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Best Ways to Update Your Home in 2019

No matter how happy you are with your current home, there are always various ways in which it can be improved. Whether it is a simple task, like putting up a new bookcase or adding a fresh lick of paint, or a slightly more difficult job like retiling the roof, even the most seemingly perfect houses will have room for refinement. What’s more, often some of the best solutions are the most economical and won’t require you to spend too much of your hard-earned dollars on carrying them out. From energy-saving tips to superficial retouches, here are some of the best ways to update your home in 2019.

Declutter your storage space

Organizing items in a home is one of those jobs that’s at the top of nearly everybody’s to-do list, yet they somehow never seem to get round to doing it. Not only can it be beneficial to your health as an effective means of reducing stress, but it can also open up spaces with very little effort and provide you with a renewed sense of pride in your home. Once you have cleared away the clutter, you will discover you have made room for new, more functional, or aesthetic objects that will bring a fresh feeling to your living area.

living room - update your home in 2019
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Add a fresh coat of paint

Undoubtedly one of the most simple ways of sprucing up a home is by painting the walls, effectively helping give new life to those tired and inspiring hues that had long ago lost their glow. Painting walls in light colors can instantly make a room appear bigger and brighter, while also influencing your mood as you step into that space, particularly when they complement the rest of the interior. Furthermore, if you’re looking to sell, it is an easy way of creating appeal to potential buyers without having to break the bank.

Install new radiators

Keeping your house warm and saving money during the cold winter months is no easy task. While insulating your home is a must, you will also need to add warmth when there is an icy chill outside, and this usually comes in the form of radiators. Radiator technology has improved significantly in recent years, as companies have begun to focus more on producing energy-saving models, such as the Eskimo radiators found at, which efficiently combine great heat output along with low water content. Updating your current heating system with new low-energy models will undoubtedly see your monthly utility bill drop.

new radiators - update your home in 2019
Image by ri from Pixabay

Invest in smart devices

Although the idea of having your home controlled by an electronic device may seem like something from an episode of Black Mirror, it can lead to considerable savings and reduced stress in your day-to-day life. From smart light bulbs to entire security systems, smart devices are a great way of updating your home for the 21st-century and watching your bills drop in price each month. One of the best features that every household should consider is the smart plug, which allows homeowners to control their power outlets remotely using a tablet or smartphone.

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5 Eco Tips For Your Garden This Summer

You can greatly improve the environment by committing to maintaining an eco garden this summer. It’s not that it’s a difficult task to accomplish by any means, but will take some additional knowledge and pre-planning on your end.

The following five tips are going to help you create an eco garden this summer that you can be proud of. Your garden space will look better, be healthier, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing you’re helping the environment and humanity. You’ll likely come to realise it’s not as difficult as you once thought and can then educate and teach others about how to do the same.

1.   Conserve Water

One eco tip for your garden this summer is to focus on conserving as much water as possible. This is especially true if you have a pond, water feature, or lake to take care of. Don’t just choose to recycle and reuse the water but keep it clean with one of the different lake filtration systems out there from Water Garden.

frog on a lily pad - eco garden
Image by Couleur from Pixabay

2.   Use Natural Nutrients

Be mindful that chemical fertilisers aren’t your only option when it comes to maintaining your garden this summer. Instead, consider researching and using natural nutrients that will work just as well, if not better. Make your soil look nice and make sure it stays healthy by choosing natural remedies whenever possible. For instance, you can control plant diseases with items such as milk or baking soda in place of purchasing products that can be harmful to the environment.

3.   Avoid Pesticides

Another idea and tip for your eco garden this summer is to avoid pesticides. Although it seems like an easy way to get rid of weeds and other nuisances, it truly isn’t good for the environment or you. This will be a healthier choice for you, your pets and your kids and you won’t have to worry when you’re out playing in the garden this summer. As an alternative, choose to do the gardening by hand and pick weeds instead of spraying them, for example.

weeding in the garden
Image by summa from Pixabay

4.   Choose Environmentally Friendly Gardening Tools & Equipment

If you want to use tools and equipment to help your garden, then at least make sure they’re environmentally friendly options. Opt to cut your lawn and surrounding grassy areas with a push or electric mower versus a gas one. This will help to reduce the number of chemicals you’re putting out into the air so you can do your part to improve the air quality.

