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How Self-Love Practice Can Change Your Life

self-love - lady lying down in a field of lavender flowers

You are engrossed in your routine life and forgot the one person that matters: You. Many people fail to realize that they themselves are the most critical asset in their own lives. As a result, they fail to take care of themselves, get bitter, stress a lot, add weight and age unknowingly.

Are you aware that a slight tweak in your lifestyle can revolutionize your thinking, approach to issues and health? If not, meet self-loving. Self-loving is the total regard for your well-being and health.

Practising self-love will change your life in ways you never imagined. We have covered some points that can help.


One way to enhance your self-image is to focus on your body, be it internal or general outlook. Self-image is more about self-perception. If you have a negative perception about yourself and body, the way forward is to be more attentive and address what you do not like.

Perhaps you only need to change the way you dress or self-affirm that you are exceptional.

A better self-image will help you express yourself freely, believe in yourself and positively use criticism.

Improved Health

Well-being and health are inseparable. To enhance your health, you must exercise, eat well, sleep well and drink sufficient water. Proper diet is essential for optimal performance and body weight management. Adequate water intake is vital for a beautiful skin tone and body hydration.

drinking water

Carry water everywhere you go; i.e., when travelling, exercising or going to work. Reusable water bottles are good, and the 32 oz insulated water bottle is an excellent option to store fruit juices or water. Since the size is sufficient to go on for 3-4 hours, you need not worry about refilling it frequently.

Intake of ample vegetables and fruits will help you avoid diet-related diseases and help in reducing body weight.

Sufficient sleep is vital for maximum concentration at work.

Better Relationships

Bad relationships are the worst cause of stress and frustrations in life. You probably have bad experiences in your career, friends, work, or family. When you choose to self-love, you avoid anything toxic. Bad relationships also limit your creativity and thinking ability. Some people resort to drugs as solace for relationship frustrations, while other people get suicidal.

Friends influence our behaviours and character a lot. When you choose to self-love, you have to opt for friends who influence you positively.

You will feel better after quitting on friends and work that lowers your self-esteem. You also get the freedom to choose and work with people who are positive plus value your input.

Increased Happiness

When you love yourself, you start pursuing your passions and engaging in activities that you love.

The activities could be hobbies or ventures you thought were too hard or unreachable. The initiative to self-love is in itself exciting; it is like you are living like a bird.


Even getting a home bowling alley set up at your home is a great option, you can invite your friends and family over for a quick get together and that will make you feel really better.

Learning how to manage stress and not fretting over challenges gives you calmness and peace.

Boosts Confidence

Self-loving helps you be stylish, creative and boosts self-esteem. You tend to dress better and invest more in attires that exhibit your personality. In turn, you attain an elegant outlook or image.

Creative people believe in themselves; they are also masters of self-love. They know their value and know they possess unique talents. Self-love gives you the confidence to unleash your abilities and use them to better your life.

You will find that you can communicate effectively even in public. Confidence also leads to improved work performance and better problem-solving skills.


Final Thoughts

As seen, if you want to change your life, you have to love yourself. The benefits are too enticing to ignore. It, however, involves a change in habits which is difficult for some people.

But, habits should not impede you in any way, commit to a step by step rid of any bad habits.

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10 Typical Mistakes in Coursework Writing and How to Avoid Them

Young couple doing coursework
Young couple doing coursework at the kitchen table

As a student, you know how much time, effort, and money you’ve invested in your college education. That’s why you know that making even a simple mistake in writing your coursework can cost you big time, not just in terms of grades but also in terms of the financial cost if you don’t pass a course. That’s why you need to know ten typical mistakes that students make in writing their course work and how to avoid them so you can make the most of your college education and maximize your investment.

Let’s take a look at these typical mistakes so you can avoid making them on your next paper.

