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Funny Christmas Quotes

funny christmas quotes

Undoubtedly, Christmas is the brightest, the most favorite, and the most significant holiday of the year. On this day, many people enjoy the festive atmosphere while walking through the beautifully decorated streets of the city; others attend parties and sing Christmas songs. As for children, they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus.

Yes, Christmas is a beautiful holiday, but it can be stressful. Organizing a party or buying the necessary gifts for all loved ones can be a daunting task.

In order not to lose the festive mood during this hectic period, you should laugh and smile a lot. Reading hilarious quotes is a great way to enjoy the moment and take your mind off daily hassles.

With these funny Christmas quotes, you will keep laughing until the New Year.

Short Funny Christmas Quotes

If you are stressed out worrying about all the gifts you should buy, all the places you should visit, and all the invitations you should send, short funny Christmas quotes can give you joy. Read them alone, share with friends, or even include these quotes in a Christmas card. Fun and happiness are the presents everyone should get for Christmas.

  1. “Christmas sweaters are only acceptable as a cry for help.” – Andy Borowitz
  2. “Who’s the bane of Santa’s life? The elf and safety officer.” – Catherine Tate
  3. “Let’s be naughty and save Santa the trip.” – Gary Allan
  4. “Thank goodness Christmas is a state of mind. I’d hate for it to be the state of my bank account.” – Melanie White
  5. “The reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows where all the bad girls live.” – Anonymous

Christmas Shopping Quotes

When you hit the mall before Christmas, you feel confused. You’ve got a shopping list the size of a Christmas tree, and you don’t know where to start.

Does this situation sound familiar?

In this case, you should relax and laugh at ridiculous problems. These Christmas shopping quotes will lift your spirit.

  1. “Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money.” – Anonymous
  2. “A Christmas shopper’s complaint is one of long-standing.” – Anonymous
  3. “One good thing about Christmas shopping is it toughens you for the January sales.” – Grace Kriley
  4. “I was Christmas shopping and ran into a guy on the street. I noticed his watch and said that it runs slow. He said, “So does the guy I stole it from.” – David Letterman
  5. “Men can do their Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on Christmas Eve in 25 minutes.” – Anonymous
  6. “There are 17 more shopping days until Christmas. So, guys, that means 16 more days till we start shopping, right?” – Conan O’Brien
  7. “If the players go Christmas shopping, it’s not ideal preparation. It may sound silly, but having to fight off the crowds in a busy shopping centre or having people visit can be demanding.” – Steve Coppell

The Office Christmas Quotes

The characters in “The Office” are well-developed, hilarious, and each has its own charm. If you’re a fan of “The Office” series, you’ll love these quotes.

  1. “I got myself in secret santa. I was supposed to tell somebody… but I didn’t.” – Kevin, “The Office”
  2. “Tonight the decision you make will have consequences that will haunt you for the rest of your professional lives.” – Mary, “The Office”
  3. “Michael: You’re the expert, is this enough to get 20 people plastered?

Store Clerk: 15 bottles of vodka? Yeah, that should do it.”  – “The Office”

  1. “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It’s like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, “Hey, man, I love you this many dollars worth.” – Michael, “The Office”

On Christmas, people celebrate friendship, fellowship, and family ties. It’s important to be in a good mood on this day and share positive vibes. Use these funny Christmas quotes to add a little humor to your life.

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Tips For Getting Through A Messy Divorce

divorce proceedings - messy divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy, and when it’s a messy situation, it can be even more challenging to manage. Luckily, there are a few tips that will help to keep you feeling your best although you may be struggling from time to time.

What’s most important is that you don’t let your health and wellbeing slip through the cracks in the process. Stay hopeful that with the right approach and attitude you’ll be on your way to creating a brighter future for yourself. Be mindful to manage your emotions and not let this situation distract you too much from your other responsibilities.

Hire A Lawyer

One tip for getting through a messy divorce is to reach out and hire a lawyer who can help you. For example, contact a Bristol lawyer who will assist you with your family dilemma and make sure your divorce is taken care of in a professional manner and that the process continues to move along at an acceptable pace. It’ll be nice to have someone who can guide you in making wise decisions and answer any questions you have.

