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What to Know About Buying Your Teenager’s Clothes Online

Shopping mall shopping centre teenager's clothes shopping
Photo by Jorge Fernández Salas on Unsplash

Do you have a picky teenager who doesn’t seem to like any of the clothing options found in local shops and malls? There’s a slight chance that they have their favourite sets of clothes that badly need to be replaced but they’re against getting rid of them due to not being able to find the right fit or style at a price that won’t break the bank. 

As a parent, you may not be thrilled at the idea of shopping online – there are shipping costs, the fact that items can’t be tried on before purchase, and the fact that photos aren’t always representative of the quality. Unfortunately, you’re at your wit’s end with trying to drag your teen to the store, hunting for sales/deals, and arguing over what is best suited for your young adult. 

We’re going to walk you through what you can expect when purchasing your teenager’s clothes online and why this option is better than dealing with in-store shopping. Keep reading to find out more! 

Finding the Best Fit

If you shop online, you already know that finding an item that fits you can be difficult. Every brand’s sizing is slightly different and can include varying measurements. You probably have a preferred store that you shop at because you know how their clothes fit and the quality in which they’re made. 

With this said, to find clothes that fit your teen’s body, you’ll need some measurements. Yes, you can potentially take the measurements yourself – however, a tailor might actually give you a more accurate idea of sizing. 

Obviously male and female clothes will focus on different measurements, but write down the ones that are often used. These often include chest, sleeves, waist, hips, and inseam. For men’s clothes, you will usually need the circumference of the neck as well. 

When shopping for clothing online, you’ll use these measurements to compare them to sizing charts. Hopefully, these numbers are all similar to the breakdown of various sizes but often they won’t be exact. With that said, you’ll need to base your sizing choice on the largest applicable measurement.

Additionally, if a measurement is not an exact match, you may choose to size up. For instance, if the chest measurement is 42 or 42.5 inches and a large is 42 or 43, you probably should order a size up in order to ensure a comfortable, breathable fit. 

Age-Appropriate Styles

Chances are, you and your teen have different ideas of what is appropriate for them to wear. You also might not like their overall style choices. This is an age-old topic. 

In order to come to some type of agreement, you may need to compromise. Allow your teenager to create an online lookbook or Pinterest board of styles; you may be surprised to find that your tastes aren’t completely dissimilar and that there are a number of great options for them. 

You may also choose to create a lookbook of things that might look great on them – they might even surprise you and want to wear it! 

Look at a wide range of styles including shorts and pants as well as graphic t-shirts with cute and uplifting slogans like a ‘choose joy’ shirt, dressy but youthful shirts, and blouses. For dressier occasions, consider looking at a few dresses and suits.

Although it may be difficult to see your teenager as a young adult, remember that they are growing up! They don’t want to look like their kid sibling, and they want to show that they, too, are mature.

Covering the Costs of a Teen’s Clothes

Photo by on Unsplash

You already know that clothes are expensive and creating fashionable looks can take a toll on your bank account. Ideally, you will find stores that offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. 

Additionally, you may consider choosing stores that are known for their rewards/loyalty programs in order to receive points or coupons for later use or even looking into online secondhand stores.

Depending on your budget, the total cost of the order, and the store from which you choose to buy, there may also be payment plan options. Catalogues may offer you to buy now, pay later clothes that you’ve needed for a while. It can be helpful in allowing your teen to contribute more money toward their clothing choices without completely emptying their bank account on a single purchase. 

Even if you don’t require your teenager to share the cost of their clothes, you may still benefit from not having to spend a large amount of money all at once. Instead, you’d be spreading the payment over several instalments which will allow for less stress on your monthly or weekly budget. 

Creating a Fun Learning Experience

The experience of taking your teen to the mall to shop for clothes might be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy spending quality time with your teenager while supplying them with a great wardrobe. 

Shopping online can allow your teen to see the price breakdown of items, giving them a realistic view of what life necessities cost. It can also be a helpful tool in teaching budgeting and even how to choose quality clothing without paying too much. 

