4 of The Best Oils To Aid Relaxation

Yellow flowers and a small glass bottle with essential oils inside and a cork stopper

Between the common stresses of work and family life, most of us wouldn’t mind a few strategies to feel a little more relaxed! We all have different ways to achieve relaxation, whether it’s a spa treatment or two, lounging on the sofa or a nice glass of wine. If you haven’t invested in a good set of essential oils yet, you’re missing out! There are so many great ones to choose from with a wide array of health benefits. Let’s take a glimpse at 7 of the best!

1 . Rose Oil 

Rose oil doesn’t just smell amazing, but it makes you feel great too! Some research has indicated that it can reduce the effects of anxiety and decrease cortisol levels within the body. To reap the benefits of rose oil simply dilute it with a carrier oil (for example coconut oil) and add it to a bath. If you prefer, rose oil can be inhaled or applied lightly to the neck and wrists. Again, you’ll want to use a carrier oil before you apply to the skin; this is because it’s rather potent and you won’t want to cause and irritation. Other effective carrier oils include jojoba oil or almond oil. 

2. Ylang Ylang Oil 

Ylang-ylang originates in India and is made out of the flowers of a tree called ‘ Cananga Odorata’. The oil is believed to lift one’s mood, relieve negativity and boost the immune system. As well as this, Ylang-ylang oil is thought to nourish the hair and the skin too. Some like to add a drop of ylang-ylang to their usual body wash and use it this way. You can also simply inhale the oil to access its aromatherapeutic properties.

3. Lemongrass Oil 

Widely used in cooking, lemongrass is a tropical plant with a strong citrus smell. In recent years it’s more frequently used in aromatherapy to help to aid relaxation. If you’re keen to feel calm, nourished and energized with a lemony scent, why not pop a drop or two into your bath! 

4. CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (or CBD oil) is made naturally from a compound in marijuana plants. It is not the same compound which produces the intoxicated or ‘high’ effect associated with marijuana. What CBD does is help to manage anxiety and reduce stress. Cannabidiol has gained attention in recent years as research continues into its potential to retreat conditions such as arthritis. Unlike many other oils, CBD can be ingested to achieve the effects. For those looking for some CBD oil options, The kit offered by Vsavi is of top quality

When it comes to relaxation, simple things can make a world of difference. Ensuring that we get enough sleep, vitamins and water can help to ease tension in our bodies and minds. For anyone who has trouble sleeping, supplements like melatonin could be of use. Melatonin is made naturally in the body and is largely responsible for the body’s sleep and waking cycle. You can purchase melatonin in pill form.

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