Attend to Your Kids

Another tip for getting through a messy divorce is to make sure you attend to your kids and their feelings. This can be a very difficult time for them as well, and they may be feeling confused and upset. Make sure you give them extra attention and that they feel loved and not caught in the middle of your messy divorce.

Take Care of Yourself

What’s most critical during this time is that you take care of yourself so that you can continue to function to the best of your ability each day. A messy divorce will take a toll on your overall wellness if you’re not careful about practising self-care consistently. Reduce your stress and cope better by hitting the gym, going for walks and journaling all you’re feeling at the time. Spend quiet time meditating and reflecting on all that’s going on in your life and how you want your future to play out.

Find Support

Remember that although you may feel all alone during a messy divorce, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all yourself. Reach out and ask for support from your loved ones such as friends and family members. Connect with those who’ve been in your shoes before and have gone through a similar situation in the past. Allow others in and let them help you as you try to get back on your feet. There are also plenty of online and offline support groups for those going through a messy divorce and it’s possible that this will be a comforting resource for you to take advantage of.


Divorce is never easy or desirable, but unfortunately, it does happen in families all around the world. Use these tips to help you through your messy divorce so you can work through it and come out a better person for having had your experience. Try to remain strong and optimistic that your life will improve as time goes on.

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How traveling can make you proud of your own culture

Woman looking at art - how travelling can make you proud of your own culture

Travelling the world is one of the best ways to explore different cultures and learn about different traditions around the world. This knowledge not only makes us more accepting of other races but it makes us realize that our own culture is beautiful too. Join others in different traditional activities and sometimes having people join you is a wonderful thing. The sense of community this gives us is a wonderful thing.

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Personally, I like to travel to places that are rich in history and culture. It’s fun to explore these places, learning of all the eccentricities and uniqueness of their native culture. Slowly but surely, I’ve noticed that I’ve started to feel proud of my own heritage. There were a few strange things that I avoided but now I’m more accepting. It’s a wonderful feeling to make a foreign friend and swap traditional stories. For me, Thailand is on my list next. You can head there too and book DWT discounted flights to save some money alongside!

The importance of understanding cultures

As we all know, racism is still a tragic problem today. Most of the issues arise from common misconceptions about a certain race. Due to ignorant people, negative information spreads around causing all sorts of problems. From hate-crimes to hate speech, all of these can be solved by simply spreading awareness about different cultures. The more people understand and accept the differences in different races, the kinder they will be. Who knows, they may just bond over certain similarities.

Being proud of your culture

This is the other side of racism because usually the people who are discriminated a lot, start feeling ashamed of their culture. It should never get this bad because our culture is not just our identity but it’s what makes us who we are. Everyone learns from their parents and grandparents, so it’s sad that ignorance cause someone to be ashamed of the ways of their elders. Positive awareness is good because everyone can improve certain things in their culture, but overall, it’s essential to be proud of who you are.

How travelling around the world helps

The more you travel, the more you get to explore the world and meet new people. When you see a country and its traditions first-hand, you understand the reasoning behind certain trends. This awareness makes you empathize with other races making you a diver person. I remember when I visited Morocco, I was moved by their hospitality. In fact, it made me wish more people would follow that tradition.

Accepting cultures makes you proud of your own culture

The eccentric traditions

Once you travel the world enough, you’ll realize that at the end of the day, we aren’t all that different from each other. Therefore, if there are some rather unique traditions in your culture, you simply accept them as what they are. In fact, instead of being embarrassing, they become interesting. Besides, it’s just the general consensus that makes us think certain things are better than the other when we should accept that we’re all unique.

Making friends

Travelling to different countries allows us to meet up with new people. The more people we get to know, the more we’ll learn about different ethnicities and races. Now just change your thinking a bit because if you explore their culture with such interest then chances are that they’ll likely wish to do the same. This realization will make you proud of your traditions. I see so many people trying to copy other cultures when there really is no need. Share knowledge about different traditions. Eventually, you’ll find out that there are many similarities. Not only does this allow you to become better friends but gives you confidence about who you are.


