also evolved for relocation companies. Those who choose only quality can give you a risk-free move.

man moving a pile of boxes

  1. The price

A good company knows that it will make its customers happy if it offers two things: quality and affordable prices. Once you have the details of the move, you receive the price offer. We recommend that you ask for suggestions from more than one company and choose the best one. However, we must emphasize that the best offer does not always have the lowest price. A good proposal must first ensure that the move is done in the best conditions and the price reflects the quality. Who offers the best quality recommendations if not satisfied customers?

Check this out:

  1. Customer Reviews

A satisfied customer speaks on average to three friends about his experience. An unhappy customer can talk with up to 10 friends about a dreaful experience. Companies also encourage customers to write about their experiences in the company website’s review section, if they have one. If other customers were satisfied with the services they received, you would know, and the decision becomes more natural. What happens if there are no reviews? Well, who would want to choose a non-transparent company?

A moving company offers you the possibility to benefit from professional, planned and organized moves services, capitalizing your time and energy efficiently and pleasantly. They guarantee superior quality services at the lowest prices on the market.

Companies offer:

  • Handling, transport and installation-disassembly services;
  • Packaging and protection materials (stretch foil or air bubbles; boxes of different types and sizes);
  • Experienced, young and well-trained staff, prepared for any difficulty in moving your furniture and personal goods.

trolley for moving boxes

Relocation to another space can be very tricky, especially when it comes to a complete move with all pieces of furniture. Regardless of the distance between the two addresses or the weight of the goods, each customer has an efficient and fast solution to carry all the required accessories. From sofas, cabinets, desks, beds and more, moving companies are careful to make sure that everything gets transported in the best transport conditions. With an extensive range of trucks, vans and special packaging equipment, your furniture is 100% safe on hand.

During relocations, there may be more problems: from approximating the new space to the actual assessment of the building in which the relocation is made. In order to prevent these issues, a particular organization is needed.

a box with a key

What advantages can you have with a transport service?

  • You have free GPS monitoring throughout your move and personalized assistance from the company. This way you will always be aware of the address of the goods and the status of the relocation process. Free GPS monitoring service has a considerable contribution to the peace of mind with regard to your assets, with the certainty that they are always safe, in the care of responsible drivers and with extensive experience in the work No matter the city or country where the route is made, you have all the information at your fingertips.
  • The goods are properly stored and packed with individual sheets, which protect them from harmful factors such as moisture, dust, dirt or scratches.
  • Customers benefit from guarantees and insurance for goods sent to relocation up to € 1 million. The protection of 10,000 euros can be obtained.
  • Clients also have specialized assistance from a licensed APR manager who organizes everything needed.
  • Fragile goods are taken with increased attention and transported under the best conditions, in a clean and well-maintained environment.

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The Best Ways to Reach Steady Tree Service Leads

Tree service - man cutting tree branches

Starting a tree service is a very promising job, but like any other start-up, it requires investment. This not only applies to financial expenses, but also to the required knowledge and skills to go with this business, and then to develop it further. We assume that you have something of the mentioned items; you didn’t just wake up one morning with the intention of starting a tree service out of nowhere.

Services related to maintenance, cutting, trimming and removal of trees are needed both in the countryside and in the city. Logically, the broader area you cover with your business, the more chances of getting a job you’ll have.

Steady Leads Mean Steady Job


There is no period in the year when the demand for tree service stagnates; only the service is different. For example, trimming is mostly done at the end of winter and in spring, when trees are blooming and developing new offsprings. During the winter, people usually ask for cutting branches that have been dried or frozen.

So there is work, but also competition. Attracting and retaining customers are getting more difficult than ever. You have to be creative, following trends and always ready for action. With tree services, you have to be especially original to stand out amongst the competition and to attract leads.

Advertise Locally

Computer, tablet and mobile phone

Tree service is not a business that can be done remotely, so you shouldn’t force the territorial expansion. Since contractors usually use tools and machines that are not easy to carry, working across the country doesn’t pay off. It is, therefore, the best to position locally.

It’s easy to say, “Be the best, and everyone will come to you.” Customers won’t be familiar with the quality of your work unless they hire you. And to show any interest in your tree service, you need either a good advertisement or a good recommendation. If you are just starting a job, you probably don’t have any of them. Until you get some good ones, the proper advertising can do a lot to attract customers.

You can get tips online like how First Call Tree Services marketing and other advertising strategies work. Also, you can start locally by using materials like flyers and brochures, then advertising on local TV and radio stations, and organizing workshops, where you will present your business to all people who come and, at the same time, take advantage of the chance to share with them, other marketing materials.


Ask Customers for a Review


Every word from a client is crucial in business. And if this “nice words” brings new customers, it means even more. To get a good review, you have to satisfy your clients and more than that. Please note to clients that their feedback is valuable to you.