5.   Plant Trees & Natives

What you choose to plant in your garden matters and will have an impact on the environment. Therefore, try to not only pick native plants but also aim to plant more trees. They’ll not only help to beautify your garden area but are also good for the Earth and mankind. Consider the facts that trees improve air quality, provide shade, and create a habitat for the surrounding wildlife. You want to select plants that you know will do well in your climate and will require less work and labour overall.

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Hire a Vacation Photographer in Zanzibar to Capture Your Tropical Dream

An archipelago of islands off the east coast of Africa, even the name “Zanzibar” suggests exotic wildlife and adventure. Travelling to Zanzibar is like stepping out of reality and into a tropical paradise worthy of any fairy tale. To help you navigate your vacation and capture the beauty of the islands in professional photographs, it helps to have a local vacation photographer in Zanzibar. Especially with a photographer like the ones from Localgrapher who are familiar with the island, you can rest assured that all the important parts of your trip will be preserved in your vacation photographs.


Beaches and Sunsets: Vacation Photography at Its Best

Sunny beaches, swaying palm trees, and spectacular ocean scenery often comes to mind when thinking about Zanzibar. You’ll quickly discover during your vacation that none of these things are overrated; from the popular Nungwi beach on the North-west end of the island to the fancy resorts, you can have any sort of beach vacation you desire. Especially if you’re coming to Zanzibar for a romantic occasion such as a wedding or honeymoon, it’s helpful to have a vacation photographer who can do a photoshoot using the beach scenery and excellent sunsets of the island.

Discover the Local Scene


To get in on local life, you can visit the charming city of Stone Town which combines a modern port with historic Arab-style architecture in a unique blend. Explore the winding alleys to discover the special off-the-beaten-path places or ask a local photographer for tips about the best places for shots. One of the top attractions of Stone Town is the Forodhani Market, a bustling local shopping area full of fresh local goods and handmade crafts. The market is the perfect place to experience local culture and pick up a unique souvenir.

The Historic Side of the Island

While many people are attracted to Zanzibar by the beaches and wildlife, the island also has an interesting collection of historic sites to add some depth to your vacation. Half an hour away from Zanzibar by boat is the infamous Prison Island which acts as a window to the darker parts of the island’s past. On a lighter note, there is the splendid Palace Museum, more commonly referred to as the Sultan’s Palace. The edifice dates back to the 19th century when it was first used as a government building; today, the impressive structure functions as a museum with information and artefacts about the history of Zanzibar.


The tropical charm and beauty of Zanzibar has captivated travellers and photographers from around the world. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the magic for yourself when you come to this island for your next vacation. Booking a local photographer helps ensure that not only the spectacular scenery, but also the unique energy of the island will be preserved in your vacation photographs, and with the help of a local, you can get the best advice about the perfect beaches, historic sites, and cultural events on Zanzibar for vacation photography.

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Teaching Healthy Habits To Your Children

children doing schoolwork - teaching healthy habits to your children

Children pick up more of our personalities than many of us are willing to admit. It’s true that our genetic markers can somehow turn into behaviour traits (in the hit BBC show Peaky Blinders, a character says to another “you have your father’s devilishness, and your mother’s common sense. Let your mother win.”) But it’s not just that, our lessons and the means in which we set an example can have a great effect.

Never teach a child to cook or to prepare simple meals for themselves, and they’ll have a hard time surviving on healthy food when they leave the house for the first time. The same applies to tidying the home, road rage, and a range of other factors that influence our children without us knowing.

This is why it’s so essential to practice what you preach, and also to develop better methods of teaching healthy habits to your children. If you can do this, then you can keep them on the right path as they blossom into worthwhile adults.