One of the best ways to experience the fun and beautiful side of a culture is to join in a cultural festival. From delicious food to unique performances, you’ll get to experience wonderful things. When I visited Japan in summer, I managed to join in one of their summer festivals. The slow traditional dance with a disciplined drum beat made me fall in love with Japan even more. And then there was all the festive food. One of the best festivals that celebrate different culture is the Global Village, held in Dubai. Just trying out different dishes is good enough for me. There are sections called pavilions dedicated to different countries. Here you can buy authentic souvenirs, try out delicious traditional dishes and if you time your visit right, you can see a cool cultural performance as well.

My point is that you’ll probably find your culture being represented here or even in your own country. Trust me, there’s nothing shameful about a traditional festival. Enjoy yourself and you’ll notice all the visitors are having a great time too.


There’s a big stigma when it comes to language. As well all know, the most popular language around the world is English. And if someone can’t speak English then they’re made to feel bad. This is a terrible rule of the world but I’m glad it’s slowly going away. Every language is beautiful. Having an accent is all right too. In fact, having an accent makes it more interesting because it shows that you’ve learned a foreign language but haven’t given up on your mother tongue. When you travel around, you’ll get to hear countless accents and dialects. Just conversing with different people will make you confident about your own pronunciations. Besides, as long as the other person understands you, it doesn’t matter what language you use to converse.


This one is the most important thing we learn when we travel. Since we realize and develop an admiration of different cultures, we should also make an effort to be respectful. Because once you know about something, yet still stay offensive, it becomes pure hateful racism. Respect others so that in turn your own culture may be respected.

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4 of the Most Common Mistakes People Make with Their Boilers

The boiler is one of the most necessary appliances in any home, and yet most of us only pay attention to it when something goes wrong. You wake up to find the house a lot colder and there is no hot water available on a chilling February morning. While it may not always be the reason, more often than not, boiler breakdowns are a result of ignorance and negligence on the owner’s part as they end up making mistakes that ultimately lead to the failure. To help Brits avoid and minimise boiler failures in the future, here are the top four, most common mistakes that people often make with their boilers.



Buying a New Boiler Immediately After the Old One Breaks Down

A failing or broken-down boiler could send a lot of people in a state of panic and they end up spending a ton of money on a new boiler when in most cases, all they needed was a repair! A boiler is supposed to last a decade or more, so if your appliance is less than ten years old, do not buy a boiler right away and look to repair it instead. In fact, the product might still even be under warranty as a lot of boilers do come with 8 – 10 years of warranty. In addition to the cost of the boiler itself, you will also have to pay to have the old tank removed and the new one installed, which will further bump the bill up by a few hundred pounds or more, depending on how much work is required to install the new appliance. Therefore, the bottom line is, do not spend thousands of pounds on a new boiler, unless you are absolutely sure that it can’t be repaired.

Not Getting Boiler Cover

In the very beginning, it was mentioned how the owner’s negligence towards boiler maintenance is one of the prime reasons as to why boilers break down in the first place, and not getting boiler cover is definitely part of that negligence. It is the main reason why Brits often make the mistake of buying a new boiler even when their old boiler is perfectly capable of providing them with valuable service for many more years. When the appliance breaks down and the house gets cold, they do not have anyone available to rely on for getting the boiler fixed as soon as possible. By getting a good boiler cover plan right from day one, this issue can be eliminated altogether because companies like Certi provide 24/7 emergency service, 365 days a year.

The above-mentioned company Certi has both premium and affordable home emergency cover plans that not only assist you with your immediate breakdowns, but actually keeps the boiler from failing in the first place by providing free boiler health checks and maintenance on an annual basis from certified engineers. The higher end home emergency cover plan goes much beyond just boiler maintenance and repair by including maintenance and repair facilities for plumbing, drainage and electrical wirings as well, in addition to providing pest control and home security services.

Overworking the Boiler

A good boiler is perfectly capable of making even the coldest days feel like summer inside the house, but the common mistake which people often make is that they forget how much pressure it puts on the machine, not to mention the significantly higher electricity bills generated as a result of overworking the boiler. Keep in mind that for each degree of heat increased on the thermostat, you will be paying about  £60 more on electricity bills every year. The government suggests that your thermostat should not be cranked higher than the 21-degree Celsius mark under normal circumstances, but there are those who push it way up and quite literally pay for it. Aside from the electricity bills, the more you make the boiler work, the shorter it will last before the next breakdown.