While it can be frustrating to try to find your teenager’s clothes online, these tips will help guide you in locating age-appropriate, budget-friendy, and well-fitting clothes!

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Tips for updating your teenager’s bedroom

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

As your children get older, the cutie-pie spaces that they slept in as babies and toddlers will need to be updated and brought more into line with their developing personalities.

Living with teens can be stressful at the best of times, but there are ways to approach the redecoration of their space that can bring you closer together and leave everyone feeling happy.

Let them express themselves

Chances are that you had all the say when decorating your child’s room when they were younger, so this is a chance to give them some responsibility – something that might stick with them when they fledge the nest and have a home of their own to think about.

Discuss colour schemes, decorations, and what furniture they want to have included. Once you’re all agreed, you can work towards the common goal of making it a special space.

Give them their privacy

Having time all together as a family is important, but privacy is also crucial in allowing kids to discover who they want to be.

While you might love sitting down to a gardening programme, not many teens do, so why not allow them their own TV in their room. You can perch it on a sideboard to add extra storage, given how much stuff youngsters tend to accrue! If you’re worried about screen time, there is always some bargaining to be done!

Create a workspace

desk in the bedroom
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

As kids enter their teen years, pressure ramps up from school as they enter periods of exams that can be crucial to the next steps they will take with their lives.

As many of us have discovered while working from home amid the Coronavirus pandemic, separating your workspace from your living space can be crucial to bolstering mental wellbeing as well as working productivity.

The same goes for your youngsters. The kitchen table or the sofa might not be the best place to unlock their creativity or give them the calm needed to solve something tricky. A proper workstation, with a good desk, comfortable chair, and any other items they need could unlock their full potential.

Remind them you’re there

Not in a ‘we’re always watching you’ kind of way – that wouldn’t go down too well! Keep some family photos on the walls or in frames to remind them, despite the teenage rebellion, they’re still loved by you and you’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

Bringing the love might just help the next time you need some chores doing around the house – after all, that’s what family is for, right… right?!

If it’s time to update your teen’s space, how will you make it a special place together?

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Ice: the eight mistakes you make the most

ice cubes
Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

In midsummer, ice becomes an essential element in your home. Cocktails, tinto de verano, a cold drink… You never know when you are going to need to have a good cube on hand. Each person consumes 10 kilos of ice a year, according to the National Association of Food Ice Manufacturers.

There are those who prefer to do it as they like at home, to save money and the weight of buying it in supermarkets or gas stations. Others choose the quality and size of that industrial ice by using best Ice Machine. In both cases, we make mistakes very often. We review them to avoid them and thus get the almost perfect cube. Take note.

  • Using inappropriate water

Using tap water for your cubes is not a good idea: the result is whitish, milky ices. It will always be better to use mineral or osmosis water. A bad, whitish ice can contain impurities – salts that the tap water contains – that dissolve and with the pressure of the bubble, the alcohol quickly rises to our heads.

  • Keep it wrong

The type of mould we use to make ice is also important. The silicone mould is always a better choice than the metal or rigid plastic ones, as it is the easiest to empty and the silicone is less aggressive.

  • Do not clean the ice buckets well

Another of the main factors to prepare ice at home is the hygiene of the cube moulds or containers where you make the ice. So that the cubes do not catch unpleasant smells or tastes, you must disinfect them well after each use. If you have a dishwasher, the better.

Also, it is convenient to use containers that you always use for the same thing, that is, to make ice, not to preserve other things. Putting water to freeze in the same compartment where you also freeze meat or vegetables is not the most appropriate.

ice in a drink
Image by Pexels from Pixabay
  • Do not boil the water before

We usually fill the ice cube moulds with water at room temperature and put them directly in the freezer. But if we want compact and transparent cubes that does not melt right away when you put it in a liquid, we must boil the water first.

The best results will be obtained if you freeze the still hot water; although it may not be the most appropriate for the appliance. In this way, the ice would be perfect and also the cubes would be made much earlier. The reason is the so-called Mpemba effect, a phenomenon of freezing thanks to which ice forms earlier when the temperature difference between the liquid and the freezer is very high. A team from the Carlos III University of Madrid, the University of Extremadura and the University of Seville has been investigating it.

