Felin Fach – Our Best Ever Holiday

If you’ve read my blog before, you may have seen a post I did a few years ago about falling in love with Mundesley when we went to celebrate our anniversary.

Well, we now have a new favourite place – Felin Fach cottage in Wales.
We’ve stayed in a few cottages over the years and this is by far the best ever; the 6+ hours drive was totally worth it!

Felin Fach Cottage

The property had recently been sold to Lynsey and Andrew. We were only the second guests they’d had but we’d never had known if they hadn’t told us. They were excellent hosts who were there when needed but left us alone to enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

Andrew showed us into the cottage where he’d left a plate of homemade brownies, a bottle of milk and half a dozen eggs from one of the local farms.
We also found tea, coffee and sugar in the canisters which are always welcome when you first arrive somewhere like this because it means you don’t have to start unpacking straight away to find your supplies; you can relax with a cuppa after the long drive 🙂

Homemade brownies, milk and eggs at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales

Lovely Living Room

After giving us all the information we needed, Andrew left and we went to check out the rest of the cottage.
I was very pleased to see a wood-burning fire. I didn’t think we’d be able to make use of it seeing it as it was mid-August and to be fair, we didn’t really need the fire to warm the place as it was lovely and warm anyway, especially as there was under-floor heating, but we had a couple of rainy days and used the log fire because it made it feel all nice and cosy.

Log burning fireplace at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales
Log burning fire

This sofa was very comfy and from here I had a lovely view of a robin that kept landing on the steps outside the patio doors.

Comfy sofa
patio doors
Patio doors leading to a barbeque area
Our little robin friend who kept coming for a visit
Our lovely little robin friend 🙂
Plenty of books and some card and quiz games at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales
Lots of books, both fiction and non-fiction as well as cards and quiz games.
More books -always a welcome sight for me!
I spied more books on the ledge up the stairs.

The Bedroom

I have to admit, I never have much luck with mattresses because of my bad back and I still haven’t found one comfier than the one in Mudesley but this bed wasn’t too bad for me.

The bedding was so lovely. It was soft and snuggly and even Ant, who usually kicks duvets off because he gets too hot under them, found himself sleeping under it all night!

double bed with purpple and white bedding at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales
dressing table

The bedroom is a good size with plenty of storage for clothes.

small window looking out over the front
comfy chairs in the bedroom
High ceiling with lovely lights
I LOVED this light fitting!

Ant loves bedrooms with balconies. Unfortunately, I don’t much care for them, especially ones where you can see through to the ground below so we didn’t end up using it!

balcony off the bedroom

The Bathroom

Ant enjoyed this lovely big bath. I wasn’t able to use it, sadly, because I was suffering from a bad knee and was worried I wouldn’t be able to get back out.

big white bath

It didn’t matter though because I loved this big shower! Towels and bedding were included in the price which is always good because they can be bulky to pack if you have to take your own.

large shower

I know it’s weird to take photos of a bottle of handsoap but this one smelt so good I wanted to see if I could get some when I got home!

method hand soap

27 Acres

The cottage is set in 27 acres and you’re free to go exploring. There’s a river that runs through which means there are little bridges dotted about.

I have to say, I’m so incredibly jealous of Lynsey and Andrew being able to live here all the time!
When I was younger we were always down at the brook, finding tadpoles and fishing for sticklebacks. I would have been in heaven as a child if I’d grown up here!

bridge over the river at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales
gardens and fields to explore
another bridge over the river
This bridge is in front of the cottage, just over a small lawned area.
the river at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales
shallow parts of the river
I so wanted to go for a paddle!
wild strawberry
Wild strawberries growing in the front garden
lilac coloured flower
pink flower at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales
another kind flower!
shallow river

Seeing these hazelnuts on the ground took me back to when I used to go nutting with my dad. We’d collect hazelnuts and chestnuts. I loved it.

lilies growing in the front garden at Felin Fach cottage, Pumsaint, Wales
my favourite flowers

We definitely plan on going back to Felin Fach next year. We’ll be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in April and we had planned on going back to York Lakeside Lodges where we went for our honeymoon but we’ve decided we’re going to Felin Fach. I need to hurry and get it booked before someone else gets in before us!

Thank you, Lynsey and Andrew, for a totally wonderful, relaxing week and we’ll see you again soon!

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