My Go-To Formal Wear Looks For Any Occasion

I always get excited when an event invite arrives in the post – weddings or any type of party are the kind of events I live for. But after the initial excitement, I am always left with the dreaded question, what am I going to wear?! Being a lover of casual and comfy clothing, formal wear is hardly my favourite to shop for. However, to avoid this inevitable panic, I now always have a few staple party and occasion pieces safely stowed in my wardrobe ready for such events. Investing in occasion wear really doesn’t have to break the bank, with voucher codes for Roman Originals you can get up to 25% off their amazing range of clothing. Here are my key formal wear pieces, so that I can stress less about outfits and look forward to the event itself.  

Little Red Dress – The New LBD 

Every girl needs that perfect dress stowed away in their wardrobe ready for THE event to wear it to. However, finding such a dress is a lot harder than you may think. I’ll admit, I do have quite particular requirements when it comes to dresses – II love wrap styles to flatter my figure and short sleeves. But just when I was beginning to think dresses in general just weren’t for me, (I’m such a jeans and t-shirt girl) I saw this one on Roman Originals and just knew I had to have it. The high neckline is super flattering and feminine and the midi length gives it a formal look that isn’t over the top like a floor-length gown. Initially, I was sceptical about the bright red but having so much black in my wardrobe, I knew I needed to branch out – it’s perfect for taking me that little bit out of my comfort zone. 

Red dress - formal wear for any occasion

Keep It Casual in Cropped Trousers

If the event I’m going to is slightly less formal, I always err on the side of caution and opt for trousers and a nice top combo – you really can’t go wrong. I find that tight trousers and a loose flowy top works the best on my body shape but finding the perfect trousers in the length you want is almost impossible. Try hours of online scrolling and I defy anyone not to give up. That was until I found these cropped trousers. They are the perfect tightness, hugging your figure without being clingy like leggings but also not wrinkling at the knee like so many of my looser trousers tend to do. The cropped style works to elongate my legs, especially when paired with my favourite stilettos. These trousers really do make me feel both comfy and fancy – a combo I didn’t think was possible.

Black trousers - formal wear for any occasion

Get Yourself a Timeless Top

Talking of tops to go with my favourite formal trousers, I always reach for this black pleated top whenever an event comes up. Yes, I wear a lot of black, but this top was really a must-have. The floaty style and button-down look is super slimming whilst also being smart and chic. What I really love most is the way you can dress it up or down – if I am going for a smart/casual vibe, I will wear it with cropped trousers and heels but if the event is more formal I will pair it with a pencil skirt and I’m good to go. Having these versatile pieces in my wardrobe is a lifesaver and really stops me stressing about outfits.

Black top

Power Dress with Shoulder Pads

I always tell people to invest in at least one formal jacket – it has the power to take an outfit to the next level and transform it from casual to fancy really quick. This blazer-style crepe jacket has to be the only jacket I’ll choose for formal events at the moment. The light ivory is the perfect antidote to my notoriously dark wardrobe and brightens up all of my black outfits. I also love that it’s cropped at the waist, amazing for accentuating my hips and slimming my waist. Shoulder pads also never fail to make me feel powerful and put together.

Black top with white jacket

So, there you go, my formal wear must-haves to make sure you’re ready to dress for any fancy occasion at the drop of a hat. Invest in a couple of key pieces like these and I guarantee you’ll never experience the last-minute outfit stress again!

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