  • Put the ice bucket under the tap to unmold

The gin waits (or the child’s soda) and the heat tightens. And we get carried away by impatience: we put the bucket under the stream of tap water, looking down, and we wait for the cubes to come out by themselves. It is a big mistake, since with this we will make the ice begin to melt sooner, and our drink will sooner.

  • Not cleaning the gas station bag well

It is advisable to wash and dry the ice bag that you buy at the supermarket or gas station, before opening it and starting to extract the ice cubes. It is a mistake not to do it, because it may have gotten dirty in the transports and manipulations that it has suffered, and that dirt can also pass into the ice cubes.

  • Make (or buy) ice with a hole

It is usual that the cubes that we buy bagged in supermarkets and gas stations have a hole in the centre. This is a mistake. Let’s go for compact cubes, without these holes.

  • Don’t be careful, when you travel to certain countries

Ice is made up of water, and if the quality of this water is not good or has bacteria, diseases can develop after consumption. You already know that if you travel to countries where drinking tap water is not recommended to visitors, ice should be absolutely avoided.

Among the diseases that can be contracted by the microorganisms present in the water are gastroenteritis, typhoid fevers, salmonellosis, diarrhoea, dysentery … There are some charts where you can see in which countries you can drink tap water in each continent, and in which not.

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Education is the first step on the road to a grown life. Every kid consumes tons of information and learns new skills every day. Mainly, eduction is not only physical classes and homework. The foremost part of education is provided by families. Let’s check how parents help to get new skills. 

mum and son blowing bubbles - role of family in education
Image by Марина Вельможко from Pixabay

Pre-School Education 

It is a fundamental education for every child. Pre-school education implies a lot of lessons on how to speak correctly and communicate with people. Also, it helps to form habits and moral values, which is crucial in modern life. If you need to write an essay about pre-school education, but experience any issues, feel free to request some assignments writing help.

Communication Skills

It is the most significant skill for any child. Mainly, our families teach us how to interact with other people, ask questions, or say something to anyone. 

Habit Formation 

Habit is the process of turning repeating actions into automatic behaviour. Habit formation is a long process that requires a lot of attention from a family. For instance, every parent drives kids to brush teeth twice a day, which forms a habit. 

Moral Values

Every kid should know what is right and what is wrong. The responsibility of moral values learning is on kids’ parents only. Family members should teach a child to protect life and respect other people. If you want experts to create an essay about moral values in modern society, feel free to hire professional academic writers.

High School and College

After getting the fundamental skills, children have to enter a school and a college, later. Let’s discover the role of a family in getting an education. 

Help to Overcome Struggles

For starters, a family always supports and helps to resolve any issues. If you experience any problems with education, your family will help you to overcome all your struggles and become an A+ student. If you’re looking for a reliable essay writing service to get high grades with no hassle, examine Speedy Paper reviews

Homework Assistance

Sometimes it can be hard to understand a new subject and do the homework. In this case, a student can take additional classes or ask family members to help to resolve an equation or do research on a particular topic. 

Motivate to Study 

Sometimes students can feel tired and exhausted. They have no willingness to study hard and ask their friends – “who can write essays for me?”. In such a case, our families can motivate us to continue education by showing a successful example. 

Equipment and Fundraising

Doubtlessly, primarily education requires school equipment like a home desk, laptop, copybooks, etc. Learning in college requires us to pay bills for higher education and a dormitory. In most cases, families help to cover all the expenses. 

Final Thoughts

Most people think that kids and students get an education in schools and colleges. However, educational institutions provide particular skills and knowledge. The fundamental skills children get from their family members. Moreover, parents always support their kids and help them to learn something new every day. In case your homework implies an intractable task, do not hesitate to contact a science homework helper.

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Crafting Has Kept Me Sane During Lockdown

Lockdown - crafting to keep sane
Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay


Apart from my stay in the hospital, I haven’t left the house since March 13th, which is a total of 11 weeks today.
Lockdown hasn’t been as bad for me as it has for millions of others and for that I’m thankful.