Let’s see how that works:


It’s important you teach them self-reliance and self-care. This might be going to their room to cool off after an argument with their sibling, the ability to ask for help and vent their frustrations with hard homework, or how to properly wash their face as a teenager and care for their Invisalign. A little self-care can go a long way. While you wouldn’t expect a young child to brush their teeth alone, say, there’s always something they can do to help themselves feel a little more autonomous. It’s all about finding the right, small thing they can care for at their age, with your supervision of course. 

Healthy Eating

Kids become accustomed to the diet they are given. If you’re continually giving them oven chips and pizza, they will start to gain a dislike for vegetables. If they have an important vegetable food group with their meal each night, it becomes the norm, and they can become familiar with it. Issues should not be ignored but should be worked through with a child nutritionist or a specialist able to reverse harmful food preferences or neuroticisms. Healthy eating will quite literally determine the length and quality of their lives, so it’s best to prevent this from becoming a lesson they have to learn in adulthood.


Not everyone can be blessed with a saint-like temper. But it’s important you show your children how to vent their frustrations in a worthwhile manner, without acting out. This might be teaching them to count to ten and breathe deeply, small meditative tricks, or avoid showing any sign of aggression yourself such as in being cut up in traffic, or when our spouse is being overtly annoying. A little temperance can go a long way here, and you’ll surely understand that in the long term.

With these tips, you’ll be certain to teach healthy habits to your young children.

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Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

healthy eating for weight loss

Those familiar with the blog will know that I often post updates on my Slimming World results from time to time. Weight loss is a very tricky road to navigate, and like most roads, it will have bumps along the way.

Weight loss is much more than dieting in this day and age, with different avenues out there for everyone. Because we all need to approach weight loss in a healthy manner, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the options out there that you may not know about.

Remember, losing weight doesn’t have to be a negative experience. From subtle changes to how we eat to seeing the positive in how a change in lifestyle can make us feel better mentally; from this list, there will be something out there for you.

Different weight loss programs to look in to include:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • DDP Yoga
  • Slimming World
  • Alevere
  • Part-Time Vegan
  • Paleo

Mayo Clinic Diet

Not often a bunch of doctors get together to make their own diet, but that’s exactly what the Mayo Clinic did. Much of the literature is out there online for free, and some of it is a bit boilerplate in terms of what they advise (no snacking while watching TV/ swap sweeties for fruit etc.), but if you’re someone who can’t stand calorie counting or points-based systems, it may work for you.

DDP Yoga

This is surprisingly relatively unknown over here in the UK. Created by a former professional wrestler called Diamond Dallas Page, this is a yoga-based workout routine that uses your body and nothing else to work out.

It’s a staged based workout that, if followed strictly, will see you lose weight steadily. There’s a great blog post about how it’s good for men here, but if you were someone who feels like having a massive shift in lifestyle change and is more concerned with being active over what you eat, this is worth reading up on.

Slimming World

You’ll know already I post about Slimming World a good bit (read my Slimming World posts). It is one of the most popular weight loss programs out there and easy to see why when you get used to the ins and outs.

Unlike many weight loss programs; there’s a sense of community and the support network is fantastic. If you want to take the journey in baby steps that leads to strides, it could work for you.


Some people think that when you want to lose weight, you can just hop on an operating table and banish it. That’s a very dangerous and unrealistic way to achieve weight loss. Thankfully, breakthroughs in non-invasive treatments have made options like Alevere weight loss more popular.

It’s a combined non-invasive treatment and diet plan that aims to create sustained weight loss (i.e.. no yo-yo problems) and can adapt to a daily routine. I haven’t tried it out, but it is worth reading up on.

Part-Time Vegan

This isn’t a soapbox style diet, but rather more of a culinary challenge for some of us. A big part of problem diets is that it’s all too easy to fall into traps with eating habits. By taking on a part-time vegan diet, you can go anywhere from swapping an unhealthy lunch one day a week to complete overhaul in your kitchen.

