What Makes People Want To Visit A Website?

The internet is an incredibly useful and incredibly entertaining place. It hosts millions and billions of websites, all with their own algorithms and patterns for numerous different sectors of people out there. It is the world wide web after all, and it all seems to be able to monitor itself with little input from us human users.


However, that’s quite a naive view to take! The web only works because of the people who are savvy to it, and you need to be one of those people! After all, humans are creatures of habit, and everyone has a favourite website to head to, meaning they’re unlikely to deviate to you if you can’t match up. If you have a website, the amount of work you put into it is going to show in the finished product and the user experience.


When something works and works right, people are going to love looking into it, which means it’s time to understand why your website isn’t getting as many hits as it could be.

A person holding a computer tablet, looking at websites

People like to surf websites wherever they are, so make sure you’re always available to them! (Credit)


A Friendly and Simple User Interface


If somebody logs onto your website and doesn’t immediately see some tabs for them to navigate their way through, there’s a strong chance they’re going to immediately click off of you. So the key here is to not sacrifice usability for the aesthetic you feel like you need, and there’s plenty of ways to do that.  


For one, you could go the professional route, as [Herdl] are one of the leading web design agencies out there for your time and money. And if you want a google friendly website to constantly be available for the billions of users that pass through the engine each day, this is a good bet! Or you could instead be a little more clever with your themes, colours, and design, which you can draw inspiration from by looking at some of the most creative websites out there.


Fast Loading Times


The loading time on your website is going to be the main barrier for any users that come to you, as a website that even takes 2 seconds long to load can lose you about 90% of your possible viewership. People online have a very low attention span after all, and people rarely believe it’s their own fault when it comes to network latency (computer upgrades need to happen more often!)


So you need to have a homepage that isn’t too image-laden to load, and you need to have a good and robust domain to handle everything you load into it. Don’t worry, there won’t be too much of a price hike here if you take it in stages.


Visiting a website is something we do every day, multiple times, so make sure you design your own website as one you would want to use. Your own experiences matter more than you think here, so put them to good use!


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