  • Incomplete or Missing Citations (Plagiarism I). Let’s start with the biggest mistake of all. Plagiarism is the biggest mistake the students make, and it is also the costliest. When you use other people’s words as your own without properly crediting the source, you aren’t just cheating those writers; you are also creating a situation that can cause you to fail the paper or fail the course if you are caught. Plagiarism can be avoided by properly crediting sources and placing all borrowed language in quotation marks.
  • Turning in Someone Else’s Paper (Plagiarism II). Even worse than not properly citing sources is turning in someone else’s paper as your own, which is another form of plagiarism. When you borrow another student’s paper from a previous term and try handing it in as your own work, you are committing fraud and can fail the paper or the course if caught. If you need help writing a paper, use a professional coursework writing service that produces original work made to order rather than trying to pass off another student’s paper as yours.
  • Not Reading the Assignment. Assignments tend to have a lot of requirements. If you don’t read carefully, you could miss the essential requirements. Use the assignment and the rubric (if applicable) to identify every requirement to make sure you hit each one.
  • Summarizing Instead of Analyzing. Unless the assignment is to summarize the textbook, you need to do more than simply tell the reader what your research says. When you write your paper, it’s important to analyze and demonstrate your understanding of how your topic applies.  By explaining and analyzing, you show the reader that you can do more than spit back what you read.
  • Digressions. Your paper should stay on topic from beginning to end. If you wander off topic, even if the digression is interesting, it will distract from your main idea and can cost you points. Stay on topic from beginning to end and make sure your paper matches the assignment.
  • Informal Style or Tone. The tone of your paper should match the type of essay. While a few papers require an informal style, such as a personal essay, most academic writing requires a formal style and a serious tone. Choosing the wrong style and tone can send the wrong message a create a bad impression.
  • Slang and Text-Speak. Formal writing involves formal grammar, spelling, and punctuation in addition to style and tone. Avoid slang, abbreviations, and text-speak. A surprising number of students now write academic essays with texting abbreviations like “LOL,” “thru,” etc. Use full words and complete English sentences.
  • Improper Formatting. Formatting is probably at the bottom of your list of priorities when it comes to creating a great paper, but many instructors are sticklers for formatting. Carefully review your paper’s required formatting style, such as APA and MLA, to ensure that you have formatted correctly. That way you can make sure you don’t leave easy points on the table.
  • Not Editing. Sure, most papers are written with only minutes to spare before the deadline, but this can create a huge problem if you don’t have time to edit your work. Rough drafts often have major errors, confusing writing, and other problems that can easily be corrected if you take even twenty or thirty minutes to reread your paper after it’s done to catch these errors.
  • Waiting to the Last Minute. While we’re on the subject, waiting until the last minute is a major risk factor for a bad essay. Trying to cram a paper into too little time increases the risk of sloppy writing, incomplete analysis, plagiarism, and overall poor writing. Leave yourself enough time to do a good job, and your time management skills will be reflected in an improved essay performance.


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The Five Steps Guide to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready For Summer

lady in swimming pool


With summer comes the excitement and thrills of aquatic pleasures. Solar breeze reviews show that swimming pools and beaches are the major earners during this time. While ocean resorts do not need cleaning, swimming pools are a completely different story. After spring, a lot of dirt and debris are left in the pools and need to be cleaned in readiness for the busy summer season. It is an involving job needing several skills to achieve perfection and customer satisfaction. Some of these steps are:

Pool cleaning

It is practically the most technical part of the whole preparation process. Remove all the dirt, twigs and leaves from the roller shutter if your pool has any. Remove the leaves from the pool with a good leaf net. It is also wise to clean out all the baskets thus removing the dirt that remains. This can be dragged into the pool later so it is good to be thorough. Clean the cartridge by removing it and washing it with a hose. Spray the filter to remove the clingy pieces of dirt that remain attached. In this way, you will have a very clean swimming pool and a delight for your customers over the summer.


With an expected rise in customers, it is best to put repairs in place. Check for concrete and tile damage on the surfaces of the pool. Cracks on surfaces can cause hazards through seeping of pool water into the ground. In tiles, they pose a danger to unknowing customers who could easily be cut on such sharp edges. Repair filters and pumps that are not functional. The best thing about repairs is they sometimes lead to upgrades. Also with huge profits heading your way, it is best to outdo the competition thus improving them even more.