Ask previous clients to leave a few words about your tree service on some review websites, where future clients are looking for someone with good recommendations. If you play right, that could easily be you. People read reviews and respect that written words when choosing products and services for the first time.

Use Social Networks


Social networks may have made people apart from each other, but they brought many benefits to business owners. One of them is advertising, which doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but can bring a lot. You can do much to promote your work on social media all by yourself, but the expert engagement will quickly pay off too.

First, you need to define who your target group will be. Knowing the structure of social network users, you know where you’ll get the most out of advertising, but also what kind of promotional messages to send. A general communication with potential customers and already seen things are a failure in prediction.

Tips on targeting the right audience and potential customers read on this page:

Your customers are usually family people, householders who want to know where they spend their money. Provide them with this information and give them added value in the form of some attractive prices for new customers, or online discounts, etc.

Follow Every Move of Your Competitors


Competition is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, following their moves, you can do something good that can attract the customers. Of course, you don’t have to do this at any cost, if that jeopardizes your business, but in some ways, you have to keep up with competitors and market trends.

If they have some promotional action, you lower the prices temporarily. However, the long-term underbidding will not always attract customers. One of the options to compete with other tree services is to offer an unusual service, promote the latest tools and techniques you use, etc.

Although there are people who consider a price as the most relevant factor, there are still those who are willing to pay for the best service if they’d really get it. If you provide a steady quality of your work, your business will have a bright future. And if you believe that you can attract customers without dumping your prices, go for it.


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Reasons to Invest in Liverpool property

As rental income and potential for capital gains make property investment a viable option, finding an affordable investment in the capital are hard to come by as the average flat costs around £630,926, making them unobtainable for many investors. Venturing further north can open up new opportunities and introduce a far more enticing prospect with far more rewardable outcomes. Liverpool has continued to be the favourite choice amongst property investors who identify the benefits of investing in this northern hotspot.

Liverpool’s economic worth is estimated at a staggering £121 million, forming the second largest regional economy in the UK. As well as attracting interest from UK based property investors, Liverpool is catching the attention of investors from all around the globe, therefore the increasing demand is subsequently increasing property prices within the city.


Property Prices

According to research by Hometrack, in 2017, Liverpool recorded the second highest rate of growth in the UK, missing out on the top spot to Manchester. In the same year, there was an increase in 10% in the number of property transactions across Liverpool, compared to a fall in London’s housing market which witnessed a dramatic 7.5% decline.

In 2017, rental prices in Liverpool accelerated faster than any other UK city at 4% year on year. The average rental yield in Liverpool is currently around 8%, with highs of nearly 12% in certain areas. Research by TotallyMoney compared 580,000 properties across England, Scotland and Wales to determine the areas which secured the highest buy to let yields, six postcodes in Liverpool were concluded to be amongst the top 25 most profitable locations for a landlord in 2018.


Over the last ten years, the population has increased by more than 5%. Population is one of the main driving factors behind a prosperous property market. Liverpool’s population has increased by 5.5% over the past decade, due to an increase in student numbers and people from overseas that wish to reside in the city, creating a knock-on effect on Liverpool property supply as demand far exceeds housing available.

The university effect is a major driver in the stable property market within Liverpool as students provide a continuous and reliable market for property investors whilst completing their degree with many looking to find work within the area following the completion of their course. As a result, the city is falling short of high-quality student housing, therefore investment is required in this sector.

Regeneration Across the City

Liverpool has experienced determined regeneration plans across the city since 2004, attracting more people and visitors to its transforming streets. Through attracting more residents, this is placing a greater strain on the city’s housing market, therefore, pushing rents up, creating a perfect environment for an investor to capitalise on the thriving city.

Fabric District between Islington and London Road is undergoing regeneration. Formerly the fabric manufacturing district, Liverpool is set to become Liverpool’s melting pot for all things design and creative. Due to rapid regeneration initiatives are changing the city’s skyline, new jobs will be created raising the demand for residential properties in the area. RW Invest, property investment experts have over 14 years specialising in both student and residential buy to let investments that work to produce some of the most competitive rental yields in areas embarking on regeneration schemes, to strengthen the chance of greater capital appreciation.

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Importance of Wheel Alignment For Your Vehicle

Wheel alignment may seem like it is something that you don’t need to worry about very much. However, your wheel alignment ought to be looked at much more frequently than most Londoners realise. Why is this and what does running around on incorrectly aligned wheels mean for your car?

wheel alignment

Wasted Effort

When you bump up and down kerbs and face the disruption to your normal driving that you’ll get when you head over a series of speed bumps, your car’s wheels will inevitably become out of kilter with one another. Since Londoners face more of these sorts of obstacles than nearly anywhere else, it is little surprise that your wheels stop lining up in a perfectly parallel manner. If each of your car’s pairs of tyres is not lined up to face in the same direction as each other, then they are pulling in slightly different directions. On London’s roads, which are often laden with potholes, this can mean your wheels really get out of shape.


