Why We Chose Artificial Grass For Granddad’s Garden

Ant’s dad, my father-in-law, who everyone calls Granddad, is getting on in years and recently moved to a small 2 bedroomed flat because his 3 bedroomed house had become too much for him.

New Flat, Unsafe Fence

He’s lucky with the flat he got because it comes with a small garden, however, it wasn’t a very safe place to be for a while because the fence was rotting. On the other side of the fence was a steep drop into a wood. To keep his dad safe, who is quite unsteady on his feet now, Ant put a makeshift chicken wire fence around the small patio area so he couldn’t fall down into the wood if he lost his balance while out in the garden.

Finally, They Fixed the Fence!

Ant got straight onto the landlord’s agents as soon as he noticed the fence, which was before Christmas last year.
They finally came and fixed it last month!

Now that Granddad can use the garden safely, Ant wanted to make it a nice place for him to sit out and enjoy the sunshine. The new design had to take into account the fact that Granddad isn’t as mobile as he used to be so it all had to be low-maintenance.

The last time he tried to get out and tidy up the grassy area he found it difficult and a kindly neighbour came and did it for him 🙂

Patio Slabs

It was decided that the small patio area would be extended so he wouldn’t have to keep asking for help with the mowing and he would get some nice patio furniture.
Plans changed while they were out shopping, however; Ant found some artificial grass that cost less than the patio slabs were going to cost.
He suggested it to Granddad and surprisingly, he liked the idea!

We like to watch garden makeover shows and they use artificial grass quite a lot. Now we know why; it looks great, it’s easy to put down and you never have to mow the lawn again!
If you like the idea of artificial grass but aren’t 100% sure about making the change, you can get free artificial grass samples from Lawrence Lawns.

Garden Furniture

Ant thought that this time of year would be great to get a bargain when it came to buying some garden furniture.
Disappointingly, it seems they were about a week late because all the shops they visited had sent the garden stock back to storage!

Luckily he saw some online today that are on sale so he’s going to show them to Granddad to see which he likes best.

Before, During & After Photos


Granddad's garden before - overgrown and uneven


Granddad's garden during the update - bare earth and a straggly patch of grass


Granddad's garden with new artificial grass

Granddad's garden with new artificial grass and a border laid with bark

Ant put bark down on the border by the fence and we’re going to plant up some pots to give him a bit of colour.

We fetched him a small storage shed from Argos today so he can store any cushions that come with the garden furniture and his lawnmower, which will still be used by his grandson to keep the bit of garden around the corner of the flat, tidy.

Best Choice

Ant definitely made the best choice with the artificial grass. It looks so much nicer than more patio slabs would have looked, Granddad gets to keep his garden looking like a proper garden and we don’t have to worry about him getting injured while trying to mow the lawn!

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