To get you to try new foods in different ways, you could see yourself actually enjoying the act of pushing your food boundaries. And it doesn’t have to be dear to try it out. Sainsbury’s Love Your Veg range is fantastic right now. They have sausages that actually taste like sausages, as opposed to that bean-y texture, and they do things like katsu style kebabs and pulled pork pizzas that have a good level of flavour while bringing the calorie count right down.


I’ve left a tough option for last. The Paleo diet is very popular right now but requires a lot of dedication to keep it going. The diet stops you from having any cheese, grains, soy (unbelievable how many foodstuff have it as an ingredient) and most processed stuff.

It does seem to have results but is hard to stick too, and I’ve heard about the Paleo Flu most people get a week in when the body doesn’t know what to be at.

Stop thinking of food as restrictive!

Before I go, if you think that weight loss involves having to diet hard and restrict yourself, you’re doing it all wrong. I’ve been using various Slimming World recipes while the weather has been fantastic to eat food with a summer flair. If you’re interested, some of the recipes I’ve written about you should check out include:

You can see all the recipes I’ve tried out right here.

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Autumn Travel Inspo For Geneva

We might have just got over that recent heatwave (top tip: pop your pillow covers in the fridge, so you are not sweltered in bed) but that hasn’t put me off researching places to visit in the Autumn, Oh I love a little trip away when the weather is a little more calm, especially if it’s a city trip.

My top picks for a nice early Autumn trip, around September and October, would include Belfast, Edinburgh, Hamburg and Milan. This year there are a few destinations I’ve been keeping my eye on, and one, in particular, is piquing my interest; the lovely city of Geneva.

It might be famous for chocolate, fondue and the Large Hadron Collider, but I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get there and do it on the cheap. Here are some of my thoughts and tips on how to jet off to Geneva in the Autumn and have a lovely little city break.

How should I get to Geneva?


CHEAP FLIGHTS! I was surprised to see that flights to Geneva were much cheaper than I expected. I am writing this in the middle of July and looking up some example route on Google Flights, I have seen direct flights for the middle of September (12th-15th) at prices like this:

  • EasyJet from London Luton for £59 return
  • EasyJet from London Gatwick for £64 return
  • Swiss Air from Manchester for £134 return
  • EasyJet from Edinburgh for £119 return

I honestly thought it was going to be really dear for flights but was surprised that just two months out return prices were so good.

Where should I stay in Geneva?

The city is quite compact and has a river running through the middle. Because it sits at the bottom of a lake, I’ve found that hotels tend to be dearest the closer to water you get. Rue du Marché and Rue du Rhône are two of the main streets in the city centre and staying on them can be dear, so I’d recommend having a good look at hotels in the surrounding streets to see how cheap they can go.

Airbnb prices vary wildly too. I prefer to look at entire flats when searching on the site, and £100-£120 per night seems to be the average rate for an apartment in the city, so if four people were splitting the bill for the likes of a two-bed apartment, it would be cheaper than a hotel.

The majority of hotels on are £170+ per night, so if you were factoring in self-catering over a bit of hotel luxury, I’d veer towards having your own place or go for serviced accommodation; at least that way you’ll be dining out all the time. There are cheap hotel options, but Geneva is a bit of a luxury city.

What should I eat in Geneva?

The amount of chocolate photos I’ve been drooling over on Instagram is practically shameful. The city has some of the best chocolate shops in the world, and you can even take a chocolate walking tour that will perfectly balance eating chocolate with burning calories.

And cheese lovers, there’s something even more magical than fondue you have to seek out. Malakoff is like a cheesy puffy ball that is fried (if you’ve ever had a beignet it’s quite similar) so the cheese gets all gooey inside. Café du Soleil is regarded as the spot to get them – it’s a 400-year-old café that serves them in small portions as a snack.

What should I see in Geneva?