My children are old enough to understand what’s going on and for the most part, they’ve just got on and accepted the way things are now.
I haven’t had to try and keep them amused/busy like I would have had to if they’d have been younger.


I have had to keep myself busy, however, so that I didn’t go stir crazy and to do that, I’ve been doing a few different crafts to while away the time, including diamond painting, book folding and cross-stitch.

Disney diamond painting

When Love Crafts got in touch and asked me if I’d like to try one of their many different craft kits I, of course, jumped at the chance!

My first thought was to get either a diamond painting kit or a cross-stitch kit but I figured I already knew how to do those and with all this free time, I should try something new.
I’m not a fan of knitting and whilst I enjoyed teaching myself how to crochet a few years ago, I never really got into it.

Needlepoint Kit

I saw a Santa stocking needlepoint kit and loved the design. I’ve made a few stockings in the past but they were all made from felt kits, I’d never tried needlepoint.
After checking out a few videos on YouTube, I ordered the kit and looked forward to it arriving.

Dimensions Santa and toys needlepoint kit from Love Crafts

I expected it to have a chart like you get with counted cross-stitch but instead, the pattern is printed on the material.
You can get cross-stitch kits with the pattern printed on but I’ve only done one and to be honest, I haven’t finished it because I found out that I much prefer the counted way!

Dimensions Kits

The kit is by Dimensions and they’re always good quality so I have no complaints with the kit, I’ve just found out that I’m not a fan of needlepoint!
The kit comes with everything you need, including sorted threads. I hate when I get a kit and you have to sort the threads yourself.

Dimensions needlepoint kit

One of the main problems I had was finding it difficult to see the colour difference in some of the more detailed areas and I totally gave up with trying to do the shading on the drum after unpicking it twice. I got very frustrated and just stitched using red and gold. I even used the wrong stitch on the gold as I just wanted to get the drum done as fast as I could!

Dimensions Santa and toys stocking needlepoint kit

The teddy gave me a bit of trouble as well but I didn’t do too badly with it.
The good thing to come from this is that I now know I’m not a fan of needlework and I’ll be sticking to my counted cross-stitch.
I will finish this kit because even though I get a bit frustrated at times, it’s too gorgeous to leave it partly done in the back of a cupboard and while the drum may look glaringly obvious right now, when it’s all finished, it will blend in nicely and I’ll display it with pride as I do with the Santa cross-stitch I made a while ago 🙂

I’ve now got my eye on this cross-stitch Christmas tree skirt. It’s gorgeous and I love it!

Sleigh Ride tree skirt

Disclaimer: I was gifted the needlepoint kit for review purposes, however, this did not guarantee a favourable review. All opinions are honest and my own.

Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Active During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

women wearing work-out clothes 
stay fit during lockdown
Photo by Cliff Booth from Pexels

While we are all in lockdown and gyms and recreation centres are all closed – how do we go about staying fit? Government advice might be to complete an exercise video indoors, but not all of us have that kind of motivation… and not all of us have the means to download the latest routines.

Instead, take our advice about how to stay fit and active throughout the Coronavirus (or Covid-19) crisis. Here at London Fields Fitness, staying active is what we do best. Let’s go over some tips and tricks for keeping your shape even while we spend months within walking distance of the fridge…

The Best 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Active, Mid-Pandemic

Without further fuss, let’s review the top 5 ways you can stay fit and active during the pandemic.

1 – Walk it Off

It’s a real thing you know… to walk off a meal. You should be able to walk around your house or around your neighbourhood. WHO advice is that you walk around your apartment if you are stuck in quarantine. If you are isolating but able to get outside, then all the better. Both the iOS store and Google Play have apps you can download that will count your steps. It is largely believed that 10,000 steps per day is a good number to aim for.

2 – Online Workouts

YouTube is a wonderful resource, as are those apps we mentioned above. Each can have you actively participating in an exercise class even if you can’t manage to download. Simply live stream the classes and away you go. Those who are worried about streaming should invest in some anti-virus software or get themselves an ad-blocker.