As the final stage involving the pool, it is practically the easiest part of the job. However, a keen eye and good pool knowledge are required for this task. It is best to ensure that everything is in good order before moving to the water stage. Ensure everything is in order. If it is not a pool you would swim in, do not expect others to swim in it.

Water cleaning

A basic element in the most prestigious swimming pools is the cleanliness of their water. By adding a flocculant, dirt on the surface of water sinks to the bottom making it easier to clean. This is very important as without it one is required to empty out the entire pool and put in fresh water. This process is risky as it can cause weakening of the walls of the pool. Once the dirt is removed, add chlorine to the water to kill the germs thus purifying the water. Also, maintain water levels by keeping the pool full at all times.

Ensure the PH levels are right

PH levels between 7.2 – 7.4 will turn chlorine in your pool to hypochlorous acid while PH levels between 80 – 120 cause alkalinity. Maintaining a standard PH is very important as some chemicals can react badly and harm your customers.

Double check

Inviting a professional is an added advantage in this field. It is best to be completely sure of your customer’s safety before summer begins. Double check on everything through a list, if something is not okay have it fixed before the pool is too crowded to get any work done. Most people that ignore this final step end up in lawsuits.


Swimming pools are a goldmine to many, especially hotel owners. It is a decent venture with its own finances. To ensure the pool is clean to ensure regular vacuuming and removal of debris after every day.

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How to Cope with an Injury as a Busy Parent

Coping with an injury can be difficult; however, when you’re a busy parent with additional responsibilities, the problems are even harder to deal with. It’s going to take a toll on your physical, mental and financial well-being. You’ve got the worry of looking after your children, coping with daily tasks, paying for any medical care that’s required and having to find a solicitor to help you with any claims you might need to make. Altogether that’s a lot of extra stress you’ve got to cope with. Here are some tips to help ease the pressure.

How to cope with an injury as a busy parent

  • Talk to Your Children About the Injury

It can be very difficult for children when it comes to handling a parent’s illness or injury. It very much depends on their age, maturity and family dynamics. For very young children it can be extremely hard for them to understand why things are different. However old your children are it’s vital you talk to them about the injury in a way they can best understand. It’s not something that can be swept under the carpet, hoping it will go away.

  • Try to Stick to a Routine

It’s important to keep your routine as normal as possible. This might require enlisting the help of friends or family, but your children should be encouraged to go to school, go out with their friends, attend after-school classes and other everyday things.

  • Making a Compensation Claim for Your Injuries

Depending on the circumstances of your injury you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. There are many avenues you can explore, but a no win no fee solicitor can be a stress-free option. With this type of legal assistance, you don’t have to worry about paying upfront legal fees. Any legal costs are met when your claim is successful. Visit if you want to know more about this kind of legal compensation claim.

  • Share Your Feelings

When a parent is recovering from an injury everyone in the family is going to be experiencing a range of different emotions. It’s essential for these to be shared, whether they’re negative or positive. For young children, a good way to do this is with drawings or telling a story. As well as talking to them about the way you’re feeling, ask and listen to what they’ve got to say, even if what they’re saying is painful.

  • Let Your Child Help

They might not be able to help in a big way, but even if it’s just bringing you a glass of water, it’s important for them to feel they’re playing a part in your recovery. When they’re able to help, make sure you say thanks with lots of hugs and encouragement.


One final tip is to remember to meet your own needs first and foremost as this is the only way you’re going to be able to recover quickly. If you need emotional support to help you be strong for your child seek professional help from your doctor.

How can a personal challenge help you to improve your finances?

Do you have a particular goal? Do you want to climb a mountain, for example? Or explore a specific continent?
Whatever it may be, why not embark on it? Complete your desired challenge, and you stand to reap many personal rewards. You could even improve your finances, too.

man sitting on a mountain - improve your finances and reach your goals

Here, we explore how.

Growth in self-esteem

Ever achieved a lifelong goal? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? If you haven’t, you still can. And in doing so, you could boost your self-esteem.

