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Flashback Friday Oct 14th – KayCee’s Birth Story

KayCee’s Birth Story

Another birth story, this time it’s KayCee’s birth story from 2005. It didn’t go as smoothly as Ella’s and if you’re squeamish, or pregnant (or both!) you may not want to read it.

I remember being pregnant for the first time and worrying about every little thing I read in other people’s birth stories. I just wanted to put a little warning out there before you read!

Baby KayCee - KayCee's birth story

Waters Broke In The Middle Of The Night

My waters broke and I went into labour naturally with KayCee in the middle of the night. This was a new experience for me as I’d been induced with Aiden.

I spent most of the day on gas and air but things didn’t progress and KayCee started getting distressed. They decided to do an emergency c-section and I got whisked away to get ready for surgery.


They seemed to be taking forever to get the epidural in. They finally did it and things seemed to happen really fast afterwards.

Soon than I expected, they were lifting my gorgeous little up girl up to meet me. When they told me we had a girl I just cried. I was so happy. Ant held her while they sorted me out and a while later we went to the ward.

Blisters From Sucking Her Hands

I couldn’t stop looking at her. She sucked her fingers all the time and we noticed some little blister like marks, one on each hand near the thumb. We mentioned it to the midwife and she said it was where KayCee had sucked her hands when she was inside me. They were worried that they might get infected so they put her on antibiotics.

It was a nightmare trying to get her to take the medicine until a lovely midwife on the night shift showed me how to make it easier.

She squirted the medicine into a new teat (the ones they provide for the bottles of formula) and put the teat into KayCee’s mouth. She sucked straight away and in a few seconds, the medicine was gone. I was very impressed!


Broken Needle

I was a little dazed and my memory isn’t the greatest but I think it was a short while later when the head anaesthetist came to see me, accompanied by the anaesthetist who had done my epidural.

They came to tell me about a complication that had happened when they were trying to get my epidural in;
the needle had broken in my back and the piece that had broken off was still in there.

Nobody had told me at the time because they didn’t want to distress me while they were doing the surgery.
The anaesthetist who did it looked worried like he thought I was going to shout at him or something.

Ant and I both assured him that we totally understood he wasn’t at fault. There was nothing he could have done to stop it happening and his job was made harder by me being so overweight so we didn’t blame him at all.


We had some visitors while we were in, one of them being Jonathan, Ant’s eldest son from his first marriage. Luckily, he was in the country and came to see us; (he’d been in Australia and is now teaching English in China) it was lovely to see him because, with all his travelling, we don’t get to see him much.


Jonathan and KayCee - KayCee's birth story

X-Rays & Pain

I spent the next couple of days being x-rayed and scanned, trying to find the needle so the back surgeon could go in and get it out.
I remember being very scared when they wheeled me away from Ant and into the theatre. He didn’t have to look after KayCee while I was in surgery as they’d sent her to the special care baby unit so Ant could be with me.

All I remember after that is thinking that I’d never felt pain like it in my life, ever.

Every single part of me seemed to be screaming in pain and I woke up crying. I was in the high dependency unit and if I remember right, I think I had a male nurse, who was really lovely. I can’t remember what he looked like but I remember he kept trying to make me smile.

Cut The Clothes

They wanted to get me changed at one point, I don’t remember why but I know I had my own clothes on, pyjamas I think and when they tried to move me, I told them to just cut the clothes, I didn’t care about them at all. I just couldn’t stand being moved.
I think I was on the HDU overnight but my memory is really sketchy!

When I could move again, I got Ant to describe the dressing on my back. He said it was a see-through sticker but he couldn’t see the wound because it was full of blood.
I was let home after a few days.

They gave me an appointment to go back to see the surgeon who had removed the needle so he could check the wound and sign me off to the care of my doctor.

I had the dressing on for a week in total and it felt horrible. I was so relieved to have it taken off!
The surgeon was pleased with the wound so signed me off and instructed me to see the nurse at my doctor’s.