Not Learning to Read the Basic Signs

To be able to tell if it’s time to top up the pressure or bleed the radiator is something that every homeowner should be able to do, but it isn’t uncommon to see people making the mistake of being ignorant about it. It is quite simple to learn really, so go through the following, so that you can call in the service engineer before the boiler actually breaks down.

  • Ideally, the needle should be pointing within the green section, which represents the 1 – 1.5 bar range on the pressure gauge
  • When the needle is pointing in the red section and the pressure has gone down below half a bar, the boiler needs to be refilled with water that it has clearly lost
  • When the needle is pointing in the red section and the pressure has gone up to 2.75 bars or above, it is time to bleed the radiator to release the excess pressure

A boiler is an appliance, and an important one at that, so just like every other appliance, it needs to be maintained professionally. By avoiding the common mistakes we have just discussed, you will not just be saving money, but you will also be able to avoid or tackle future boiler emergencies quite smoothly.

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Top Prom 2019 Dress Trends

You’re trying to find the right prom dress. You know what you like, and what you hope to find. All that’s left is to do a little investigating, staying up to date, and discovering what this season looks to bring to the market in trends and fashions. Here are the top prom dress trends for the 2019 season.

girls wearing prom dresses

  • Rose Gold
    • This year, rose gold is everywhere. From accessories to jewellery pieces, the pink/gold combination is here to stay in 2019. Embrace it, especially if you have an affinity for gold necklaces and jewellery. Rose gold accessories will be everywhere this year.
  • The One Shoulder
    • The ‘one shoulder’ look (one strap up, one down the shoulder) can really set you apart and even further define your silhouette and figure. While the one-shoulder look isn’t for everyone, if it is for you, it can really send your outfit into the stratosphere of prom fashion.
  • Glitter Fabric
    • Perhaps one of the best ways to set your look apart is with the glisten and shine of glitter and sequin.
  • The High Low
    • Especially if you can’t decide whether to go high or low, the high low provides you with an escape from making this decision at all. All long prom dress options aside, a solid high low cut can be great, especially if your shoes are a big part of your outfit and deserve a little bit of extra attention on their own.
  • Satin and Lycra
    • Previous years help us in the present moment because they provide a precedent for what has worked in recent years. Now, for the third time in as many prom seasons, the lace-up back in royal and ruby is looking like a favourite to take over the prom dress
  • The Color Red
    • An absolute staple of prom season every single year is the colour red. It’s all about red again this year; deep hues, lycra, ruby in satin, and brighter shades of scarlet. Red is always going to be a great option, and this year is no different, especially considering the fact that your other best colour options this year will probably be yellow and lilac.
  • Florals
    • Floral print dresses are also poised to dominate this season. For those who aren’t looking for the shine of metallic lace or the glimmer of shiny fabric or the glisten of rose gold, we recommend trying something with a floral print, covered in flowers, evoking the annals of springtime.
  • Lace-Up Back
    • As mentioned above, the lace-up back is once again here to stay. Highly coveted and consistently received with a combination of mystique and grandeur, go with a lace-up back design and you will be well on your way to a night of splendour.
  • Metallic Lace
    • 2018 was all about ‘metallic lace’, and it seems as though this trend is going to be carried into 2019 as well.
  • The Ball Gown
    • The ball gown once again takes centre stage in 2019! Ball gowns haven’t always stayed ‘in fashion’, but they are poised to experience another comeback year in 2019, for all those looking for the added elegance of a flowing train.

As you sift through trends and prom dress options, find what you love, and most importantly, if none of the above speak to your sensibility, fashion is all about knowing yourself and trusting your instincts. Trends are more like guidelines, but they don’t always work for everyone. Whatever dress you settle on, remember to have fun and wear it however it fits you best.

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Creative And Cost-Effective Ways To Polish Your Home’s Design

If your house is looking a little sorry for itself then let’s look at some creative and cost-effective ways to polish your home’s design.

books on a shelf

Picture Source

Declutter and improve your storage options.