I am a big fan of doing a lot of research for things to see in cities, especially if you’re travelling at a certain time of year. For example, in this handy September event guide, I found from Fraser Suites Geneva, there’s a Saturday morning market in a neighbourhood south of the city called Carouge Market.

I find that local markets are where you’ll always get the best sense of local cuisine rather than humming and harring over every café in town before panicking and settling on McDonald’s. Although, if you do end up at the golden arches, the Big Mac Index points out that Switzerland has the dearest McDonalds in the world.

Science nerds should know that you can go and visit CERN, but it is outside of the city and takes about half an hour. If high-end shopping is more your thing, Place du Bourg-de-Four is the place to go.

Are you planning a trip across the pond soon?

For anyone going to America soon, get savvy when travelling. Read my recent post on the top Travel apps out there to make going through American airports much easier.

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How Does CBD Oil Helps Weight Loss?

CBD oil

CBD oil is one of the best weight loss products in the world, but a lot of people will completely forget about it because they do not think that it was meant for this purpose.  Some people even see CBD oil as something that will give you a buzz.  This is not the case at all.  The CBD oil is going to help you make sure that your weight loss journey is working, and it can be used in a variety of ways to support your goal to lose as much weight as possible.  Plus, you might use CBD oil in everything as a bit of a common thread that can help you with your workouts, overall health, anxiety, and even depression.

1.  Energy

CBD oil is a good thing to use in the morning with your coffee or morning tea, and it could it be something that you add into a shake or smoothie.  When you would like to get more energy for the workouts that you plan to do, this is a good thing to take as a tincture.  CBD oil is very powerful, and you will feel much more focused on your workouts because the oil was designed to make you feel as though you can do anything. 

2.  Recovery

You can use CBD oil for recovery, and you need to make sure that you have used it every day so that you can keep your body as strong as possible.  There are a lot of people who have soreness because they are working out so much, and it is very hard for these people to get back to the gym the next day.  It is very simple for you to use the lotions and oils that are laced with CBD oil to rub on your skin, and you will find that you can change your recovery massively because you do not need to go for medicated lotions or simply get in an ice bath. 

3.  Weight Loss

You can lose weight more easily using these products because your metabolism will get an instant boost.  It is so easy to boost your metabolism that you do not even need to worry about trying to do other things that might force your body to burn fat.  When you are using a CBD oil product every day, your body will automatically respond to the feeling that it gets from the oil.  This is a very good thing for you, and it can help you make sure that you have gotten the exact amount in your body.  If you want to feel a little bit stronger or want to lose more weight, you can raise your dosage just a bit until you plateau.

4.  Anxiety

A lot of people who are working out and trying to lose weight will be anxious or jittery because they are working so hard to lose weight.  The best way to solve these problems is to make sure that you can get results that allow you to get through a long day.  You could use tiny tinctures of CBD to manage your anxiety, or you could take the tinctures any time you start to feel lost of anxious.  This is a simple remedy that is not a traditional medication.

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Strengthening your relationship

Relationships change. The “honeymoon” period does not last forever, which can leave couples floundering as they become unsure of how to maintain and strengthen their emotional bonds. Here are simple steps you can take to help strengthen your relationship with the person you love.

Be kind, always

Try to be kind to each other, even if you are feeling grumpy about something. Remember that you are responsible for your behaviour and your mood, so do not expect your partner to “fix” you. Every once in a while, write down all the lovely things your partner has done for you. This could be taking on one of your chores when you were feeling unwell, bringing you flowers “just because” or buying you a favourite treat whilst out shopping for something else. Showing your written list to your partner shows them that you do appreciate all they do for you.

You can strengthen your relationship by marking special days in the year. From birthdays to your anniversary to public holidays, making an effort to find Valentine’s day gifts, for example, will show that you understand the importance of these days and the chance it offers for you to create a special treat for your partner and yourself.

Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

Agree to disagree

Find ways to express yourself and your needs without criticism or blame towards your loved one. There will be disagreements between you, but arguments can escalate rapidly with a critical or contemptuous remark. Disagreements should not always mean conflict.