Wound Problems

As I sat back in the car to go home, it felt like a tap had been switched on and the water was running down my back. I got Ant to have a look and he said it looked like the wound was opening.
To cut a very long story short, the wound did come open and it took six weeks to heal. It had to be dressed daily by the nurses from my doctor’s surgery.

They came to my home every day for 4 weeks then I went to the surgery every day for the next 2 weeks.

I shudder to think how much my treatment cost. The dressings they used cost between £25 and £40 each depending on the size. They were special dressings to collect all the fluid that was leaking from the wound all the time and sometimes it leaked that much Ant had to change the dressings more than once a day.


If I’m honest, those 6 weeks were really hard for me. I found it hard to bond with KayCee because I couldn’t do things for her without someone having to help me and I kept getting depressed because I had to rely on Ant for everything.

He never once complained and hugged me when I cried and blubbered that I felt guilty because I couldn’t do anything. It felt like it was never going to end.

The day the nurse said I didn’t need to go anymore was one of the best days of my life! I could finally start looking after my baby properly.

The Internet

Even though she was my second baby, it didn’t stop me worrying about silly stuff, especially with having a 5-year gap. There was one difference those 5 years had brought though…. the internet! I didn’t have a computer when Aiden was a baby.
If I was worried about something I had to wait to see the healthcare worker or phone my mum!

If I was worried about anything when KayCee was a baby I could Google it! Information for colic, nappy rash and infant hiccups was readily available. I also had Ant to reassure me when I was worrying needlessly about things. He’d had plenty of practice, after all, KayCee being his 10th child!

Kellyann and KayCee - KayCee's birth story
Kellyann & KayCee, Ant’s daughter from his first marriage. She was in the RAF at the time so we didn’t get to see her much either. As you can see, they adored each other from very early on!


My dad and KayCee - KayCee's birth story
My dad 🙂

I’m left with a scar but surprisingly, it’s gone quite small considering the size of the wound.
All in all, it was a stressful time but our gorgeous, smart, wonderful KayCee was worth it all 🙂



KayCee and Ella

Here’s Aiden’s birth story and Ella’s birth story.

Designing t-shirts

It’s quite a short activity but one they totally enjoyed 🙂
To be honest, I’m pleased it didn’t take long today. I know it sounds awful but I’ve been suffering from a headache that’s been trying to turn into a migraine since I woke up this morning.
I’ve been on strong coffee and tablets and even though it’s still lingering, it’s staying as a headache and I can cope with that!
The children have been wonderful all morning. Usually, they bicker at breakfast, they bicker at teeth brushing time and again at getting dressed time but this morning they all worked together.
When the morning routine was finished, they stayed upstairs in Aiden’s room and built a den that they all plan on sleeping in tonight 🙂

After lunch, they each got their plain white t-shirts ready and opened up the fabric paints.
KayCee got her paints and t-shirt for her birthday. Aiden & Ella used an old t-shirt each and some fabric paints that their sister, Kellyann bought them for christmas and we’ve just got around to using.

Aiden planned his design in pencil while the girls just dived right in!









They weren’t very impressed when I told them it takes a few hours for the paint to dry!

KayCee and Ella went off to watch Button Moon on dvd (Ella got it for her birthday and today was the first time she’d watched it) and KayCee seemed to like it more than Ella!
It brought back some nice memories. Button Moon used to be on when I got home from school. My sister is 10 years younger than me and she used to watch it. It’s funny how your views change over the years. When I was around 13, Button Moon was very annoying and silly. Now I’m 35, it’s full of nostalgia and I enjoyed watching it with the girls. I even remembered the lyrics to the song!
KayCee giggled at me singing,
‘we’re offffff to button moon, we’ll followwwww mr spoon, button mooo-ooon!’.

When that was finished, KayCee watched her new dvd; she got, ‘The very hungry caterpillar and other stories’. She loves reading this book to Ella at bedtime and the dvd didn’t disappoint. Ella got the book and turned the pages along with the story on tv.

They’re now in the kitchen with their friend, Savannah, having a teddy bear’s picnic… being nice and quiet, just for me 🙂

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