And when you think about it, it’s obvious why. A self-completed task testifies your ability to achieve what you’ve planned to do.

It may sound cliché, but we often realise that — really — we can do most things. In turn, we often feel more confident about other crucial tasks in our everyday lives.

Money management tends to be one of them. A strong sense of self-belief could help you to master the art of getting your finances in control. And a personal challenge can increase this likelihood further.

Enhanced planning skills

When it comes to organising an activity, planning is key — especially if you want to conquer a challenge.

Say you want to climb a mountain. You’ll need to arrange transport, accommodation and provisions. And that’s before you even begin to physically prepare for the task.

But pursue a desired goal, and you could become a better planner. Reach your objective, and you can strengthen this skill.

You could then easily apply this to other parts of your daily life — like organising your finances.

As a result, you may be better able to make the most of your money.

An improvement in spending habits

We don’t need much to be happy. It isn’t just a saying – very often, it’s true. This becomes especially clear when doing something meaningful.

Running a marathon for charity, for example. Or volunteering at a local dog shelter? Either challenge could illustrate that, really, we don’t need lots of money to feel good about ourselves.

This insight may very well influence other aspects of your life. Without even noticing, it could even encourage you to spend less on unnecessary items.

Completing a goal won’t just enhance your attitude — it could also help you to save money.  Perhaps you’ll choose to use these funds for your next adventure?

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4 Benefits To Owning A Wall Mounted Electric Heater

A warm home is a happy home. Winter should never limit the happiness you have at home since you can control the temperature with a heating system. The heating system should conform to the desired design you wish your house to have just like other household appliances. You have to decide since there are many types of radiators out there. Wall mounting is an effective way of fitting your electric heater and come with a variety of benefits including:


wall mounted electric heater

  • Cost effective to install


As a homeowner or a property developer, you will first consider the cost implication of any addition to the house. Having a cheaper alternative is always attractive to many, but the deal should be informed by candid cost-effectiveness analysis. Wall mounted electric heaters are a perfect depiction of cost-effectiveness. You will not spend a fortune to install them, but the benefits are enormous.


After acquiring and installing the radiators, you will realize the cost-saving power enabled by controllable features and easy installation, unlike the traditional central heaters. You save in energy use and installation process since you don’t have to contract a pricey technician. It is also a time-saving decision since you will have the heater installed and running in a few minutes.



  • They are comfortable and safe to use


Every member of the family can operate the wall mounted electric heaters without many troubles. It is straightforward; you plug in and power. Besides, the heaters accord you full control of your temperatures since you can easily regulate and schedule time on and time off. Getting different temperatures in different rooms is possible.


The heaters have built-in safety precautions; they can shut off automatically in contact with an object or they limit the heat to levels that can’t cause combustion. Furthermore, the wall heaters will safeguard your room from mould and mildew that is following frequent rains.



  • Requires minimal ongoing maintenance


Maintaining the traditional heating solutions running is a costly undertaking since they are going to get dusty and clunky. You will have to spend much money to keep the room warm following frequent calls for maintenance. On the contrary, Wall mounted electric heaters lacks moving parts and they are often clean since you have them in a serene environment. You may never see the need to bleed a wall mounted electric heater. They can remain in top performance for a lifetime, and as a surety, they often have an extended warranty. Bid bye to let downs with the wall mounted electric heaters.



  • An aesthetic addition to your house


You may not be a technician, and the focus with an addition to your home will be based on the interior design impact. Wall mounted electric heaters look beautiful, and you will love them. They require little space to install and allow you to organize the room with an input of a sense of art if you may wish. Everyone will love getting the warmth emanating from the first installation on the wall without risk of any hazard.