This is one of the simplest ways to polish your home’s design. Simply tidying up your living space costs nothing other than your time, and it can be a chance to get a little more creative and imaginative with the layout of your household. Start off by getting rid of things you no longer want or need; you could even have a yard sale for your old possessions to raise some money that could go towards future renovation projects. Once you’ve reduced your clutter, your home will feel larger and more spacious. This will massively improve its appearance, but there are more than just visual benefits; it’ll create a more practical and comfortable living environment too. As for the rest of your belongings, you can keep your home tidy by storing things smartly. Put up more shelves on the walls, store things under beds, and so on. It’s all about freeing up floor space so that each room feels bigger.

flowers and greenery help your home's design

Picture Source

Maintain a pretty and cosy garden.

Another creative and cost-effective way to polish your home’s design is to take better care of your garden. After all, it’s as much a part of your home as any part of its interior. You don’t want to look out of your kitchen and bedroom window to see an overgrown patch of land around the back of your house. Plus, the way your house appears from the front has an impact on your front impression. You should plant some fresh flowers and plants to give both your front and back garden some colour and a vibrant aesthetic. Trimming back shrubbery and mowing the lawn can keep things looking neat and tidy too. Of course, if you struggle to maintain your garden regularly then you might want to look at some artificial lawns for your property. This would remove the need for regular lawn-mowing, but you’d still have a natural and appealing garden space.

Make sure you paint doors, windowsills, and other external woodwork too. Even fences can be brought back to life with a fresh coat of paint. Obviously, repainting things is a very cheap way to spruce up the aesthetic of your household to make it look brand new, but there’s a practical reason to do this too. Regular painting can protect wooden surfaces from the effects of weathering. If you want to stave off the worse outcomes then look after your garden and overall external property by regular maintaining it in terms of its appearance and functionality. A fresh coat of paint can stop rotting, and a light bit of gardening can keep everything looking colourful and neat.

Take the personalised DIY approach.

The best way to save money and make your home look well-designed is to do as much as possible by yourself. There’s nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on trendy new furnishings for your home, but there’s something special about crafting your own pieces of decor. Maybe you could do something as simple as splashing paint on a canvas with your family members so that you have something unique and homemade to hang on the wall. You could also spray chalkboard paint on the inside of cupboard doors so that the kids can draw some creative pictures in there. Or maybe you could chop up some logs to create quirky coffee tables for the house. You just need to think outside the box to polish your home’s design in a personalised and creative way.

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Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts From Made & Sent

Just two days ago I was invited to review a personalised Mother’s Day item from Made and Sent. Today, I’m sitting in my living room enjoying the wonderful fragrance of fig and pomegranate emanating from a lovely candle. The candle has only been burning for around an hour and the gorgeous smell has filled this room and is now making its way up the stairs!

Lovely Packaging

When I first visited the website I was going to order the personalised Mother’s Day Hand Care set for either mine or Ant’s mum, but I’m afraid I ended up treating myself to the candle instead. Everyone knows how much I love scented candles!
The candle arrived wrapped in printed tissue paper with a little sticker that said it had been handmade by Megan. I love getting things wrapped in tissue paper, it just makes it feel like a bit more care has gone into the gift.

Made and Sent personalised Mother's Day gift

The candle itself was also wrapped in tissue paper and came packaged in a lovely cardboard display carton. This was further protected in a bubble wrap pouch.

Made and Sent Mother's Day fig and pomegranate personalised candle

At this stage, I could have saved it and given it to my mum for Mother’s Day, but I just had to know what it smelled like!

Personalised Mother’s Day Candle

Made and Sent fig and pomegranate Mother's Day candle

Here are a few reasons why I’m happy to feature this product on my site:

  • The order process was very fast and easy.
  • You can choose 2 personalised messages to have on your candle.
  • Post and packing is free if you’re in the UK.
  • Your order will be made and shipped the same day if ordering before 2pm on weekdays.

I ordered my candle on Friday and received it in Saturday’s post. I have to say, I was very impressed with the whole process.

Please note: I was sent the candle in return for a review, however, all opinions are honest and my own.

