M&S Christmas Advert 2019

M&S Christmas advert 2019

The M&S Christmas advert 2019 is here and I have to say, I’m a little disappointed.
It’s set in a Christmas market and we follow Paddy McGuinness and Emma Willis as they sample the Christmas food.

It’s not a patch on the Mrs Claus advert from 2016 or the Paddington one from 2017.

*EDIT* I may have been a bit premature in my evaluation of the M&S and advert this morning – a 6 second trailer has been posted and it looks like M&S have more in store than the Christmas market advert!

EDIT 2 – Here’s the other M&S advert and I have to say it wasn’t really worth waiting for.

M&S Christmas Advert 2016
M&S Christmas Advert 2017
M&S Christmas Advert 2018

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