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Simple Ways to Secure Your Home

No matter where you live, unfortunately, there will always be a risk of theft or burglary. But the thing is, burglars can strike each day across the country, so home security is something that should be a top priority for all. So to help you to make your home secure as possible, so that you can then get back to the ‘making pretty’ part of taking care of your home, here are some of the things that you need to be doing to make sure that you have a home that is as secure and safe as possible.

simple ways to secure your home - door locks


Secure Doors


Would you believe that 34% of intruders or burglars do just walk straight through your door? They do! So make sure that you are doing all that you can to prevent them from doing just that. Start off by checking and inspecting all of your doors and door frames, to make sure that even things like hinges are protected, and that someone couldn’t reach through the letterbox to open the door. Some things to check are:


  • Think about installing a deadbolt.
  • Add a strike plate to the door frame to prevent damage from force.
  • If you’re able, upgrade to smart locks and also consider installing anti-snap cylinders to your door, as they can help to protect your home against lock-snapping, which is something that criminals can take advantage of.
  • Improve security with a video doorbell, so they know they are being watched and recorded.


Let There Be Light


Burglars, intruders, and criminals don’t want to be caught, obviously. So one way to deter them from your property is to make sure that the outside of your home is well-lit. Have lights by doors, especially motion sensor ones that will come on when someone approaches, as well as along pathways, and near garages. It will put them off if there is a risk of being spotted. You could think about:


  • Being eco-friendly with your lights and choosing solar-powered lights.
  • Put lights, both indoors and outdoors, on a timer. Then you can make sure that they will be on at certain times during the night or day, whether you’re home or not.


Security System


All homes should have a security system in place to help keep the home safe. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as fully integrated systems that are connected to the police, to things that you can buy and install yourself. So there is something for every need and budget. It can be worth weighing up the options of what you need from your home security system, as blocks of flats may need less than others, as there is already an added layer of security through the buzzer door system.


It can be worth looking up the crime statistics in your local area too, as that could give an indication of what you’re looking at, and how ‘heavy duty’ things need to be. All different things to be thinking about, so it is really important.


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5 Home Improvements That Pay Off

So, you are not planning to sell the home and move any time soon. Relocating is exciting, but it can be hard on the children, who leave their best friends behind. If you have outgrown your current home, you might want to consider renovating. This will increase your happiness and allow you to enjoy the place more. Moving is not the answer. Upgrading the living space is what you should be doing. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that not all home improvements projects are equal. While some pay off, others do not. These are the home remodelling projects that deliver the highest returns.

1.      Install fibreglass insulation

When your home is insulated, you can maintain an optimal temperature all year round. Most importantly, you are protected against excess heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter. Although there are considerable differences between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the dwelling is always comfy and cosy. Little to no heat is lost through the wall and the cool air will not penetrate the house. Homes in the United Kingdom, for instance, tend to be under-insulated. If you are tired of spending so much money to heat the home or you are no longer able to do so, add fibreglass insulation.

Fibreglass has been used in residential applications as a thermal insulator for quite some time. It can make buildings more energy-efficient, reduce utility costs, and increase the comfort of the dwellers. Fibreglass insulation is not expensive. Actually, it is one of the most affordable options. You enjoy the same advantages as with other types of insulation, the only difference being that you do not pay so much. Add fibreglass in the attic. Chances are you will see a significant return on your investment after one year.


2.      Replace your boiler

There is no better time than now to replace your boiler. Boiler replacement can help you save money on heating bills. Due to outdated design and continued use, old boilers are not efficient. What you need is a new technology. According to the experts at Corgi HomeHeat, A-rated appliances are 90 per cent more efficient. Of course, the efficiency depends on the model that you opt for. The point is that you cannot rely on the old boiler any more. Have it replaced as soon as possible. Do not wait because the costs of operating the appliance will increase with time.

Select a boiler with a reputable brand name. There are numerous manufacturers on the market, so you are spoilt for choice. Some brands ensure their customers are satisfied with the products and services, going the extra mile to meet their needs. The after-sales service is important. If something were to happen and you need spare parts for the appliance, you will need the support of a professional. The company should walk you through the available options and handle the replacement. Research your options and get in touch with the manufacturer. Discuss the boiler capacity.

home improvement

3.      Add a new room

The home is your primary investment and improvements will only increase its value. Have you ever thought about adding a new room? It can be a family room, bedroom, playroom. The addition can be anything you want. Your family will continue to grow and you need more space, anyway. If a relative comes to visit, you will not be able to accommodate them. Even if the house is not cramped, adding square footage is a great idea. If you ever sell the place, you will get your money’s worth.