3 – Listen to Healthcare Professionals

The NHS in Britain should be your go-to for all the free health and fitness goals that you might want to try. One of our favourites is a set of sitting down exercises that they have published, which are aimed at the elderly, infirm, or disabled people, that would like to keep fit and active during the coronavirus pandemic. Follow this link if this sounds like the workout routine you have been looking for.

4 – Remember Nutrition

As tempting as it is to snack five times a day, when you are living a less-active life, you need to take in fewer calories. We’re not saying stop eating by any stretch of the imagination but do try to squeeze as many minerals and vitamins into your diet as you possibly can. The American Society for Nutrition has good advice here. For our part, we have changed all our snacks to low-calorie ones, meantime.

5 – Fake it till you Make it

What we mean by that is that it is more important to incorporate exercise into your routine than ever. Once it becomes a habit, you will do it without thinking about it, without complaining, and without putting it off till tomorrow! Making something into a routine involves repeating the action every day for around three weeks[i]. After 21 days you should find that you have developed a good habit, for life!

Rounding Up

When you eventually have that drive for fitness, you won’t lose out even if there is a global pandemic. All it takes is a little innovation and boom! A new workout routine that you can do at home!


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What to Consider When Upgrading Your Boiler

upgrading your boiler

Boilers are not designed to last forever, and there are many reasons why you might be considering getting a new one for your home. Perhaps you have an old-fashioned boiler system like a back boiler, or a traditional boiler with a water heating tank and want a more modern, convenient option like a combi boiler to save space in your home and help reduce your heating bills. Or, maybe you have a combi boiler but it is an older model and is starting to show some signs of breaking down.

Upgrading your boiler is definitely the best option in either instance since it will ensure that your home’s central heating system is running as safely and as efficiently as possible. Before you get started with choosing, purchasing and having a new boiler installed in your home, keep the following in mind:

Why is a Reliable New Boiler Important?

In some cases, your existing boiler might be doing the job, but is it doing it as well as it could? The more reliable your boiler, the less you will pay in energy costs and the less likely it’ll be that you’ll have to fork out cash for expensive repairs. In fact, the average cost of getting a boiler repaired is around £200, which is a lot to be spending on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s also important to pick a reliable boiler brand when choosing your new one. Opting for a reliable, trusted brand means that you’re less likely to have to deal with faults and issues. You can find tips for buying a new boiler and browse for new boilers for your home using the handy resources at Their handy boiler finding tool is ideal for making sure that you match the right boiler to your needs, and you can easily book installation on the site.

Ask Your Boiler Engineer

During the buying process, the best person to turn to for advice is your boiler engineer. Perhaps they have already told you that it’s time to start thinking about replacing your boiler, so pick his or her brain and ask them to give you some advice on the best choice of boiler that you need for your home. However, bear in mind that many heating engineers are incentivised to install certain brands of boiler – especially if your engineer is a direct employee of the brand – so do your own research, too.

What Types of Boilers are Available?

Choosing the right type of boiler for your home is important. There are three different options to choose from:

  • Combination or combi boilers: These boilers are the most popular option in the UK. They are the most energy-efficient option as they heat water from the mains supply as and when you need it, and they are a compact choice since they can be wall-mounted and do not require a storage tank to be installed in your home.
  • Heat-only boilers: Sometimes known as conventional boilers, these boilers store hot water and heat it for later use, and will require you to have a hot water tank or storage cylinder installed in your home. Since they heat the water in advance, they tend to use up more energy.
  • System boilers: These boilers work in the same way as heat-only boilers, however, there are more built-in components. They tend to take up less space than a heat-only boiler and they can be easier to install.

For most households today, combination boilers are sufficient for hot water and central heating. However, if you live in a large home with several people living in it, you might be better off opting for a heat-only or system boiler, as one of the downsides to a combi boiler is that you cannot use two hot water sources at once, which would prevent people from showering in different bathrooms at the same time, for example.

