4 Thoughtful Gifts for Self-Isolating Family Members

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So many of us haven’t seen family members in so long due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though restrictions are slowly starting to ease, some of your family members may still be sheltering. This can be such a lonely and challenging time, so it is so important for us all to keep communicating to try and keep spirits high. With that in mind, why not send your isolating family members a little gift to let them know you are thinking of them? Here are a few gift ideas to show your self-isolating family that you care about them.

String of Hearts Plant

A special way to show your family members that you love them is to deliver a string of hearts plant straight to their door. A string of hearts plant is easy to look after, so if you are worried that your family member may not be able to handle a high maintenance plant, this is the perfect gift for them. It is a heart shaped leafy vine plant that looks gorgeous drooping down a shelving unit. You can also send a free message along with the plant to let them know you love them and are thinking of them.

Find the Silver Lining Bangle

This sweet bangle from Kate Spade is so meaningful; it will be a reminder to your loved ones that they made it through this challenging time. It is a silver-coloured bangle with the inside engraved with the message ‘find the silver lining’. This is such a sentimental gift that your family member will treasure forever. It is also a simplistic and minimalistic piece of jewellery so they will be able to wear it every day if they wish.


Gifting your family member with a photo is such a lovely way to show that you love them. To make it a more impactful gift, you should pay close attention to the frame it goes in to help ensure it stands out. If you can’t find the right frame to match the size of your image, you can look at designing a custom picture mount which will fit it perfectly.

This is a great way to remind family members that there are so many good times to come and even more amazing memories to be made.

Hug in a Mug

If your family member is an avid hot drink lover, why not gift them a hug in a mug? It is a beautiful ceramic mug with a special little message at the bottom so that, when they finish their drink, they will receive a touching little note from you. The message reads, “a hug in a mug, from me to you x” which is a beautiful message to send to your self-isolating family member.

Receiving one of these unexpected presents will make your loved one’s day. Let them know you love and care about them with one of these little gifts.

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