Strive for Success – A Guide to Combating Negative Thoughts

Negativity is all around us, if it’s not the news networks spreading doom and gloom, you might be sat next to someone in the office who has nothing nice to say or your spouse might come in from work and instantly start offloading the negativities of their day with you. You’d be forgiven for letting it get to you and starting to feel worn-down and negative yourself. These unhealthy thoughts can affect our day-to-day activity, causing us to put off basic chores or even making us reluctant to get up and face the day. So, whether you’re an aspiring London lifestyle blogger, a remote working freelancing artist or a family managing stay at home parent, if you’ve been suffering from some negative thoughts, consider the following small changes you can make to help switch your mood back to positive;

Appreciating the Small Things

Taking the time to appreciate and show gratitude for the small, positive things in your life can soon turn your entire outlook around and you’ll find that the longer you appreciate the small things, the more “good” comes your way. Whether it’s showing joy over the first cup of coffee in the morning, sharing a smile with a stranger on public transport or simply appreciating something that went well, be it your commute, your cooking or even your ability to get up and shower in the morning. So, take a moment and learn how best helps you to de-stress and enjoy the small things that make your day better in some way and you will soon be grateful for every single day.

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Don’t Let Mistakes Overwhelm You

Small mistakes are part of being human and as long as you aren’t making mistakes that are costing you, your family and friends or employer a lot of money or can be potentially life-changing You have a perfect opportunity to learn from your mistakes and improve your level of skill or behaviour so not to make the same mistakes in the future. If you’ve made a mistake, don’t dwell on it, own up to your error and do everything in your power to correct the mistake or seek guidance from someone who can help you fix your error and teach you how to avoid it in the future. Holding onto negative thoughts like concern for a mistake can soon add up and become a daily stress and even lead to problems with anxiety.

Stop Placing Blame

Pointing fingers should be left for small children. The “blame-game” is not only a negative character trait but if you continually blame others for your mistakes or external factors for your shortcomings, you will find you are slow to achieve, if not struggle to achieve at all. Accepting your mistakes and powering on through discouraging factors will see you come out on top and you’ll feel better and more confident in yourself.

Ditch the Excuses

Excuses are one of the biggest banes of human existence. You will have known someone in your life who has an excuse for every occasion, from the classic “dog ate my homework” to “I’m washing my hair that night”. If there’s something you don’t want to do, explain why you don’t want to do it, if you aren’t able to attend an event due to something going on, simply let the host know and more importantly, if you can’t do something to the best of your ability, seek the extra guidance to get yourself to that level or find someone who can assist in your place. You should always try new experiences at least once as it’s the best way to find new interests and hobbies, however, always be honest with yourself and those around you and you’ll find life becomes much easier.

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Remove Negative Factors

This is an important aspect of changing your outlook to positive. Trying to remain positive when you are surrounded by negativity can be likened to trying to stay dry after someone has thrown you in the ocean. With the right tools, the job might be easy but unprepared, you don’t stand much chance. Removing the negativity in your life is easier said than done, especially if the pessimism comes from your employer, colleagues, family or even your spouse. If changing jobs and removing yourself from bad situations with these certain individuals isn’t possible, try to help the negative people in your life change their outlook to positive. Spend time together appreciating the small things and trying to redirect unmotivated, negative thoughts into positive, productive ones. Not only will you lesson the undesirable energy in your life, you might help someone change their life for the better too, which is its own reward.


Life is short and negative thinking is one of the greatest time thieves, by the time you realised that pessimism has taken over and you need to change your life outlook, you might have lost days, weeks, months, even years in this poor mindset. Act proactively, change your life for the better and enjoy every day with the people you live with, the friends and family you love and the special individuals you laugh with.


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