Preparing a Bachelorette Party with Male Strippers & Exotic Stripper Dancer Service

Bachelorette Party

Your best friend is getting married. This is a cause for a joyous celebration. We’re sure you’re glad to see your girl-friend take the giant step of entering into a committed relationship that will last for a lifetime. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t surprise her with the best bachelorette party there is. This type of party is an excellent chance for female bonding, sharing secrets and a great memory.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the maid of honour or a bridesmaid. Your obligation as a best friend is to give the bride the best time of her life before she ties the knot. You can select any kinds of entertainment, depending on what best suits the guest of honour. Start by planning the location of the event and from then on all the other preparations will follow. You have at your disposal different cities that are known for having the wildest parties ever.

Las Vegas provides the greatest attraction for unforgettable moments and crazy experiences. Turn your best friend’s last night of solitude into an example of those moments. Moreover, if you want to spice things up and make the atmosphere satisfactory, a great idea is to hire exotic male dancers to drive the crowd wild with excitement. A lot of your friends, including the bride, will forever be grateful for the surprise. Here are some tips below that can be helpful in situations involving this type of celebration:

Pick a theme for the party.

Choosing a theme can be challenging, but fun at the same time. An idea will help you to organize more precisely all the preparations that need to be bought or created. For example, if the desired destination is Las Vegas for the bachelorette party, you can incorporate a “Hangover Theme” like the famous movie “Hangover.”

Host a wild Vegas-themed get-together filled with tigers and fun punchlines! Try to pursue the path of the favourite feature by visiting all the places that were shown in the movie and take pictures along the way as well.

Just ensure you have “Headache packs” (adorable marriage sacks loaded up with ibuprofen, tums, a water bottle, bachelorette female mints, lip ointment, and sleeping masks) prepared for the following morning.

Hire male strippers.

You won’t have an opportunity like this often. Additionally, hiring a male stripper is a great strategy to add some eagerness to your friend’s last single lady party. Male strippers are the most engaging, perfect, and extraordinary looking experts in the business, who have the vitality and the best approach to put a smile to a woman’s face.

What woman doesn’t enjoy the perfect physique of an attractive man, dancing only for her? Just be sure that you consult with the bride-to-be about her preferences and wishes so that you incorporate them in the party altogether. Exotic dancers are known for their perfect routine and sensual dancing. Ensure that the attention is often on the bride since it’s her party and she’s the star of the night. Check this link to find more about the adult entertainment business.

Ensure that the business is legitimate and professional with providing quality and well-trained dancers. This way you’ll be sure that the party will go as planned and without inconveniences. A lot of companies have online references that you can check. Don’t forget to check their reputation either. Any positive feedback guarantees that you’re hiring professionals and not some con artists.

Choose a costume for the strippers.

Strippers usually come disguised to a party and later on reveal themselves as dancers. If the location of the event is in your home, here’s what you can do. Create a situation at the party that will leave your guests surprised and excited. Turn on some loud music and challenge everybody at the gathering to start singing and dancing. Furthermore, inform the strippers to come in via text, and pretend to be real policemen.


They will ring the doorbell and make up a noise complaint from the neighbours. This way you’ll add to the suspense of the party. After getting everyone’s attention, tell the dancers to start stripping. That’s when the fun really begins.

On the other side, if for example, the bride is a professional doctor, then you can arrange that the strippers come in disguised as nurses. More strippers will equal more enjoyment.

Food and drinks

А good way to relax everyone is by offering them drinks and something to eat. Not everyone at first will feel comfortable with a half-naked stranger dancing in front of them. Start warming up the party with some interesting and funny stories about the bride. Then put on some music as the night progresses. This will add up beautifully with the chatting and dining. Meals and mixed drink parties, which give agreeable chances for the guests to talk or to give intimate suggestions to the bride-to-be, are typical. Everyone will start to feel more relaxed and ready for the wild night that follows.

Nevertheless, everyone will end up having a good time. It doesn’t really matter if your friends are more free-spirited or shy. Once you hire professional male dancers, they will make sure that everyone gets an unforgettable experience, especially the bride.

Take the party to a strip club.