Efficiency Considerations

If you are replacing an older boiler with a modern one, the good news is that you are likely to start seeing some decent savings on your energy bills. In fact, the latest estimates suggest that detached home households can save a massive £650 per year just from replacing an old, heavyweight boiler with a modern condensing boiler. But even if you already have a relatively modern boiler and are looking for a replacement, the good news is that they become more and more energy-efficient with every new model. When looking for a new boiler, consider the rating – you should try and opt for a boiler that is graded ‘A’, which provides the highest energy efficiency levels possible.

Once you’ve considered the above, think about the logistics of installing a new boiler, such as the physical size and where it is going to fit in your home. The right boiler for you will be unique to you and your home and will depend on a number of factors such as how many bathrooms you have and how many people live at the property.

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Packing Guide for Your Next Family Camping Trip

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Camping trips are a great way to get outside, spend some quality time with your family, and get away from your busy daily life. Camping is a great time to decompress especially camping in France as they have beautiful camping sites that sport the most breathtaking views.

Many campers feel that the lighter the pack, the more fun they have outdoors, although it is always a better idea to overpack than under pack. If you are taking your children on the camping trip with you, it is a given that you will need to bring extras along.

You are already going to be without a roof, electricity, and a significant number of other conveniences, so the last thing you need is to realize that you forgot to pack something important. Here we revise essential tips on what to pack for your next camping trip:


The Basics

Ensure that you pack each of the tarps (one for under the tent as well as one to stretch over the eating area) for your tent, as it would be somewhat awkward to realize that you have left one or two behind, and cannot secure your tent correctly.

Pack your toolbox with these items; a hatchet, first-aid-kit, rope, headlamp, extra batteries, extension cords, whistles, a compass and a utility knife. One never knows when a good utility knife will come in handy. Bring firewood and matches so that you can make memories around the fire. A solar-powered (make sure that it is charged beforehand) multipurpose is also an excellent investment, as many people can charge their phones simultaneously (which could save you a few fights).

Pack for Unexpected Weather

We all understand that the weather-man is not always prophetic, so why not pack those gumboots just in case it rains and you have to soil your brand new pair of hiking boots in mud (although that is what they are there for). A good windbreaker and raincoat can go a long way, especially for your children, as you do not want any of them, or yourself for that matter, returning home with a head-cold from your camping trip.

Have a Back-up

We want to rough it out a bit, perhaps you and the boys have decided you will catch and eat your supper out in the vast wilderness, just like true homo-sapiens! Although the weather is highly capable of disrupting your plans and wetting the firewood, you planned on using to cook your freshly caught fish. We recommend that you pack a gas-stove as a back-up for when you cook your food so that you are not left without a means to cook a warm meal.

Sleeping Necessities – Tips and Tricks

There is nothing worse than waking up in a bad mood for a hike after a toilsome night trying to find a comfortable way to sleep, as you forgot the mattress-repairing patches at home, and the inflatable-mattress was punctured and rapidly deflated late at night.

Since you are in the wilderness, thorns and uneven terrain make it easy for the blow-up mattress to become pinched and damaged, ensuring that you pack a reliable air pump and an easy-to-use repair kit. If you are looking to avoid an inflatable mattress altogether, you can opt for a camping stretcher.


Fun and Adventure Go Hand-In-Hand With Safety

You will, without a doubt, need sunscreen, water-bottles, backpacks equipped with small mirrors or whistles, insect repellant, and ethical camping guidelines. Ensure that you know the area you are going to be camping in, and do not hesitate to pack for the “worst-case scenario”. Taking binoculars along so that you can get a closer look at a wild animal or perhaps as a stunning waterfall is also a great idea.

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The Best Dystopian Novels of the 20th Century

Thomas More wrote the book Utopia many centuries ago, and the term was coined to mean no place. It is a satirical book that features an island in the Atlantic Ocean. However, More uses this artistic prowess to depict England as the island. Later on, John Stuart Mill came up with the word Dystopia, which implies a bad place.

