Covid-19 Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kits

Covid-19 rapid lateral flow test kits
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Rapid Lateral Flow Test Kits

As we begin to meet with one another again and get our lives back to normal, or rather a new normal, many of us are anxious about how we will stay safe whilst staying social. It has become more and more evident that COVID-19 testing will be a key part of this, particularly rapid lateral flow test kits. In just 15 minutes tests indicate whether you currently have COVID-19 and have been useful globally in helping reduce daily cases. After a whole year of staying home, I love the idea that I can finally see my friends and family again and not worry as much. I can’t wait to go for dinner or grab a coffee and just finally relax. 

Antibody Tests

With so many tests out there it can be quite confusing on what to go for. UK Wholesales have one of the largest range of tests including your normal Antigen nasal/oral nasopharyngeal tests to antibody tests which require a finger prick using a blood sample and let you know if you have developed antibodies as a result of having the vaccine or a case of coronavirus which is nice to know! The Antigen tests are being used across workplaces to get people back into the office and have been a great way to keep cases contained rather than infecting multiple people.

Non-invasive Lower Nostril Swab

One test that is unique to UK Wholesales is their non-invasive lower nostril swab which is so much easier to use. The test doesn’t have to go all the way up your nose, instead, it just goes into the lower nostril. If you’ve had many tests you’re probably sick of the tickle up your nose and the uncomfortable feeling in your throat. For me, this test sounds like a relief, especially if we have to test regularly. After all, no one wants to have to swab all the way up the nostril and to the back of the throat every time you go into the office or for a meal. 

Fit To Fly Test

If you’re anything like me, you love travelling but how and when seems a bit confusing at this point. But it seems there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will soon be on a beach again. In order to travel to the majority of countries, you now need a test or multiple tests. Some countries accept lateral flow tests but more often than not you need a PCR test. This type of test comes at a cost as you need a fit to fly certificate upon arrival but thankfully there are lots of options on the market. Some are more pricey than others. UK Wholesales have a fit to fly test option available which will send everything right to your letterbox with a prepaid envelope. They will then provide you with a result within 24-h of receiving your sample.

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