Learn to stop before an argument gets completely out of control. Back down if the argument is going nowhere and is not important in the larger scheme of things. If there is something difficult you want to discuss, go for a walk together. Being outside and moving together in the same direction minimises the chance of confrontation since you are walking side by side, heading in the same direction.

An appreciation of your partner’s feelings will help resolve any issue, and if an argument becomes too heated, take a break for 20 minutes and try writing down the details from a neutral standpoint. This may highlight something you missed in the heat of the moment.

It is not all about you!

Being flexible within a relationship, making sacrifices for your partner without fuss, are what makes a relationship happy and long-lasting. If your partner asks you to change your plans for a particular reason, do so. Your support will show that you consider your relationship to be a true partnership.  If you have an important decision to make about work or home, first ask yourself if it is good for your relationship. If you don’t want to mention something you have planned, it is not good for your marriage.

Be positive

A happy relationship has five times as many positive experiences as negative ones. Nurture this positivity, by having fun together, laughing, going on adventures or a romantic getaway. Positivity comes from security as a couple. Create intimate moments without expectation of long lovemaking sessions. Extend your hugs and kisses longer than you normally would. When going out for a meal, sit next to each other rather than across from each other. This is a much friendlier position and allows for more intimacy, from a whispered comment to a hand on the knee. These actions will all maintain a feeling of a strong connection.

Image by Pana Kutlumpasis from Pixabay

Get help

Make your relationship your top priority, accept that your expectations will not always match your partners, but this need not lead to disappointment, but rather an opportunity for you to strengthen the foundations of your relationship for years to come. 

If you are experiencing relationship problems, seek help early on. Find someone you can talk with honestly as soon as problems arise.  Many people will wait a long time before seeking help, but this may make difficulties mount up, building resentment which left unchecked will inevitably lead to further problems. 

Be mindful who you ask for help, as you do not want to be the latest source of gossip.  There are several professional counselling services for couples where you can speak in confidence as a couple, or you can speak with someone as an individual.

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3 Ways To Revamp Your Home This Summer

lilac house with yellow door - revamp your home
Photo by Mike Bird from Pexels

Summer makes anything seem possible! These months are the most exciting time of year. It’s no surprise that many of us are ready to make improvements to our homes during this time. If you’ve been meaning to revamp your home, but you’re not sure where to start, here are a few hints and tips. 

Lighten up 

Summer is the time for light, bright, and beautiful! It’s all about sunshine, so why not bring the sun inside by making your rooms brighter? If you want to make the most of the natural light in your home, there are a few ways to go about it. Cleaning the windows is a great start! We often don’t realise how grubby they are until we give them a quick clean. It can lighten up your whole room and also make the house seem fresher and brighter. Give it a go and see what happens! You don’t even need chemicals, many people swear by white vinegar to clean windows

Once the windows are shining, from them with some light coloured curtains. A great way to let in maximum natural light is to choose curtain poles that are much wider than the windows. That way, you can open the curtains as wide as possible and let in the most light. 

Other ways to brighten up the interior of your home include painting the walls light colours and adding light, neutral throws to sofas and beds. This not only reflects the light and makes the room sunnier; it also makes it appear larger! 

Improve the garden

In these warm months, most of us want to be outdoors as much as possible! Household DIY can largely late for the colder months. Why not work on improving the garden? You could set yourself a special project to complete over the summer since the long evenings give you more time to get things done. How about turning a corner of your garden into a vegetable patch? Or setting up a delightful patio area? 

A seating area can be an enjoyable project if you don’t like getting too dirty. Once you’ve got the decking or slabs laid, you can have plenty of fun decorating and choosing furniture. Composite wood benches are comfortable and attractive, while vintage wrought iron chairs look stylish. You can finish off with some outdoor candles, or some solar-powered fairy lights for some added sparkle to your patio. Don’t forget a barbeque so that you can entertain guests! 

