Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Active During Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

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While we are all in lockdown and gyms and recreation centres are all closed – how do we stay fit? Government advice might be to complete an exercise video indoors, but not all of us have that kind of motivation… and not all of us have the means to download the latest routines.

Instead, take our advice about how to stay fit and active throughout the Coronavirus (or Covid-19) crisis. Here at London Fields Fitness, staying active is what we do best. Let’s go over some tips and tricks for keeping your shape even while we spend months within walking distance of the fridge…

The Best 5 Ways to Stay Fit and Active, Mid-Pandemic

Without further fuss, let’s review the top 5 ways you can stay fit and active during the pandemic.

1 – Walk it Off

It’s a real thing you know… to walk off a meal. You should be able to walk around your house or around your neighbourhood. WHO advice is that you walk around your apartment if you are stuck in quarantine. If you are isolating but able to get outside, then all the better. Both the iOS store and Google Play have apps you can download that will count your steps. It is largely believed that 10,000 steps per day is a good number to aim for.

2 – Online Workouts

YouTube is a wonderful resource, as are those apps we mentioned above. Each can have you actively participating in an exercise class even if you can’t manage to download. Simply live stream the classes and away you go. Those who are worried about streaming should invest in some anti-virus software or get themselves an ad-blocker.

3 – Listen to Healthcare Professionals

The NHS in Britain should be your go-to for all the free health and fitness goals that you might want to try. One of our favourites is a set of sitting down exercises that they have published, which are aimed at the elderly, infirm, or disabled people, that would like to keep fit and active during the coronavirus pandemic. Follow this link if this sounds like the workout routine you have been looking for.

4 – Remember Nutrition

As tempting as it is to snack five times a day, when you are living a less-active life, you need to take in fewer calories. We’re not saying stop eating by any stretch of the imagination but do try to squeeze as many minerals and vitamins into your diet as you possibly can. The American Society for Nutrition has good advice here. For our part, we have changed all our snacks to low-calorie ones, however, if you find that getting a varied diet is difficult during lockdown, you may need to add a supplement to help your gut health. You could check out these Bio Complete 3 reviews for more information, should you wish to explore supplements and the benefits they can bring to your health.

5 – Fake it till you Make it

What we mean by that is that it is more important to incorporate exercise into your routine than ever. Once it becomes a habit, you will do it without thinking about it, without complaining, and without putting it off till tomorrow! Making something into a routine involves repeating the action every day for around three weeks[i]. After 21 days you should find that you have developed a good habit, for life!

Rounding Up

When you eventually have that drive for fitness, you won’t lose out even if there is a global pandemic. All it takes is a little innovation and boom! A new workout routine that you can do at home!


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