As such, your engine has to work harder to overcome the problem which is wasted effort. Misaligned wheels cause a lower level of fuel efficiency and the worse their alignment, the greater the problem. As such, having your tracking adjusted should pay for itself in lower fuel costs over time. Get wheel alignment in London from experts at DAT Tyres and start saving!


Tyre Wear

If your tyres are driven on when they a misaligned, then you will also face the completely unnecessary issue of radial tyre wear. Because misaligned wheels pull against one another, one section of the tyre faces greater levels of friction from the road surface every time that it rotates. As a result, you can end up with a thin section of rubber which has prematurely aged. Since you need to replace tyres which are worn down – even if it is just one section – this is a cost you could do without.


Of course, partially worn down tyre tread is not just a financial burden. It also means that you don’t grip the road as well. With worn down tread, you may not be able to drive away as well in wet or icy conditions. You could even lose control if you need to avoid something on the capital’s busy streets at the last moment, too. Don’t underestimate the importance of your wheel alignment.


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Why Caravan Breaks Are a Great Family Holiday Option

For some reason, a lot of people view caravan holidays as bad, but it doesn’t really make much sense that they do. It becomes even more unusual when you realise that many of the people who don’t like caravan holidays have never actually been on one! Anyway, writing a short post about why caravan holidays can be good, seemed to make sense – in particular, why they’re good if you have a young family as I do.

It’s worth mentioning that these are just a few of the big advantages that are easy to notice – I’m sure there are loads of other details that make caravan breaks brilliant which aren’t included in this post. If you’re interested, it’s always worth doing a little extra research and seeing what you can discover!

holiday caravan park

The Price

Let’s be honest, most things come down to money and compared to most holiday options, going away to a caravan park for a week or two is pretty cheap. It’s hard to give you a guidance price because of just how much the figure can vary based on the location of the caravan park you’re staying in, the size and specifications of the caravan and the number of people you’re holidaying with, but it’s almost guaranteed to be cheaper than your typical all-inclusive holiday abroad.

There are plenty of enjoyable and cheap caravan holidays out there, it’s just a matter of picking out the caravan park and specification that suits your needs. As a side note, make sure to factor the price of living whilst you’re at the caravan park into your budget – you still need to eat and drink after all.

The Environment

One of the problems with the usual all-inclusive holiday on the beach is that, whilst there are lovely and beautiful views, you’re also surrounded by crowds of loud people which removes a lot of the enjoyment from the experience. Caravan holidays are focused on being quaint and quiet, which is why almost all caravan parks are based in areas of incredible natural beauty.

This natural beauty isn’t just great for the views but it’s actually scientifically proven that it has a positive impact on your mood, too. So, you’re more likely to be happier after a week in a quiet and scenic caravan park when compared to a poolside holiday abroad. Plus, with fewer people around and plenty of space, it gives the children room to explore, learn and use up their energy!


The Community

Finally, a big part of what makes a caravan holiday look so appealing is the community factor. The caravan park mentality is all about helping each other out and looking after your neighbours, which is a feeling you very rarely find in your hometown, let alone when you’re on holiday!

This encouragement to go out and meet your neighbours is great for the children too, as the little ones are given an environment where they can meet other young people safely which is beneficial for everyone, no matter their age.

When it comes down to it, caravan park holidays are completely unique compared to other relaxing breaks. There’s no shouting and screaming, no queueing for food and no crowds of people; instead, there’s just the open air and beautiful British countryside. Plus, as an additional bonus, it’s not very expensive either – it sounds great to me!

I say why not do a little research and see what you can find out. You never know how good something will be until you try it for yourself, after all. I hope this inspired you to try something new!

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Top 7 Natural Remedies as Precaution for the Upcoming Winter Months

The winter months can be beautiful but they can also bring with it struggles such as dry skin and winter colds. Luckily, just as you can find a remedy to slow metabolism at, you can find natural remedies for the winter months here.

A tree covered in frost in the Winter

1. Honey and Raw Milk


If there is one thing that winter can bring with it, it’s dry skin. After all, the winter weather is rather dry and the wind that comes with it doesn’t help at all. With a little honey and raw milk, though, you can repair your damaged skin in no time.


Raw milk, if you aren’t familiar with the term, is milk that hasn’t been pasteurized to kill bacteria. This can make it risky to drink but it can be very helpful when it comes to winter skin.


To make this natural remedy, you will want to mix together 2 tablespoons of raw milk for every 1 tablespoon of honey. Remember, making a little of this mixture goes a long way. Once the mixture is ready, simply dip a cotton ball in it and apply it to your dry skin.


