Choosing A Winter Coat For Your Child

Do you remember Winter when you were a child? You opened your curtains in the morning and your excitement bubbled when you saw that fresh blanket of snow that had silently fallen while you slept. It didn’t matter that there was ice on the inside of your window because you didn’t feel the cold back then!

Snowball Fights

Your mum would make you wear extra jumpers, scarves and socks which made you feel a bit claustrophobic when your Winter coat was squeezed onto you.

Girl bundled up in Winter clothing - choosing a Winter coat for your child
You had all day snowball fights with the other children on your street and your too tight coat would end up being chucked on the floor because you were too hot and couldn’t move freely. You would all have bright red, freezing fingers followed by painful hot aches when you finally went home and mistakenly put your hands in front of the roaring fire!

Ice Slides

You’d marvel at the cobwebs on the hedgerows as you walked to school in the morning and when you got there, you’d be upset because the school caretaker had put grit down on the playground to stop you all from making ice-slides!

After school, you’d rush home to dump your school bag and find something you can use for a sledge if you didn’t have a proper one!
You would trek up the hill and slide back down over and over again until the street lights came on which signalled that, sadly, it was time to go home again.

child sledging

Winter Coat

When you’re all grown, Winter isn’t half as much fun as it used to be, especially because we’re now the ones responsible for making sure our children have the right Winter clothing and we have to try to get them to keep them on and not chuck them on the floor when they’re out playing!

There are a few things you need to think about before buying Winter clothing for your child:


Your child will be spending a lot of time sitting, kneeling and lying down in the snow. You need to make sure their coat will stay dry while they’re making snow angels.
Getting wet is part and parcel of snow play but the longer you can keep them dry, the happier they’ll be!
child lying in the snow


Buying Winter gear that is adjustable is a good idea because it will save you money. Cold weather clothing can be expensive so the longer your child can wear it, the better for your bank balance.

Some Winter clothing ranges have special seams that can be undone simply by pulling a cord.


These days insulated clothing doesn’t have to be bulky; there are lots of new materials that are brilliant at keeping the body warm without the bulk.


Whether you buy kids designer wear or budget pieces from your local supermarket, your child will be more willing to wear the clothes you buy if they’re allowed to have a say in the style, (if they’re old enough, obviously).

Young girl wearing Winter clothing

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