Stuart was an English philosopher who was very critical of the Irish land policy. The novels of More inspired him to coin the word. Therefore, dystopian fiction has its roots in the utopian literature, written by renowned authors such as William Morris and H.G Wells. Wells had the opinion that technology advancement was rapidly growing and would come to outdo poverty and war at some point. The list below describes some of the top twentieth-century dystopian novels.

books on a mantlepiece

Brave New World

The advent of the twentieth century could not convince most authors of this time about the characteristic changes in the political world and science. First, Aldous Huxley, through the novel Brave New World launched aggression against utopian concepts. He criticized the advancements of writers such as Wells and Morris, regarding the changes in political ideals and advancement in science. Huxley crafted this novel to project a society in the future. Although critical in some sense, he borrowed Well’s idea that science would form the basis for quality lifestyles for people in the future. Huxley held the vision that children would be formed within test tubes, and they would be bound to conform to all policies put across by their governing structure. Another projection was that learning would be based on intelligence, where ‘Alphas’ would take up duties that require brains while ‘Deltas’ were destined for more menial assignments. While writing a Brave New World literary analysis essay, students can establish that Huxley’s opinion on sex and crime was rather infamous because he denounced both of them, terming crime a non-existent and sex as a form of recreation with no consequences like sad true love. One of Huxley’s characters in the novel is John, who is used by the author to bring out a savage society in which he was born. The utopian society required that John should undergo guilt, shame, squalor and suffering to prove that he was a real man.

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley - best dystopian novels of the 20th century


This is an earlier book that preceded Brave New World. In fact, Huxley was inspired by Yevgeny Zamyatin who published We in 1924. Zamyatin adopted a similar plot which is critical about the concept of futuristic utopia. He emphasizes the need for humans to rise up against the status quo that defines the utopian state that is very homogenized. In his review of We, George Orwell exhibits the amount of debt that Huxley owed Zamyatin. Both authors have focused on a similar society where humans rise against a rationalized world that is to come in more than six hundred years. However, there is a slight difference where Huxley is less concerned about political awareness. His ideas were more influenced by recent psychological and assumptions.

We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Nineteen Eighty-Four

The world of dystopias recognizes this novel as Orwell’s finest works of that time. In his presentation, he has classified the future of the world into Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia as the super-states engulfed in an unending war. In all these forms, Orwell defines the world as one with a unique language called ‘Newspeak’ which implies that war is peace. However, it is manipulative because it compels people to belief in non-true aspects, for example, ‘2+2=5.’ One of the leaders in the book is Big Brother, who is in charge of Britain. He is confronted by Winston Smith, who features as a protagonist that attempts to rebel against Big Brother, but he is finally captured and put under rehabilitation.

1984 by George Orwell

The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwood has managed to strike a chord with her audience through various themes like gender discrimination and human rights. Her mastery of art enabled her to allude to many biblical stories with a sense of grip. One of her brightest books was The Handmaid’s Tale , which described the handmaiden who was supposed to bear a child for a high-ranking commander instead of his barren wife.

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand was full of objectivism, and one may be uncomfortable with his opinion. He highlights some of the regulations and policies that were instituted by prominent industrialists, leading to the collapse of the economy. The book presents a bigger challenge to those reading, invoking some thoughts that may be contrary to your own belief system.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

This novel was based on science fiction, and Philip K. Dick presents aspects in a classic way, not far from the reality that the future holds. He is more concerned about the value of humanity and life. Humanity in the book is defined by empathy, but a protagonist, in this case, is put to task when he is presented with some androids to kill, yet they are perceived to be mortal as well. This concept was used to create the movie Blade Runner in 1982, and some of the ideas are used in reality television shows.

Do androids dream of electric sheep

A Clockwork Orange and The Wanting Seed

These two works of Dystopia were developed by Anthony Burgess. A Clockwork Orange features a theme of brainwashing by the state, and this concept is perfectly brought forward through a teenager who is arrested because of his violent behaviour. He is deprived of his freedom. In The Wanting Seed, the aspect of overpopulation comes into play. This dystopian novel introduces a society of future London where individuals are policed by the state in matters reproduction. A character by the name Tristram Foxe experiences the turn of events, where civilization undergoes a form of dissolution, introducing war, chaos, famine and cannibalism.