Hire a reputable contractor to handle the work. Have everything in writing. The contractor needs to clearly understand the work that is to be performed. Enhance the beauty of the property and do not overdo it. If you and your loved ones will stay in this place for decades, go ahead and do what you want. If not, do not impose your taste. The new homeowners may not like what you have done. There will no longer be benefits in this case. Maybe you have a certain vision for the new room, yet it may not be smart to bring it to life. You may find out that you do not share the same taste with prospective buyers.

home improvements - adding an extension

4.      Manicured landscaping

There is nothing simpler than sprucing up the home’s curb appeal. All you have to do is give the yard a manicure. With a green and healthy lawn, the overall look of the landscape will change completely. Manicuring is not limited to mowing. It involves more than that, such as edging the beds, getting rid of the weeds, and adding a finishing look to the flowers. It is not necessary to have a degree in horticulture to learn how to landscape the yard. The only thing required is a little bit of patience.

Yards typically have a combination of plants types like evergreens, vines, and shrubs. Decide on a style, whether contemporary or traditional. Those living in tropical climates are luckier because they can choose from various landscaping design styles. Make the yard a place that reflects your style. Landscape designers strongly recommend planting flowers around the front door. The buds will be visible as soon as spring comes. People in the street will not be able to resist the temptation of staring at the blossoms.


5.      Switching to hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is commonly overlooked because it is more expensive. It may be a little bit pricier, but hardwood flooring increases the value of the home. People see hardwood floors as a great advantage because they are durable and easy to clean. Solid hardwood is a terrific option, as you will be able to refinish the floors in the future when they get scratched. Not only will refinishing them give you the chance to restore them but also you will be able to change the colour.

Depending on your location, switching to hardwood floors can return between 80 and 90 per cent of the cost the moment you sell the home. Engineered wood products are not worth your time or money. Opt for the real thing since you do not plan to sell the place. Look for appealing finishes and keep in mind that oak is the prevalent options among buyers. Learn as much as you can about installing hardwood floors.

hardwood floors

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Proper Tyre Care In Summer

Summer weather in the UK can be unpredictable, to say the least. In recent years we’ve seen higher than average Summer temperatures and these hot spells can cause problems with our car tyres.
Whether you’re planning a holiday abroad or travelling around the UK, car safety checks, including tyre care, are a must to keep you and your family safe.

wheel alignment tyre care

Proper Tyre Care

Proper tyre care is very important, especially if you’re planning a long drive during the Summer months. You may be using your car for longer journeys than usual. The roads will be hotter and your car will be carrying heavier loads due to all the luggage a family takes when going away for a week or two. Ensuring you’ve made all the necessary safety checks on your vehicle before you set off is a must.

Tyres often get overlooked when performing routine maintenance. If you’re unsure as to whether your tyres are safe, you can always pop into a garage in Thatcham and have one of the professionals take a look for you.

Don’t forget to test the spare tyre when doing the safety checks and if you need new tyres, you can visit Headley Tyres to get tyres in Thatcham.

Maintenance Checks

If you’re happy to perform the maintenance yourself, here are a few things you need to check:

  • Tyre pressure – use a handheld gauge to check the pressure and make sure you know what your tyre pressure should be. This information can usually be found on a label inside the driver’s door or in the vehicle owner manual.
  • It’s important to check the tyre pressure when the tyres are cold. This is when you have travelled less than 2 miles or it has been 3 hours since your last journey.
  • Check for visible signs of damage, including worn tread, bubbles and bald spots.

You can check the tread depth to ensure it’s legal by performing the 20p test. Wet weather can be just as dangerous as hot weather. The tread on the tyres helps your car perform properly in wet weather.

Enjoy The Summer!

With a properly cared for vehicle, you can set off on your Summer holiday happy with the knowledge that you’ve done all you can to keep your family safe.

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