Making A New, Bigger & Better Wildlife Pond

Year Of The Garden - Update

In 2015 we decided to make a wildlife pond in the back garden. I loved it from the start and was so excited when we got our first clump of frog spawn!

I loved it, especially when it looked like this:

Pond, stream and rockery

Ant talked about getting a hammock with stand so he could spend lazy afternoons relaxing by the pond! He never did get around to buying the hammock but we did spend some lovely afternoons on the patio listening to the waterfall and feeling peaceful.

I can’t remember when we started to have problems with it but a few years in and it seemed to be losing water. It would go quite low and we’d have to top it up with water from the rain barrel.

Cheap Pond Liner

We put the water loss problem down to having bought a cheap pond liner and decided it needed to be fixed using a better-quality liner.
However, we kept putting it off for numerous reasons, but mainly because we didn’t want to disturb the pond while there were clumps of frogspawn or tadpoles or frogs in there.

This doesn’t leave much of the year to do it, though, and this year Ant decided he was just going to get on and make a bigger and better wildlife pond.

old pond

Bushes, Plants & Trees

He had to cut our mock orange bush back first as it was growing out over the pond.
He also had to dig up and put the heather plants in pots and dig up and move the weeping willow tree.

We didn’t think things through when we planted the tiny weeping willow tree that we picked up on impulse at Asda one day.

When it grew and was full of leaves every Summer, it was the first and only thing you could really see through the patio doors in the living room! It blocked the view of the rest of the garden.

In summer the branches are down to the floor and thickly covered in leaves

Bigger & Better Wildlife Pond

He ordered a Butyl Rubber pond liner and a good quality underlay then proceeded to empty the pond.

He emptied the water into some containers, removed the old liner and started digging the new pond.


There were quite a few frogs in the pond when he was emptying it. He said it made him feel rushed and like he had to get the job done asap because of them. However, the next day he saw some of them had gone into the water containers and seemed happy enough so he placed logs and things in and around the containers so they could get in and out and now he feels better and less rushed!

The garden looks like a building site but at least it now looks like we’re working on it and not just leaving it to grow wild!

Japanese Garden

Last week I wrote about wanting a Japanese Garden but this week, I think I’ve changed my mind!
I don’t exactly know what I want yet but I’ll be spending lots of time on Pinterest looking for ideas 🙂

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  1. Kim Carberry 3rd March 2021 at 11:52 am

    Oh wow! I would love a pond in my back garden but my fella has said no. lol It looks like a big project but will be worth it in the end. My dad has a pond with a ton of fish in and over the summer months he has to top the water up because of the lack of rain and the sun heating it. x

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