A clockwork orange and The wanting seed by Anthony Burgess

The Time Machine

The novel was written in 1895, featuring an anonymous character travelling through the 1890s into 802,701 A.D. It projects a civilization that would be divided between cavern dwelling Morlocks and hedonistic Eloi. Their relationship is somehow symbiotic because the Morlocks would provide for the Eloi and feed on them in return.

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

The Stand

This is one of the books by Stephen King, who is known for presenting his ideas through horrific episodes. The Stand describes how civilization will come to an end and the decisions that brave it will take with the hope of rebuilding. King’s description of survivors is very chilling, and the super sad true narration of the losses is equally horrifying.

The Stand by Stephen King

Infinite Jest

David Foster Wallace is a renowned author, and his skill is depicted in this novel, where he adopts literary innovations to put up one of the perfect pieces of American dystopian fiction. He uses art to project the future where terrorists capture a certain territory with the ability to destroy lives through sponsorship from corporate. Infinite Jest is an ambitious and viciously unsettling novel.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace


The best dystopian novels of the twentieth century have rich literature, dating back to the ancient years when authors could only imagine what civilization implied. Many of the novels feature deep thoughts of the future, some giving an accurate account of what the world would look like. Each author is unique in their style, presenting a lot of variety in the way they speak to their audiences. Surprisingly, most of the books are comprehensive, appealing to both the young adults and the old.

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Alleviate your Back and Neck Pain with Finest Quality Mattresses

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Sleep is one thing most of the people look forward to just after waking up, and especially when they have a comfortable set of mattresses, this is the thing they think most of the time throughout the day. Isn’t it?

Having a bed stacked with the perfect set of pillows and comforters, sounds nice, but is it good for your body? Well, no it’s not!

You sure like to have a matching set of pillows, with another set for a company over your bed, just like in the American movies, but believe it when we say, they are just wrong for your body structure. Presently, more than half of the youth is struggling with back or neck pain, and this is not because of no activities, well, this is also one of the reasons, but mostly it is because of the terrible bed setting you have.

No matter what age or demographics you fall in, it is important to purchase the types of mattresses that alleviate neck and back pain, as well as provide you with much-needed comfort during sleep, and it is not possible with the one you already have. Though making some changes in your selection of pillows and comforter is also essential.

You are faced with a number of choices when it comes to mattresses, all you need to do is take a look and find the one that will work perfectly with your sleeping needs. Though it can be difficult to select a mattress if you do not have any idea what you are looking for, so just to make it easy for you, we have created a list of mattresses, which are possible to set right with your needs, especially the one relieving your neck and back pain, while providing you with comfortable sleep.

Tuft and Needle

  • It provides you with an elastic and supportive feature that works over your pressure points.
  • If you have a complaint of severe back pain, then this is your answer to achieve comfort and alleviate the pain.
  • The comfort level this mattress provides works as an ideal choice for many sleepers.

Idle Hybrid

  • An enduring mattress, which is flappable aiding to give the mattresses extended lifespan.
  • In order to achieve the combination of soft support, comfort, and pressure relief, Idle Hybrid is all you are looking for.
  • The memory foam it has is intermediate, which does not feel over during the sleep, a solution that most people want.

Nectar Queen

  • Two words answer to comfort and luxury is Nector Queen, which is also a durable mattress.
  • Just after one night, you can see the difference in your back pain.
  • A perfect mattress choice for tall and bulky people.


  • Specially designed to be resilient so that you won’t waste a single penny for your purchase
  • It offers extreme comfort level, which entails in luxury and comfortable sleep.
  • Designed to be soft, sturdy, comfortable, and aids to relieve pressure point, helping to alleviate back and neck pain.


  • To relieve back pain you need medium firmness, and this mattress is all you require, helping you to sleep comfortably.
  • The answer to your pain relief, as it does not add pressure on the joints, helping in diminishing the pain.
  • As it is medium-firm, so it provides you comfortable sleep, without letting you sink down into the mattress.

Hope you are now bit aware of what kind of mattress will go well with your needs. Be considerate with your purchase. Have an amazing shopping experience!

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