Historic Newspapers Birthday Book Review

Historic Newspapers Remember When newspaper birthday book

Ant and I received early birthday presents last week and I have to say, we were both delighted!
Historic Newspapers sent us a birthday book each which contains a newspaper reprint from your date of birth and birthday every year up to the present day.

As well as birthday books, they have anniversary books, your chosen year newspaper book which includes a full newspaper reproduction of your chosen date, as well as at least 12 newspaper headlines from the same year and a This, Is Your Life book, among others.
Click here to see the selection of Your Date Newspaper Books.

Historic Newspapers Personalisation

Each book is personalised with the name and date of birth in gold embossing on the front and a special message printed inside.

Historic Newspapers personalised message

The book is A3 and is presented in a sturdy gift box. The quality of both book and box is excellent; we were both very impressed.

Add Your Own Memories

Opposite each newspaper front page is a ‘Remember When’ page. This is for the recipient to add their own memories and photos from each year.

I love this idea because it will be a great keepsake which can be passed down through the family.

Old News Stories

We both spent ages looking through the books and I found some interesting stories that I wish I could find more information about them.
This one from 1960 about an American girl and a possible English girl who were found with identical scratch marks on their heads has piqued my interest!

I’ve been trying to find out if they ever solved the mystery but so far I’ve got nothing!

Thanks goes to Historic Newspapers for our birthday books.
All opinions are my own and are honest 🙂

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