4 Ways to Improve Sleep in Your Room

Sleep is very important in maintaining good health. We all need to recharge after a long day. Good sleep promotes well-being. It has been shown to enhance concentration and athletic performance. Sleep further goes to improve the immune system in your body. If you are not getting sound sleep you could be at risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke. If you have trouble falling asleep than you need to take action and resolve this concern now. In today’s article, we’ve provided you with 4 ways by which you can improve your sleep.

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1.      Purchase a Good Mattress

Purchasing a decent mattress can do wonders to help you get better sleep. For one, it helps to keep your spine aligned in its neutral position; improper alignment can lead to a painful sleep replete with tossing and turning. A good mattress is cozy and helps you relax after a long hard day. This helps to reduce the production of stress hormones, which help to lower blood pressure and anxiety. You are therefore granted a more relaxed and peaceful sleep. If your mattress is the cause of your disturbed sleep than click here and begin your search for a new mattress.

2.      Take a Melatonin Supplement

Though taking supplements may not be a favorite for many people, it is sure to help. If you suffer from a sleep disorder like insomnia then taking a melatonin supplement should be a good aid. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the human body that tells you when it’s time to sleep. Some studies have further gone to prove that 2mg of melatonin help to improve your sleep. It’s best to take this supplement 30 minutes to an hour before sleep. Other pills you can take to improve your sleep are Ginkgo biloba, glycine, L-theanine, etc.

3.      Improve the Environment in Your Room

Making your bedroom a place where sleep is easy to come is very important as well. To do this make sure that there is very little to no light in the room; you’re more likely to sleep better in a dark room. You would also need to reduce the amount of noise in your room as much as possible. Make sure to close the windows and doors to reduce the noise. Furthermore, make sure the temperature in your room allows for sound sleep. It’s said that 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature to grant you a good sleep.

4.      Take a Soothing Bath or Shower

What better way to get better sleep than to take a nice warm bath? You will feel so clean and fresh. Numerous studies have shown that a warm bath enhances the quality of your sleep. In case you didn’t know, warm water also helps to ease tensed muscles, lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. We recommend you take a hot bath 1 hour and 30 minutes before you go to sleep. You can play soothing music while you are bathing, light some scented candles, or just recline in the tub with your eyes closed to relax.

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