Another suggestion for a bachelorette event is strip clubs. Strip clubs are famous for their gorgeous dancers and wild experiences. If the bride wishes to go to a strip club, take your girlfriends there and let them experience the sensual beauty of the performers.

After all, it’s the bride’s final night of solitude and single life. If she wants to spice up the evening with a lap dance from a male stripper, then make her wish come true. One night of harmless fun won’t do any harm. Women usually prefer to go strip clubs in different cities so that anyone could hardly recognize them and badmouth them. There are a lot of wild experiences and make sure that yours is as memorable as well.

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Plan The Perfect Party With The 8 Must-Have Decor Hacks

You are trying to plan an amazing birthday party for your little one or you want to throw a surprise party for your fiancée, but you don’t know where to start. This happens to all of us. The important thing is to understand your guests and to set up a theme and carry on with the flow. The decor is, in fact, a vital part of any party and leaves a lasting impression on the guests.

party decor

Let us now look into some ideas that can make your party decor more appealing and innovative.

  • Understand your guests: Guests are the highlight of the party. Are they your friends or co-workers or are they children? Know your invitees and set up the theme accordingly.
  1. If it is your kid’s birthday party, use bold colours like bright balloons, streamers, cartoon character cut-outs or piñatas with sweets and treats.
  2. If it is the 50th anniversary of your parents, go for a more sophisticated and classic look. Add a personal touch by displaying pictures of old fond memories and fun days.
  3. Again, if it is a corporate event, try to keep it more formal and at the same time, your colleagues must be able to relax and enjoy the time.
  • Party Occasion: Key to any successful party is to understand the true nature of the occasion.
  1. If it’s a Christmas party or a new year’s eve, go for seasonal colours like bright red or green. Bring on the festivities.
  2. If it’s a girl’s birthday party, add colours like pink and white and plan accordingly.
  3. For a simple friendly get-together, try to keep it simple and focus more on food and the ambience.
  • Party Theme: Choose a theme that best suits the occasion. Instead of using general themes explore a little. Use themes that are most popular in the current times. Kids generally like themes based on their favourite cartoon characters. For a simple afternoon tea party, you can arrange a small garden party or if you want a more elegant party try for a vintage look.
  • Light up your party: Nobody likes a dull and shabby party. Brighten up the rooms. Add some lights. For your kid’s party, you can use LED balloons. They are quite a hype nowadays. You can also use beautiful candle luminaries or bird luminaries, which can add to the authenticity of the room. Try to accentuate the wall fixtures of the room by adding indirect light. Brighten up the corners with floor lamps or torchieres. You can give a personal touch by using homemade scented candles. They give a mystic look and create a peaceful ambience, especially if you are having a quiet party with your friends. Put enough lights in the dining room area and illuminate the dark corners of your house.
  • DIY Decorating Ideas: Bring out the creative side of your mind. There is no need to buy the overpriced decorative items from the shop. You can use your own imagination and give a personal feel to your party. For that crazy Halloween party you are planning for your kid, make some monster headbands or some paper ball bats and hung them around the corners.

themed party decor - princess party

Paint your old stuff. Add some colours to the old lanterns and flower vases and give them a new look. Empty glass jars come really handy for DIY purposes. You can paint them, add ribbons, fill it up with candy or even use them for return gifts. You can also make some DIY wooden or paper lanterns and give a rustic look to your party.

  • Add some green: Flowers and plants really boost up the energy and create a more tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. You can use a variety of artificial flowers available in the market. Silk floral arrangements can be used as centrepieces. They are available in varieties like silk tulips and roses. Artificial ferns bring the lush green feeling of the forests indoors. They can be anything between hanging planters to decorative bases. An artificial bonsai tree is a replica of the real one and doesn’t need any maintenance and adds meaning to your rooms.
  • Return Gifts: Return gifts are a very crucial part of a party especially if you are hosting a birthday party for kids. Be a good host. Plan your return gifts beforehand. Kids gorge on return gifts. They just wait for the party to end so that you can hand them over their presents. The gifts should be apt for their age. Instead of selecting the conventional presents try something which is unique and funky at the same time. Return presents can be handmade as well like homemade chocolates or jewellery boxes for girls.
  • Decor Banners: The decor banners highlight the events. You can make hand cut-out banners for birthday parties or make some super fun posters. You can reuse the old ribbons and make a tassel garland and hung them in front of the doors. Easy custom-made “Hello” banners at the entrance can be used to welcome the guests. If it is simply a house party, ask your kids to make some simple DIY banners. This will involve them and also bring creativity and newness to the occasion.