Paint your exteriors 

Why not make the most of the drier weather by painting the outside of your home? This could be the doors and window frames, the fencing, or even the entire house. Choose light shades that reflect the sun, since painting your exteriors in a dark tone can cause it to absorb heat, which can damage your property. If you don’t want to take on a whole painting project, there are other ways to add a splash of colour to your home. Why not plant some vibrant flowers in your front garden, or arrange some beautiful hanging baskets around the front door? 

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7 Surprising Beauty Benefits for Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar
Image by Mike Goad from Pixabay

Apple cider vinegar or ACV for short is one of the most potent natural products and offers both health and beauty benefits. Most people may not know this, but the use of this increasingly popular ingredient dates back to 400 BC when it was used by Hippocrates to treat most of his patients.

Apple cider vinegar contains vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, mineral salts as well as malic, citric, and acetic acids. It is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral agent that helps alleviate muscle pain, arthritis pain and treats diabetes, common cold, and weight issues. Read more about this amazing product in this article; 17 Surprising Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Health, Skin and Weight Loss.

It is also an all-purpose kitchen staple, but what many people don’t know is that is can be useful as a beauty ingredient. In this read, we are going to take a look at several surprising beauty benefits of ACV.

Treat Acne

There is no denying that acne is one of the most annoying and dreading skin problems that women have to deal with. However, when something unforeseen pops up in your mirror before a special event, ACV will do the trick.

Apple cider vinegar is excellent for treating acne. It not only helps kill the bacteria, but it minimizes inflammation, prevents future breakouts, and also calm the current ones. Keep in mind that ACV smells and so it’s advisable to dilute it with some water before applying it directly to the face.

Remove Product Build-up

We all know that product build-up makes the hair look dull, lacklustre, and weighs it down. Of course, you could opt for a store-bought clarifying shampoo, but it’s also nice to try a DIY remedy. All you have to do is mix two tablespoons of ACV with a cup of distilled water. After applying shampoo, pour the mixture over the hair strands and rinse thoroughly. The acetic acid found in ACV is what helps remove any build-up and restore that shine you once had.

Soothe Your Skin

We all desire and deserve a smooth, silky skin. ACV makes this possible as it is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliate dead skin build-up, thus creating an opportunity for new skin cells to grow. The regular application of diluted AVC to your skin will restore ideal pH levels to your skin and also help prevent future skin damage.

Whiten Your Teeth

You want a set of bright white teeth, don’t you? ACV might be the answer you are looking for. The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar helps scrape off plaque from your teeth and cure the stains caused by drinking coffee or smoking. Keep in mind that you should use it sparingly and in a diluted form to avoid burning your gums.

Soothe Sunburn

If your skin has been sun-ravaged, ACV can deliver that much-needed relief. The product is not just a potent anti-inflammatory agent, it contains potassium, which helps accelerate recovery. Mix a half-cup ACV and four cups of distilled water and apply it on the affected region using a washcloth. This mixture will minimize redness, swelling, and prevent peeling or blisters.

Fight Dandruff

Your body, including the scalp, has a pH level of 4.5 to 5.5, which is relatively acidic. Conditions like bacteria, fungus, and dandruff occur when the scalp pH becomes too alkaline. One of the best ways to fight this is by mixing one cup of ACV with one cup of distilled water. Massage the mixture throughout the scalp and rinse thoroughly. Do this once a week, and the dandruff issue should wear off after a while. The acidic properties of ACV restore your pH levels, and the antifungal properties help combat dandruff.

Remedy Razor Burns

No matter how hard you try, razor burns are inevitable sometimes. So, the next time you find yourself with those pesky rashes and bumps, avoid the expensive store-bought formulas and go for an affordable DIY remedy. Dip a cotton ball in ACV and pat it over the affected region. Apply the ACV soaked cotton ball to alleviate irritation, minimize the redness, and protect the skin against bacteria, which can lead to an infection.

As you can see, there are many benefits that ACV has to offer for beauty. Apple Cider Vinegar is undoubtedly a product that you should always have on hand.

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