It should be noted that those with particularly sensitive skin or a milk allergy might have a problem with this remedy.


2. Vapor Rub


Many of us remember using vapor rub as a child to relieve coughing and clear up congestion. What you might not know, though, is that you can make natural vapor rub of your own to shake off that winter cold or flu.


To start, you will want to melt down 2 tablespoons of beeswax. Then, add in essential oils. A good mixture is 20 drops of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil each and 10 drops of rosemary oil and cinnamon oil each.


If you are making this vapor rub for your kids, use 4 drops of eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil and don’t add any cinnamon oil or rosemary oil. You can also weaken the mixture with coconut oil.


Then, you can simply store this in a jar with a lid and use it just as you would use any other vapor rub.


3. Ginger


Ginger has a lot of great properties you might not think about on a daily basis. As relevant here, it is great at helping the immune system to keep the dreaded winter cold at bay as well as has anti-inflammatory properties.


One of the best ways to use ginger is in tea. This way, it warms you up and you take advantage of how soothing it can be on a sore throat. Alternatively, you can put it in a broth.


If you have dried ginger or fresh ginger root and you aren’t sure what to do with it, don’t worry. All you have to do is let it simmer in a pan for about 20 minutes and then strain it. If you want to add another layer of flavor, you can add a bit of honey and lemon.


4. Valerian


During the winter, the holidays can cause a lot of stress. From last-minute shopping to planning family gatherings, there’s a lot to worry about. To relieve this stress, you might want to consider employing valerian root which is a great natural remedy to anxiety.


The best way to use valerian is to make yourself a soothing cup of tea. To do so, you’ll want to start by putting valerian root in a tea infuser and place it in a mug. Then, heat up water in a kettle and pour it in the mug once it gets hot. Since you are preparing a root rather than a flower (like chamomile) you’ll need to let it steep longer, 10 to 15 minutes is usually enough.


5. Elderberry Syrup


Once again we are visiting a remedy to help with the common cold. This can be used to help prevent a cold and it can be used to help shorten a cold as well. Elderberry is well-known for it’s properties as an immune system booster.


The easiest way to make elderberry syrup is to throw a ⅔ cup of dried black elderberries, about 3 ½ cups of water, 2 tablespoons of some of the ginger from earlier, a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and ½ teaspoon of cloves in a pot. Put a lid on it and let it boil for 9 minutes. Then, strain it. Once it’s cooled, add in a cup of honey.


Take a ½ to 1 tablespoon (½ to 1 teaspoon for kids!) every day and you can bump it up to a dose every few hours if you catch a cold.


6. Thyme


Thyme is yet another remedy for winter ailments. When you feel yourself getting a little under the weather, pull out some thyme – it can be either fresh or dried. You can throw some thyme into a stew or soup you’re making to make yourself feel better for an easy recipe. Thyme is also tasty, so it won’t make your soup medicine-tasting at all.


A different approach you can make is to a steam. To do this, put thyme in a near boiling pot of water and turn off the heat. Then, you can put a towel over your head and the pot to breathe in the steam. Doing this for about 5 minutes should help you feel better.

Thyme - natural remedies

7. Sage


The final natural remedy on our list is another herb: sage. Sage comes in a few different forms from the sage you use in the kitchen to the sage used in incense or smudge sticks. In this case, the sage in your kitchen will do the trick to soothe a sore throat.


Once again, the best choice is to make a strong cup of tea. Instead of drinking it, though, you’ll get the most benefit by gargling the mixture a few times a day. To make this, use 4 ounces of water and 2 teaspoons of shade.

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A Quick Guide To Avoiding Christmas Overspend

Overspending during the festive season is something that most people will admit to – especially those with kids. It’s lovely to want to buy people lots of nice gifts and make them smile on the big day, however – things are becoming a little bit wild. People are spending far more than they can afford, getting into debt, and stressing themselves out for the first part of the new year because of it. We really shouldn’t be doing this for one day of the year!


Take a look below to find a quick guide to avoiding Christmas overspend:


Come Up With A Budget You’re Comfortable With

Start by coming up with a Christmas budget that you’re comfortable with. Know how much you want to spend in total and then split that money up between recipients. Remember, it isn’t about how much you spend, but the thought that goes into it. Make sure you look at the first few months of next year, too, so you can decide whether you need to alter your budget at all.


Make Some Gifts Yourself

You could bake cupcakes or cookies, or make decorations with your kids to give to family and friends.


Invest In A Shared Experience

A shared experience, such as a day trip or a family meal, can be far more meaningful than a gift. These memories will last forever, and a gift is unlikely to do the same. Toys often get thrown to the side and forgotten about after a short time – and a heck of a lot of money is spent on them. Check out the infographic below and you might be inspired to reign it in!

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