Arranging the perfect party can be nerve-wracking and difficult at times. It can be the budget or it can take up too much of your time. In our busy schedule, it is very important that we choose a decor which can be easily arranged as well as save our time. You should have a clear idea about your theme and try to make it as simple as possible. Remember, that your guests should feel comfortable and homely when they visit your place. It is prudent to invest on decor which can be reused later on and does not cost you a fortune. The true essence of the party lies in your hospitality and warmth.

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Private Parts: How To Make Sure Your Garden Is Less Exposed

A garden is an excellent addition to a home. While it may have been out of use for the winter, spring is on its way and that means you’ll get to enjoy it more as a result. From barbeques to sitting in the sun enjoying a good book, there is nothing like a private piece of land attached to the back of the property.

Unfortunately, yours may be exposed and lack the element of privacy. You’re by no means a secluded person, yet it feels uneasy having to do your thing while the neighbours watch from their windows. You could move but it’s a bit of an over exaggeration. You don’t value your privacy that much!

The good news is that there are basic and simple ways to ensure your garden area is less exposed. That way, you can relax without having to worry about peeping Toms and nosey neighbours. Scroll down to find out more about the tips that will transform your garden.

Create A Screen Of Pots

Don’t worry because there’s no need to glue together a screen made out of stone. What this means is that you can use potted plants to block the view into your garden. All you need to do is to choose bases and flowers that are big and thick and grow to a decent height. Place them near the spots where you feel the most exposed and, hey presto, you’ll have some cover.

People who tend to like this method are those who are on a budget or don’t own their home. Not only are potted plants cheap, but they’re not permanent which makes them perfect for anyone who is renting. And, don’t forget that they add a lot of colour thanks to their deep, vivid hues.

You can even pick off the fruit and eat it if you pick a fruit tree. Due to their height and foliage, they are excellent choices along with bamboo and grasses.

Install A Partition

The obvious option is to put up a fence and block the view for everyone within a five-mile radius. But, there are two problems: the style and the message. As well as being big and ugly, it’s a statement that you don’t want your neighbours peering into your garden. Sadly, it can lead to arguments.

ColourFence garden fencing panels may be able to help if you’re in a pickle. Because they won’t install their products over two metres without planning permission, there is a height restriction. Plus, the different shades and styles should fit into your backyard seamlessly as long as you choose correctly.

But, if a metal fence isn’t your thing, there is an alternative. A faux hedge is a partition that looks real yet doesn’t grow. According to Freshome’s experts, the panelling means there is no need to water, prune or wait for it to take form. This is a great option for those who want a hassle-free natural style.

Hang Fabrics

Hanging fabrics may be the cheapest and most effective option available depending on the layout of your garden. If you have a decking or elevated area, it’s not difficult to use curtains to your advantage. Simply box the area off and install a rail. All you need to do then is attach a piece of cloth and pull it shut when you want your privacy.

To take it to the next level, you can put up a pergola. They are by no means a lavish expensive, plus they are tough to install, yet the result is pretty unique. In the end, you’ll have an outdoor living space with a roof and drapes for some alone time.

You can DIY one if you have the time and energy and want to save money, so check out The Spruce. It has incredible free designs.

Build It Upwards

Rather than putting everything on the floor or at eye level, you can raise the garden. Growing it vertically means that the features will act as blockers and it won’t look unnatural or out of style with the rest of the garden. Plus, it’s straightforward with the right plans.

The key is to make use of hanging baskets and potted plants. The former is simple yet the latter are harder as they need to be stable. So, put up a rack and attach them from a horizontal pole. As always, tall plants and flowers will work perfectly.

In this case, if you build it, no one will come!


Do you have any privacy tips you’d like to share? Feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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