The Importance of Proper Storage for Personal Treasures and Family Heirlooms

Whether you are going on an extended holiday or are simply seeking the safest way to store personal treasures and family heirlooms, there are several factors to consider. Beyond keeping those precious items safe from theft, each item may require specific environmental controls. Here is a look at what you might want to consider before storing your vintage wine or fur coat in a storage bin.

Items Requiring Temperature Control

Admittedly, most of your personal treasures can be safely stored in a secure storage locker with 24/7 on-site security, but many items may be sensitive to variables in temperatures. Wine is one of those items and if you have ever seen a wine cellar like those at Corsham Cellars in Wiltshire, you’d know that fine wine must be stored under strict temperature controls. To get a better understanding of how temperature control impacts fine wines, you can visit Octavian who go into detail about the optimum wine storage conditions here:

2 bottles of wine, a glass of white wine, a glass of red wine and grapes on a table - how to store fine wine

Having said that, fine wine is just one example of personal (or business!) treasures you’d want to store under strictly controlled temperatures.

How to Store Fine Art

Just as wine is sensitive to conditions under which it is being stored, so too is fine art. How long did you save for that one painting you hang over the mantle? Perhaps it’s a precious family heirloom or it might be an original by an up-and-coming local artist. Even so, did you know that most fine art is going to be light-sensitive? If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, always wrap those paintings in a dark heavy cloth which will keep out those bleaching UV rays or store them in a dark vault with on-site security.

The Mona Lisa on a wall - proper storage for art

Moisture Control Can Be an Issue

You may also have personal items which must be stored in areas where moisture can be controlled. A fur coat or that lovely hand-tailored wool coat must always be kept in areas where moisture won’t affect the material. While fur is meant to protect an animal from the elements, if kept moist, the lining may become mouldy which could cause irreparable damage to the coat. Wool can also be affected by an excess of humidity, so always find suitable storage when those items are not in use. Electronics are also sensitive to moisture and if allowed to be kept in areas of high temperature and humidity, they will eventually fail.

You may also wish to understand the best way to pack and seat certain items to be stored for indefinite periods of time. Have you ever wondered, for example, why some wines are kept lying down whilst others do just fine standing upright? Before going away on a lengthy holiday abroad or storing winter apparel for the next season, take the time to learn the best methods of storage for each and every item. Those treasures can add up to a small fortune and even the best insurance cover can’t replace the sentimental value of family heirlooms or other irreplaceable treasures. Before seeking storage, know what you are looking for. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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